EFF party threatens Black “revolution” (White genocide).

His name may sound Roman, but Julius Malema is actually a Black South African, and he’s the leader of the EFF, the “Economic Freedom Fighters” political party.

Malema formed this new party after he was expelled from taking part in the African National Congress’s Youth League political party.

His new party is based on the position that after 20 years after apartheid, White people are still richer than most Black South Africans, and not yet economically “liberated”.

Though White people are less that 10% of South Africa, they are a majority of the economy; this is largely because of the skills they have, and not actually because of the land. As Whites are either murdered, or chased out of South Africa, so goes their skills and with it the economy. It is estimated by several sources that 1/4 of the White population has left since anti-apartheid, 1994, usually because of the effects of White genocide. Also, since 1994 between 3000 to 4000 thousand White farmers have been recorded, and estimated over 60 thousand Whites murdered in total.

This is precisely why White South African, Brandon Huntley wanted to leave. He told the South African newspaper “The Star”, that he was seeking asylum in Canada, after he was attacked seven times by Black people because he was White, and was called a “White dog”. However, the asylum was repealed on September 3rd after Praetorian government diplomatically pressured Canada; accusing the country of “racism”. Source.

Despite skilled Whites feeling yet more pressure to leave, the EFF party still demands the nationalization of land, farms, mines, banks and other economic assets with no compensation what-so-ever to their owners; this nationalization is based on anti-White racial ground.

The EFF also wants to support the anti-White genocidal regime of Zimbabwe; perhaps their future dream for South Africa?

Malema seems to be having an identity crisis because he said “If white people want a permanent holiday they must return the stolen property”, which was actually occupied by the Hottentots 400 years ago – not the Zulus (the present day Black people who invaded and occupied Zimbabwe and South Africa).

“Affirmative action” laws have been in place for years now, and they require every business to have majority Black ownership, otherwise it has to pay draconian tax penalties and is generally shunned by majority Black groups and businesses from getting contracts, this is contradictory to what once was called “The rainbow nation”.

In Marikana, EFF party supporters carried banners saying “Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa” and “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate”.

When questioned about the content of these posters, EFF leader Malema said his party is “not racist, just honest“.

Malema said Whites must “share” their land or there will be a Black “revolution”; “[White people] The more you become more rejecting to the idea of sharing the land you will have an unled revolution”.

A poll published by the News24, a South Africa news source, the EFF’s land confiscation policies have increased Black support for the party, as 42 percent of young Blacks that took the poll agreed and approved with the EFF’s land confiscation policy.

Recently after apartheid, South Africa was dubbed the “rainbow nation”, but now it is going the way of Zimbabwe – a Black nation.

South Africa will never be described “too Black to be diverse”, that is only said of White countries – “too White to be diverse”.



White genocide forever destroys White dialects.

According to new research, the “Cockney” accent will be extinct within 30 years time, after five hundred years of being in use. “Cockney”, is the regional dialect of Londoners, typically from low-income areas.

Paul Kerswill, a Professor of sociolinguistics conducted a study which predicts that the “Cockney” dialect will move East, generally following the shrinking White areas surrounding London.

As the people of London are replaced by non-Whites, the regional dialect will change with it. This new dialect is already spoken in the non-White areas.

It is called “Multicultural London English” or “MLE” for short, but on the streets it is known as “Jafaican”. This dialect is a mixture of Cockney, Bangladeshi, African, and West Indian accents; popularized by rap musicians.

Prof. Kerswill remarked “Cockney in the East End is now transforming itself into Multicultural London English, a new, melting-pot mixture of all those people living here who learnt English as a second language,”

londonistanWhite flight from London will mean native Londoners will flee the inner city and move out to the towns around London. However, White genocide will mean that those surrounding towns are flooded with millions of non-Whites and force assimilated.

The study is called “Multicultural London English: the emergence, acquisition and diffusion of a new variety”, and was published in early 2011.



Ireland: No Heresy in Parliament!

Candidates competing to represent Ireland in the European Parliament next year have been told they should sign a pledge promising what they say and what they don’t.

The “Immigrant council of Ireland” have said there is “no place in Irish politics” for “hate speech“, and have told candidates in the election to sign a pledge whereby they don’t use “hate speech“, or “target minority groups” during the course of their election campaigns.

The council says all political parties and candidates should “keep extremism out of all debates and ensure that no community is being unfairly targeted for the continuing economic difficulties”.

Chief executive of the “immigrant council”, Denise Charlton, said “that hate speech and racism have no part to play in the debate in Ireland”, calling for all parties and sides to oppose it.

She wanted political parties not to blame economic problems on immigrants, and compared those who do so to “Nazis“.

Ms. Charlton asked all parties to condemn any campaigns or statements that might “incite hatred“, also they should use “appropriate and inclusive language and words” when referring to non-Whites or non-Irish.

In addition each candidate will be asked to engage with all migrant communities throughout the campaign.

Hate speech of course means anything that isn’t anti-White.

Why? Well “Hate speech”, is just the modern day version of “HERESY!”. When the Christian church had control of countries you were allowed “freedom of speech”, as long as it wasn’t anything “Heretical” – anything the church disagreed with.

This is similar to “anti-racism” today – you are allowed “freedom of speech” as long as it isn’t “Hate speech” – this could be a direct quote from just about any anti-White.

“Anti-racism” teaches that White people are genetically evil and must be gotten rid of. In other words, anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White. If you disagree with their position, you offend them are “hateful!”.

The point of freedom of speech IS to offend people. A country can either have real freedom of speech where every idea and belief can be criticized . . . or you have a country that allows every other belief to be criticized, but where criticizing the ruler’s beliefs is a crime.

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Horus the Avenger Unmasked

The elusive Horus the Avenger of www.whiterabbitradio.net has been unmasked. The basement dweller is pictured in this liveleak post: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3ee_1383669305

Horus in his basement:

Picture from liveleak.com

Some sources speculate that Horus moonlights as a French model when he is not producing his podcast or his clever videos.


California school embraces White genocide

Pennycook elementary, a Vallejo city school in California, has hosted it’s 3rd annual “diversity night”. The event drew parents, students, and teachers to the school.

The event had a classroom dedicated to Filipinos, Mexicans, Blacks, and Europeans that featured food, history displays and activities.

Anti-Whites love celebrating the fact that the school is 82% “diverse” (non-White), and that the city of Vallejo is 67% “diverse” (non-White), more non-White a decade ago when it was 32.9% White. “Diversity” is just another anti-White codeword for White genocide.

According to the Californian Department of Education data Pennycook’s enrollment last year was roughly 28% Black, 25% Hispanic/Latino, 18% white, 15% Filipino, 6.5% Pacific Islander/Asian, and 6.5 mixed race, of the school’s 578 students.

PTA President, Rosemary Louissaint “One of the things I noticed about Pennycook is there’s a wealth of cultures here” . . . “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate those cultures and make kids proud of their culture and their heritage?’”

“It’s an event where we can show our culture and what we believe in,” said Gina Santos, a parent. Also, a teacher Lisa West said the school tries to emphasize “diversity”.

Before open borders California was majority White – “not diverse” in the words of anti-Whites, so the “diverse” mixed race South Americans were needed to move in their millions to states like California, Texas, Florida and eventually mix with White people so there would no longer be anymore White babies.

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Oprah Winfrey: “Racists [Whites] must die for racism to end”.

Winfrey said that “for racism to end, racists must die“. Winfrey; the first Black female billionaire, also blamed “racism” for “disrespect” of President Obama, though she would as Obama is presenting her with “the medal of freedom”, the highest medal a US civilian can receive.

She also said “People are terrorized because of the color of their skin, because of the color of their black skin.”, and that “there are still generations of people, older people (White people), who were born and bred and marinated in it – in that prejudice and racism – and they just have to die.

When you learn to spot codewords, you can understand what people really mean. In the mind of an anti-White: “racist” means White and anything “too White” is “racist”, that’s why anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Meanwhile an anti-White can justify an all Black, all Asian, or any all non-White group, or country because of “history”. An anti-White will conveniently forget that all races have committed the same crimes, so in their minds only Whites have to pay for “history”.


Anti-White fast food restaurant doesn’t want Whites.

Burger King have put up a sign in a Ephrata Washington, USA expressing their wish to employ non-Whites and ONLY non-Whites.

KFFM 1073, a radio station in the area of Washington conducted a survey and found that 82 per cent of the respondents to the poll say that they find the sign offensive.

Burger King’s official Facebook page has received many negative comments; a commented called Mark Berreth writes “Tell all of Burger King to take their company to Mexico” . . . “This is NOT MEXICO”.

Some people on the internet have suggested that the sign is fake, and has been graphically manipulated, however Burger King has not confirmed or denied such a sign, which is likely to mean there is an internal investigation of the management of the fast food chain.



SPLC sues state of Alabama for opposing White genocide.

Alabama’s laws regarding immigrants which were passed in 2011 have been de-legalized after SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) lawyers and civil “rights” groups put pressure on Alabama.

The following parts of HB 56 or “papers, please” laws have now been permanently blocked due to the SPLC:

· Requiring schools to verify the immigration status of newly enrolled K-12 students.
· Criminalizing the solicitation of work by unauthorized immigrants.
· A provision that made it a crime to provide a ride to undocumented immigrants or to rent to them.
· A provision that infringed on the ability of individuals to contract with someone who was undocumented.
· A provision that criminalized failing to register one’s immigration status.

Additionally, Alabama police are now no longer allowed to stop someone to check their immigration status.

Sam Brooke, SPLC senior staff attorney said that if the law was passed “we would sue in court and win”, he continued “That we have done.” Alabama was also ruled to pay attorney fees and costs.

So far the SPLC has maliciously blocked similar immigrant laws in Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and other states through legal action.

The repealed law allows for non-White immigrants to steal money from the taxpayer through services received, but let’s not go off into a less serious direction a miss the point entirely.

When it is illegal to stop immigrants illegally entering and occupying your country, then you know you’ve been targeted for genocide.

The unofficial motto of White countries is: “Non-Whites – are your countries overcrowded? Send them to us to help with White genocide!” . . . I know, I know — it’s a terrible motto, but it’s damned accurate.

I don’t know which people or country is the world’s doormat, but I do know we are the open door, with the words “we want non-Whites” above it in big neon letters.

As I always say, these non-White immigrants are just like the crates of guns that are used for a more violent genocide. The reason why anti-Whites argue for open borders is that you can never have too many “guns” when you’re trying to remove a group of people – genocide.



“Diversity” or freedom.

There are two types of countries – countries that are for their people, and countries that are for ideas.

The latter could be described as “wordism” – loyalty to an idea; for example, religion, monarchy, Communism, Fascism, are all forms of “wordism”.

A “wordism” can never allow REAL Freedom of Speech because words made it, and words can destroy it. So the “wordism” declares that “You have Free Speech, but not HATE Speech”.

Sound familiar? “Diversity” (Multiracial-ism), is also a “wordism”. The idea behind “Diversity” is that there can be no ethnic states. US General Wesley Clark said “there can be no ethnically pure states in Europe”, there are lots of “non-diverse” areas in non-White areas . . . but Europe is White.

Europe is expected to be “progressive” in the mind of an anti-White, and non-Whites are expected to be “primitive”.

This means that “Diversity”, the one true religion will mercilessly target any White area that goes against “Diversity” (Multiracial-ism).

Multiracial-ism has no loyalty to WHO lives in a certain country, but multiracial-ism demands loyalty of them.

So to say again, there can never be a “wordism” that allows freedom. Diversity it just a codeword for White genocide.

This map shows you what HARVARD University considers to be diversity and homogeneity.

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