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“The Lost Class of ’59”

Granby larger

That’s the title that Edward R. Murrow gave his television special about us. We were high school seniors entering our last year before graduating, when the public schools in Norfolk, Va. closed during the fall of 1959 to resist the…


White Genocide Hurts

It’s been a news item recently that the popular pro-White activist son of a well-known pro-White activist father has renounced his beliefs and severed his ties to White activism. This comment made at his father’s site, where the son was…


Anti-Whites’ Dictionary

ignorant: disagrees with me. supremacist: opposes White genocide. hater: opposes White genocide racist: opposes White genocide bigot: opposes White genocide anti-fascist: fascist; anti-white tolerant: foaming at the mouth with hate for opponents of White Genocide love: hate for all things…