UK: BBC staff sent to “diversity” re-education course.

James Harding, head of BBC news, said senior staff in charge of recruiting have now been “trained” to hire “diverse” (non-White) minor staff members – the point of which is to make the BBC less White.

Apparently, the staff had an “unconscious bias” to hire White people, and a face-to-face 2 hour session with “anti-racists” (anti-Whites) was intended to cancel it out.

Harding said “If we really are determined to make the BBC more representative of the audiences it serves, then we have to intervene.

There is no single fix that is either practical or fair. Instead, we have to set in motion a great many things which will, together, add up to a fundamental change.

Across News, we worry that we have a tendency to recruit in our own image, so all members of the News Group Board have taken a course in unconscious bias.

The BBC Trust, a governing body of the BBC, has ordered the BBC recruitment staff to become more non-White within a year in order to produce “concrete proposals from the BBC to achieve this, and further progress in terms of both gender and ethnicity“.

In order to get rid of White people from all places in society, anti-Whites have to make their arguments from several, often hypocritical, angles.

This angle is of theirs is that people and their beliefs should be represented, and it’s just as hypocritical…

Representation didn’t matter when it came to opened borders, massive non-White immigration, and forced “diversity” a.k.a. assimilation. White people are not allowed to choose our own destiny – we’ve had this forced on us.

White people in many White countries are now becoming a minority as a result of those anti-White policies. This is the whole point of those policies, and an intentional White minority is genocide under the UN genocide conventions.


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  1. whiteguy
    May 5, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Whites are a slave race, there is an ideological problem whose root is biological which is based on centuries of domestication policies where whites have bred themselves to be submissive by rewarding their own submissives and punishing those among them who were less docile. This may be related to accepting the docterines of christianity but accepting christs-insanity is rootes in their own roman style policies of pacification they have practiced on themselves prior ro christianization. Slave races tend to either exist as slaves or be exterminated and dispossessed. There is no hope for the white race for the large portion of it. Only a minority subculture can exist as a racially proud white ethnic group. In other words there will not be a turning of the tide, whites are biologically incapable of it.

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  2. GWren
    April 30, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    The anti-white Political Correctors will have applauded the trainees for their white genocide facilitating anti-white propaganda up to this point, but now they must make the final sacrifice and offer their jobs to the Faithful Coloured Companions.

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    • Ryan O'Malley
      April 30, 2014 at 6:55 pm

      Funny. However the “Faithful Colored Companions” want to make the White anti-Whites their “Faithful Colorless Companions” as they accumulate more power for themselves. Can’t say I oppose that.

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