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ESAWG emails you can send


  This posting has been superseded by “Distribute ESAWG Stop White Genocide fliers and emails“   [This post from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]: Demand that the University of ____ endow a Department of White Genocide Studies Asia for the Asians, Africa…


VP candidate Tom Bowie charges anti-Whites of “Anonymous” with promoting White Genocide

  American Freedom Party’s vice presidential candidate Tom Bowie calls out the anti-Whites of Anonymous in his very strong 10-minute opening statement on Daniel Wilson’s Friday night talkshoe program Pro-White America (episode 112, 10/30/15): http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-132549/TS-1024753.mp3  Tom is the regular substitute host on that…


“Diversity” Standards

Common Core was supposed to standardize education. Sadly there is one area where this has not happened. Today College students are aware that “needs diversity” means something is too White. “Diversity” really is just a code word for White genocide.…