Sick Anti-White Professor Fired For Celebrating Student’s Death

Katherine Dettwyler was fired from the University of Delaware after stating on Facebook that Otto Warmbier, being one of the “young, white, rich, clueless white males,” deserved to die. She also spread Fake News about interracial rape, inverting reality by blaming White men for the crime. Warbier died as a result of imprisonment in North Korea, but this professor justified his death just because of the color of his skin.

It’s a difficult task for a White man to get an education when the university system is full of anti-White professors like this woman.

Katherine Dettwyler

Katherine Dettwyler

Starting a family costs money, and a college education is often one of the steps young White men take to achieve that goal. Without money, starting a family can be difficult. This is where the definition of genocide comes in.
Destroying the economic existence of a group is genocide according to the legal definition set by the U.N. This is part of White genocide.
Otto Warmbier was perceived as White by this sick professor and provided her a target to lash out at with her genocidal anti-White rant. No doubt she has had a detrimental effect on many young White men who were forced to take her class. The world is a better place without her teaching.


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  1. July 31, 2017 at 3:15 am

    Hideous freaks like this who infest the left are always looking for ways to get back at the normal, healthy white folk who understandably shunned it during its formative years.

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  2. Alan J. Perrick
    July 22, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Unbelievable comments from the professor. Or former professor. Still, one wonders how many other professors have a similar attitude against whites as that professor did and yet have somehow managed to keep their jobs…


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  3. Jack Smith
    June 27, 2017 at 9:04 am

    A Warning to My White Tribal Comrades

    I have spent years in trouble spots around the world and on the mean african and moslem controlled streets of too many previously American cities and towns. I have translated some of my experience into suggestions for my white comrades, wiggers/progressives excluded. Of course what I say is just my opinion and does not promote the commission of any crimes. As our totalitarian micromanaging enemies more blatantly admit their real purposes they will abrogate all of our Constitutional and civil rights by declaring them crimes. This trend is already observable and in motion. We will not tolerate any white genocide or even partial enslavement of white people.

    It is my duty to make at least a stab in the direction of helping the many singleton whites who prefer to doom themselves by refusing to organize or join pro-white protective and political warfare associations. Yes, its true that all white singletons will be incarcerated and killed off first. In this maggot nest, only organized effort wins.

    My friends have told me not to bother trying to help singletons, they say:
    1. The stupid ones will not listen. If their lives are saved, they will cause more white deaths in the long run.
    2. Many whites are conditioned by the media to be severely suspicious of fellow white men and are quick to back-stab.
    3. Those whites who are too stupid to organize have proven that they are not worth the effort.

    First understand a few facts. Negroes and moslems have been killing white people, on the streets and in public, for over 46 years. In most cases minority parasite murders get away with murder and they kill over and over because it thrills them. Negroes and Moslems mount continuous campaigns against the police demanding exemption from all crimes. Negro police chiefs and a percentage of police departments are not practicing illegal leniency towards negro and Moslem criminals. The police and courts are pro-minority parasite and anti-white, expect no justice or protection from them. The same goes for the FBI, DEA, IRS and “homeland security.”

    To make it simple, I will suggest a few rules
    # Buy steel toed boots and practice using them in self defense. Wear them whenever you are on public streets, alone or with your family.
    # Carry a strong wooden or metal walking stick and a long bladed pocket knife.
    # Get a bullet proof vest.
    # Learn how to spot people watching you or following you.
    # Learn how to spot negros and moslems brazenly scouting your neighborhood.
    # Join a gun club and get a carry permit. Do not store weapons and ammo stockpiles in or near your homes.
    # Become a survivalist and learn to survive in the woods and the urban jungle.(The FBI is very suspicious of survivalists and has ordered all owners of military surplus stores, camping stores, gun stores, knife stores and self-defense courses, to report anybody who talks about survival or verbalizes antagonism towards the minority parasite establishment. (However, I hear dozens of white Americans talking against the federal establishment daily. The enemy cannot build enough concentration camps to hold the millions of anti-establishment whites.) I have seen FBI posters that are nailed on the walls of many business back rooms.
    # Encourage your wife and children not to go out alone. They won’t listen.
    # Make friends with like-minded whites. Learn how to gauge like-mindedness and spot phonies.
    # Be especially suspicious of any politician in any level of government. Research has established that less than seven percent of all politicians are actually trying to represent their constituency, there are even less who feel a commitment to white people.
    # Create your own business and withdraw from working for people who might be in Infragard.
    # Develop at least one vehicle, a used vehicle without the modern computer in it, as a drive-out vehicle in case you get warning in enough time to evacuate. Of course setting up a secure hidden base is one of the roles of white protection associations.
    # Learn Spanish. Spanish immigrant criminals have created an enormous alternate identity network based on 176 illegal sanctuary cities. There are many white Hispanics who are on our side. Identifying them is difficult.
    # Learn the survival rules for living in a minority parasite police state during the pre-white genocide period.
    # Learn the art of caching supplies and clandestine communications.
    # Sale or discard as much of your junk as possible
    # Create an internal family code for crisis communication, if your wife and kids are intelligent enough to be trusted.
    # Fortify your home against break-ins and home invasions.
    # Get both a small watchdog and a large defense dog.
    # Do not invite “potential friends” into your home which enables them to “case the joint.”
    # Do not trust “potential friends” to buddy up with your wife and/or children when you are not present.
    # Give up on alcohol (except for medicinal purposes) and all forms of drugs.
    # Investigate the black market set up by Russians and enemy moslems within the USA.
    # Get encrypted internet service and learn all about the Dark Web and hacking.
    # Learn how to produce alternative fuel for one vehicle.
    # Learn how to store emergency water and fuel.
    # Camp and hike in the wilderness as much as possible. Exercise daily. Break in all of your walking shoes and boots.
    # Get a used bicycle. Learn how to use a bicycle to generate electricity.
    #Practice living without heat or air conditioning.
    # Learn the art of simple disguise
    # Learn counter surveillance.
    # Join your local police department as a reserve officer. Participate in police activities and ride-alongs. Keep your eyes and ears open.
    # Do not purchase new vehicles.
    # Learn how to use a canoe. Make fire. Land Navigation. Find water. Grow Crops,
    # Convert as much of your cash as possible into property and equipment and sup[plies. The government plans a confiscation of all cash in the near future.
    # Join or form an organization of like-minded white families for your own protection. The right wing populist fronts will provide information of how to identify FBI and police infiltrators. Also provided will be a list of their sting and entrapment tactics. Once they have grabbed you, you have no civil rights (no Miranda warning like negro and Moslem killers enjoy).
    It’s hard to make friends with whites (according to research church members are just as prone to being phony as people who hang around bars) because a large minority of whites are functionally emotionally disturbed, because of being hammered psychologically by enemy propaganda and threats and violence, all their lives. Then there is the low testosterone factor too. The more pro-white organizations we form, the less able the FBI and local police will be to entraop and sting us with false accusations.

    The FBI has recruited and indoctrinated thousands of white males into its nationwide informant nets, right now there are over 80,000 infragard commandos nation-wide. The FBI modeled the infragard program after the Soviet KGB and communist militia informant nets. The FBI has been strongly influence by communist police state methods utilized against the main target, white males.. These “infragard” (look it up on the internet) goons are told that if they regularly rat on fellow white people, they will be armed with a license to kill when the revolution starts. Do not make friends with an infragard stooge. According to the FBI: InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector. The InfraGard program provides a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to the protection of Critical Infrastructure. With thousands of vetted members nationally, InfraGard’s membership includes business executives, entrepreneurs, military and government officials, computer professionals, academia and state and local law enforcement; each dedicated to contributing industry specific insight and advancing national security. More than 400 of our nation’s Fortune 500 have a representative in InfraGard. Network with representatives from other organizations and agencies that help maintain our national infrastructure.” Infragard is targeted against white people.

    “War is the most important thing in the world,” writes Martin van Creveld, military historian and author of the book, The Rise and Decline of the State. “The survival of every country, government, and individual is ultimately dependent on war – or the ability to wage it in self-defense. That is why, though it may come but once in a hundred years, every country must be prepared every day.” Only through war will our white people be liberated from minority parasite tyranny.

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    • Jack Smith
      June 27, 2017 at 9:19 am


      No: Negro police chiefs and a percentage of police departments are not practicing illegal leniency towards negro and Moslem criminals.

      Yes:Negro police chiefs and a percentage of police departments are NOW practicing illegal leniency towards negro and Moslem criminals.

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    • Valerian
      September 21, 2017 at 5:03 pm

      This comment by jack Smith may seem crazy to some people, but it is worth keeping an open mind and putting this info into your mental filing cabinet in case you may need it some day. Incidentally he is right in saying ‘a large minority of whites are functionally emotionally disturbed’. Confirmation of this came from a newspaper article I read recently which stated that a quarter of fourteen year olds in the UK suffer from depression.

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  4. Rufluc
    June 27, 2017 at 4:49 am

    The World would be a far better place without her!!!……period!!

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