Proposed “Racism Police” will crackdown on free speech in the Netherlands


Denk, a Dutch mass immigration party founded by Turks, has proposed that there should be 1,000 “racism police to tackle wrongthink.

Denk suggests that any “Dutch racists” who dare to question glorious diversity – the one and only true faith – should be prosecuted similar to pedophiles and sex offenders.

It suggests that those who display “racist and discriminatory behavior” should be added to a “Racism Register.

So what is this “racism” they speak of?

Well, they want the word “foreigner” to not be used anymore and be replaced with a hyphenated version, for example “Turkish and Surinamese Dutch person.

Also, they want any place names associated with Colonialism or Slavery to be renamed.

Basically, they are just issuing a list of their demands, and if you don’t do what they say they will call you nasty names.

Their demands are just White genocide. If the Netherlands was full of Turks, we all know Denk would suddenly change its mass-immigration stance towards closed borders – to keep it full of Turks.

All these anti-White political parties ban alternative parties, they outlaw free speech, and they demand you accept their views. They are tyrants.


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  1. Xtremetic
    October 28, 2016 at 2:52 am

    The formation of the Muslim Denk Party in Holland and the Respect Party in Britain demonstrates how politics becomes tribalized as a consequence of excessive diversity. Are sectarian political parties something that liberals really want, or did they just not think through the consequences of their liberal immigration policies?

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  2. Albert Riester
    October 14, 2016 at 10:54 pm

    Sounds like brave BRAVE NEW WORLD and “1984”. We can still stop it!

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  3. October 14, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    That’s why every White American that gives a shit has to get involved NOW no matter how “busy” they think their lives are.

    America is soon to become the last stand for any real freedom and even it’s under attack by liberal left dems and globalist NWO elites.

    If this election is stollen from us, this may, and proly will, become another bloody civil war. They try ever so harder and harder to disarm the American people mostly to get at White owned guns. If Hillbama gets into office they will quickly ban guns outright.

    Our allies will be few. Great Britain, trying to hold on themselves, and a few other European nations that have taken a stand and are trying to lead by example making life unbearable for immigrants by taking away entitlments in an effort to get them to leave voluntarily. AND IT’S SLOWLY WORKING!! ONLY with greater and greater resistance from the liberal left Bolshevick globalists that currently sit in seats of high authority.

    Time to look deep within yourself and decide where you stand on things. If you are not willing to sacrifice don’t hold back your brothers and sisters and at least be ready to provide succor. Because it will be MUCH NEEDED, I assure you. That is if you can provide it at all. They are preparing camps for us. And they gather together the tools needed now in order to crush us. There is much about this urban warfare build up on the Internet, I suggest you familiarize yourself with it.

    We enter yet another critical time in the history of the world’s civilisations. Once again the shadow of despotic socialism rears it’s ugly head. Only this time socialism comes wearing the disguise of democracy which makes it a dangerous and terrifically deadly force. Getting a society to vote for its own demise.

    The rule of the day is DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Huge wedges have been driven amidst the White community. We can blame no one but ourselves. A look at our education system will reveal where these fearsome wedges originate from. They have turned generation against generation on an unnatural scale.

    Whites have been taught to HATE their White skin and to see themselves as irredeemably flawed, for quite some time now. That they are either among the majority of Whites who are “evil” or among the minority who see this liberal left dogma as truth.

    If they are in the minority they are told that the best thing they can do to correct this situation is to breed themselves out of existence. It’s de’rigeur to see White teens and adults shunning their own race in favor of mixed relations. This White self hatred has spread like a disease, like the contagious mental illness that it is. It is followed and believed to maintain social standing and to keep up the falsley socially relevant trends set by liberal mass media.

    Training begins in the home however nervous or unprepared you think you are to give them the truth. Children see the truth NATURALLY. Show a child White self hatred in the countless thousands of videos available on youtube and elsewhere and you will see a flaming hot ember fill there eye in terrible consternation instantly. JUST AS I SAW HAPPEN IN MY VERY OWN CHILDREN. It will be quickly followed by an insatiable appetite to learn everything about the problem and an uncanny ability to sift the facts from the bullshit.

    They are suddenly imbued with super 20/20 vision. You will start to hear about how tricky the classroom can be in spreading this message of White hate. You will see them turn off the televisions as they point out instance after instance of anti White hate programing hidden in cartoons, TV series, reality shows, etc. etc. etc. They will say they do not want to become brainwashed by these EVIL shows. You will start to hear how they see it between classes and at lunch among other Whites in their behaviors. And how students are treated differently if they are White or other. I promise, you will be so IMPRESSED by how mature they are in their approach to this subject. You will be filled with PRIDE by how they are suddenly filled with a need to do very well in all the class’s that count because they do not want to be a part of the DUMBING DOWN of Whites. IT’S AWSOME FOLKS, I JUST CAN’T EXPRESS IN WORDS.

    Just caution them to be careful with class work and teachers. Their honesty will lead them to wanting to say things or write things in their class work. But this will make them and you targets for liberal left retribution, which is the last thing you want. Until the movement sees a bit more acceptance for the legitimate and dire problems that face White people, they will try to DESTROY YOU and OUR PRECIOUS WHITE CHILDREN.

    You don’t want to lose your children to a government system that thinks they can forcefully retrain children by taking them from their parents and create a proper White hating child. So teach your kids this danger very carefully. Not to scare them but to emphasize how EVIL and dangerous the liberal left has become.

    I foresee us White People developing stronghold nations around the globe. Whites will have to fight for and defend each other. Though the vast majority of the total White population will be part of these White nations the majority of the world’s total population will always and forever after be against us and seek to destroy us. Our naturally HIGH IQ’s are critical to our protection in this regard.

    Eventually these other populations will begin to fail as the braintrust they inherit as a result of things begins to disappear. AND THIS TOO WILL BE BLAMED ON US. We will be ridiculed and our beliefs reaffirmed at the very same time. We will stand by as their cities collapse around them, and as the environment they terribly abuse turns against them. They will be helpless as technology after technology disappears. AND WE SHOULD NOT HELP THEM ONE BIT AS WE ONCE MIGHT HAVE DONE BEFORE WE WERE SO CRUELLY BETRAYED. NO, let them diminish and disappear as they so easily and coldly, without an intelligent thought, wished upon us!

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    October 14, 2016 at 7:41 am

    No surprise here. You can’t even question the holohoax in most countries without going to jail.

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  5. more of the same
    October 14, 2016 at 7:25 am

    You can’t have Diversity and free speech.

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