US: Freedom of association leads to separation; is bad for White genocide.

An Ohio study has found that open enrollment, which allows children to transfer to different schools, has created a natural separation of races in most of the state’s urban school districts.


The Beacon Journal study of more than 8,000 students who transferred schools last year found that ‘White flight’ even happens in the schools and playgrounds as well.

The majority of transferred students were White, and the schools they left behind were twice as likely to be non-White.

Anti-Whites claim to love democracy and freedom of association, but when those rights are used to stop White genocide, they want a sort of Stalinist dictatorship to get their way.

In fact, democracy literally translates as ‘rule by the people’. If given a straight and honest vote on immigration and making places “more diverse, and less White”, the majority of people would vote “No”.

When given rights such as freedom of association, we see how it plays out: White students stay in majority White schools, Black students stay in majority Black schools.

That was the whole point of forced busing in the 1960’s – it was to strip White students of their right to freedom of association.

Anti-Whites always position themselves as the good guys, but don’t fall for it: there are no “anti-racists” in Africa telling Black people they are “too Black”. There are no “anti-racists” in Asia telling Asian people they must have open borders and stop patrolling their borders.

“Anti-racists”, as they call themselves, ONLY exist in White countries, because that’s the whole point. They are working towards a world without any White people in it, and if entire cities in America or Europe have been made minority White – it’s hard to ignore what they really are – anti-White.


White Man March a smashing success on Twitter!

[Pdappui @Der_TolleMensch is the principal author of this joint article]
Hearty congratulations to all who made the White Man March a success!
Many thanks also to the thousands of anti-whites whose tweets helped drive “#WhiteManMarch” to trend status, which exposed huge numbers of Whites worldwide to White Genocide.
By trending on Twitter, we reached a large worldwide White audience without any assistance from the mainstream media, and without the mainstream media being able to control whether our topic would be discussed or not. That’s momentous! When all is said and done (and tweeted), the biggest loser in this event is the Controlled Media.
Many of the sarcastic anti-white tweets that helped trend our hashtag focused on the power that white elites still hold, but of course the tweets implied that it’s all of us Whites in general who hold that power!
“#whitemanmarch is necessary because whites only control 95% of Congress when they used to control 100%”
The white politicians and corporate moguls that these tweets actually refer to are in fact primary directors of White Genocide, which they carry out by massive immigration and forced assimilation in all white countries and only in white countries. Pointing out that white people continue to monopolize positions of power in the Western world, far from contradicting the fact of White Genocide, merely serves to correctly identify some of its core perpetrators!
Of course our focus is not on the perpetrators of White Genocide, but on simply making Whites aware that White Genocide is happening. It doesn’t usually serve to tell people about the con men before they understand there’s a con. 
But many assume that our target must really be the non-white races, rather than the process of massive immigration and forced assimilation by which White Genocide is being carried out. Therefore we occasionally step off our core message, which is White Genocide by anti-whites, period, and point out that we hold the elites who look like us but have no loyalty to us chiefly responsible for White Genocide. It’s those elites who allow non-whites to flood our countries and who then force us to assimilate with the non-whites and be blended out of existence.
White people, and especially young educated White people, love an underdog, and so any project that’s perceived as being ultimately directed against non-white minorities is going to fail among a large segment of talented and potentially influential Whites. Therefore it’s useful to occasionally make clear that our enemy are not the impoverished, border-line mentally retarded “teens” who make a sport of knocking down elderly whites. Our enemy does not live in the slums of Harlem, or the barrios of East LA—-rather, he safely engineers our Genocide from within the fortified castles and gated communities of Georgetown and the Upper East Side.
In other words, opposition to White Genocide is not a ruse to target non-whites, since White Genocide is a White-collar crime committed in large part by white traitors.
White traitors say they’re anti-racist, but what they really are is anti-white. 
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Canada: Anti-White university conference – training White people to hate ourselves.

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa hosted an event last Tuesday (11th), called “In My Skin”.

It’s hard to see White genocide when you’re anti-White.

In this meeting, we will have all the racialized folks in one room talking about their experiences” the invitation said, “In another room, we will have all the non-racialized folks talking about their White privileges.

Basically, they are saying there will be two rooms, one full of White people screaming about how horrible we are, and the second full of non-White people screaming about how horrible we are.

Apparently the point of the event was to teach people about “racism”, but as we all know: anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. No anti-racists exist in Japan and call on the Japanese to hate themselves for their “Asian privilege”.

The event was so unpopular that the online invitation was removed from the site it was hosted on, after students were left upset.


The student federation, which represents over 35,000 undergraduate students, later tried to take back what it has said in the invitation:

Unfortunately, the structure of these two initial discussion groups were misunderstood by some students

It is first important to note that reverse racism is a myth.

Anti-Whites call anything that discriminates against White people “Reverse racism”, implying that it is good, and in fact “anti-racism”. We call it what we see it as: anti-White – and that’s all it is – anti-White.

All and only White countries are demanded to have open borders, which allows millions of non-Whites to flood in and turn White people into a vanishing minority.

Many White children are taught from a young age that White people are evil, and therefore the bad guys, or in the words of anti-Whites, “White privilege”. So children grow up watching their people being destroyed or discriminated against, and they see themselves as the oppressors.

All of these policies; massive non-White immigration, and forced assimilation, along with academically promoted White guilt, is meant to lead to a world where White people become minorities in countries that we were previously the clear and undisputed majority.

Attempting to turn a country from one group of people into another group of people is the whole point of genocide. White genocide is being committed and promoted because anti-Whites feel that a world without White people would be better – but there is no justification for genocide, whatsoever.


Anti-White Pro-Genocide White House Petition

We couldn’t make this stuff up if i tried. From the White House petition website:

Denounce the “White Man March” as a Hate March
A small international group of white supremacists are planning hate actions around the world on the 15 of this month, and are calling their collective action “the White Man March.”

They reportedly plan to display banners that say,

“Diversity” = White Genocide.

This hateful slogan is an insult to the peoples and cultures that our government represents.

We believe this small group may be associated with some petitions that have appeared on We the People, since those petitions have favored other slogans of the group:

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?”

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

We support free speech for everyone, but we also believe our government has the obligation to denounce hate wherever and whenever it appears.

Thank you.

Created: Mar 02, 2014
Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Family