UK: Illegal immigrants given full citizenship? – the war on White people.

Ed Balls, Labour Party (left-wing) politician, and shadow chancellor, has caused anger after he called for illegal ­immigrants in Britain to be given full citizenship, allowing them to vote, claim benefits (welfare), and access free healthcare.

His call to flood White communities with non-White immigrants was made after an anti-White report was published, called ‘The Economic Case For A Clear, Quick Pathway To Citizenship‘, which says paying for thousands of illegal immigrants would be beneficial to the economy, and open “a door for undocumented immigrants to earn legal status and, ultimately, citizenship“.

The biased report was created by the ‘Centre for American Progress‘, which was originally meant to be used by the United States government, but also asks European (i.e. White) countries to legalize illegal immigrants.

MP Priti Patel, a Conservative politician said “For more than a decade Labour let immigration get out of control. Now Ed Balls’s own think tank wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants. This would put more pressure on public services from people who haven’t contributed with their hard work and taxes.

The Conservatives want to reduce immigration so families get good quality healthcare and our children are taken care of. But Labour have opposed every step we have taken.

Conservatives are anti-White with a small ‘a’ – they insist that White countries should be for everyone, just as long as everyone follows the rules and is a good, little, tax-paying citizen.

Left-wing anti-White politicians gain political power by allowing millions of non-White immigrants to flood into White countries. Immigrants will vote for the anti-White politicians that want more immigrants, because immigrants also want more of their own people.

Both major political sides are equally to blame for White genocide taking place, because both sides refuse to oppose the policies that turn White countries minority White.

A world without White people is a deliberate attempt; anti-Whites view it as “mixing the races“, something that they have dreamed of for decades, however ONLY White countries are becoming mixed. This “mixed race future” is not a progressive social policy; it is White genocide.


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  1. emillio sawaya
    June 3, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    emillo swaya iam white what i feel is that these illegal imigrants should be give the rights but they have to pay tax.and gov should keep a fee for passport.that every one has to pay.we are giving banefits to e.u people here claming and workin.even claming money for those who are back home?y and y they dnt do any work taking money from council selling drugs?what benfit we got?from them ?illegal guys are working day and night and if they start paying tex it will help our econmey and i like that it thanks and i agree with amjad khan i like khans nice góod and loving i got a khan friend in my uni nice guy

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    • November 8, 2015 at 8:09 am

      You are not white! Just schilling for your genetically inferior masses. When whites disappear your kind will turn what’s left of white, western civilization into third world cesspools.

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  2. Rana amjad
    March 3, 2014 at 10:25 am

    That’s good think for illegal people. They have to do too much work. They making money and can’t keep own money. They have to send the family. They wanted to live here and keep money. And cannot pay the tax.
    My opinion is they are good people with the country they doing too much work here and left the families and miss the families. Families miss him as well.
    Illegal people can’t take any baniffit, medical and any other extra help.
    YOur own British people doing tso jobs and after taking the job seeking as well and banifit. I think you like these people.
    You know life comes one time no second chance. If any body wants to live good place they should right.
    You are lucky you got a good country and goof government.
    If the illegal immigration comes here they have a reason. They are not rich people. They came here with lots hope. But they don’t know they helpless and down to earth. They have to do any kind of job for living.
    If you give the right to legally that will be find here New life.
    Think about
    Thank you very much.

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    • July 24, 2014 at 10:17 pm

      Rana, how do we countenance the fact that millions are out of work and the powers that be continue to pack 100s of 1000s into a country with a economy on the verge of a ponzi scheme collapse? WE DON’T make anything anymore…eve some car components are made in China and the quality of Chinese and other countries manufactured foods and workmanship and toxicity of components of even toys are capable of poisoning our children.
      How then can “political leaders” justify filling up the cities, small towns and suburbs rural areas already full to capacity with home grown criminals with immigrants with more disease carrying immigrants, unable to speak any semblance of English, French or whatever the language is in a given country such as what is now transpiring in the US right now? It is understandable to expect an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, to send money back home and bring the family over but there has o be a limit or we will all starve….Add to this the fact that no one checks these people out, they could be any type of dangerous terrorist, they could be infected with Bubonic plague( I heard of an outbreak in China just this AM on radio news. To simply arrest an illegal alien and then release them with a court date is sheer madness, if you were arrested upon entering illegally would you show up 3 weeks later to a court hearing? OF COURSE NOT I wouldn’t either.With all manner of nutcakes from the middle east and other places trying to get in, gigantic equivalent pf corporations bringing in drugs and a general underworld of illegals and coyotes working to fill this country up with no regard to the consequences Ebola is now running rampant in Western Africa….do we really really want ” the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” …as Emma Lazarus penned so eloquently at a time when even Irishmen and Paisanos were vilified yet due to shared and comparable basic qualities of moral structure still became as prosperous as the First Families of Virginia and Massachusetts.
      Will the sideways glance accorded to Slavic, Baltic and certain Romanys- clearly considered to be tacit evidence , certainly among the most backward person upon their arrival equate to the horror all will fell and certain revulsion when some people of a more sheltered background are met with those who routinely removes clitoral proturberances and neural plexi of nubile pubescent females; a culture that murders women for no more than being attractive under that curtain-like garment thereby motivating uncle AAACHH or cousin JAZEEEEEL to partake of their womanhood thereby ensuring her death over some 7th century perception of having dishonored the family while being brutally raped after becoming comatose after being beaten into a coma by said “loved ones” IE Uncle A? an cousin J.?
      Does the mutilation of a woman’s tender and extremely sensitive pudendal tissues result in her somehow becoming more domestically competent? Does it somehow increase fertility or ensure stave of the Human Papillo virus? OR does it merely ensure, at the cost that is incalculable to any civilized standard, NO ,not just civilized standards but culture that purports to claim credit and ko]dos for every technological established fact sine uhhh eeeeerrrrr 632 AD?
      In short, can certain “civilizations OR cultures” that have progressed not one whit-not one jot or one tittle, much less as much as a century past ( or some that predate ) the reigns of Genghis Khan, Ethelred II or Charlemagne or in extreme cases Constantine’s pagan years expect to be welcomed with open arms by other civilizations that surpassed the violence, the veritable institutionalized violence practiced by state and autocrat some hundreds and hundreds of years ago ( even the Spanish Inquistion eneded some 208 years ago at the hand of no less a nutbar that Napoleon in circa 1806)as well expect to somehow become a new “shining city on a hill” wne hte Kings England and their heavy handed rule was largely nullified with the magna Charta ( loored upon an arrogant and recalcitrant John Lackland ( ruling some 815 to 799 year ago) OR 1199 to 1216 whose very own arrogance cause the resultant wars and left him dead of dysentery on campaign in Wales in December 1216) at Runnymede by the Thames some 798 years ago.
      Into the post modern civilization in which war can be waged from half a world away being the squeaky wheel of violent dissent almost guarantees someone will meet that military might, however righteously or nor it is waged.

      For any such adherents of these types of societal practices, only the power of the state
      is the truncheon that enforces their mandate on the people to embrace, not merely tolerate the influx of a people r specific ethnicity that practice cultural mores of such a significant disparity vis-a-vis the value of Judeo/Christian values based, the public’s ignorance notwithstanding As the continuing levels of disparity of cultural standards create more conflict and more resentment the part on the indigenous peoples as they feel more detached from those supposedly sworn to uphold the constitutional values and function as the gatekeepers; the watchmen on the wall as it were,s which leaves us at a point here the lack of assimilation into the larger population, the existing cultural values will carry the day and the larger population will eventually take change to assuage their own fears of having their culture completely abrogated by that which is not in any remotely described harmony with that set of values and social mores. The longer existing set of rules will win out regardless of the mechanism by which this is accomplished. I am happy for you that you have a inate grasp of the levels of acceptance required to reach a practical and pragmatically. The amiability if the culture that has, in effect, interloped, largely without popular invitation but asan engine of si=ocial change for no positive reason; at the instigation of the political manipulators will be absorbed and the willingness of that foreign culture will determine how successfully it manages to endure and yet take it’s place in the aforementioned dominant and longer established and potentially volatile nature of the absorbing culture.This will be the deciding factor in conjunction with how effectively the foreign culture is willing to cast of it’s inherently less desirable aspects and accede to the demands of the established culture and also this result and it;s ability to be accomplished peacefully will be a direct result of the outside cultures willingness to throw off it;s more irksome and offensive as well as intolerable practices’ especially those which have no redeeming cultural or socially redeemable aspects. Short of a return, on a wholesale level to the origins where they more troublesome tenets of this new,yet old, beyond social redemption and those generally regarded as barbaric doctrines as described above. Lack of perceptions of the requirements to succeed are of no consequence and will hardly be acceptable as a reason for refusal to acclimate. Best of luck with your assimilation as a cultural pioneer. I am sure your clear understanding of those complexities will drive your search for assmimulation Thanking you also for your profound insight as well.

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  3. Jimmy Marr
    March 3, 2014 at 10:18 am

    If we know and use our talking points, life will be much easier. The term “White genocide” is not mentioned one time in this video. It’s safe to assume that it was never used as a defense against anti-White discrimination in the work place.

    The strange thing about Mantra talking points is that they don’t work when not used. Go figure.

    This video demonstrates what some have called David Duke Paradigm. The lady points out that if a Mexican worker had demonstrated on behalf of her race she would not have been fired.

    While this is true, it is weak tea. No one is flooding Mexico with non-Mexicans.

    We aren’t going to win this war by talking about double standards. We’ll win this war by talking about what’s really going on. White genocide.

    Diversity is a code word for White genocide.

    It’s not just a slogan. It’s a fact.

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    • Jimmy Marr
      March 3, 2014 at 1:53 pm

      Let’s take a crack at the question Nationalist Woman faced about her ability to effect a therapeutic relationship with non-White clients.

      How about this for an answer?

      “My opposition to White genocide does not affect my personal relationships with members of other races, and to the best of knowledge no one is flooding Africa with non-Blacks”.

      The idea here is to flip the script into a White genocide meme.

      The Mantra is a fundamental tool for doing this. It is our Kalashnickov.

      Let’s learn to break it down into its component pieces and rearrange them in less than 30 seconds.

      Practice makes perfect.

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  4. March 3, 2014 at 12:49 am

    This is why we are samizdat. But, naturally, there should be sympathy for people that go out publicly. The risk is right there with full understanding when involved with B.U.G.S. and trying to tear down the system of anti-whiteness… Samizdat is probably best…


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  5. March 2, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Yet if someone wants to become a British or Irish citizen legally they either have to pay several hundred thousand dollars or be lEss than 3 generations removed from emigrating to the US.

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  6. Jimmy Marr
    March 2, 2014 at 2:23 pm

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