Anti-Whites complain about “racial segregation” in Irish schools


In Ireland, some anti-White groups are upset that the native White Irish are not mixing with immigrants in schools.

Former chief executive of the Integration Centre, Killian Forde says “where there are two or more schools in a given area, one is predominantly migrant“.

He said that while the government could not tell immigrants or Irish citizens where to live, “it can be more assertive in ensuring that people mix in schools. The problem with clustering . . . is that it takes hold and, once it takes hold, it’s impossible to undo. It’s like trying to unscramble an egg.

Tom Moriarty, principal of the school ‘Educate Together’ wrote to the government that “There are schools in Dublin existing side by side where one is almost completely international in nature and the other is exclusively Irish . . . Essentially we are looking at racial segregation.

Mary Ryan, a co-founder of the Immigrant Parents and Guardians Support Association, says that the Irish government is not doing enough to mix migrant children with native Irish school children, which she says is “paving the way towards a society which is racist and further polarized. We have allowed segregation to happen and the long-term consequences are frightening.

Basically, anti-Whites are complaining about Irish schools not being mixed.

Their side demands open borders and “mixing” . . . but only in majority White areas.

Then when White places gradually become minority White, they call it a “demographics change” to say this all happened naturally.

The fact is, when they call for “diversity”, they’re actually calling for White genocide. There is nothing natural about that.


Most Germans against non-European immigration


A national poll by German newspaper, EurActiv, has found that the majority of Germans said they are against non-European immigration.

Just 29% supported immigration from outside Europe.

While the majority are against non-European immigration, 50% said they welcomed other Europeans.

Their views may not yet be discussed seriously by politicians because only 37% said immigration was the most important issue for the EU.

The only European countries that are more in opposition to non-European immigration are Italy (75% against), Latvia (79% against), and Slovakia (74% against).

EurActiv crunched the numbers for all EU nations and found that it wasn’t just these countries with these views; as an average, 57% of Europe is against non-European immigration.

There are countless studies, polls, surveys, and comments, and yet most of the mainstream politicians are unwilling to tackle the fact that White countries – European or otherwise – simply do not want to be flooded with radically different people.

Many of the proponents of mass immigration into White countries refuse to accept the beliefs of the majority.

What we have is a situation whereby White neighborhoods are deliberately targeted for being White, and then forced to accept non-White immigrants.

This agenda has a lot of names; “diversity” is the most used one, and basically, it is nothing more than White genocide.


US Vice President Biden celebrates White minority status


Speaking at a summit, Vice President, Joe Biden, said that immigration is “not going to stop” and welcomed a White minority population in America.

I’m proud of the American record on culture and economic integration of not only our Muslim communities but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities,” Biden said, according to Yahoo News.

And the wave still continues. It’s not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things I think we can be most proud of.

We are a melting pot, it is the ultimate source of our strength. It is the source of who we are.

It started all the way back in the late 1700s. There’s been a constant, unrelenting stream of immigration. Not in little trickles, but in large numbers.

Folks like me who are Caucasian of European descent — for the first time in 2017 we’ll be an absolute minority in the United States of America,

Absolutely minority – fewer than 50 percent of the people in America, from then and on, will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.

Firstly, the Census Bureau has predicted a White minority around 2040. This “2017” Biden speaks of is just two years away from now. There’s no way White Genocide can take place so fast. Either he’s mistaken, or it was deliberate misinformation.

Secondly, if “diversity” really is a strength why is it only first world White nations need it to be forced on them?

I’ve never heard anyone say that the solution to world hunger in Africa is for it to become less Black. Even if that were true, what kind of monster would deliberately try to get rid of Black people?

The same kind of monster that is this very day, trying to get rid of White people – the anti-Whites.

Anti-Whites only speak of “diversity”, in a White versus non-White context. Because that’s the point – White people, to them, are the “race problem”. And the solution to this problem is White Genocide.


Don’t forget about step two of White Genocide: Genetic assimilation via forced integration

All too often both opponents and proponents of White genocide forget that it’s a multistage process, it’s not only about the flooding of EVERY White country with non White immigrants, it’s ALSO about forced integration policies that lead to assimilation. Let us clear something up right from the start here, when we say assimilation we do NOT mean cultural assimilation, we mean genetic assimilation via the inevitable racial mixing that occurs when groups are forced to live together

Which leads us onto an article by the anti-White organization “One Europe.”

In their anti-White screed entitled “The Importance of Integrating Europe’s Migrants” they say the following:

“Europe’s population is becoming increasingly diverse, while its capitals true melting pots of cultures and people.”

That might be true, but calling it a “melting pot” is nothing more than a code word for genocide via assimilation. What comes out of a “melting pot”? A mixture of the ingredients put into the pot, that’s what!

They continue their anti-White propaganda piece with:

“nowadays Europe is not a homogenous region. Apart from the indigenous ethnic minorities, many people from all over the world now call Europe “home.”

The thing is anti-White, Europe was the homogenous homeland of the INDIGENOUS White Europeans and needs to become homogenous again, because if it doesn’t, within several generations there will be no more White people in their ancestral homeland. Sounds a lot like White Genocide when we put it like that doesn’t it? But you’d rather call it a “melting pot” wouldn’t you, it sounds a bit more acceptable then, hell it sounds even fun and cool! And who are these “indigenous ethnic minorities” you speak of? They are only calling it “home” because anti-White traitors have given them the keys to the castle, and all against the wishes of the indigenous White Europeans. Your mealy mouthed blog isn’t fooling any of us!

They then go on to use the tiresome “diverse” code word again by saying:

“If we are planning to create a diverse multicultural society, we have to discuss how to integrate these people too”

Newsflash anti-White, FORCING different groups to live together and then forcing integration (which you anti-Whites like to “discuss” at your behest and framed in your favour) does not lead to any diversity, it leads to the elimination of Whites over time, a gradual process of genetic assimilation! You even admit to this yourself by calling it a “melting pot.” But we like to give it a more realistic name: WHITE GENOCIDE

The article then goes onto quote an African called “Zephyruns Ikeh” who has found himself in the beautiful homeland of the White Irish. This African has taken it upon himself to tell the Irish they need to accept more Africans into their country and that once they do so, they better integrate fully with them otherwise the force of the law will come down on them. He asks:

“Does Europe think it is a club only for white people?”

Well Ikeh, did the Tibetans think that Tibet was only a club for Tibetans? Or did they say it was genocide to turn Tibet Han Chinese?

Now, you would think Mr Ikeh would be grateful that the Irish have allowed him to come to their homeland but no, he’s set up one group to force African history on the Irish and another called Africa-Irish Development Initiative Ltd (AIDI) to browbeat and coerce the Irish into accepting more of his kinsmen.

Zephyrnus Ikeh wants to coerce the Irish into turning Ireland non Irish

Zephyrnus Ikeh wants to coerce the Irish into turning Ireland non Irish

Ikeh asks the strawman:

“Why is it so difficult for Europeans to have an African as a primary or secondary school teacher after all?”

Because Ikeh, it sets a precedent, it’s another step along the way to turning a traditionally White country non-White. But that statement has its ironic side though. One of the arguments used to abolish segregation was so that Black kids could have White teachers and now they have them they are not happy–they want their Black teachers back, but only this time in EVERY White country! Doesn’t all this sound like a never-ending scam folks?

He then goes on a guilt trip saying that unless White people are prepared to give their countries over to non-Whites then it will lead to violence by the non-Whites, and It’s all the White peoples fault. Mr Ikeh says:

“It takes a child born here 18 whole years to become a citizen of Ireland. You can imagine the frustration this child is going to face, until then……… the general sense of exclusion infuriates many minority groups……. the situation could result in violence and Europe could experience incidents like those in the USA recently”

So basically he wants the Irish to assimilate as quickly as they can with the non Whites and give their country over to them but if they don’t then violence will ensue.

Keep in mind the anti-Whites like Ikeh, always like to frame the argument in individual terms. Note he talks about “a child”. We like to be more realistic here at White Genocide Project. Population of Ireland is 4.5 million as of 2013, while the population of Nigeria is 173. 6 million, take 1% of Nigeria over to Ireland for their “better life” and we have quite the problem don’t we. That’s a lot of non-White children to pretend are Irish, Just another part of the genocidal scam.

The final comment in this White genocide-promoting article is very telling. It says:

“Ireland was only used as an example in this article. The problems exist in every EU member state and so the solution could also be found through a European context”

Don’t forget that anti-Whites like to PRETEND White genocide is not happening in EVERY White country. They mendaciously screech that these policies are not being imposed ALL across the homeland of the indigenous White European, purporting that “diversity” is just a provincial thing happening here and there. They lie! These genocidal conditions are being forced from Sweden to Scotland, Ireland to Italy, England to Estonia, Germany to Greece. This is a global scam against Whites, time to say no to WHITE geNOCide.

One final point, funny we should mention Greece. A Greek who now lives in Ireland wrote the article quoted here and it was him who promoted the African. Let us not forget that one of our main problems are Whites who look like us but have no loyalty to us. Most anti-Whites ARE White.


Swedish integration minister will chase down White areas by law


Ylva Johansson, Swedish integration minister, has announced a new law that will deliberately move new immigrants into “low immigrant” (majority White) areas, instead of putting them in “high immigrant” (non-White) areas.

Back in October 2014, the Swedish Migration Board announced that it would have no problem breaking the law in order to do this; now it seems they will have the consent of the law.

All municipalities should take in refugees“, Johansson said, “The distribution [of non-White immigrants] is unreasonable. We need to make changes in the law for everyone to take responsibility

We need legislative changes to ensure that all local authorities take responsibility for refugee protection

Other EU countries must take greater responsibility. But I do not want to achieve it by making it more difficult or worse for people to come to Sweden.

Anti-Whites love to position themselves as the defenders of refugees and non-Whites against the “evil racist White majority”, but why exactly are they kicking up a stink about “distribution” of immigrants?

Simple: if you were allow these non-White immigrants to choose what part of the country they would go to, most of them would, and do, choose the cities. What you end up with is majority non-White cities and majority White suburbs/towns.

This is not what they want; in their mind an all White area – by accident or by design – is the ultimate sin, and the final solution to being “too White” is forced “diversity”.

This forced “diversity” is a thinly veiled program of White genocide, and we will shout it from the rooftops.


The Five Categories of White Supremacists

A guide to help White folk avoid dangerous racists! Show your support by clicking on its title and adding initials!


Issue a public warning: “The Five Categories of White Supremacists”
#5 O. J. Simpson/Tiger Woods Blacks who only date Nordic, blonde White women.
#4 Affirmative Action advocates, who think non-white races need a hand up in perpetuity.
#3 Illegal aliens, who risk life and limb to get into White countries.
#2 Neo-conservatives, who sell the ideology that White Western civilization is so superior that we must go into places like Iraq and bomb them until they love democracy.
#1 Anti-Whites who laugh about the ongoing program of White Genocide by assimilation. They see more mixed race children every day, but they believe that White people are so superior that we are invulnerable.
But like the Tibetans in Tibet, Whites will be blended out of existence by the massive immigration and forced assimilation that’s being carried out in White countries.


If you enjoyed that, you should also enjoy this wonderful Porch Talk by Bob Whitaker (the wizard behind BUGS) that also explores “White Supremacism”:

March 9, 2006 – Tourettes



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Australia should be a “gateway to the world”


During an Australia Day speech, Michael Pezzullo, the head of the immigration department, told his department that Australia should not think of itself as a European (White) country and become a “gateway to the world“.

It is always going to be the case that we were, and therefore will always be, a settler nation” he said. “The ancient indigenous heritage, a British foundation of social and political order, and the multicultural diversity of our ­immigrant society will always co-exist on our island continent, and in our hearts and minds.

But we should increasingly reframe our national self-understanding and speak more of ­engaging with the world, and not just settling our land. The vestiges of insularity and living ensconced in our sheltered land, far from our ‘home’, have passed away.

In other words, he is saying that Australia should stop thinking of itself as a European country with a majority White population, and think of itself as a “nation of immigrants” – a popular argument for those who push White genocide.

Pezzullo said White Australia should be considered as the foundations for a new Australia, not the “final and complete definition of our story“.

More than settlement, we should look to become Australia’s gateway to the world, and the world’s gateway to Australia.

But the overwhelming and predominant role of the department will be to act as the open conduits of Australia’s engagement with the world around us, whether for the purposes of trade, travel, or migration.

If White people are not historically recognized as the natives of a country, anti-Whites insist that the country must exist for everyone on the planet.

You’ll notice that they never say it must be returned to the “native” population, because, frankly, they don’t care about them. That’s why we call them anti-Whites — all their arguments and policies are intended to lead to a world where White people become a minority.

“Diversity” is their main argument for White genocide; they never say a Black area is “too Black, and they never say an Asian area is “too Asian” — “diversity” is all about getting rid of White people.


Resistance to White GeNOcide continues: Stickers in the UK

This is fantastic! One of our UK based fans saw this on his commute to work and took a photo for us! Apparently it’s at a busy junction that gets tail backs in the morning, so lots of people sitting in their cars stationary right in front of it!

To whoever did this, great work, we salute you! Notice the anti-Whites are so angry they have tried to tear the sticker down!

“MultiCULTuralism” is just a GENOCIDAL SCAM against White people.



UK: London should “have a non-white mayor”


Margaret Hodge, a 70-year-old Labour party politician, has pulled out of the campaign to become London’s next mayoress, saying she wanted a different position in government.

After throwing in the towel, Hodge said that London’s next mayor should be non-White . . . because, y’know, race doesn’t exist and stuff.

I actually think the time is right for us to have a non-white mayor,” she said according to, “London is a diverse city but we are poor at representation. But let’s wait and see what the candidates say they can do for  London.

Currently, there are three non-White candidates campaigning for the mayoral office.

Recent polls show that Sadiq Khan, a Muslim Labour party politician, is in second place.

What you really have to ask is why “diversity” a policy which must be encouraged (and often enforced) only in majority White countries?

If anti-Whites would stop talking for a second and ask themselves why if “race isn’t important” White areas “need diversity”, they might come to the same conclusions we have.

They are pushing a systematic form of genocide against White people, and “diversity” is just what they say when they mean “no more Whites”.