Oregon: White flight from schools should be stopped, says group.


A citizen’s group which was asked to evaluate Portland Public Schools transfer policies in Portland, Oregon, said that White children should be stopped from leaving “diverse” schools.

A group member, Kali Ladd, criticized the transfer policies for allowing White children to transfer away from schools with large percentages of non-White students

It’s mostly white, mostly middle-class families, transferring out of schools that have students of color,” Ladd said in a meeting with school officials, according to Reuters.com.

Teletha Benjamin, a committee member, confirmed that White students were transferring out of schools with large percentages of non-White students.

In the meeting the group recommended that the transfer program should be gotten rid of so White students cannot move out of minority White schools.

About 60% of school students in Portland are White, which is higher than the average across the USA, where White students now are the minority.

Majority White countries, counties, cities, towns, and schools are considered by anti-Whites to be the ultimate sin, and that’s precisely why they complain that things are “too White” and must change.

If you chase down one group of people and force them to live as a minority; there is just one word for that:  genocide.

And that’s why “diversity” is a code for White genocide.


Swedish toy store catalogs “too White”.


Catalogs from BR Leksaker, Toys R Us, Leklus and Lekia – four of the major toy stores in Sweden, have been criticized as “too White”.

Swedish campaign group Equalisters were upset after they say children in the catalogs were all White except for two.

These catalogues are too White. I think it’s really sad for non-white children. I think this kind of thing can affect their sense of what they can become and do in the future and how welcome they feel in Swedensaid Seher Yilmaz, Equalisters chairwoman.

Think about how you would feel if people who looked like your children were never seen anywhere in the media,

It is up to everyone to change things. We need to reflect the way Sweden really looks today in the media, in movies and in business“.

Because of anti-Whites in Sweden pushing for White Genocide, this is the insanity of the times we live in. No non-White country is worried about whether they are “diverse enough” because no one is telling them they are “not diverse”.

Instead of using plain language, anti-Whites prefer to tip-toe around their unpopular ideas with nice sounding words and phrases.

“Diverse” and “multicultural” for example, may give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but they used to describe a White minority area. When they say there is “a lack of diversity”, what they are really saying is “too many White people”.

This is why we say “diversity” is a code for White genocide – it is used to justify a White minority.


Archive of Anti-White messages displayed at the White House that attack our STOP WHITE GENOCIDE messages.

For two years we’ve displayed our STOP WHITE GENOCIDE messages at the White House’s We the People site.

Beginning in March of this year, occasional messages started appearing on the same site that support White Genocide, and that call our own messages “racist.”

Of course that’s what anti-whites do. They commit the crime of White Genocide and call their crime “anti-racism”!

Which is why we say “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

If Asia were being flooded with millions of non-Asians and Asians were forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence, Asians who protested that genocide of their own race would not be vilified with the R-word.

If Africa were being flooded with millions of non-Africans and Africans were forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence, Africans who protested that genocide of their own race would not be vilified with the R-word.

Only Whites who resist being blended out of existence by massive immigration and forced assimilation are vilified with the R-word.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation in Tibet is called genocide, but in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

That’s why we say “diversity is a code word for White Genocide.”

Below are the anti-white messages that have been displayed at the White House attacking ours and supporting the genocide of the White race.

What the authors of those messages don’t understand, despite the fact that we and other pro-whites have openly laughed about it since their messages began, is that helping us hammer our memes into the mainstream by publicizing them is exactly what we want!

The authors appear to think that “anti-white,” “White Genocide,” “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide,” and “No child left White” are utterances so obviously filled with hate and supremacism that just repeating them will produce a revulsion in Whites that will cause Whites to support our own genocide!

That’s some serious “rolling in the grey goo” by anti-whites, folks, and I will continue to urge all of you to initial any anti-white messages that attack ours just as diligently as you initial our own.

Let’s make sure that the helpful messages of anti-whites or anyone else who helps us hammer our memes into White minds are made visible at the White House as quickly as our own! 😀

Our memes are constructed so that once they are lodged in White minds, they do their own work, however they got there!


 Expires December 3, 2015


Reject presidential candidate Bob Whitaker’s demand for tax audits of institutions that promote DIVERSITY!

Diversity is NOT a code word for “white genocide”!

Diversity does NOT mean “chasing down white people”!

Anti-racist is NOT a “code word” for “anti-white”!

But it IS true that “White self-hatred is SICK”!

What is more self-hating than fearing new people coming into our country and marrying our children?

How little confidence can we have in ourselves and our familes to fear something so natural?

If Mr. Bob Whitaker had a generous heart and a mind for the future, he would appreciate the public funding of groups that promote multiculturalism and diversity, not try to end that funding.

It’s from diversity that our future American identity and unity will emerge.

We march into the future under the banner “Love conquers all,” NOT under the slogan “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”!

Published Date: Nov 03, 2015

October, 2014:

SUPPORT “our nation’s ‘No Child Left White’ policy”!

That may seem like a horrible thing to ask, until you examine the hateful racist petition on this site that asks the opposite.

That petition asks to turn immigrants away from our shores, and to end “forced” integration that causes whites to intermarry and “be blended out of existence.”

But we know that intermarriage will end the scourge of racism! When we are all non-white, racism will disappear!

I’m White and cannot escape my racism, but my grandchildren will not be racist because my grandchildren will be non-white.

Diversity is NOT “a code word for white genocide,” as we read every month in these hateful racist petitions that end absurdly in “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Diversity is a plain word for the end of whiteness and other human differences that cause racism!



August, 2014:

Denounce “AntiRacist Hitler”!

A disgusting neo-Nazi hate petition on We the People urges readers to watch the hate video “AntiRacist Hitler.”

That video presents Hitler as an anti-racist who promotes diversity as an instrument of genocide, an absurd idea that not only expresses hate against immigrants who give strength and diversity to our country, but also expresses hate toward those who suffered a real genocide by a racist hater who was worse than all these racist haters who want to continue making racist hate the foundation of this country.

Like other white supremacist hate petitions on this site, that one screams about “White Genocide” and concludes with the absurd hate statements, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” and “diversity is a code word for white genocide.”

Mr. President, denounce this hate!


July, 2014:

Explain to the American public that “ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE” is a white supremacist hate slogan.

We commend the White House for upholding free speech, but the White House should also speak out against these hate slogans that are now appearing regularly on its petition site and in other places around the country:

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for EVERYBODY?”

“Diversity is a code word for white genocide”

These are a blot upon the progress that our country has made toward racial harmony, and they are a rude slap in the face to our many immigrants of color who arrive daily and may see them and feel that we do not welcome them to our shores. They are a display of hate toward our human brothers and sisters that has no place in America in the year 2014.

Please state publicly that you do not condone these statements!


May, 2014

Chase Down the Racists who hijacked “Bring Back Our Girls”!

A white supremacist petition on this site disgustingly uses the title, “Bring Back Our Girls.”

To create a humane world, every white supremacist must be chased down and forced to live in a diverse community where his descendants will eventually intermarry with other races.

Diversity must be imposed on “White countries,” white neighborhoods, white schools, and white organizations until not a single white supremacist is left!

White supremacists hate diversity and flee to suburbs, towns, farms.

They must be chased down and their hate drowned on the spot beneath fresh floods of immigrants or refugees!

Mr. President, open our borders fully and allow the floodwaters of immigration to chase down the last white supremacist and assimilate him out of existence!


May, 2014:

Defend Justice Sotomayor against the racist charge that she is “anti-white”!

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?”

“Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.”

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Those racist hate slogans appear in a petition that asks President Obama to “apologize” for appointing Justice Sotomayor because she is “anti-white.”


Affirmative action rightfully demands that minorities who have suffered centuries of oppression at the hands of the privileged white patriarchy be given a hand up and be moved to the front of the line for jobs and other benefits.

Justice Sotomayor supports affirmative action.

That does not make her “anti-white.”

It makes her anti-racist!

“Anti-white” is a code word for anti-racist!


April, 2014:

Explain to the American public that the term “Anti-White” is a lie.

Some petitions here have called our government “anti-white” for allowing “massive immigration” and for forcing “assimilation” that will “blend whites out of existence” by intermarriage.

The petitions call that “white genocide.”

This is an attempt by people who enjoy white privilege to provoke a grievance in other people who enjoy white privilege, in order to maintain white privilege!

The term “anti-racist” is NOT a “code word” for “anti-white,” as those petitions claim!

Nor is diversity a code word for “white genocide,” as they claim.

And “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?” is the natural result of the imperial white countries being in decline.

We support free speech, but we also ask our government to always speak up against white privilege!


March, 2014:

Denounce the “White Man March” as a Hate March

A small international group of white supremacists are planning hate actions around the world on the 15 of this month, and are calling their collective action “the White Man March.”

They reportedly plan to display banners that say,

“Diversity” = White Genocide.

This hateful slogan is an insult to the peoples and cultures that our government represents.

We believe this small group may be associated with some petitions that have appeared on We the People, since those petitions have favored other slogans of the group:

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?”

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

We support free speech for everyone, but we also believe our government has the obligation to denounce hate wherever and whenever it appears.

Thank you.


Beefcake’s Advanced Stage Episode 11: Why right now?

For those who have been paying attention, the narrative in White Nations has been changing. On every front our enemy uses to attack the basic pillars of White Civilization, those necessary to the continuance of our people in the long term, people are waking up. These “Culture wars” everyone wants to talk about with SJW’s and others in the Anti-White camp – all eventually lead back to White Genocide.

Our point of White Genocide is the most damaging of those agendas, that is the “Mass Immigration and forced Integration” aka “Genocide by Assimilation” aka “Multiculturalism and Dieversity” – that is what is all comes back to.

The good news is that at the same time we are driving home our Mantra, the Enemies OF our Enemies continue to mount, and their lies are being exposed on every front. As these trends converge, here we are with our message saturating the landscape.

Every hole in our enemies armor is finally being seen. These trends are starting to converge, and the dots are being connected. At the same time, right now, we are demonstrating how they ALL connect back to where Anti-Whites are MOST vulnerable; White GeNOcide.



Why right now



Mixed-Race family representing “modern Britain” given a statue.


Two mixed race sisters and their two sons have been chosen to represent “modern Britain”, and have been given a statue in the city of Birmingham.

The bronze life-size statues were sculpted by artist, Gillian Wearing. It cost £150,000, and it now sits outside the Library of Birmingham to represent the city’s “diversity”.

The sisters released a statement saying: “Being mixed race, we feel at home here as it’s so diverse and multicultural.

As a result, we believe the mixed-race population in Brum will only increase. We feel truly amazed and honoured to be chosen to represent what it means to be a family in Birmingham.

All this “mixing the races” and “diversity” is only being pushed for in majority White countries because that’s the point.

Anti-Whites have no problem with an all-Black Africa or an all-Asian Asia. According to these anti-Whites, it is White countries that have this “diversity problem”. The solution to this “problem” will be solved when areas which are “too White” are turned into areas which are “diverse”.

Hunting down and targeting one specific group and trying to force that group to live as a minority? That’s genocide; in this case it’s White genocide.


WHITE GENOCIDE: “White suburbs” soon legally forced to accept “racial diversity”.


Pupils from Ruby Bridges, an all-White school in New Orleans, are forced by bayonet point to accept “diversity”. (1960)

A new law which will be finalized by the Obama administration in December will allow the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to chase down any areas which are ‘too White’ and force them to bring in non-Whites.

To do this, HUD will be mapping every US ZIP code, neighborhood, and block by its majority racial group. The data would then be used to force “White suburbs” to change their zoning laws.

New York Post explains zoning laws would be changed so that cheap housing would be built “to bring more low-income minorities into ‘white suburbs’.

White areas are being chased down as part of the government’s goal to eliminate “racial segregation”, but you will not hear about this law in your mainstream media – this law is not meant to be headline news.

White Genocide is not alone carried out by bringing millions of non-White immigrants in White countries, because those non-Whites tend to stick to the cities, while White people move out into the suburbs and towns.

So, these anti-Whites in power make laws – or sometimes break laws – which forbids any area from being ‘too White’.

This law for example, while its goal is supposedly to end “racial segregation“, it specifically targets White areas for ‘diversity’ whether they want it or not.

That’s because ‘diversity‘ is just a code word for White genocide.


“Westerners” should “open the gates” to “refugees”.


In an article for The Globe And Mail titled “The world is not awash in refugees: Open the gates“, the writer Doug Saunders says that “Western” (White) countries should open our borders.

…the refugee flood is, in its origins and its greatest extremes, a European phenomenon. We Westerners have been refugees much more than we have been refugee’d upon.” He writes.

He is right, but not in the way he thinks: refugees from White countries settled in other White countries, and never in any non-White country. If you read the rest of his article he uses that as an excuse to bring non-White refugees into Europe.

Today we face the Syrian crisis. It is neither the largest nor the most unmanageable refugee flood of the postwar era, but it has arrived at a bad moment: first, because we have by now forgotten our own history as refugees; second, because an ugly politics of intolerance is influencing many Western governments; and third, because there is an unfortunate public belief that refugee tides are larger and more permanent than they really are.

On Tuesday, the governments of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey jointly urged Western countries to accept more. Most countries could easily do so. It would take a load off those much more burdened countries, and help reduce the risk of more instability in the Middle East.

We need to remember that taking in refugees is not just a responsibility but a way to return stability to the world

He is right again, taking “refugees” from Middle Eastern countries and moving them to Europe takes the pressure of the Middle East, but it puts the pressure on White countries.

For example, it has emerged that 14% of “young British people” -1 in 7 – support the Islamic State Army. I can guarantee you that those 14% of “young British people” were originally from the Middle East.

These “refugees” choose to settle in Europe because it’s rich, but what you really have to ask here is: what do the anti-White politicians in Europe have to gain from bringing them in?

Well, anti-Whites are looking to turn White people into a minority in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.

Any area that is deemed “too White” must do its best to “diversify” itself. In Sweden for example, anti-Whites have decided that they should move non-White immigrants into the White Swedish areas that don’t have as many.

Anti-Whites say they have good intentions, but if you look at what they are doing with magnifying glass, you will see they are actually committing the worst crime on the planet – genocide.

Yes, they are deliberately placing conditions on White countries that are turning us into the minority. That is legally defined as genocide by the United Nations Genocide Conventions.

“Diversity” is just their code for White genocide.


Great new White Genocide Podcasts

Basic Explanation of White Genocide

Basic Explanation of White Genocide

White Genocide and Psychological Warfare

White Genocide and Psychological Warfare

Courtesy of http://whitegenocidetoday.blogspot.ca


“Too White!” – Harry Potter, Frozen, and other Fantasy movies.


wrote an article for The Washington Post complaining that Harry Potter, Frozen, and many other Fantasy movies are “too White”.

In the United States, children’s fantasies are still largely imagined in white.

Why exactly are all the main characters in ‘Frozen’ white?‘s husband asked a friend.

The friend responded “Well, the movie is set in a Nordic, cold place — you know, it makes sense, right?

Lugman’s husband responded “The movie has a talking snowman.

Lugman writes “It’s funny, and sad, where we draw the lines for what’s acceptable in fantasy movies. Somehow a talking snowman makes more sense than, say, a black Norwegian.

Besides ‘Frozen,’ there’s ‘Brave,’ ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ‘ — the list goes on. Why couldn’t the main characters in these films have been a panoply of diversity?

This complaint that Fantasy is “too White” is repeated by anti-Whites a bit these days. For example, Children’s Laureate, Malorie Blackman, said a couple of months ago that children’s books “have too many White faces.

Lugman was upset because her Black son didn’t think he could dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween because the character was White.

Yes, just as my mom did, my husband and I try to provide black cultural images for my son. We look for the books, find DVDs and tell stories. There’s just not enough out there.” she writes.

I’m just a parent tired of making changes on the fringes just so my son can catch a glimpse of himself in the world. It’s time for the world to change.

America is full of White people, at least for now – movies would have more White people than any other group. That’s like going over to Haiti and complaining that there are too many Black people in and not enough White.

But the reason why this doesn’t happen in any non-White country is because no one is trying to make non-White countries “diverse”.

White countries are the only ones that have an obligation to be multi-racial, because anti-Whites have shouted and screamed names at anyone who disagrees.

When they shout for “diversity” in White countries, they are shouting for a White minority, and this is simply put – White genocide.

They say they want “diversity”, but what they want is a White minority. “Diversity” is a code for White genocide.


Nearly 70% of White people say USA is more divided now than in 2010.


A new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows that 65% of the White people who took part think the USA is more divided now than it was in 2010.

White Americans were more concerned with the direction of their country than other groups. 36% of Blacks said the country was more divided, with 44% of other races saying it was more divided.

Overall, 61% of people believed the USA was more divided.

Rasmussen Reports conducted the study by asking 1,000 people who were likely to vote for their opinions over the phone.

The more the USA is flooded with non-White immigrants, or just immigrants in general, the more divided it will become. Multi-racial / Multi-Ethnic societies just don’t work – to name a few look at India or Brazil.

But our point is not that what anti-Whites are doing doesn’t work – our point is that what they are doing is genocide, as defined by international law.

This “diversity” agenda is nothing more than a thinly veiled agenda to turn White people into the minority, which is White genocide.