Brazil: 20% of public sector jobs reserved for Blacks.


In Brazil, a new law has been passed that legally requires 20% of the public sector jobs to be for Black people

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, passed the law because she believes it will stop “racial discrimination“.

This is a victory against racial discrimination achieved through the implementation of government policies” she said.

From now on, 20 percent of the federal executive vacancies are reserved for blacks“.

She expected this law to serve as an example for the adoption of similar measures in the rest of government, companies and private organizations.

The law has been debated by politicians since March 2013, but it was been passed by the Senate last week after pressure from the Brazilian government.

Minister for Racial Equality, Luiza Bairros, supports this law on the grounds that it is necessary to make people equal.

Official statistics show that the non-White population is around 52% of the Brazilian population. Brazil was the first country of this century to become minority White after the 2010 census reported that 48% described themselves as “White”.


The anti-Whites in Brazil are just being very silly – if you fight fire with fire, you just end up with a bigger fire.

This is very good for us because people wake up much quicker when they see their governments punish White people for achieving more than non-White groups in the workplace.

Affirmative action laws in the US, Canada and Europe have also helped White people to wake up.

Massive non-White immigration and forced “diversity” for White areas has been the main goal of anti-Whites, and the more they push this, the more White people will wake up.

This combination of policies results in us becoming a minority in many majority White countries. It is in fact a systematic program of genocide, because this is deliberately being doing to us.



Pope calls on European governments to help illegal immigrants reach Europe.


In a letter to the International Labor Conference, Pope Francis urged governments to help illegal immigrants reach Europe (from Africa and the Middle East).

In the letter, the Pope wrote that “A grave and related problem confronting our world is that of mass migration: the sheer numbers of men and women forced to seek work away from their homelands is a cause for concern.

Despite their hopes for a better future, they frequently encounter mistrust and exclusion, to say nothing of experiencing tragedies and disasters.

Human trafficking is a scourge, a crime against the whole of humanity.

The Pope called for a “concerted effort …to encourage governments to facilitate the movement of migrants for the benefit of all, thus eliminating human trafficking and perilous travel conditions.

Pope Francis has in the past praised Sweden for its open borders, and assimilation policies.

Over 40,000 reported illegal immigrants have crossed into Europe in the past few months, with half a million more waiting around strategic points, according to the Italian government.

The European Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstroem, also unveiled the plan to pay EU member-states 6000 Euros for each ‘refugee’ resettled in Europe.

Europe is fed up of immigrants, and that’s why anti-immigrant parties were much more popular in the European Parliament elections.

In the past anti-Whites would simply scream “racist” or “Nazi” to try force us into doing their bidding, but now the “stick” method no longer works. The “carrot” method (rewarding us for doing what they say) is now being used.

The underlying point is that all this mass non-White immigration and all this forced “diversity” is for White countries.

These policies when combined result in White countries becoming minority White. This is deliberate – this is White genocide.


Study: Mass immigration does not create economic growth.


A study of the world’s major economies over the last 50 years shows us that mass immigration has not been financially beneficial to the countries receiving immigrants, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

It is all a matter of just who is immigrating. For example, the Danish government reported that “non-Western” (non-White, usually Muslim and African) immigrants cost Denmark billions of Euros, but “Western” (White) immigrants contributed millions of Euros to the Danish economy.

OECD rated immigration on a global scale as “broadly neutral” to the economies of the world, because the taxes they paid to their governments, was often given back to them in benefits. However, there are exceptions that show immigrants cost some countries more than they contributed.

Measuring the impact of migration on the public purse is a complex task,” said Jean-Christophe Dumont, head of the OECD’s International Migration Division. “Nevertheless, over the past 50 years migrants appear to have had a broadly neutral impact in OECD countries.”

In other words, the cost of whatever state benefits they received was largely covered by the taxes they paid.

Where migrants did have a fiscal impact, it rarely exceeded plus or minus 0.5 per cent of GDP.

But while the impact of immigrants on the public purse is, broadly speaking, neutral, it is less favorable than that of native-born people.

In short, migrants are not a major burden on state spending, but nor are they a panacea [cure] for improving public finances.

The economy was once the number #1 excuse for mass non-White immigration into every White country … but since then, people have woken up to this lie.

This mass non-White immigration, combined with forced “diversity” of White areas is intended to turn White people into a minority. This is not some conspiracy, this is called “progress”.

Anti-Whites for some reason want to get rid of White people – everyone is aware that White people are becoming a minority in our own countries – and yet, we are “not allowed” to do anything about it according to anti-Whites, because a White minority and race is “no big deal” …

… so why do they insist so forcefully that these policies of mass non-White immigration and forced “diversity” stay in place?

Why does every White area have to be chased down and forced to become a certain percentage non-White (“diverse”)?

This should come as no shock: what they want is White Genocide. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.


Italy: illegal African and Muslim immigration is a “state emergency”.


Over 4,000 illegal immigrants landed in Sicily within the space of 36 hours, and with 2500 arriving the day before.

One ship ‘St. George’ arrived in Syracuse, Sicily, carrying 1,251 illegal immigrants – three days worth of illegal immigrants who were captured crossing the Mediterranean sea.

The Italian Coast Guard had already captured 700 people trying to illegal enter Europe in two different operations in the Channel of Sicily.

580 illegal immigrants were taken to Lampedusa in one of the operations, and another 400 were spotted by an Italian fishing boat. Lampedusa, which is about 40 miles from the coast of Africa, is one of the places hit the hardest, as it is one of the easiest ways to get into Europe illegally.

Calogero Firetto, the mayor of the Sicilian town ‘Porto Empedocle’ which often sees illegal immigrants said “[The situation is] radically out of control, in a drama inhuman. Rumors abound, the credibility of the European institutions and governments is faltering. Now we are faced with intolerable numbers.

Mayor Firetto said that Sicily is sick of illegal immigrants.

Enzo Bianco, the mayor of Catania, a Sicilian city, asks for help: “The municipalities on its last legs…[it’s] no longer able to cope with an emergency of such vast proportions, and efforts should be distributed throughout the country. [We] ask the national government to declare a state emergency. Moreover, with the presidency, we invite all EU countries to implement the constant patrolling of the Mediterranean with its relief operations and assistance. Sicily represents the border of Europe, not only of Italy.

The European Union is simply not interested in helping Italy or Spain stop all these illegal immigrants from entering Europe because the leaders of the EU want Europe to be full of immigrants, especially non-White ones.

No one can say for sure why it is that anti-Whites want to get rid of White people, but it is obvious to many people now that this is their goal.

If someone wanted to get rid of Asian people without killing them, what they would do is flood every Asian country with non-Asian people. Any area that was “too Asian” would also be flooded, and this would be called “diversity”. Any Asian person who did not accept these policies would be harassed, imprisoned, sued, etc, in order to make an example of them and discouraging other people from speaking up.

If these policies were to be forced on Asian people, knowing full well that this would turn Asian people into a minority, it would be a genocide of Asian people.

But let’s get back to the real world here…this is ONLY happening in White countries. These policies of mass non-White immigration – legal and illegal – combined with legally enforced “diversity” are turning us into a minority, and the people at the top who call for these policies are fully aware of that.

This is simply put: White genocide. When they call for “diversity” what they mean is no White people, “diversity” is a codeword for White genocide.


US: White people nationally a minority in August 2014?


More than half of the babies born today in the US are non-White, but most predictions claim that the United States will become majority non-White in about 30 years.

However, a new prediction by the group Ethnifacts claims that White people will become the minority a lot sooner – on August 22, 2014 at 7:56 PM.

Ethnicfacts‘ prediction is different because it takes into account intermarriage, adoption, and other factors, rather than just looking at birth rates of particular groups.

The U.S. is at a point of transformative demographic change and it’s clear that census projections only tell part of the story,” said EthniFacts CEO Mike Lakusta. “Factoring in intermarriage and the steep growth of multiracial and interethnic households, along with the growing percentage of non-Hispanic whites who are related to and/or cohabitate with people of other races and ethnicities, in addition to close proximity neighborhoods, is a much more accurate way to measure the true breadth and depth of the nation’s economic, cultural and social shift.

The group is clearly excited, because their website has a clock counting down until White people become a minority, next to a picture of people giving the “thumbs up” gesture.

The future of America is a lot closer and clearer,” said Guy Garcia, President of New Mainstream Initiatives for EthniFacts. “Maria Hinojosa and Latino USA are the perfect partners to help us spread the word about America Reimagined, not just because of the historic nature of what the CulturEdge Countdown Clock says about the rising influence and empowerment of Latinos and other multicultural groups, but also because of our shared perspective that the numbers count, and that accelerating demographic and cultural change in this country brings challenges and opportunities for all Americans. The time has come for us to re-imagine who we are as a nation and how we can move forward together.

We are at an unprecedented historical moment. It’s absolutely critical that people no longer deny or avoid the reality that they probably already see in their lives. They see it by looking down the street, they see it at the office, on TV, in advertising. Anyone who says they are oblivious or don’t see signs of a multicultural America must be in some sort of sensory deprivation tank” he said.

Is it just some huge coincidence that all these White countries across the planet are predicted to become minority White within this century?

This is not because we are not having children, or some other silly excuse. It is primarily because we have opened borders, and forced “diversity” which encourages people to mix.

Both of these policies are forced on most White countries today, and we are becoming a minority because of them.

There is no argument from the anti-Whites on this – they agree that these policies are turning us into a minority, they just disagree that this was the purpose of these policies, and they also disagree that we should remove these policies.

By leaving them in place despite mass public disapproval, they ensure that we become a minority, which as it happens, is a form of genocide.

It is breaking section (C) of article 2 of the United Nations Genocide Conventions: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”.

“Diversity” is nothing more than a codeword for White Genocide, and “anti-racist” is nothing more than a codeword for anti-White.


Germans increasingly say “NO!” to mass immigration.


A recent survey conducted by Leipzig University has revealed that 37% of the German population want to stop Muslim immigration.

The survey also found:

43% of Germans said they “sometimes feel like a foreigner in their own country due to so many Muslims living here.
24% wanted non-Germans to be sent back home.
• In 2009, 1 out of 5 of Germans wanted no more+ Muslim immigrants. In 2014 1 out of 3 Germans want no more Muslim immigrants.
• Over 50% dislike Roma (Indian immigrants).
47% wanted to ban Roma from entering city centers.
55% said they did not believe asylum seekers were legitimate.
76% wanted asylum seekers to be reviewed more thoroughly.
• The last five years has seen a significant increase in the above beliefs.
• These beliefs were more concentrated around former East Germany (ex-Communist), the unemployed and old-aged people.

The researchers were surprised to find that many people with these beliefs did not vote for right-wing parties, but voted for center-right or center-left parties.

The survey carried out by Leipzig University’s Elmar Braehler and Dr. Oliver Decker interviewed over 2,400 citizens between the ages of 14 and 90.

Not all the immigrants in general are discriminated against, most Germans now think: yes, we also benefit from immigration. But those who trigger the imagination of being fundamentally different or having a good life without working hard, they attract discrimination,” Decker said.

The anti-Whites in power are trying their hardest to make sure that these beliefs not represented in politics. The people are fed up, and all the anti-Whites have left are lies, threats, and names.

In many European countries if you say the wrong thing in public you go to prison – as simple as that. It does not matter if what you say is true or agreed with by the people. The “wrong” thing means just about anything anti-Whites disagree with.

We no longer live in a democratic society where the people say what happens – we now live in an oligarchy where the rich / elite tell us what we should believe – or else you go to prison, get fired, or are verbally attacked.

The elite tell us to accept mass non-White immigration and “diversity” (for White areas only, diversity = White genocide). These policies are intentionally turning us into a minority, and that is legally White genocide.

On the bright side, the more we become a minority – the more White genocide is ongoing – the more White people will wake up and see what kind of a world our children (and ourselves) will have to live in in the near future.

At the moment we are a divided majority; in the future we will become a united minority, which will actually give us more power over the system.

“If you strike me down now, I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine.”


EU is paying European countries to bring in more immigrants.


The European Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstroem is telling European Union countries to bring in more immigrants. The plan is to pay 6000 Euros for each ‘refugee’ (most of whom are Africans) that is brought into Europe.

I am speaking on behalf of the European Commission in support of the reception and integration of refugees. EU states will receive 6000 euro support for each refugee taken from the refugee camps and resettled in their respective countries” Malmstroem said in an interview.

Each year around 80 thousand refugees are resettled, most of them find a new home in the U.S., Canada or Australia…

In 2013, EU countries were ready to receive around five thousand refugees for resettlement, and that is a shame

Malmstroem poured scorn on EU countries for not doing more to bring in non-White immigrants from places such as Africa and the Middle east.

I am convinced that the EU member states should do more to help people who flee their home countries due to hunger, violence and misery

Now that the ‘stick’ is failing, the ‘carrot’ is being used to ensure White genocide is ongoing. If they have to pay people to do what they want, instead of just bossing them around like the EU used to, it just goes to show that their power is eroding.

White countries are expected to bring in to bring in refugees and immigrants. They are expected to have open borders. They are expected to have “diversity” programs which make it illegal to have an area that is “too White”.

Open borders, mass non-White immigration, and legally enforced “diversity” – this combination of policies is only forced on White countries.

They are in fact genocidal policies, because they have been put in place to ensure that White people become a minority. Both sides can see we are becoming a minority because of those policies, but we are ‘not allowed’ to change or remove these policies.

Therefore, this is a deliberate systematic attempt to turn us into a minority – that’s White Genocide.


“Whites not welcome” in a British school.


Anti-White graffiti reading “Whites not welcome” was found on June 4th, outside the Prince of Wales primary school (elementary school) in Enfield.

In addition, the word “Islamabad” was also spray-painted nearby and had an arrow pointing towards the school, which implies that the school now belongs to Muslims – like writing your name on the label of your shirt.

The “Whites not welcome” graffiti was sprayed on the floor which serves as the main entrance to the school; used by hundreds of school children and their parents every day.

Many parents are upset and have asked the school to remove it.

One parent explained that this kind of graffiti is often on the same footpath, and is rarely cleaned up.

Its the school’s duty of care and [it] has done nothing so far.

My eldest child was particularly distressed and confused.

This is not something people should be so shocked about. If a country is opened up to mass immigration from around the world, these things will happen regularly.

There is no magic book or word that can make the whole world live in peace – we are by nature separated into groups, and we want the best interests for our own group of people, and that is why there is no single country on the planet that both (A) has no majority, and (B) is a nice place to live.

When a country is full of the same people, it’s usually united – the country knows what it wants. When a country is multi-ethnic / multi-racial it’s always divided. Even high-level anti-Whites understand this – studies have proved that “diverse” city centers are less united than majority White suburbs.

These studies show us that when no group is the majority, society breaks down. This is because each group is supposed to have it’s own land – mixing is not something that happens in nature.

So when every White country on the planet is encouraged by anti-Whites to have open borders and forced “diversity“, it’s a recipe for disaster, and more accurately, it is a recipe for a White minority.

Intentionally trying to turn a group into a minority is a crime – it’s genocide, White genocide.


Mass immigration in Britain is good for Church membership, says researcher.

Analysis of Church membership from around 300 Christian denominations shows that mass migration from Christian countries to Britain is helping to stop a decline in membership.

This has been good for most mainstream churches, but particularly Black churches, according to a researcher, Peter Brierley.

This alleviation is due to two major changes over the last few years – the large number of new black and other immigrant churches which have been started, and the increasing success of new gatherings often called ‘Fresh Expressions’, which is becoming a generic name for all kinds of usually fairly informal gatherings like Messy Church, pub groups or café churches, mission-minded churches, Churches Without Walls (especially in Scotland) as well as those specifically named as Fresh Expressions.

In 2011, 80% of England identified as White-British – 4 out of 5 people, a change of 8% from a decade earlier when England was 88% White-British. This is due to mass immigration, on the one hand from White Christian countries, like Poland, and on the other hand, from Black African countries.

Since many of the immigrants have come from ‘Christian’ countries, the flow of new people into existing congregations has been notable, as well as resulting in the formation of literally hundreds of new churches. The Black Majority Churches explosion has been significant, especially in Greater London where of the 700 new churches which began between 2005 and 2012, at least 400 were BMCs. The Redeemed Christian Church of God alone has started 296 new churches in the UK in the last five years, the largest number for any single denomination.

While these increases are not sufficient to bring overall growth, these two key movements have, however, in effect, pushed the previous rate of decline back by about 5 years.

That gives something of the scale of the immigration which has occurred and, because a number of these immigrants are Christian people, or come from countries notionally Christian, an indication of the impact they have had on our church life,” he said.

Anti-Whites come from many different religions, races, cultures, etc, but they are all united in the quest to make sure White people do not exist as a majority anywhere on the planet.

Africa and Asia are predicted to see a huge rise in Christian beliefs in this century, and this is one of the reasons for anti-White Christians to have open borders for White countries – because it increases the percentage of Christians in a few White countries, at the expense of White people living there.

For example, Pope Francis praised Sweden for its opened borders immigration policy and its assimilation policy.

The real religion that many people follow these days is called political correctness, and like religion in the Roman empire, everyone could have their own religious beliefs as long as they regularly sacrificed animals to the Roman Gods.

Political correctness is similar in this situation because everyone is allowed to have their own religion as long as they accept “diversity” and mass non-White immigration for White countries, and make sure to use the right words so they don’t offend the leaders of this ‘political correctness’ religion.

Back in the real world, we know that “diversity” is a codeword for White genocide, and “anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-White.