UK: Liberals and Conservatives both agree Britain is not a White country.

Long ago, Liberal leaders (or Labour party leaders in the case of Britain) said that Britain, along with all other White countries are no longer allowed to be for White people, and instead, must be for everyone.

Michael Gove

“Conservative” leaders agree with them and have now said Britons should celebrate their “multi-cultural nation“.

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education and a Tory (conservative), told the audience at the Asian Business Awards dinner that Britain was a “stronger country” because of immigrants coming into the country.

The answer to our problems is not to denigrate success but to celebrate it;

And the answer to how we make our country strong in the future is that we welcome talent from whenever it comes and we celebrate the fact that we are stronger together as a United Kingdom; as a multi-cultural nation than we could ever be if we looked back to the past.

Alok Sharma

Alok Sharma, a Conservative MP (who is an Indian) agrees with him.

Britain is a multi-cultural nation and many will regard Michael Gove’s comments positively.” Sharma said.

The vast majority of people from ethnic minorities regard a multi-cultural nation as one in which communities are integrated into the mainstream of British society and adhere to British values, whilst being able to respect their own cultural heritage.

David Green, chief executive of the British think-tank Civitas, said Gove had mistaken “multi-culturalism“.with “multi-ethnicity“.

Michael Gove has confused a multi-cultural society with a multi-ethnic society. We have become a multi-ethnic society, but we have been successful because our dominant culture of freedom and democracy allows space for different lifestyles.

We call them “respectable conservatives” because all of them refuse to embarrass liberal/labour leaders because they want to go back on liberal owned media.

It doesn’t matter what party, religion, or country anti-Whites belong to. They are all anti-White and they all want to turn White people into a minority in all White countries.

Black countries are free to remain majority Black, Asian countries are free to remain majority Asian, however all and only White countries must become “more diverse” or “multi-ethnic” or some other silly anti-White label.

The way this is carried out is to A/ open borders of every White country, B/ allow millions of non-White immigrants to flood in unhindered, and then C/ force “diversity” (non-Whites) on any area that is “too White” – any area that is “too White” must be chased down and “diversified”. There is another more accurate phrase for this: forced assimilation.

The people who push these conditions of White genocide say that they’re anti-racist, but what they really are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White, and diversity is a codeword for White genocide.


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