Why this “just color difference” is only there. You people should know …

Comment on White Genocide in USA by Natalie.

Why this “just color difference”
is only there.
You people should know that there is not only color difference but a very great difference for that we are being targeted nowadays.
The other people just hate us because they have subordinated their own life.
The spirit is important, i agree but what about them they are also in same way.
And who is god, it is our nature that says to live and to let life. I want also to live in peace so please suggest this very great idea to them on behalf of us.

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White Genocide in USA
Who is this bloody vile spawn damm “AryaNIndiaN”?
What he thinks of himself?
You insanitized, ill educated, uncontrolled diseases affected, have you ever think that recent studies of global poverty state that one-third of world’s poverty is in your country.
And every third person in your own country doesn’t get vital and complete meal.
Years ago i was very fascinated by indian culture especially the family values but when i reached there the truth was shocking to me that elderly people get exploited by their none other than own childs.
They are kept in NGOs where i felt their sorrow and mental pain.
Now What should i say about these “joint-families”?

White Genocide in USA
If you have any self respect at bottom of your heart then face me ’cause i am gonna kill you if i will find you anyway.
Come to Denever.

White Genocide in USA
You subhuman ape, just give me your address, i am coming to get rid of you and bury you in your shit grave .

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Are Tibetans who oppose their genocide “Tibetan supremacists”?
Hey Diane and @Stephanie you are really promising to save us.
But there is a reply of “NO CHILD LEFT WHITE” posted by Henry Davenport on this website which should be seen.
It is replied by @Emily who is very convincing and straight forward about her views and one of the real saviour.
Just comment on that.
My dear Diane i just came to know that you are 100% proud blue-eyed blonde, am i right? If right, so listen i am also 100% proud green- eyed blonde living in Nebraska.
@Stephanie Don’t worry at all, you need to be strong enough and we will sail back to Europe when it will urged by everyone us. But at present we should save and empower what we made, either it is America or Europe or any other our countries.

Oppose the policy NO CHILD LEFT WHITE
Great effort Emily!
You just opened my eyes tonight.
Just as simple as best as forever.
Nothing to justify.
I love you.

College Professor: All White people must commit mass suicide as final reparations
If we all, people of our race commit mass suicide then with sure acceptance the whole humanity will be suffering by any way until a century to pass by now.

College Professor: All White people must commit mass suicide as final reparations
Yeah! Correct.
This type of person use to brainwash own peple for disaster.
Being a professor its very mean approach.

“Muslim men” beat Swedish anti-racist TV star because he looked like “Mr. Trump”
Don’t worry Nicole.
The day will come for our justice. So keep patience and help our people.


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  1. Bob "Cuckold" Ross
    November 23, 2016 at 6:45 am

    Hi, this is Bob Ross communicating from beyond the grave. I dedicated my life to painting so that you brats could do something more productive with your lives than sitting on your *** playing your stupid Atari games all day. I don’t appreciate you morons abusing my legacy and turning me into some childish meme that you can spam on your little MSM chat thing. Now go paint a mountain or something and don’t you dare copypaste this. CoolStoryBob

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  2. Laetitis
    November 10, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Will South Africans be welcome. We are being slaughtered. I am 61 European female

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  3. Harumphty Dumpty
    January 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    This site is so needed, to awaken Whites from the dream of multicultural harmony that anti-Whites have implanted in them, and open their eyes to the nightmare reality that their dream has been a dream of White Genocide.

    This site is off to a great start!

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    • September 2, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Congratulations on a site that’s as important to our people as food and water (not to mention our own living space.
      I’m a man also of very strong opinions. Check me out: whiteaustralia.blogspot.com.au

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  4. Turner
    January 1, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Can’t wait

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