The BBC’s White problem.

The BBC’s news director, James Harding has said that the BBC’s employees should “look and sound more like its audiences”.

“We are going to have to be very determined to address diversity on air and, equally, off it,” he said at the New Broadcasting House in London.

Harding also announced the creation of a new News Editor post to, as he put it, “drive the daily agenda”.

“The consumption of news is changing before our eyes,” he said. “To meet the expectations of our audiences, we need to be available everywhere, for everyone, now.”

Which he said should include “a far more open culture”; it is unclear whether he meant at the BBC or Britain in general.

Harding said that non-Whites on radio were positive steps towards broadening “diversity”, but that there is a lot more that is needed to be done.

“We’ve got to be clear we’ve got a problem,” Harding said, “We’ve got an on-air issue.”

“I’m extremely reluctant to impose quotas,” he said “because in the end it’s not empowering to the people who get those jobs.”

He wanted “more of an effort” to move people within the BBC, in an effort to improve “diversity”, where he wanted a new policy of pressuring editors to leave after 8 years.

Harding said the BBC budget problems meant that his non-White “diversity” policy would be part of providing “more [services] for less [money]”

When he says “diversity” he means less White. Any majority White group or area has this “diversity problem”, anti-Whites say. Meanwhile, majority non-White areas in the anti-White’s words are “just fine”.

This is the whole point of White genocide – anti-Whites always claim there are all these “problems” (“diversity problem”, “race problem”, “equality problem”, etc) with White countries, and the way to solve these problems is to let hundreds of millions of non-Whites flood into all and ONLY White countries.

In reality, when the say “problem”, what they mean is it’s still White. This is the point of White genocide – to solve all these race “problems” that ONLY exist in White countries.



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  1. Anonymous
    December 15, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    What should we do about the growing concern of antiwhitism?

    Is there no end to the widespread antiwhitism in our society?

    Antiwhitism is widespread among anti-whites in our society, what do you think the reason behind the hatred is?

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