Sweden: White genocide successful according to integration minister.


A report released this week showed the 91% of Swedes that took part in the survey checked the box saying “immigrants contribute a lot to Sweden“. It is the highest percentage in the whole EU.

Integration minister for Sweden, Erik Ullenhag

Sweden’s Integration Minister, Erik Ullenhag, spoke about the results of the survey, clearly excited that the majority of Swedes do what their government tells them.

This is a positive result, fantastic actually, it means Sweden and Swedish people have become more used to immigration.” Ullenhag said.

You can see it in the work places, people are getting more used to foreigners and have a more positive attitude. There are many places in Europe, many with similar populations as Sweden, with far worse results.

Ullenhag said the reason why Swedish people were more accepting of their own genocide was due to government policies and initiatives.

I think Sweden’s political leadership has been crystal clear on the notion of openness, tolerance, and standing up for diversity. And of course, that influences the attitudes among the citizens, especially compared to several other European countries that have a different tone when it comes to integration. I think [in other European countries] it boils down to a lack of political leadership…

Public support is broad for giving Syrian refugees a new life, it’s obvious that you can’t throw people back to Aleppo in the middle of a war.

Waiting a few months, even up to a year in some cases, is a bad start to say the least, but there is strong pressure on the municipalities to cooperate.

Those Syrian refugees would be much better off in Lebanese refugee camps built especially for them – they would not have to assimilate, because Syrians are more like the Lebanese than they are Swedish.

But silly me! Any excuse is used by the anti-White governments to bring non-Whites into White countries for the quest of White Genocide – turning White people into a minority.

All White countries, and the important point – ONLY White countries – are expected to become “multicultural”, “diverse“, “mixed-race”, “a melting pot”, etc.

The “ONLY” part is important because contrary to what anti-Whites say, the world is not becoming mixed race – only White countries are.

When a specific group of people has been mixed, at the least, to a minority in their own countries, that has another word: genocide.

So when this is done to all and only White countries this is called White genocide.



6 comments for “Sweden: White genocide successful according to integration minister.

  1. October 7, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    A Suécia tem que ter orgulho de suas origens Vickens e expulsa todo imigrante muçulmano e africano de seu país e matar os comunistas instalados ai mesmo que sejam de origem Sueca pois não passam de traidores de seu país e merecem morre por isso.

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  2. November 14, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    Is there not one brave and heroic white man left in Sweden? This race traitor and all others like him must be eliminated and their bodies displayed in a public square as a warning to others who put their own agenda before the welfare of white Swedish people. No gun? Use a knife. No knife? Use a rope? A car, a bat, or your bare hands. But YOU MUST START NOW! AT LEAST ONE OF THESE ANTI-WHITE ZIONISTS MUST BE THE EXAMPLE! THE SHITSKIN COWARDS HAVE NOW DECLARED WAR ON WHITE EUROPEANS BY BOMBING A PUBLIC EVENT. STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!
    Your daughters will be raped and your sons beheaded. Dear God man, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
    Good luck my brothers and sisters,
    Locked, loaded, and waiting in the U.S. for my turn

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  3. Keiser
    May 18, 2014 at 6:15 am

    I coined what I feel is an effective variant of the mantra. I have had success with it during the course of conversation with a few White genocide loving liberals.


    Write it everywhere, permanent marker preferred. 🙂

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  4. OzPatriot
    May 17, 2014 at 1:28 am

    The Swedes are finished……white people are their own worst enemy.

    Annihilation through pathological altruism in the part of whites….and if the story above us anything to go by, all with the consent of a subjugated, brainwashed populace…sickening!!

    It’s people who make a culture; wiping out the white genetic stock will wipe out not only beautiful people, but amazing, highly intelligent and advances beings…….thereby laying the foundations of a 3rd World state.

    Please remind me again why they refer to 3rd world countries as “developing countries”?

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