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A Fake Polity Requires a Fake President

Trump vs court2

In the article “Bob Whitaker launches 2020 presidential run, saying, ‘Trump is a FAKE president,’” Bob is quoted, “We have a fake president because we haven’t woken up Whites to their genocide so that they demand a real president.” When a people’s entire…


Horus the Avenger Unmasked

The elusive Horus the Avenger of www.whiterabbitradio.net has been unmasked. The basement dweller is pictured in this liveleak post: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3ee_1383669305

Horus in his basement:

Picture from liveleak.com

Some sources speculate that Horus moonlights as a French model when he is not producing his podcast or his clever videos.