US: Sub-urban New York schools are “too White”.

After a recent report that broke down schools by race in Erie and Niagara counties around Buffalo, anti-Whites are foaming at the mouth, calling New York suburban schools “too White”.

Buffalo is a minority White city at 78% non-White. However, anti-Whites are angry that over half of Erie county’s sub-urban schools are about 90% White, and that districts like Clarence, Hamburg, Orchard Park, Lancaster and West Seneca are about 93% White.

It is unfair, it’s the double standard,” said Gary Orfield of the ‘Civil Rights Project’ “And it’s unfair not just to minority kids, but to white kids. They are not going to be ready for a society where you have overwhelming diversity. There are very valuable skills that develop when you are in a diverse environment. These schools are not preparing them for that.

The ‘Civil Rights Project’ recently spoke out against how New York schools had become naturally separated by race, as students chose to go to schools of their own race.

Kids who aren’t used to diversity, are going to feel out of place in the real world.” Orfield said.

There is a broader vision of education, it should prepare us to live more successfully in society, and to be a healthier and less divided society.

Some people are paranoid about racial change, but once you get these kids in the schools, nothing bad happens, it’s easy to do on a small scale. The difficulty is getting through the process and the people who are hysterical about the issue.

Once it happens, people look back and say, ‘What were we worried about?’ But it takes courage, and it takes leadership.

You heard it folks – if you oppose White genocide you are “paranoid about racial change” apparently. Let’s ignore that silly label, and ask why we have to become a minority? Well, anti-Whites will tell you that any place that is “too White” is “not diverse enough”.

In order to solve this “diversity problem” that only exists in White areas, anti-Whites need millions of non-White immigrants to flood into every White country, and every White neighborhood.

When we White folk get fed up of “diversity” we try to separate ourselves. Anti-Whites demand that every White area must be fully assimilated with non-White people in the name of “diversity”.

Let’s face it folks – a “diversity problem” is just a code “White problem”, and their solution to this “problem” is “diversity”, aka millions of non-White immigrants.

It is time to accept that “diversity” is just a codeword for White Genocide.


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  1. Anonymous
    April 15, 2014 at 7:54 am

    so far the school bussing system has failed to produce anything of merit only closings of schools… me where I am wrong and don’t use the word racists…..

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