White Genocide Database


Anti-White activist : Football too White. Basketball diverse.
Arkansas: “Bringing Black” to Harrison – Mayor’s plan to flood small town with thousands of Blacks.
Arkansas: SPLC harrass teacher, he’s under investigation for opposing White genocide.
California: “Hate Bomb” Easter eggs, upsetting anti-White residents.
California: Jesse Jackson wants less White people in employment, Silicon Valley.
California: L.A. Fire Dep. 50% White is “too White”
California: White minority this March – White genocide in full view.
California: White minority to be discriminated against – “affirmative action”
California: White people – report immediately to Californian University for “re-education”.
California: Whites Now A Minority In California – CBS News
Census: Whites no longer a majority in U.S. by 2043 – CBS News
Georgia: Black man shoots White women for ‘White colonialism’.
Oregon: Portland “too White” say anti-Whites.
Oregon: “too White” say anti-Whites.
Study: Whites want deportations, Latinos don’t.
Illinois:Teachers “too White” at over 60 schools, say anti-White officials.
Illinois: The White Genocide of Illinois school children.
Massachusetts: Boston city hall “too White”.
Massachusetts: Public school teachers “too White”.
New York: Anti-White double standards in as Black neighborhood is “de-concentrated”.
New York: Anti-Whites want to force assimilate NY schools, hate freedom of association.
New York: Mayor legalizes illegals.
New York: Sub-urban schools are “too White”.
New York: White students cheated out of education in the name of “diversity”.
North Carolinia: University faculty “too White”.
South Carolina: Charleston college “too White”.
Texas: Fire chief wants fewer White firefighters.
Texas: Professor discusses building a dream of White genocide.
US: Freedom of association leads to separation; is bad for White genocide.
US: Latest Census predicts Whites minority a decade earlier than expected.
US: NAACP says banking is “too White”.
US: National Geographic celebrates White Genocide in Anti-White propaganda piece
US: Protecting the borders is “discriminatory” say anti-Whites.
US: Whites a minority in 46 of 366 metro areas – CNN.com
US: School teachers “too White”, say anti-Whites.
US: White minority next generation?
US: White people nationally a minority in August 2014?
US and Canadian study discovers what people think of ‘diversity’.
Washington: Anti-White crowd responds to “diversity = White genocide” banners.
Washington – No White people allowed at college “Diversity” meeting.
Washington: Western Washington University “too White” says President
Washington D.C.: even money won’t let you escape White genocide.
Wisconsin town lines up for White genocide.
Wisconsin: White hatred conference, funded by taxes.
White children in the minority in 10 states – CNN.com
White Genocide in the US – a 100 year history.


Canada: Anti-immigration flyer ignored, leaders want White genocide.
Canada: Anti-White university conference – training White people to hate ourselves.
Canada: Calgary City Hall “too White”.
Canada: Police too White, says anti-White Police Chief.
University of Toronto’s Student Union kicking out White male representatives.
Warning from Canadian Muslim Professor: Islam a threat to White people.

Australia / New Zealand

Australia: Another study finds races naturally separate.
Australia: Prime minister opens borders to unlimited workers (Asians).
Australia: Not allowed to patrol its borders
Australia: Tasmania ‘too White’ say anti-Whites.
Southern New Zealand becoming “diverse”. Diversity = White genocide.


Czech republic: 90% of Czechs oppose Islam in their country.
Czech republic: US Government paying to promote Islam to Czech school children
Denmark: Faroe Islands follow path of genocide.
Denmark: Tight immigration laws saved the country billions of Euros, and fights White Genocide.
England: Mohammed retakes top spot in English baby names.
EU is paying European countries to bring in more immigrants.
France: At least 1 in 3 newborns are non-White – White Genocide in action.
France: Viva la France?
Germany: Germans increasingly say “NO!” to mass immigration.
Germany: German President calls for more White Genocide – “We do not lose if we accept diversity.”
Germany: Schools offer classes in being Muslim.
Greece: Greek MP: Non-White refugees are “unarmed invaders” and “weapons” against Greece.
Italy: 4,000 illegal African immigrants enter Europe in just two days, hundreds of thousand more lined up – Colonel Gaddafi was right.
Italy: 600,000 Africans and Muslims lined up for colonization of Europe.
Italy: Government votes to decriminalize illegal immigration.
Italy: illegal African and Muslim immigration is a “state emergency”.
Italy: Thousands of illegal North African immigrants mobbing Italy.
Ireland: Anti-Whites pushing for “hate speech” to be criminalized online, want a purge of “haters” from government.
Ireland: Mr. Northern Ireland 2014 is Black
Norway: Mohammed most popular boy’s name in Oslo.
Norway: Minister refuses vote for Swiss-style immigration cap. Democracy hypocrisy!
Norway: Prime Minister Solberg wants more non-Whites.
Pope calls on European governments to help illegal immigrants reach Europe.
Scotland: Majority of Scots oppose mass immigration, Scottish government calls it “nasty xenophobia”.
Scotland: Study finds White Genocide is increasing in Scotland.
Spain 80,000 Africans head for Spanish border to illegally enter Europe.
Spain: government propaganda says to “live diversity”.
Spain: Rock-throwing ‘refugees’ break into Spain.
Spain: Waves of illegal Africans still breaking through the borders.
Sweden: Islam + Military experience = a more violent White genocide.
Sweden: Nearly half of Swedes want less immigration; new law will criminalize their views.
Sweden: New law criminalizes criticism of immigration.
Sweden: Pope praises Sweden’s genocide against White people.
Sweden: to become a third world county in 15 years – massive third world immigration to blame.
Sweden: Swedish children minority in many areas.
Sweden: Politician says Deport men not immigrants.
Sweden: White genocide successful according to integration minister.
Switzerland: Anti-mass immigration party – most popular party in Swiss history.
Switzerland: majority vote against mass immigration.
Switzerland: EU hates democracy for White countries.
UK: Anti-Whites call for “Black studies” in British Universities.
UK: Anti-Whites call for fewer Whites in business.
UK: Anti-White commissioner wants fewer Whites in police force.
UK: BBC staff sent to “diversity” re-education course.
UK: British villages “want to remain white and middle class” – DailyMail.co.uk
UK: EU controls your borders.
UK: Illegal immigrants given full citizenship? – the war on White people.
UK: Left wing and ‘respectable’ Right wing both agree Britain is not a White country.
UK: Leicester may become ‘Asian’ majority city
UK: Labour party “encouraged mass immigration to UK”
UK: Police force “too White” says politician.
UK: Professor discusses how White genocide can be accelerated
UK: Professor finds a reason to make White people a minority.
UK: Researchers justify White genocide to “make non-Whites feel British”.
UK: Study warns mainstream politicians not to ignore voters on immigration – 4 out of 5 want fewer immigrants. UK: White British a minority by 2066.
UK: White Genocide because a billionaire hates paying Whites?

South Africa

South African Politician: “never a white genocide under our rule”.
Sports “too White” in South Africa.


Brazil: 20% of public sector jobs reserved for Blacks.
Study: Mass immigration does not create economic growth.


26 comments for “White Genocide Database

  1. BAF
    September 8, 2014 at 12:24 am

    @ Jon

    “You are willfully ignorant.”

    Typical of a liberal to namecall.

    You just don’t get it. If you are White, I’d say you might eventually learn that you have been performing as a ‘useful idiot’ for the ruling elites by promoting Marxist propaganda. And, suicidal to boot. You must have White Guilt and promote White Privilege. I’d say you hate yourself. Then, again, you might be mixed and looking for anything to support mixing.

    You approve of dogs and wolves mating. Wolves and foxes, if they could, as foxes are rather small. I suppose you’d support polar bears and grizzlies mating too. How about all the big and small cats, lions, tigers, panthers, cougars. Let’s wipe out all the special animals by interbreeding because you think it’s ‘cool.’

    You obviously don’t think that all races and ethnicities are special and should be preserved. You think all of them can be improved if they become one. None of them are special to you. Is that it?

    You get your scientific information from the Daily Mail. The kids of mixed marriages always resemble the non-White, non-European ethnic. You have seen Obama haven’t you?

    Look around you at mixed kids. Half and half. It might not be that noticeable if there is DISTANT black, Asian, or Mexican ancestry.

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  2. BAF
    September 7, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    @ Jon

    “Coyotes and wolves DO crossbreed occasionally.”

    I know that. There are exceptions to everything.

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  3. BAF
    September 7, 2014 at 9:14 pm


    What does religion have to do with it? I’m Christian and know God does not approve of White Genocide.

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  4. BAF
    September 7, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    @ Jon

    We have two parties here. One is liberal, Democrats, the other conservative, Republicans. Democrats are mostly non-Whites with SOME White liberals. Non-White Democrats vote Democrat because the party offers them free benefits. Republicans want them to work.

    Republicans are mostly White. Massive numbers of non-White Democrat voting immigrants entering the country means non-White Democrat voters are outnumbering White Republicans who are more likely to be against immigrants. Democrats want non-White immigrants like themselves, not White immigrants.

    There are reasons why Whites are being pushed out, other than non-Whites want to live around other non-Whites. Why are so many being permitted into the country? Those reasons are why our White legislators are traitors to their own race. Look at where they receive their campaign financing. Those bribes will give you the answer; although, you need to know the background of those donors and why they want Whites to be a minority or not here at all.

    Genocide is illegal, but no one, obviously, thinks it is against White Europeans.

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  5. Sarah Schmit
    September 7, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    We don’t get to vote on immigration. It has been rammed down our throats. President Obama made arrangements for 65,000 illegals to come here in January and then pretended that this just happened because of increased violence. Not true as has been stated by the officials from Guatemala. This has been deliberate to broaden the voter base for Democrats who want to go back to 1965 and march for civil rights. The border is left open while millions of illegals stream over each year. This is what our President wants. The white liberals are tearing America apart but they will have to face their own children in the end. They breed hatred. The media does not even report horrendous crimes against whites by blacks but elevates every incident possible to bring about racial hatred towards whites. CNN and MSNBC dedicates its entire show to demonizing whites and telling young blacks that they have been cheated and should march more and rally more against white cops . Three days after the Michael Brown incident, an unarmed white youth was shot by a non-white police officer. No marches, no media, same old story. Three officials from the White House attended the funeral of Mike Brown and not one for the beheaded journalist. Yes, there is a movement against whites in this country being led by President Obama, Eric Holder and the mainstream leftist media and it has becomes more evident each day.

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  6. Steve Goode
    September 6, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Sorry jon, there is no “they voted for their leaders” get out clause in the United Nations Genocide Conventions. Anti-Whites are responsible for their actions.

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    • September 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm

      “What does this website have against homosexuality?”

      L.O.L. Perhaps we should ask you why you support it? That’s probably because you would prefer anything to discussing the ongoing genocide against white people.

      That is typical anti-white cowardice. Stay on topic!


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    • BAF
      September 7, 2014 at 9:11 pm


      You obviously have no problem with dogs and wolves mating. That would wipe out wolves and domesticated dogs. Wolves don’t mate with fox and coyotes. They are all canids, the same species. Why is that? It’s instinct. It’s maintaining the wolf, fox, and coyote as separate sub-species.


      It’s against Laws of Nature.

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  7. Steve Goode
    August 27, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Agnostic – I’m not convinced by any religion including atheism.

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  8. nicola
    June 13, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    I’m italian. Here in Italy we have huge immigration from Africa: it’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. My country has decided to take immigrants boats (thousands of people every time) that shipwreck in international waters, outside our territorial waters. The price of this political agenda for Italy is very heavy and taxation has tharefore risen to mad levels (over 50% of a family income), this along with the crisis of the Euro is taking people not only to loss a lot of money, but to loss their homes, their jobs and eventually suicide. The rate of suicide among italians citizens (born from italian parents) has risen in the last few years. This is genocide.
    On the other hand the immigrants are helped in finding jobs (their shops are tax-free, while italian owned shops are closing for too high tax rate), homes, and social integration (they get free school, free welfare, free medical assistance, free citizenship – I served in the armed forces as required military service as my father and my grandfather before me). Even with this help from government many immigrants prefer the crime: many are peddlers of illegal drugs or smugglers. This is due to the fact that having friends and families in country that produce drugs they can easily get illegal drugs or other goods. Selling drugs to young white people is genocide as well.
    I think that many problems of my country are due to the long lasting left political tradition. We today have a left government and we had one of the few legal communist party in western Europe during cold war. To this adds an even longer tradition of limited freedom of speech (for example we had a very bloody civil war in 1943-45, due to left insurgents, but everyone calls it “liberation” war): even today Italy is considered a country without press freedom and to criticise immigration in public speech is dangerous. You can be considered racist, or worse. Even catholic Church is encouraging immigration…
    I want to say one last thing: before immigration without control started in the last years I wasnt interested in political facts and I was quite happy in my homeland, for many years I didnt vote. But today I’m starting to develop a political counsciousness as many people in Italy and in Europe as well. I’m against violence: but I pay taxes to my country to protect my relatives from menaces, not to increase them. In my opinion many of the troubles and hardships we suffer today are due to the left wing parties. It’s time to call genocide what is happening to White people.

    Ferma il Genocidio Bianco. “Diversità” è una parola in codice per Genocidio Bianco. “Antirazzista” è una parola in codice per Anti-bianco.

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    • BAF
      June 15, 2014 at 1:41 am


      “It’s time to call genocide what is happening to White people.”

      Yes, it is genocide in all White countries.

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    • Fred Richthofen
      September 7, 2014 at 7:25 pm

      Genocide is a crime whether we are allowed to vote on it or not.
      If 51% of the population voted to genocide the other 49% of the population, it would still be a crime under International Law.

      Would you support blending American Indians out of existence as long as the majority voted for it?
      Would you support blending Tibetans out of existence as long as the majority voted for it?
      Would you support blending Aborigines out of existence as long as the majority voted for it?

      If you don’t believe White genocide is being done, why do you waste your time commenting here?

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    • fred richthofen
      September 7, 2014 at 9:19 pm

      Why did Nicolas Sarkozy say that he would use force to promote interracial marriage?
      Why did the US gov send the military to force integrate the school system?
      Why are governments spending money to enforce “diversity” in any place that is “too white”?

      The conditions that lead to a world without White people are forced.

      If you don’t believe White genocide is being done, why do you waste your time commenting here?

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    • BAF
      September 7, 2014 at 8:31 pm


      It isn’t only miscegenation that’s causing the genocide, but that’s enough to do it. Miscegenation normally occurs when different races and ethnicities are thrown together. No one forces them to have children, but our children are being taught in schools, media, Hollywood, that everyone is equal and it’s OK to date, marry, have children with other races. The White gene is recessive, meaning when a White marries a non-White, the child is not White. It’s easy to see what would happen to the White race if that continued.

      All races and ethnicities create their own cultures, cultures in which they are able to prosper best. In the U.S. White European culture is being wiped out by multiculturalism. Children are being taught that European history is evil. Europeans are evil. Changing White culture and history to non-White is a form of genocide. Schools are no longer teaching American history except for the Marxist interpretation of slavery and imperialism, for example.

      Laws that discriminate against Whites such as Affirmative Action take away their opportunities for jobs, for survival.

      Bringing in massive numbers of non-Whites into a formerly 90% plus White nation, forcing the percentage of Whites into a minority is a form of genocide.

      Doing nothing about the escalating black on White crime, rape and murder, in the U.S. that is occurring almost on a daily basis is a form of genocide. See what is occurring in South Africa.

      Open anti-White rhetoric and teaching White Guilt and White Privilege in schools and colleges is a form of genocide.

      Put all of this together, and most definitely, it is genocide.

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    • BAF
      September 7, 2014 at 11:55 pm

      Sounds like you did not read my comment. You asked the same questions. In what country do you live? Are you European…European ancestry?

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    • Al Rex
      March 9, 2015 at 11:56 am

      I’m Italian too and I live in the United States of America. When I came here long ago I saw nothing but Whites all over. Now it’s all dark and ugly and every place I go be it Medical Offices, Banks, Hospitals and just about any place, i see nothing but ugly non-Whites. If I comeback to Italy and talk about it I will be arrested. Not here, thank God. At least here I can say it the way it is thanks to the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But I’m with you and all the sisters and brothers of Europe. There is nothing else left than fight back. We have to multiply street rallies to the point of people’s uprisings. This will provoke massive Police presence. The Police will not be able to contain the masses and this will provoke a military response and then we will see if our military chooses treason over honor and side with us and arrest all the evil politicians who are causing our demise and expel all non-Whites from Europe by force.

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  9. June 12, 2014 at 11:17 am

    4% arabs in 2050? you wish… Only in Sweden there are over 1 million

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  10. Wagner
    March 8, 2014 at 2:32 am

    Hello, i live in Brazil. the real number of whites in brazil is 30-40%. alot of ”pardos” consider themselves white.
    look> http://wp.clicrbs.com.br/estelabenetti/2014/01/18/sc-e-destino-preferido-dos-trabalhadores-haitianos/?topo=67,2,18,,,67 < sorry, but you need to use a translator.
    they are sending haitians to south, because, south of brazil is 80% white!! this is genocide!

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