Britain: Profesor discusses how White genocide can be accelerated

In an essay, a professor discusses how London was made minority White, and how other majority White places can be as well.

A while back, Demos and Birkbeck college had conducted a study which found that non-Whites in Britain did not want to move to White areas, and Whites in Britain did not want to live in the majority non-White areas in London, and moved out to the majority White countryside.

Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, wrote an essay in the “Demos Quarterly”, where he discusses this in more detail.

When census results were released in December 2012, a headline story was the dramatic change in the ethnic makeup of Britain. Nationally, the number of people from an ethnic minority background doubled in the ten years since 2001. In London, the white British dropped from 58 to 45 percent of the total. In absolute terms, 620,000 fewer white British people lived in the capital in 2011 than in 2001 despite a population boom which added a million people to London’s population.” the essay says.

A fine-grained analysis shows that across England and Wales, wards with larger ethnic minority shares in 2001 tended to lose white British population in both absolute and relative terms over 2001-11. Is this, as the headlines suggest, the ‘retreat’ of white Britain in the face of immigrant diversity, an attempt by white Britons to maintain ethnic boundaries through exit?” Kaufmann asks in his essay.

Citizenship Surveys shows that over 80 per cent of white British adults want lower levels of immigration. However, those living in wards with more ethnic minorities are relatively tolerant of current or higher levels: about 70 per cent of white British in diverse wards want less immigration but this approaches 85 per cent for those in lily-white wards.

Contact with minorities certainly helps explain white tolerance. But it’s important to qualify the story. First, diverse metro areas or local authorities heighten opposition to immigration in the whiter sections of town. Second, white British folk in diverse neighborhoods are more tolerant in part because they are more transient.

Convergence should have resulted in more minorities in white areas and more whites in minority areas in 2011 as compared to 2001. We saw the first effect but not the second – in other words, with the exception of a few gentrifying wards, mainly in Inner London, whites moved toward whiter areas and away from diverse ones. Why are whites leaving diverse areas?

Areas with a low white share tend to lose white British people fastest, and white British are least likely to be comfortable living as a minority or having their children in ‘majority minority’ schools. Yet white British people living in diverse areas are the most tolerant segment of white Britain. For many reasons, policy makers should try and encourage them to stay.

Our research also counsels against engineering rapid demographic change. […] Dispersion of refugees and immigrants from London to heavily white provincial towns is an example of a policy which may hinder more than help the cause of integration. This is because the newcomers introduce rapid change into places without prior experience of ethnic shifts. Survey results suggest this increases hostility to immigration and fuels far-right support. Better to allow minorities to diffuse of their own accord, or if dispersion is to take place, to direct newcomers to more transient communities with previous exposure to ethnic diversity.

Anti-Whites all the time make the argument that freedom of movement is a good thing; this position is used to bring millions of non-Whites into all and ONLY White countries. Then after a while when White people leave majority non-White areas, freedom of movement “creates segregation”.

If someone is committing a genocide against your people – their words and excuses mean absolutely nothing. They may claim to stand for “peace and equality”, but eventually, all this “peace and equality” ends up trying to get rid of White people.

The truest words that anti-Whites have spoken is that they want a world without majority White countries. They won’t frame it as genocide, so it’s up to us to point out that it is genocide against White people.

Kauffman also appeared on RT news (video), to talk about what he covered in his essay.

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Anti-White double standards in New York as Black neighborhood is “de-concentrated”.

Anti-Whites have their underwear in a twist after Buffalo officials plan to “decrease concentration” of a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority officials have a new plan called the “Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan”, one sentence in particular is the subject of anti-Whites attention.

The plan’s “Goals, Outcomes and Metrics” section, says one objective is to “decrease concentration of minority (African-American) population in the Perry neighborhood.

Sam Smith, asked “Why would you say that? […] I don’t think they realize how offensive that statement is,”. Smith is the chairman of the Resident Council of Buffalo, which represents tenants of public housing across the city

Henry L. Taylor Jr., who is the project coordinator for the transformation plan, denied fears that the plan would displace Black residents.

The concept of the term ‘de-concentration’ is that as we redevelop the neighborhood into a mixed-income, cross-cultural community, the overall percentage of African-Americans who live in the community will fall,” Taylor said.

No one who currently lives in Commodore Perry will get displaced […] Anybody currently in Commodore Perry who lives there now and wants to return will be able to do that. […] It’s not like if we bring in 15,000 new residents that somebody has to leave,

Taylor was a main author of the planning document, which plans to move people in to the highest concentration of vacant land in the city.

After anti-White criticism Taylor said “I have spent my entire professional life fighting to improve and make the life chances of African-American people much better, […] I am never going to be part of any project that has as a prime objective displacing black people from their neighborhoods.

In retrospect, Taylor said “it would have been less confusing to have made the statement that we want to increase the number of higher income groups, including whites and other racial groups. There were less controversial ways we could have made the same point.

Modesto Candelario, deputy executive director of the BMHA, said he understood that some people may have been alarmed by the language, but said it was “to increase the diversity of the population, both in terms of income and ethnically and racially. […] If you increase the diversity, you wind up reducing the population of a specific demographic. That’s the logistics of the effort,

Notice that anti-Whites will cheer at the prospect of Marin county California being made non-White by the Obama government, but at the same time they will cry like a child if any one tries to do the same thing to non-Whites in their own communities?

This reason is quite simple really: diversity is a codeword for White genocide.

The primary purpose of “diversity” is to reduce White people in to a minority in their own home. The genocidal scheme of diversity has already done its job in Buffalo, NY, as according to the 2010 Census, White people are a minority in the city.


Buffalo, New York, City Hall. | Wikipedia – Buffalo New York


White Genocide in Oz – Australia can’t patrol its borders

UN agency says Australia could be breaking the law after reports of its navy intercepting boats carrying migrants.

Adrian Edwards, a spokesman for the UN high commissioner for refugees says the agency wants an explanation as to why there are reports of the Australian navy stopping Indonesian illegal immigrant boats from crossing into Australia.

“UNHCR would be concerned by any policy or practice that involved pushing asylum-seeker boats back at sea without a proper consideration of individual needs for protection,” Edwards told reporters, saying the agency wanted details from the government.

“Any such approach would raise significant issues and potentially place Australia in breach of its obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention and other international law obligations,” he said.null

Meanwhile, Indonesia has put its jet fighters on alert to attack Australian ships if they enter the sea around Indonesia. The Indonesian navy has also been moved closer to Australia.

A nationwide opinion poll conducted by UMR Research, shows that 59% of people think most boat immigrants are not genuine refugees, 30% of Australians think immigrants should not be treated more severely, and 59% oppose immigrants receiving government welfare assistance.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on “stop the boats” slogan, has enacted “Operation Sovereign Borders“, a campaign which is credited with stopping almost 80% of boat illegal immigrants.

When “open borders” are declared (but only for White countries), it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. If you have two buildings; one is full of money, diamonds, gold bullions – and the other building is full of scrap, which building would stand to lose the most if people were invited to take whatever they wanted from either building?

The reason why White countries have so many immigrants is because White people have produced societies that people want to live in.

Meanwhile on planet Earth, rich countries like Japan or China are allowed to patrol their borders to make sure that Japan and China remain countries full of Oriental people. The same is true of ANY non-White country.

The point of a border is that it separates groups of people. The point of opened borders for White countries is that opened borders, along with forced assimilation, eventually blends and destroys White people from the Earth – White Genocide.null

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Boston school officials: public school teachers “too White”.

Officials at Boston public schools are promoting and maintaining an environment which aggressively tries to stop White people from teaching. In Boston public schools Whites are the first to be fired, and last to be hired.

The Boston Globe reports that one plan of action is to institute a marketing campaign which targets non-Whites and deliberately excludes White people. The adverts are going to be placed on mass transit, and also in nation-wide education publications. null

The percentage of Black teachers in Boston schools is decreasing slightly, and another policy is to give out “letters of reasonable assurance” to non-White teachers, in hopes that they will stay in the school system.

While he was in office, deceased Federal District Judge, Wendell Garrity, imposed a quota on Boston public schools forcing them to seek out and hire non-White teachers. Garrity’s edict, which is still in effect today, says that all public school’s staff must be at least 25% Black, minimum, and 10% other non-White groups, minimum.

Garrity’s decades-old edict, and the current “affirmative-action” employment is aiming to kick out White teachers and replace them with non-White teachers. School officials and other high-ranking officials want these policies so that non-White teachers represent the percentage of non-White children in Boston schools.

Boston public schools superintendent, John McDonough said that affirmative action is “simply the right thing to do“.

It’s essential for the district to have a diverse staff” said Johnny McInnis, president of the Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts, and he expects recruitment efforts to make a difference.

There are around 4,500 teachers in Boston’s public schools, and the majority are white. However, 87% of the students that the teachers teach are not White.

All this “diversity” was never about representing everyone. Isn’t it strange how all this “diversity” only applies to countries with a lot of White people in them?

Isn’t it strange how out of all the countries on the planet, the ones chosen to be mixed-race just happen to be full of White people?

This is what the United Nations Genocide Conventions meant when it defined genocide as the targeting of a group in order to harm or utterly destroy the group.



Eugene – Pro-White Jimmy Marr for Mayor?

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Jimmy Marr, a friend of White Genocide Project, is known for appearing on TV to be interviewed regarding his “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White” banner that was placed over a Eugene overpass, I-5 in Springfield. Jimmy writes that he is “going to look into the possibility of running” for the Eugene Mayoral elections.

Eugene Weekly reports that recently Jimmy (and a friend) was also out with a “’Diversity’ is a code word for white genocide.” – H/T EugeneWeekly

Whether or not he decides to run for the election – we’ve got his back. Excellent work Jimmy!


German schools offer classes in being Muslim.

For the first time in history, German schools are offering school classes teaching Islam, as part of an integration plan.

The classes are being offered in Hesse state primary (middle) schools and it is hoped they will better integrate the Muslim minority, particularly the Turkish, who are the largest minority in Germany.

The state of Hesse not only offers primary school children Islamic classes, but also has developed a university program and has taken charge of training teachers.

Fazil Altin, a lawyer and president of the Islamic Federation, said Muslims in Berlin have spent 20 years trying to push Islam in Berlin’s schools

German authorities want these classes to combat what they call “radical” beliefs. By “radical” it is meant that it changes the direction of a society in a way where the elite would get kicked out of power.

Some “German” Muslims are currently in Syria working as mercenaries – or as they call it, a “Jihad” (holy war), and the German government views their military experience and connections as something that may threaten Germany’s security when the Muslim mercenaries return to Germany.null

Germany has approximately four million Muslims; it has continuously increased since Germany invited Turkish “guest workers” in the 1960s. West German states are usually the ones that have the most Muslims in them; both in terms of percentages and actual figures.

The German authorities believe that teaching young Muslims about Islam, and putting a very strong emphasis on “tolerance” will change the opinions of the young Muslims to see themselves as the same German people who the Romans wrote about, and not as just a Muslim who was born in Germany.

This of course will not work – blood is thicker than text books. Muslims are not interested in a colored bit of flag, they are interested in their own people, and religion. In fact, the majority of every group care about their individual group of people. There is one exception to that – White people; only a minority of White people care about White people as a group.

The people who have initiated and perpetuated White genocide (and policies that lead to White genocide), did not create this kink in our armor, the kink was already there – an enemy just exploits that kink in order to get what they want.

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NAACP says banking is “too White”.

A recent report conducted by the NAACP says that the banking industry is too White.

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) recently wrote a report on the banking industry. It looked particularly at the five largest banks of the United States, which are: Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank. It “graded” them on how many non-Whites were working for the banks, and how much power those non-Whites had, based on data collected in 2011.null

The NAACP’s report “grades” Bank of America, and Citibank a C+, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo a C, and U.S. Bank a D+.

Interim NAACP President and CEO, Lorraine Miller, said in a statement “Equal opportunity for people of color in the United States remains an unrealized goal, the banking industry will add nearly 1 million jobs with a living wage and wealth generating opportunities over the next decade and more people of color are graduating with degrees in accounting, finance, IT, MBAs than ever before. We look forward to working with leading banks in strengthening their diversity and inclusion efforts and connecting more members of our communities to these opportunities.

The report was meant to analyze “diversity” in banking, but as we all know by now, “diversity” is nothing more than a codeword for White genocide. Only majority White countries, cities, towns, neighborhoods, and school require this kind of diversity where White people are always the minority.

Anti-Whites all the time make the argument that we should not care about White people existing in the future because “it’s just skin color, and everyone is an individual”. Meanwhile on planet earth . . . an area that is “too White” is pressured from the government, media, academia, and major businesses to become less White . . . because “skin color doesn’t matter”.

Every single argument that is made by an anti-White, may or may not be true, but the whole point is that they want a future world without White children in it. On White Genocide Project instead of calling it “White extinction” (a group dying out by accident), we take a more accurate approach and define it as White genocide (death by design).

The policies that have been put in place; the massive non-White immigration policies, the forced assimilation initiative, and the “hate” speech laws in various countries, are all designed to create a world where Whites vanish into a mixed race, and ONLY White people.

There will still be Black people in Africa, there will still be Oriental people in Asia, and there will still be Muslims in the Middle east.

“Diversity” is just a genocidal scam, and a codeword for less White.