EU hates democracy for White countries.

Leaders of the European Union have decided to take away academic funding from Switzerland, after the majority of Swiss people voted against open borders.

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The European Union has frozen all research grants for Swiss universities, worth millions of euros, and also removed Switzerland from taking part in student exchange programs. This comes as a retaliation to a recent referendum, where the majority of Swiss citizens voted for more restrictions on immigration.

Swiss universities had expected this to happen, in retaliation to the cap on immigration. Switzerland is estimated to lose up to 80 to 100 million francs in research grants from the vengeful EU leaders, who care little for science, so long as they have power.

An EU spokesman announced this agenda a day after Swiss politicians declined migrants from Croatia.

The Swiss government could not accept the proposal because of the February 9th referendum – which stopped unrestricted movement of migrants and imposed quotas on immigration.

EU leaders also have stopped talks about supplying Switzerland with electricity, in an attempt to “change” people’s minds.

Switzerland is a good example of a White country that does not want open borders because it will destroy the people of their country and replace them with a different people.

Most White countries hate all these open borders and massive non-White – and White – immigration pouring into our countries and reducing our living standards all so the rich can get richer.

However, our issue here is more about the survival of a group of people. All and ONLY White countries are expected to have open borders which allows millions of non-White third world immigrants to flood it.

Meanwhile, at the same time, All and ONLY White countries are expected to adopt these millions of non-Whites into their neighborhoods, schools, and families in an effort to blend White people with non-White people and bring about this “mixed-race future” that anti-Whites so love to talk about.

This all leads to a world without White people because : there will still Black people in Africa, there will still be Oriental people in Asia, there will still be Mestizos in South America. The ONLY countries that are affected by these policies that lead to White genocide, are, of course, WHITE countries.


Washington D.C. even money won’t let you escape White genocide.

As hundreds or even thousands of majority White areas across the country are becoming less White, Washington D.C. is one of the few places that has become more White and less Black.

Before World War 2, D.C. had experienced White flight from the city as Blacks moved in and made the city 70% Black by 1970. After 1970, White people gradually moved back in, and the city was pushed down to 65% Black in 1990 to 50.1% Black in 2012.

Anti-Whites are upset by this because certain areas of the city or ‘wards’, are according to them “too White”.

As White people move into areas full of White people, and Blacks stay in areas full of Black people, anti-Whites are putting in place policies that deliberately enforce “diversity”, specifically on the White areas of the city.

One policy to turn White people in to the minority in the city is the ‘inclusionary zoning ordinance’, which orders every new residential development to reserve a certain amount of their units (apartments, etc) for lower-income residents (typically non-White people) to ensure that White families cannot buy their way out of the effects of White genocide.

Sheryll Cashin, a law professor for race relations at Georgetown University Law Center, and author of an upcoming book called “Place, Not Race,” gave her thoughts on the development in downtown D.C.

I think what’s happening in the District is that higher-income [White] people are pricing out lower-income [Black] people, and it may have racial implications,” Cashin said, noting that “[Blacks], on average, have less money than Whites do”.

White people are experiencing a loss of majority status and it isn’t happening everywhere, but a lot of places, and White people have to adjust to that reality – everybody has to adjust to that reality. In the future, nobody’s going to be the dominant group,

The city is more livable than it used to be, and it’s an exciting, multiracial, I would even say international, place, where a lot of people of all different types come, and there are people who are attracted to it because of that vibrancy and diversity,

We have some policies in place that are designed to retain the affordable housing stock” Cashin said, which would allow non-Whites to flood into majority White areas, turning them minority White “but my fear is that the city is becoming more like Paris where, in Paris, lower-income people and communities of color can live out in the suburbs”, as White people live in the city-centers which are too expensive for most non-Whites to live in, causing this genocide by assimilation against White people to more or less fail in certain areas.

We have to have the right policies in place for making our neighborhoods and our institutions inclusive in the way that works for everybody,” Cashin said.

Paul Butler, who is also a law professor for race relations at Georgetown University Law Center says “I always think it’s a problem when cities lose their diversity, including racial diversity, and class diversity,” calling on the city to make “a black warranty of establishing low-income quality housing, [in the majority White areas of the city]”, ignoring the fact that there are majority Black areas in the city that are up to 90% Black.

Anti-Whites are always screaming about how there is going to be this “mixed race future”, but they only scream about this in White countries.

Despite numerous scientific studies conducted across the world, the fact remains that White people want to be with White people, and non-White people want to be with their individual non-White groups – this is an obvious ‘discovery’, but it now has scientific backing to support it.

Anti-Whites are the ones that opened the borders of ALL and ONLY White countries. There has never been a vote called in any White country asking people if they wanted open borders. When White people demand the borders to be closed or tightened, anti-Whites simply scream names at us and try to sabotage the lives we have built.

Open borders are the very first requirement for White genocide to take place, because without millions of non-Whites pouring into White countries, how can the ‘mixed race future’ come into being?

Forced assimilation is the part that legally turns this into a genocide against White people; White people move out of areas that have been flooded with non-Whites and move to Whiter areas. Anti-Whites again scream names at people and put in place laws and policies that force or encourage White areas to accept non-Whites into their communities.

If White people still refuse to mix with non-Whites, and vice verse, anti-Whites go after White children, and force them to learn a skewed and distorted anti-White view of history, whereby White people are to blame for the Nazis, Slavery, ‘racism’ and every other thing in the world, and not allowed to take credit for all the good deeds White people have done, the intent of which is to make White children hate themselves..

If after all of this, White people still refuse to mix, at least in a great enough number, the only thing left to do is keep the borders open for as long as possible and turn White people into a minority surrounded by non-White groups that also learned the same anti-White view of history…

This is the age that we live in – the age of White genocide.


Pope praises Sweden’s genocide against White people.


Pope Francis has praised Sweden regarding its policy of having opened borders (which allows millions of non-Whites to flood into Sweden), and its strong assimilation policy which demands native White Swedes adopt these strangers into their communities, schools, and families.

The Pope was invited onto Vatican Radio, and he said “Sweden opens its borders, organizes language classes, gives economic assistance, and offers paths to join society

We have so many refugees, but no one wants them. They are a bad word.

The Pope said he was full of praise for Sweden who he said has “great saints” and said that it was “nice to find people with such a heart“.

They do not have anyone in a concentration camp and other such terrifying places. That’s an example we can present to the world. Because in reality it is the only country that is doing that, and is not filled with misery.”

It is not thereby suffering. This is the message Sweden presents. Open your heart to your brother, your sister, who has nowhere to live, to work, to sleep peacefully,” he said.

Speaking specifically about Sweden’s immigration policy, he held the country up as an example for other nations to follow. Last September the Swedish government offered permanent residency to all Syrian refugees who had come to Sweden, in a move that was praised and criticized on both sides of the immigration debate.

The Pope justifies White Genocide because he, like all anti-Whites are constantly having their words ripped to shreds by White people who carry out scientific experiments.

In past times, Galileo was a “heretic” because he pointed out the obvious truth that the Earth was not the center of the Solar System, and to “anti-heretics” in those days, Galileo was a “heretic” who had spoken “heresy” (or “hate speech”).

Today, we are in a similar situation. All White countries on Earth are expected to bring in millions of non-White immigrants. Once non-Whites are a large enough part of the population, White people are expected to marry or partner with non-Whites, and produce mixed race children. Anti-Whites continually brag about how there will be this “mixed race future” – but this is happening ONLY in White countries.

ONLY White countries are expected to have opened borders. Japan, a rich, ex-colonial, country, with a low birth-rate, aging population, and which allied with the Nazis during World War 2, but it is free to remain 98.5% Japanese, and no one is screaming “racist nazis” at Japan, or even questioning Japan’s right to stay Japanese.

ONLY White countries are expected to adopt this “mixed race future” policy. This is not a social experiment – it is genocide, White genocide.

Africa for Black people, Asia for Oriental people, but White countries for everyone?


Spanish government propaganda says to “live diversity”.

Recent posters that were created and distributed by the Spanish government have called on the public to “live diversity”.

The ‘Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality’ commissioned the posters, where the words remain the same, but the pictures change in each of them to show the face of a different person.

The posters say: “I am of the opposite sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion, ideology, age, ability, sexual orientation.

I contribute to this society and this is more inclusive than alternatives.

Respect me and live diversity.

The ‘Young Persons Institute’, or known acronymically as ‘INJUVE‘ which created the posters, is a group created by the ministry of ‘Health, Social Services, and Equality’ and describes its mission as “[promoting] actions for the benefit of young people“.

Ana Mato, the Spanish minister of ‘Health, Social Services and Equality’, met last year with Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for human rights, to discuss the “No Hate Speech Online” campaign launched by the Council of Europe; the Spanish government supports the campaign, and INJUVE, being government controlled, promotes it within the country.

Ana Mato, minister of ‘Health, Social Services and Equality’

“No Hate Speech Online”, is a campaign that calls on people, especially young people, to decry anything that the government considers “hate” or “intolerance”, or in other words, anything the government hates or is intolerant of.

This is an attempt to force and coerce the native White Spanish to blend with non-White immigrants that are let into Spain by the government.

Every single White country on the earth is expected to do the same thing – every single White country is expected to have opened borders which results in millions of third worlders entering, then every single White country is expected to assimilate with these non-White immigrants. The end result, we are told, is a harmonious world without race and wars.

Meanwhile on planet earth . . . ONLY White countries are being turned into a mixed race, this is not a progressive policy – it is genocide. With these policies enforced on White countries, the future world will have Black people in Africa, Oriental people in Asia, and where White countries used to be, a society where Whites are a minority struggling for survival in what was once a majority White country – this is White genocide.




Norway: Minister refuses vote for Swiss-style immigration cap. Democracy hypocrisy!

The Norwegian Justice Minister, Anders Anundsen, a member of the Norwegian “Progress” party or “Fremskrittspartiet”, has denied a referendum to vote for restrictions on immigration, similar to the Swiss style referendum that found the majority wanted restrictions on immigration.

In recent years, Norway has had similar referendums, asking people to vote for or against mass immigration; Norway voted against mass immigration twice, once in 1972, and again in 1994, which was an EU referendum, but the votes were largely ignore, and now White Norwegians are predicted to be a minority by 2045, about 30 years.

“For many years, the Progress Party has claimed that more influence should be granted to the citizens. This proposition shouldn’t shock anybody, but within the government coalition, the Progress Party is sticking to our cooperation agreement (with the other parties) and does not plan a referendum on this matter.” Anundsen, a Progress Party minister told the public, during a parliamentary question time.

Mazyar Keshvari, an Iranian-born deputy MP said “The idea of a referendum is interesting and Norway should also organize a referendum on immigration. I’m completely certain that a majority wants to tighten up [the policy]”.

Despite being an immigrant himself, Keshvari understands that the race makes the place, and wants to see Norway full of Norwegians. He has called for a complete ban on immigration to Norway, and he said non-Western (non-White) immigrants should accept “Norwegian values” or “beat it” (leave).

Norway is not a member of the EU, however, it is included in the European Economic Area, and the Schengen Area, which demands unrestricted movement of EU citizens.

Anti-Whites cannot handle the ballot box. All policies of White genocide through-out this century and the last, have been unpopular with the majority of people – so the anti-Whites simply don’t tell us what they are planning to do, or they scream names and accuse us of being “mean” or “dumb”.

When the public are actually allowed a vote on immigration or “diversity”, the public tick the “NO” box, but the anti-Whites have never cared about what us “peasants” think about our countries.

We to them, are how a peasant is to a priest. That is to say, they see themselves as the saving grace of humanity – the one true opinion, which all must obey . . . or else you’re a “bigot”.

White Genocide; mass non-White immigration, and forced assimilation aka “diversity”, is genocide because all of our pleas, and protests are largely ignored by anti-Whites.

They call themselves “anti-racist”, but they are just anti-White. Don’t let them off the hook.

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New York: Mayor legalizes illegals. Is that legal?

In his speech to the public, Mayor de Blasio exposed that he wanted to assist illegal immigrants in committing the crime of being in the United States illegally, which should he do so, would make him the most recent authority to aid and abet criminals.

His plan, which was one of his mayoral campaign pledges, is to create municipal Identification cards, allowing them access to services provided by the city of New York.

The cards would be used to create bank accounts, lease apartments, and anything that a photo ID normally can be used for. The only exception is that the cards do not allow illegal immigrants access to government benefits, such as voting democratically.

De Blasio wants these ID cards so that illegal immigrants don’t have to “live their lives in the shadows.

To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home, too, and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows.

He also repeated his proposition in Spanish.

City Hall aides have said that de Blasio plans to introduce legislation authorizing the use of ID cards in a few weeks, which he originally wanted passed in 2012.

Several cities, including New Haven, Connecticut, and San Francisco have created similar ID card schemes

A Connecticut study, conducted in Fair Haven, claimed that crime fell by nearly 20% in two years after ID cards were given out in, de Blasio used this to support his ID card scheme.

The study however, failed to take in to account that being an illegal immigrant is also a crime, which would affect the statistics.

Perhaps De Blasio will also create cards that allow people to do other things that are illegal as well, such as murder or theft? That would also lower crime rates, so that means it would look great when they’re talking about crime statistically.

Steven Choi, the executive director of the New York immigration coalition said “For a diverse city like New York, the benefits will be immense, such an ID expands opportunities for greater civic and economic integration for all New Yorkers.

Bob Whitaker, a Ronald Reagan appointee disagrees: “If immigrants are so knowledgeable and hard working, why don’t they go to the third world where they are needed?” he writes, “All those ambitious, hard-working Mexicans would be a real blessing in Africa. So would all those Vietnamese who come here and all those Indonesians who head for the Netherlands.

There are two reasons those people don’t go where they are needed: they can’t get in and no one mentions it, least of all ‘humanitarians'; and they want the United States or the Netherlands or nothing and nobody mentions it, least of all ‘humanitarians’ whose only interest is getting them into white countries, all white countries, and ONLY white countries.

De Blasio is a White man who has chosen to have kids with his Black wife, and it is his choice, but when he tries to push this kind of thinking on White New Yorkers, what he is doing is the same as many leaders are doing in White countries across the world – White genocide; whereby all White countries and areas are flooded with millions of non-White people, and everyone is encouraged to “assimilate” or in other words, mix together, to produce this “mixed race future”, that anti-Whites are demanding.

The point of White genocide is that these policies are ONLY being forced in White countries. There is no non-White country that has ever been called names like “racist” or “hateful” for wanting to keep its majority population as the majority. These words are ONLY reserved for White countries, and using the United Nations genocide conventions as the definition of genocide – those policies constitute a program of genocide against White people.


US and Canadian study discovers what people think of ‘diversity’.

A study conducted throughout the United States and Canada, has found that people believe ‘diversity’ is a good thing, but hate it to live around it, and become more anti-social when they do.


When Tibet is full of Chinese it’s Genocide. When White countries are full of non-Whites it’s “diversity”.

Robert Putnam, a Harvard sociologist, who is also a Liberal, has just completed a study of over 30,000 North Americans and Canadians, asking people from various cities and towns in both countries what they think about ‘diversity’. In total, the survey of people’s attitudes was conducted in 41 American cities and towns.

According to Putnam, people who live in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles where White people have become or are close to becoming a minority, are much less likely to associate with their neighbors.

Not only that, but the study found that people were considerably less likely to vote, pay taxes, donate to charities, volunteer, and trust people – even people of their own race.

In his report ‘E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the 21st century’, Putnam writes: “Inhabitants of diverse communities tend to withdraw from collective life, to distrust their neighbours, regardless of the colour of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, vote less … have less faith that they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television.

A similar study conducted on 3,800 people by the Vancouver Foundation, fell in line with Putnam’s study, finding that people felt unusually lonelier and had less friends if they lived in areas that had many races and ethnicities, and while they believed that ‘diversity’ is a good thing, they preferred to be with members of their own ethnic or racial group.

As a Liberal, Putnam was left severely unsatisfied by his study and has made several attempts to explain why people don’t like living as a minority, but he has failed to find any other explanations – in fact many other academics from over the world have confirmed his findings.

Putnam realizes that his research has proved many of his side’s beliefs about ‘diversity’ to be wrong, finding that there was no “harmony” or “fusion”, and in fact, finding that it was a severe drain on resources and public money.

However, he still insists that doing the same thing (making places minority White) over, and over again will all be worth it in the long run, as he believes it will create a more scientific and intellectual society – despite not even a suggestion of such a thing happening yet.

He insists that trying to make people assimilate will fix these problems, arguing that there should be “more opportunities for meaningful interaction across ethnic lines.

Putnam summarizes his report, saying that higher ‘diversity’ leads to “lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media … less expectation others will cooperate to solve dilemmas … less likelihood of working on a community project … lower likelihood of giving to charity … and less happiness and lower perceived quality of life.

Anti-Whites love to talk about ‘diversity’, but none of them will actually live in what they have created. All this ‘diversity’ and ‘mixing the races’ is ONLY ever seriously discussed in White countries. If any non-White started screaming about the ‘lack of diversity’ in non-White countries, and how non-White countries ‘should be for everyone’ – they would be laughed at . . . but in White countries people screaming those statements are given respect and lots of public money to DO just that.

No Black, Brown, or Asian country gets called “racist” because it doesn’t want to become a ‘diverse’ country. This word is reserved ONLY for White people and White countries.

Thus, it is clear to say that ‘diversity’ simply means getting rid of White people – diversity is just a codeword for White genocide.


Majority of Scots oppose mass immigration, Scottish government calls it “nasty xenophobia”.

When it comes to the present Scottish independence parties, all roads lead to an unwanted and unpopular campaign for mass immigration from the third world.

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The Oxford University Migration Observatory has recently conducted a major survey, asking Scottish people what they think about immigration to Scotland, and other details like foreign students or skilled immigrants.

The survey shows that the majority of Scots want lower levels of immigration, with 58% of the more than 2,000 people taking that position, which is lower than whole of Britain, where 75% of people want less immigrants.
The Scottish National Party (SNP), which is pushing for independence from the UK, is not the only party that calls for open borders – all the Scottish main opposition parties support this policy of the SNP’s independence plan.

Scotland’s education secretary, Michael Russell, said Scottish politicians did not want to acknowledge immigration concerns, like the UK government has, where the debate was “being driven by UKIP and by a nasty xenophobia“.
UKIP, or UK independence party, wants to stop White immigration from Europe by leaving the EU, and instead allow non-White immigrants from ex-colonial countries; the SNP however wants both kinds, which probably makes it the only nationalist party in Europe that doesn’t care who lives in their nation, just as long as they pretend to be Scottish.

Professor Christina Boswell, a professor of politics at the University of Edinburgh, says open border immigration policies don’t win the majority of votes.

Even if at the moment the SNP, [Liberal Democrats], and Labour are largely supportive of a more liberal approach, in the event of independence, actually the temptation to break ranks and criticise and tap into public concerns about immigration would be quite high.
It is really quite easy and quite tempting for political parties to tap into those political concerns about immigration and try to mobilise support on the basis of an anti-immigrant position, or at least of a less liberal position on immigration.

You don’t win votes by adopting a liberal progressive labour migration policy and, in fact, the Labour government in the UK has found that in the past few years and it has obviously had to backtrack on its more expansive policy of the early-2000s.

The majority of Scotland’s immigrants been non-Whites from places like India and Pakistan, but more recently White people from places like Poland have been entering.

One explanation for the less concern over immigration may be due to the fact that 7% of Scotland is foreign-born, compared to 14% foreign-born in the rest of UK. Also, Scotland is over 90% White, whereas England and Wales, combined, are 86% White with nearly 1 out of 5 people being non-White.
Robert Wright, a professor of economics at the University of Strathclyde, believes “the difference between Scotland and the UK really boils down to the fact there has been less immigration in Scotland than the UK

So the fact I think there is more tolerance here is because there has been less of it. That does not mean there will be tolerance in the future when there is more immigration, so this will be a hurdle we have to jump later.
“Xenophobia” is just a codeword for not having opened borders. ONLY White countries and White people are called “Xenophobic” because that’s the point – according to anti-Whites, all these millions of non-White immigrants are supposed to pour into any White country in order to make it less White.

However, when this kind of policy is reversed, and say thousands of Whites flood into Brazil and the government attempts to ‘assimilate’ (mix) them in an attempt to make Brazil, ‘less Brown’, suddenly, anti-Whites have some kind of a problem with that.

That scenario actually happened, but anti-Whites like to use that example as a justification so they can do the same thing to White people – White genocide. How does that make sense to them?

Don’t fall for the anti-White’s lies – ‘Xenophobia’ is just a codeword for ‘opposing White genocide’.


Texas: Professor discusses building a dream of White genocide.

For over 30 years, Rice University Sociology Professor Dr. Stephen Klineberg has been studying the demographics of Greater Houston, in Texas.

Houston’s demographic data reveals that it’s now 33% White, 41% Hispanic (mixed-race), 18% Black, and 8% Asian, and more than 70% of all children are non-White, with the over-60’s being the only age group where White people are still a majority.

We are watching [Houston] reinvent itself in the 21st century,” Klineberg said, “and it’s very much a challenge that all of our different places [face], and Sugar Land has been pioneering new urbanism right now, that whole sense that you can have an urban experience and urban opportunities even within the [immediate area].

Klineberg said that Fort Bend could be “the single most ethnically diverse county in the world.

This is where the four communities meet in greater balance [and] greater equality. All of us caught on to build something new under the sun: a truly successful, inclusive, equitable, multi-ethnic society that will be Houston and Texas and America in the 21st century, happening here.

According to anti-Whites, every White area and ONLY White areas must become this “new society”, where the original inhabitants are replaced and blended with millions of non-White immigrants pouring in from the third world. This is White genocide by assimilation.

No one chose this, no one planned out this would happen, this is Houston’s destiny, to be at the forefront of the demographic transformation that’s occurring across America.

“Demographic transformation” should read “White genocide”, because ONLY White areas are being transformed from one group of people to another, and again – that’s genocide.

He claims that no one planned this. Isn’t it just a huge coincidence how all these anti-Whites screaming, name-calling, changing laws, and producing propaganda to misinform people, result in exactly what they are calling for?

This is where the American future is going to be worked out,” Klineberg said. “We are where all of America will be within the next 15 to 25 years

Klineberg thinks that society is going to carry on going in this direction where White people apologize for colonialism, privilege, slavery, and beg, and beg for forgiveness – he is wrong.

If White people do become a minority, as a group, we will be more powerful than we are now with all our atomic weapons. All this “White privilege” no longer makes sense to the public if we are being murdered, and robbed, by the very people who WE are supposed to be victimizing.

At this moment in time, it there are still plenty of White areas for White people to retreat to, so there will be no mass awakening for a while. When our people have their backs in a corner – that is we start fighting back – and that is when our struggle gains real world power.