The Exasperated General

This article by eyeslevel is reprinted from BUGS.

The Exasperated General

Posted by Bugs Contributor on April 10th, 2015 under General

By eyeslevel

In a shooting war, you succeed by gaining fire superiority. In a propaganda war, you succeed by gaining propaganda superiority.  In our case, anyone calling us “Nazi racist bigot KKK supremacist!” is shooting at us. If someone is shooting at you, what is your top priority? What if you were being shot at and the soldiers in the foxholes wanted to worry about everything BUT shooting back? Wouldn’t that be kind of crazy? Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Anti Mantra Pro Whites (AMPW’s) do.

White genocide is being carried out by mass non-white immigration plus forced assimilation backed by psychological warfare. Until we gain propaganda superiority, talking, worrying, writing, thinking about anything else, whether it be crime, Islam, Jews or any other red herring is largely a waste of time. If you say we can never compete with big media, remember: most of our enemies’ propaganda is lies. We’re telling the truth. The truth is a force multiplier beyond reckoning. Plus, we own the internet.

If we analogize our situation to a shooting war, it might look somethifrench_mutineer_shot2-300x150ng like the following conversation. Of course, the analogy cannot be perfect. There is no equivalent to an AMPW in a shooting war. If the equivalent of an AMPW showed up in a shooting war, he would be shot or court-martialed in about 5 minutes.

The Exasperated General
General picks up the phone.
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy is firing artillery at us!”
General: “Well, fire back.”
AMPW: “Sir, we think they are using a new alloy in the shell casings.”
General: “Fine, whatever, are you firing back yet?”
AMPW: “Sir, now they’re shooting bullets at us! From rifles!”
General: “Well, shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, we’re trying to find out if it’s blacks, browns, Muslims, Jews, or white traitors firing at us.”
General: “What difference does it make? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, I’m trying to figure out why they are shooting at us. It is very important to know WHY they are shooting at us.”
General: “For heaven’s sake, who cares? Shoot back. Defend yourselves.”
AMPW: “Sir, I’m writing a 3,000 word essay proving that everyone manning the enemy artillery pieces is a Jew. Once every white person has read this essay, the shells will magically stop exploding.”
General: (Shakes head) “Anything else?”
AMPW: “Sir, these are real bad people shooting at us after we’ve been so nice to them.”
General: “I agree, so why don’t you stop complaining and shoot back?”
AMPW: “Sir, they’ve taken Hill 209! They’re so mean.”
General: “Well, what do you expect? Take it back!”
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy has all the high ground. It’s so unfair!”
General: “Well, you gave it to them. Take it back.”
AMPW: “Sir, we invented artillery! What will they do after we’re gone?”
General: “That’s their problem. What difference does it make if WE’RE gone? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, why don’t we just run away?”
General: “Because they’ll chase you down. You can’t run away from this fight.”
AMPW: “Sir, after exhaustive reconnaissance, we’ve discovered a handful of browns, blacks, and Jews who agree that our enemies are really bad people who should stop firing at us.”
General: “Uh, OK, so what? Shoot the enemy!”
AMPW: “Sir, some of the enemies’ shells are landing on non-whites!”
General: “In any battle there’s going to be friendly fire. That doesn’t help us. Shoot!”
AMPW: “Sir, a lot of the people shooting at us look like us. It doesn’t make any sense.”
General: “Treason never makes sense, but it happens. Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, after they’ve defeated us they’re going to attack other people! They have a larger agenda!”
General: “That may be, but so what? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, last week the men thought it was the Illuminati leading the attack on us. But now they’re sure it is the Jesuits! I thought it was very important to inform you of this development. And I think it is wonderful that our men put so much thought and effort into this sort of thing.”
General: “Are you shooting back yet?”
AMPW: “Sir, the men have informed me that shooting back will never work and is a waste of time. They would much rather complain like 5 year old children.”
General: “Do the men know that if they don’t shoot back they will be exterminated?”
AMPW: “Sir, the men say shooting back is un-Aryan. They are too dignified to fight like our enemies. They want to engage in single combat only with axes and broadswords.”
General: “You have to fight the battle in front of you with the weapons you have.”
AMPW: “Sir, the men and I have agreed: our enemies’ actions are unconstitutional! If we just gobacktotheconstitution everything will be fine.”
General: “So, when you explain this they’re just going to stop firing? What is your point?”
AMPW: “Sir, one of our scouts reports he has seen an enemy with sidelocks!”
General: (face palm)
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy are a secret society!”
General: (double face palm)
AMPW: “Sir, we’ve discovered the enemy are Marxists!”
General: (double face palm head shaking)
AMPW: “Sir, we lost the war a long time ago.”
AMPW: “Sir, the men don’t like our weapons. And they think we should fight somewhere else.”
AMPW: “Sir, the enemies are Satanic!”
General puts down the phone and reaches for a bottle…



Psychological warfare vs. building a movement: an open letter to pro-whites fighting White Genocide

Most pro-Whites think ONLY in terms of BUILDING A MOVEMENT.
Which is a very difficult thing to do when your people have been conquered not by force of arms, but by a huge psy-op program that has made their minds unable to even understand that they have been conquered.
It’s as if when Germany occupied and ruled part of France during WWII, the French had been psy-opped to not even know that the Germans were there, and to regard as the soul of evil anyone who told them that Germans were there and were ruling them.
A counter pys-op operation to undo some of the French population’s mental conditioning would have been a necessary prelude or at least a necessary accompaniment to forming any kind of effective French resistance.
Today we drive the terms “anti-white” and “White Genocide” and the other Mantra STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes into White minds and into public discourse as a counter psy-op to release White minds and release public discourse from decades of anti-white conditioning.

BUGS is not trying to directly build a movement. BUGS is shifting the Zeitgeist so that a movement can be built.

Many pro-Whites reject the BUGS methods because they view them only in terms of their immediate return or lack of return in building a movement.

That’s why many pro-Whites see no purpose to holding up banners to public view (which television news clips often spread much further) that say “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide,” or “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” or “‘Diversity’ means chasing down Whites,” etc. etc.

They see no purpose to that because they aren’t thinking in terms of a unified, worldwide White counter psy-op program to undo anti-white conditioning and open up public discourse to pro-Whites. They are thinking in immediate terms of building a movement.

They plan to build a movement by educating, but as one of our number has said, “You can’t educate the masses when you’re in the middle of psychological warfare.”

You can educate one-by-one, but White Genocide will be completed before that slow process has built an effective movement.

But even though very few pro-whites will be persuaded by any argument at all to do other than what they’ve been doing, just by exposure we have most of them using the terms “anti-white” and “White Genocide” now, and it’s by exposure that we’ll have mainstream Whites using those terms also.


Alabama: “#WhiteGenocide” message covered up


In Birmingham, Alabama, a massive “#WHITEGENOCIDE” was sprayed on a wall which could be seen by thousands of drivers each day on the i-59.

The message has since been covered up by the Birmingham government, but, a news company for the area wrote quite a sub-standard article about the sign, and didn’t even bother to get the opinion of anyone who promoted this idea of White Genocide.

They did however, get a few sentences from a professional anti-White.

According to Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center, ‘white genocide’ is a catchphrase used by a white supremacists group that exist online called the White Genocide Project.

Mr Potok is only calling us “supremacists” because we are White. Unless White folk are on our knees begging for mercy at how nasty and racist we are, then we are even more racist, in the eyes of anti-Whites.

Potok also say that the group believes women are having fewer white babies which translates to genocide of white people.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. We are directly accusing Mr Potok, and his ilk, of White Genocide. White Genocide is happening because anti-Whites like Potok are pushing anti-White policies in the name of “diversity”.

Under international law, this is genocide because these policies are deliberately engineered to bring about a White minority in White countries.


No Black country is described as “too Black” or is told it “needs diversity”. Nor is any Asian country. The only places on the planet which apparently “need diversity”, all happen to be White. Coincidence? Or White Genocide?

The group believes that anyone who actively opposes racism is secretly against white people” Potok said.

Secretly? No, they are PUBLICLY against White people! They proclaim White people to be racist, and then say they’re “anti-racist”. What they really are is anti-White.


USA Today and the Anti-White point of View


– from

USA Today always does a wonderful job of putting on a clinic.  A clinic on how to write from the Anti-White perspective.

PHOENIX — An Arizona State University course called “U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness” has gained national attention and landed the university and the course’s professor in the middle of a debate about race, political correctness and academic freedom.

In the space of two months, the course has been singled out by Fox News commentators, been targeted online by white-supremacist groups and spurred small protests and counter protests in Tempe.

According to university records recently obtained by The Arizona Republic, assistant professor Lee Bebout has received dozens of hostile and hate-filled e-mails about the class, and Tempe police say the instructor suffered harassment when fliers were distributed on campus and in Bebout’s neighborhood with “Anti-White” printed over a photo of Bebout, who is white.

The hit piece from USA Today was aimed at the National Youth Front. The youth group has been protesting the abundance of Institutional Anti-Whiteness at ASU.  Where else but a college campus in Western Civilization would you have to put up with a class on the “Problem of Whiteness”.  National Youth Front  has stated the following in their press release: “Only a few months after the founding of National Youth Front, we have already hit the big leagues and made an impact!”  Indeed.  The college campus environment across the USA is a cesspool of Anti-Whiteness.

Anti-Whites at USA Today spun it accordingly:

Bebout’s colleagues in higher education say the backlash is unfortunate but comes with the territory when anyone takes a critical approach to race and racism.

“Precisely the reason there is such a backlash is exactly the reason why (such classes) should exist,” said Nolan Cabrera, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona whose research focuses on race and racism in higher education. “The time it will be unnecessary is when it ceases to be controversial.”


White Genocide Posters make it in Irish newspapers


On page 7 of the Gorey Guardian, a print and online newspaper for the town of Gorey in Ireland, they have ran an article about how the Guardian’s own office had White Genocide posters stuck to the door during the March 21st “March Against White Genocide”.

Staff arrived at The Gorey Guardian office in the Market Square on Monday morning to find the front door of the premises had been defaced with two deeply offensive and racist posters.

The A3 and A4 posters promoting the ‘White Genocide Project’, which were glued to the door, were promptly torn down, and the matter was reported to Gorey gardaí.

Gorey Guardian staff contacted the gardaí (police) to report the posters, as is common-place when anti-Whites disagree with the content.

Fortunately, we understand the law, and White Genocide can not be argued as “racist” or “hate speech” by any Western legal system simply because you are allowed – actually, encouraged – to hate White people.

A website mentioned on the posters referred to an international day of action on March 21, and it’s thought that a supporter in Gorey saw the website and decided to take action.

Police from the Gorey Garda Station said they were looking to see if similar posters have been found around Ireland, but appear stumped as to who was behind them.

A spokesperson for the Guardian said they were ‘baffled’ by the motivation for the vandalism.

Motivation? Someone obviously cares about what may happen in the future Ireland, and I can understand why they would be.

Ireland, like so many other majority White countries has taken part in an agenda to commit genocide against it’s very own majority population – White people.

No, no mass murders are being arranged, but what is happening is that White areas are being legally targeted and forced to “diversify”, which means bring in large numbers of non-Whites and become minority White.

This, under international law is as much genocide as any mass murder, because the results are the same: fewer and fewer White people as a result of deliberate government policy.

We call it White genocide because no area has been accused of being “too Black” or “too Asian”. When White area are called “too White”, they are defined as the problem.


Federal funding for charities that promote White genocide?

“Would you like to donate…?”

No, we will not finance our own genocide!

Unfortunately these anti-White genocidal scams often receive federal funding so in many cases we have no choice.
Help bring awareness to the fact that federally funded charity is often used to promote White genocide.

Charities promoting White genocide hide behind nice words that all mean the same thing.
They’re not charities. They’re anti-White genocidal scams.
All these nice words mean getting rid of Whites.

Initial the messages. Get the memes moving this month.
Stop funding Christian and Jewish charities to carry out White Genocide | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Quit funding Christian and Jewish “charities” to carry out White Genocide

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?

These groups get federal funds to resettle third worlders in White communities throughout the United States:

Lutheran Immigrant Aid Society, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service, Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA.

Their program is to chase down and assimilate Whites until there is no child left White.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

When it’s done in White countries it’s “diversity.”

The groups above say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White!

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.