Little Orphan Annie Targets the White House

The three STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Meme-Bombs that we’ll be exploding at the White House this month are below.

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Little Orphan Annie is a White comic strip heroine and cultural icon. In the latest film version she is now Black.

Target recently featured Annie-themed ads with both Black and White models, and there are protests that a model for Annie is White.

The demand that a White cultural icon always be shown as non-White fits the national program of demoralizing Whites in order to facilitate White Genocide.

Demoralized Whites will remain passive as ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are flooded with millions of non-whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Protesters against a White Annie claim they are anti-racist.

What they are is anti-White!

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


Create federal “Pants Up, Don’t Loot” task force

The majority population in the U.S. is demoralized and forced to bend over backwards to give minorities every privilege.

The third world is allowed to pour in through our southern border, and any attempt to control the criminal behavior of minority groups is trumpeted as an assault on civil rights.

“White” has even become a bad word, now being used only to charge the U.S.’s shrinking majority population with being evil.

The world’s formerly White countries are now forced to accept massive immigration and assimilation that will blend Whites out of existence.

Those who force our assimilation with other peoples and encourage their crimes and assaults upon us call themselves anti-racist.

What they are is anti-white!

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


Address why ALL White countries and ONLY White countries have been chosen for Genocide.

Why must ALL White countries and ONLY White countries accept endless immigration, diversity programs and racial assimilation?

Asian countries aren’t being subjected to endless immigration, diversity programs, and racial assimilation, until Asians are blended out of existence.

African countries aren’t being subjected to endless immigration, diversity programs, and racial assimilation, until Africans are blended out of existence.

Mr. President, those carrying out White Genocide by massive immigration and forced assimilation say they’re anti-racist.

Please tell the American people that supporters of White Genocide are not anti-racist, they are ANTI-WHITE!

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white!



Recently a TV personality being interviewed by another interrupted himself to say,

“I’m not being racist, am I?”

Won’t it be a better world when a TV personality interrupts himself to say,

“I’m not being anti-white, am I?”


Let’s make it happen! We are an offshoot of the larger BUGS project that hammers the STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes into the mainstream using every venue available!



Former Swedish PM: Sweden belongs to the immigrants – not the Swedes


On Christmas eve, the Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, came out with an anti-White rant saying that Sweden belongs to the immigrants who move there, not the Native Swedish.

He also said that Sweden’s borders are fictional and the Native Swedish are “uninteresting”.

There is a choice of which country Sweden will be,he told TV4

Is this a land that is owned by those who have lived here for three or four generations,” he asked, “or is Sweden [a country] where people who come here in mid-life makes it to be and develops it?

To me, it is obvious that it should be the latter and that there is a stronger and better society if it will be open [to more immigration].

He also told TV4What is Sweden as a country? Is this a country owned by those who lived here for four generations or those found on any limit?

It’s what they [immigrants] do in Sweden that is Sweden.

In Sweden, if you do not support mass immigration and Swedish areas being deliberately targeted for “diversity“, you are quite literally seen as a “Racist” and “Neo-Nazi” – an enemy to the government.

Despite the danger of holding a differing view on immigration, especially with a new law coming very soon which will criminalize criticism of immigration; many Swedes are waking up, even if they are still to scared to vote for their views.

We often report on White genocide in Sweden because the government (and other authorities) are doing everything they can to make it happen, and silencing any other perspective.



Our poster David Blue posted this excellent comment:

This is tweetable:

The knockout game is also called POLAR BEAR HUNTING. It’s not random violence. It’s ANTI-WHITE violence.

The main thing to remember is that you have to say ANTI-WHITE. If you explain that “the knockout game” is the media’s falsely neutral way to describe something that is also called POLAR BEAR HUNTING, white people don’t have any trouble figuring out who the polar bears are. But they forget and lose focus, because they don’t have a memory hook to define the specific kind of violence POLAR BEAR HUNTING would be. You have to tell them it’s ANTI-WHITE violence; then they remember. Without saying ANTI-WHITE you’ve got nothing.

This message has two or three purposes:
1. To let white people know they are under attack.
2. To establish ANTI-WHITE as a useful word that describes something real and visceral.
3. It can let people know the media is hiding ANTI-WHITE violence with falsely neutral language.


Recently a TV personality being interviewed by another interrupted himself to say,

“I’m not being racist, am I?”

Won’t it be a better world when a TV personality interrupts himself to say,

“I’m not being anti-white, am I?”

Make it happen! Hammer the term “anti-white” into the mainstream! 😀



Protests still ongoing in Germany – 17,500 people in the latest.


In Dresden, Germany, a group called PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) have gained huge success organizing protests against the high level of immigration from Muslim countries.

The latest protest on December the 22nd drew 17,500 people to echo PEGIDA’s concerns to the German government. poll found that 34% of Germans agree with the protestors, but the German government has responded saying that there is “no place in Germany” for their views.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought in a democracy the people told the government what to do, not the other way around?

Markus Ulbig, Interior Minister for Saxony told “We cannot label 10,000 people as right-wing extremists. That creates more problems than it solves“.

He said there were many middle-class protestors and “you can’t toss them all into the same Neo-Nazi pot.

Ulbig is right, because when the anti-Whites stop people from speaking their opinions by screaming names; they don’t stop “extremism” – they create it.

You can walk around Berlin and in many neighborhoods Germans are the minority and non-White immigrations, mostly from Muslim countries, are the clear majority.

While groups like PEGIDA and the protestors see this as a problem from Germany’s future, their government does not.

Our explanation is that their government wants to get rid of its German majority in the name of “diversity”. What they really want is what most governments of majority White countries – White Genocide, plain and simple.


Anti-White Christmas 2014

More seasonal media for everyone pro White to share this Christmas.

This is a follow up to last years “Anti-White Christmas” video/song.

Enjoy with a glass of mulled Wine and send to your friends and family!

Let’s stamp out White genocide this year!

Merry Christmas to you all


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Recently a TV personality being interviewed by another interrupted himself to say,

“I’m not being racist, am I?”

Won’t it be a better world when a TV personality interrupts himself to say,

“I’m not being anti-white, am I?”


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Forget about White GeNOcide In Ireland, the “new Irish” can dance

The anti-White establishment in Ireland is working overtime to convince the indigenous White Irish people that “diversity” (aka turning traditionally White countries not White) is not only inevitable, it’s cool, vibrant and all the kids will love it.

This piece of anti-White promoting agitprop rehashes the age old, banal genocidal meme of the “inevitable mixed race future.” Notice how the indigenous White Irish musicians are presented as old and archaic while the “New Irish” (the Africans and mixed race) are portrayed as youthful, energetic, athletic and the future–at least in the eyes of the anti-Whites.

The anti-White establishment are constantly trying to dress up the genocidal conditions they are FORCING upon us as “vibrant” and “edgy” but in reality they are nothing more than a genocidal SCAM against White people.

Make no mistake, this “advert” is part of the White genocide agenda, after all what better way to get rid of a group of people than to persuade them it’s a fun idea!

The policies that are being forced across the globe in EVERY traditionally White country are evil. They are:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

Time to say NO to White geNOCide


UN tells Netherlands to make illegal immigrants comfortable


Just after complaining that Sweden has “Afrophobia“, the United Nations are complaining that rejected asylum seekers are not being fed or housed to the standard that the UN expects.

Their asylum claims have been rejected and many of them are not co-operating with the Dutch authorities who are trying to deport them. Many of them arrived illegally, most have no problem staying illegally, either.

In these dark days before Christmas, it is appalling that the Dutch government will not even commit less than 0.01 percent of its yearly budget to help people living in absolute misery and poverty,said Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur.

Assisting migrants living on the streets is not a matter of charity, […] access to emergency aid is a right and the Netherlands has a legal duty to provide ithe said.

Fred Teeven, Junior Security and Justice Minister, said that he does not want to encourage rejected asylum seekers to stay in the Netherlands, and they should not receive ‘bed, bath, and bread‘ if they try to avoid deportation.

Politicians in the Netherlands have been trying to score political points at the expense of homeless irregular migrants in the national debate about immigration,‘ said Francois Crepeau, another UN special rapporteur.

Human migration patterns will not change by letting migrants sleep on the streets,

The simple solution to this problem would be to deport these illegal immigrants soon after they are rejected, but that’s not possible because the UN also says that’s a violation of humans rights, as they did when Spain planned on changing its laws to do just that.

The UN, along with the EU and other groups does not care one bit about White people becoming a minority in our countries. In fact, they are helping anti-Whites achieve this goal with all their bureaucratic red tape.

Today, most White countries on the face of the planet are facing conditions which violate the UN genocide conventions, because they are being flooded with non-White immigrants, and then White areas are declared to be “not diverse” and need “diversity” (non-Whites) to fix this problem.

The anti-Whites who push this agenda of White genocide say they are “anti-racist”, but what they really are is anti-White.


Anti-White UN says Sweden has “Afrophobia”


United Nations Human Rights Inspectors who made an official 5-day visit to Sweden said the country has “a heightened xenophobic and racist attitude against migrants and refugee communities with African descent

Afro-Swedes and Africans with whom we met expressed their experiences of multiple forms of discrimination based on their skin color, race, religion and sex,

The inspectors said Sweden needs “to develop a Human Rights Strategy and other measures that would address racial discrimination against Afro-Swedes and Africans.

They said Sweden has a “lack of equal access to justice, racial profiling and the failure to effectively investigate, prosecute and deter Afrophobic hate crimes.

We are concerned that [the possible failure of the Swedish government to fight against injustice] creates feelings of mistrust in law enforcement bodies among communities, and discourages them from accessing help when they themselves are victims of crime or rights abuses,

Sweden takes in 1 of 5 “refugees” that enter Europe, but the Sweden Democrats, the party opposing mainstream anti-White parties, won just 12.9% of the vote in the last election, making it the 3rd largest party.

White Genocide in Swedensweden-foreigners is probably the most successful in Europe as numerous places become minority Swedish, and many Swedes (66%) remain oblivious to what their future may hold.

In places like the US, Canada, Australia, or Britain, “diversity” is the preferred argument anti-Whites, and that’s why it’s a code for White genocide.

However, in Sweden they describe immigrants as “refugees” and bring them in in the name of “human rights”.

Refugee resettlement is just another one of those phrases which is a code for White Genocide.