Will ‘the fighting Irish’ fight White genocide?

ireland white genocide

Islam is estimated to become the second largest religion within Ireland, in less than 20 years.

White genocide across the world, including Ireland is entirely because of open-borders policies, and the high birth rate of those non-White immigrants entering.

Central Statistics Office” has been analyzing its data and finds that Islam is now Ireland’s fastest growing religion; if Ireland keeps its borders open, it will become the second largest religion (the first is Catholicism), before 2043.

On their website, the “Central Statistics Office” says “There were 49,204 Muslims in Ireland in April 2011, a sharp rise on five years previously. Ireland’s Muslim population included 8,322 primary school aged children and 3,582 of secondary school age.

In 1991, Islam was the religion of 0.1% of the population, since then it has increased sharply to be 1.1% in 2011.

By 2020, Muslims are predicted to double in population size to 100,000, as a result of high birth rates and open borders.

Ireland is still 94% White; more than it’s neighbor, the UK which is less than 90% White, but like the UK, non-Whites are there and this will present a problem in the future that will severely alter the fate of most Northern European countries.

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  1. July 10, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    The Celtic population of the small Republic of Ireland, together with the Celtic North of Ireland
    still under Saxon colonial oppression, consists of a rather small number of native Celtic Irish people
    who, with their young generation being forced by the Zionist IMF to leave Ireland,
    will not be able to give birth to more Celtic-Irish babies than the invading culture clashing aliens,
    because the aliens give birth in Ireland to too many Arabian, African, Asian, eastern European babies.
    This deliberately constructed alien-invasion into white countries only amounts to White Race Genocide,
    and in Scotland, Wales and Ireland amounts to White Celtic Race Genocide.

    The biggest mosque on the two originally Celtic Islands Britain and Ireland
    (or is it the biggest mosque in the white west of Europe?) is under construction in Dublin,
    the small capital of the Republic of Ireland with less than one million inhabitants.

    Every day (more than once) from one of the the towers of mosques
    a Muslim man using an electronic amplifier wails his Jihad war cry over the residential areas.

    It is vulgar, rude and fascist using electronic amplifiers in residential areas of any country
    to enforce on the citizens any religious a/o political doctrine.

    Above all, it is vulgar, rude and fascist to move to and stay in countries where you are definitely not welcome
    in huge numbers and enforce electronically amplified Islam on the non-Islamic native people’s minds
    in their native land where rightly so the indigenous people are 100% against coordinated, enforced,
    disproportional, non-stop immigration of culture clashing Africans, Arabians, Asians and East-Europeans
    who definitely are an economical burden on the by the Zionist IMF deliberately impoverished native population.
    The ‘economical benefit’ for any country under attack of floods of immigrants is a blatant lie.
    Moreover, if each and every one person of the hordes of culture clashing immigrants would be a millionaire
    the number of millionaire-immigrants allowed into the country would all the same have to remain extremely low.

    The unelected leaders of the communist world-revolutionst U.N.
    dictates to the unelected leaders of the communist world-revolutionist European Parliament,
    as well as dictates to the unelected president of the US government, and many other governments.
    Under Khazar-Zionist mega-deception and infiltration the impotent U.N. was created, was forced to create wars,
    racism, race-crimes, racism against and relentless slander of the White-Race, hate-speech, poverty,
    aiming at the total destabilization and destruction of all sovereign nation-states.
    Enforced disproportional immigration into White Countries only is but one of the many vile silent weapons
    used to finish off the unsuspecting homogenous minority White Race, her societies and culture.

    Ireland is in big trouble, her government is handing Ireland over to aliens who have horrific inhumane laws,
    laws not at all different from totalitarian-socialist oppression, which means fascism and slavery,
    exactly the same laws as the Zionist Shadow World Government have on their fascist U.N. Agenda 21,
    first for the Occident, and later on for the world population.

    The hype of a so called existing threat of a hostile extra-terrestrial alien invasion is a by the Khazar-Zionist
    Terrorist Organization (MossadCIA aka Israhell) deliberately created distraction,
    while the real aliens-invasion has been for 5+ decades in full swing in the west of Europe & Occident,
    it is the Enforced Culture-Clashing Non-Stop Brown-Immigrants Invasion into White Countries only.

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    January 9, 2014 at 3:53 am

    :'( the fact is ANTI RACIST is CODE WORD for ANTI WHITE!

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