White Genocide Project makes top 35 on list.

White Genocide Project makes the top 35 most popular websites according to Alexa rankings, it ranks in at the bottom in 35th place – making it the only one on the list that is ran to aware people of White genocide.


It’s that time of year when everyone goes list-happy.

A few years ago I did a list of “The 25 Most Important Pro-White Organizations.” It is by far the most popular entry on this blog. To date, it has received more than 11 thousand page views and is still growing — getting about 400 more every month.

The intention, at the time, was to update the list every year. That hasn’t happened and it is a bit stale — so I decided to do a new one. That list was subjective, simply a list of what I believed to be the most important pro-White sites, and a small blurb, for each, as to why I put them on the list.

This list is objective — based on Alexa rankings, not merely my opinion. Also, this is just a list of the sites, no description.

Finally, according to Netcraft’s web server survey for December 2013, there are more than 861 million websites in the world. That means that everyone of the sites, on this list, is in the top 1/10th of the top 1% of websites globally. We are starting to make inroads against the anti-White “mainstream” media.


Swedish children minority in many areas.

Swedish children minority in many areas.

New figures from Statistics Sweden have found that Swedish children are now or almost a minority in several areas in Sweden.

Out of the 61,000 children in Stockholm 35,000 are Swedish-born, in Göteborg they are 19,000 out of 34,000 children, in Malmö they are 9,000 out of 23,000 children, in Södertälje they are 2,000 out of 6,000 children, and in Botkyrka, Swedish-born children are 2,000 out of 6,000 total children.

Eurostat reports that in 2010 Iraqis were the second largest foreign-born people in Sweden at 127,860, Iranians rank 5th at 65,649, Turks rank 8th at 45,085, and Somalians rank 10th at 43,966.white genocide Sweden europe

While Sweden is still 90% Swedish, it is important to remember that like many Northern and Central European countries, they are top-heavy in regards to the age of the population. Obviously, the children that are in Swedish schools today are the ones that will Sweden tomorrow.

This situation is critical all over most of Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand where these trends of a population with less children are not much of a problem within itself.

However, when the governments of those respective countries combine that with millions of non-White immigrants, it will change that country forever. Genocide always does; especially when it targets a race of people across the entire planet.

Source (in Swedish)


Norwegian P.M. Solberg wants more non-Whites.

Norwegian Prime minister, Erna Solberg of the Hoyr (the conservative party) has expressed her desire for an immigration system which can be both genocidal against Whites, but at the same time be unobjectionable to them.


Bryggen, the hanseatic city of Bergen, Norway

“We must make Norway more attractive for highly-skilled labor from other countries” Solberg said, and plans to introduce a new system which will include a “fast-lane” application line for experts which deliberately will seek those from outside the European Union, ( non-Whites from Africa, Asia, India, and the Middle East) and allow them to jump the immigration queue to get in to Norway.

Solberg’s additional plan was to allow government approved employers to jump the immigration queue, allowing them to get in sooner.

Despite the Hoyr (the conservative party) promising to tighten immigration, Solberg said that she expected to be supported by her party regarding these new plans of hers.

Solberg said she wasn’t concerned that new arrivals would push down Norwegian wages:

“If there are proper conditions they will earn the same as Norwegians would have earned as beginners, as they won’t have previous experience from Norwegian working life.”

It sound all nice and lovely, but then everything does in theory. In practice all these anti-White policies go down a one-way street called “White Genocide”.

Non-White immigrants are just the first stage of White genocide, the second stage is force-assimilation of said non-Whites, which constitutes a genocide of the native White people of Norway.



Faroe Islands follow path of genocide.

One of the policies of White genocide is that it won’t stop until every crevice of White society is flooded with non-Whites and “assimilation” is forced.

So it’s no surprise that the Faroe Islands; a small community in the North Atlantic with around about 49,000 people, is the next to line up for massive immigration (from their point of view at least).

faroe islands

Tórshavn, Capital of Faroe Islands.

Former chief economic advisor Hermann Oskarsson says there is a lack of women of childbearing age in the Faroe Islands, and the population could fall to 37,000 by 2023.

Oskarsson asks “Can Faroese society survive? There just aren’t the young women to raise children.”

Since 2006 the number of Filipinos has doubled and with Thais this makes them two of the islands largest foreign groups.

An economist would tell you it’s supply and demand, but someone who doesn’t look so coldly upon human beings would tell you it’s White genocide.

It would cost much less to get brides from Europe or the US – Asia and Ocenia could not be any farther away from the Faroe Islands unless they relocated to Mars, but as usual, the leadership of the Faroe Islands, as with all White countries, are simply not interested in acts that are not genocidal towards White people.



Black lady campaigning against White genocide, UK.

Maria de Jesus-Lucungo is a Black lady from Angola, campaigning to have a national blond day.

She has made it her life goal to protect the UK’s blonde population, and white population as well.

Although she does not see that the policies are forced (and therefore genocide), she says whites, and blondes in particular are becoming extinct, and if they disappear “the world will not be so attractive in beauty any more”, and she wants a “National Blonde day” to celebrate them.

Maria has tried to achieve this goal through flyering, an online petition, and multiple letters sent to 10 Downing Street (Prime Minister’s office).

One of her flyers says : “Please preserve the Natural Blondes. Don’t damage their angelic looks and the blondness surrounding them. Thank You”

Her internet petition hosted on IPetitions.com says : “The natural blonde population is in decline, and we are running a petition to see if we can have a natural blonde preservation day bank holiday to support them.”

It carries on to say that the campaign is in the name of all colors of light hair, and “the rest of the fair skinned white people”.

In an interview with Vice.com, Maria said “If you go to Africa, you expect to see a black African. If someone from Africa comes to Europe, the first thing they should see should be a blond”

“Africans aren’t becoming extinct. Go to Africa – you’ll see they have lots. If blondes disappear, then you will have to explain to your grandchildren that, once upon a time, we used to have another type of white people and the child might not believe it. This is what I’m trying to avoid; we don’t have to let it get that far.”DSC_0553

“In England, we need somebody to stand up for blondes in the House of Commons. It’s like if you have a garden and one flower is dying out, then the gardener will do something to revive it. His concentration will be on that particular one. So my focus is on this particular one, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like all the others. I like everyone all the same.”

“The first thing would be the National Blonde Day. But it would be a celebration of the whole white community”

“Something has to be done and someone has to do it. We have to carry on banging on about the same subject until they listen.”

“Natural Blonde Day” Petition
Vice article


“Anti-racist is anti-White” intersection sign news.

Claude West is an Arkansas business owner who runs the Harrison Sign Company.

An anonymous client is paying $200 a month for an entire year to display a sign with the message “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White”, which has been there since October 15th.

“There is a double-standard in this country regarding differences of opinion . . . Those differences of opinion do not make a person racist. The first amendment right to freedom of speech is for everyone. That is the point of the message”, the anonymous client told Harrison daily times.

“The word, ‘racist’ is a loaded term — loaded against white people,” the client said. “It’s a public secret. Everyone knows it’s the truth, and yet, no one will talk about it.”

Recently a middle aged man was arrested for vandalizing the sign to make it say “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Love” after a witness to the crime gave police his vehicle registration details.

Company owner West released a press statement which reads as follows:

“I am the business owner of Harrison Sign Company located in Harrison, Arkansas and at the center of a nationwide controversy due to my acceptance of a customer representing a group of local businessmen, who wished to acquire my services. The sign, which was proposed and subsequently placed on a large billboard on U.S. Highway 62-65 North, read, ‘Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.’

“I feel that I have suffered extreme harm for my insistence that it is my right to facilitate the use of the United States Constitution’s First Amendment protections.”

“I am requesting legal assistance from the American Civil Liberties Union and seek legal remedies against the mayor’s office of the city of Harrison and the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce. Both entities are fully or partially taxpayer funded and not at liberty to use their official capacity to denounce my protected First Amendment rights.”

“I believe a conspiracy was entered into by the city of Harrison and the HRCC to bring about economic hardship to me personally and to my business unless I only supported the First Amendment rights of customers they personally and collectively agreed with. There are numerous evidences including, but not limited to, the mayor’s office telling area residents, via websites and phone, to call us and complain.”

The Harrison city’s official website says “We are doing our best to persuade its removal, but we may need your help. This was purchased through Harrison’s Sign Company, so if you would like to see this removed, call them at 741-5267 to complain”.

West says that Harrison mayor Jeff Crockett is the owner of a competing billboard sign company in Harrison, and West suggests that the mayor and the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce are conspiring to destroy West’s business.anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white sign

West said “The intent of harming my business and creating an aura of hostility toward me and my employees was in fact an effort to extort my cooperation in rejecting public statements on billboards that they do not agree with.”

“The job of the mayor’s office for the city of Harrison is to maintain the proper functioning of the city and not to use its position or taxpayer’s revenue to promote their privately held religious or political agenda.”

Mayor Crockett denies conspiracy, but says that he did “stand up for what I believe in . . . I am merely exercising the same right Mr. West is championing in his statement.”

Harrison city’s official website is maintained by public funds, surely it should represent the public? The mayor doesn’t care about that, the mayor is interested in futhering his own anti-White agenda, whether it be political by trying to tear down the sign in support of White genocide, or business by trying to destroy the competitors to his business.



NYC report.

A new report called “The Newest New Yorkers” conducted by NYC’s department of city planning, has found that the foreign-born population of the city has reached it’s highest point yet, with about 37% being from a non-US background.

The majority of immigrants are non-White, for example Dominican Republicans, Chinese, Mexicans, etc.

The New York Post claims that these events have “all been a boon for the city.”

“[NYC's] new mayor will have a great opportunity to show the nation how a city that truly welcomes immigrants will not only be more diverse, it will be more prosperous as well.”

Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio of New York City likes to think he and NYC are poster children for the “melting pot” agenda. NYC is 44% White.

De Blasio is married to a black woman who he has 2 mixed race children withnull.

The NYC director of the population division at city planning, Joseph Salvo “Immigrants certainly build neighborhoods,”.

“We want to help people who help the city, and that’s where the value is here, because this does not exist.”

It seems someone has been faxing the NYC government the anti-White justification of White genocide list! They seem to be using the “for the economy” justification this time.

Why would De Blasio, NY Post, Salvo, and all the others want more immigrants? Well, immigrants vote for them to bring in more immigrants, but whether then know it or not all these self-serving anti-white crooks are just part of a larger agenda to completely (or almost completely) remove White people from the US, Europe, and the world in general, (genocide).



White House bans criticism of “HATE”

Any protest against White Genocide is ridiculously smeared as “hate” by anti-whites.

The White House has supported this absurd assault on Whites by removing this petition from its petition site:

Declare “HATE” to be a hate word used to carry out WHITE GENOCIDE!

Do you oppose affirmative action?

You’re a “hater”!

Do you prefer to live in a crime-free White community?

You’re a “hater”!

Do you oppose the flooding of White countries worldwide with third-world non-whites, and Whites being forced by law to assimilate with them and be blended out of existence?

You’re a “hater”!

Anti-whites, livid with hate for me and my race, snarl “hater” at me when I do or say anything that slows their steady march of genocide against the White race.

Declare “Hater,” “bigot,” “racist,” “supremacist,” to be hate words used by anti-whites to cloak their program of White Genocide!

They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


For a future with White children




That petition was one of our three STOP WHITE GENOCIDE petitions in December, and is one of two petitions the White House has removed so far out of the 57 we’ve posted on their site during the last year and two months.

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