Study: Americans worry about Hispanic immigrants more than White immigrants.


Research from Nicholas Valentino, Ted Brader, and Elizabeth Suhay, at the University of Michigan has shown that White Americans worry about letting in Hispanic (mixed-race) immigrants more than other immigrants.

The study gave White Americans either a pro-immigration news article, or an anti-immigration news article. Both pro-immigrant and anti-immigrant articles were randomly focused on either “Jose Sanchez” from Mexico or “Nikolai Vandinsky” from Russia, who were made up characters in the fictitious articles.

After reading the articles, those who read negative stories showed less support for immigration, but those who read the negative story about the Mexican immigrant showed much less support for immigration than those who read the negative story about the Russian immigrant.

Basically, White people showed much more concern for the Mexican immigrant than the Russian immigrant.

The researchers received similar results in a different study when they asked people about their feelings to a Hispanic immigrant and to a Dutch immigrant.

Americans think of immigration in an ethnically specific way at this point,” said Valentino. “They think of immigrants as Latino. Latinos trigger an anxiety in some Americans that other ethnic groups simply do not trigger. It changes both attitudes and behaviors on immigration policy.

The White people that took part in the study know that if you import millions of non-White immigrants, White people will become a minority in that country, and most non-White countries are usually third-world countries.

Massive amounts of non-White immigrants are being deliberately brought in to the United States, and many other White countries for exactly that goal – to turn White people into a minority.

Opening the borders of White countries is just not enough to do that, because the non-White immigrants will stick to the cities, and the White people will all move out, meaning that many areas will still be majority White.

And that’s why anti-Whites demand “diversity” for any place that is “too White”. They say “diversity is our strength”, well we say “diversity” is their straw-man.

The fact is, anti-Whites won’t allow White areas to remain White. That is a perfect example of what White genocide is.


Ferguson Police Department, Missouri, “too White”.


In the 67% Black city of Ferguson, anti-White protestors gathered outside the city’s police department, demanding more Black people are hired simply because they are Black.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said “We hire everyone that we can get,

Mayor Knowles released statistics that 3 out of the 53 officers are Black.

There’s also the problem that a lot of young African American people don’t want to go into law enforcement.

They already have this disconnect with law enforcement, so if we find people who want to go into law enforcement who are African American we’re all over it because we want them to help us bridge the gap.

But these young people, they’re not interested in law enforcement. There’s already this frustration with law enforcement.

Reverend Derrick Robinson, one of the protestors, said “We want answers, we want justice in our community, we want diversity…

I think if it’s going to change and get better there has to be a diversity.

Not all Black people support this move, Terrance Dodd, a black resident of Ferguson said “It don’t make a difference what color they are, it’s not about race or none of that. We just need good police officers.

In this anti-White regime, any place that is “too White” must “diversify” at once or else it will be bombarded with anti-White protestors, boycotts, and trouble in general.

Many majority White countries are facing the same anti-White ideology, which is turning White people into a minority.

We are becoming a minority because open borders and forced “diversity” have been placed on White countries, and this is not an accident. It is not an accident because we are not allowed to get rid of these policies. This constitutes a program of White genocide, as defined by the United Nations genocide conventions.


Initial this: “Sanction South Africa for its genocide of White farmers”

Click on the title to add initials to this message that will be visible to all the world from the White House once it  has 150 initials.

Sanction South Africa for its genocide of White farmers

Sanction the government of South Africa for allowing the torture, murder, and eradication of the White farming class of South Africa.

Since our media doesn’t report this genocide against Whites, inform our citizens of it.

Halt the larger White Genocide that’s being carried out in White countries worldwide by massive immigration and forced assimilation which in time will blend Whites out of existence.

Publish U.S. crime data to reveal if that larger White Genocide is showing aspects of the violent genocide that’s being waged against South Africa’s White farmers.

Those perpetrating both kinds of genocide against Whites say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The Sunday Times: “White farmers ‘being wiped out'”



Anti-White College: No Whites in Swedish Colleges.


This anti-White flyer is made and distributed by Gustavus Adolphus College, aiming to bring in foreign students.

The link on the flyer links to a page on the college’s website, where it tries to promote non-Swedes to study in Sweden. The main message the college tries to get across is that Sweden is no longer a country full of White Swedes. As you can see, the photo on the flyer shows only two White guys.

Experience living and learning in Sweden, a modern, multicultural and diverse nation that is both a unique northern European nation and a country integrated with the rest of Europe.” the college website says.

A century ago Sweden was still a poor, undemocratic, agricultural nation with a homogeneous population.

Notice the negative tone of this sentence – being majority White is a ‘problem’ like being undemocratic or poor, to them it seems.

Since the 1950s, there has been immigration to Sweden instead, including laborers attracted to booming industries in the 1960’s and then, starting in the 1970s, a great influx of refugees attracted by the positive notions of Swedish egalitarian values and aided by Swedish immigration laws.

A transformation of this order, however positive it may be, does not come without tension and the constant need to make rational choices.

These anti-Whites are actually using White genocide to advertise their college. What must their students be learning?

I’ll bet they’re not learning that anti-racist is a code for anti-White, and “diversity” is a code for White genocide.


Censorship Alert – Techies Needed

This powerful video by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance was taken down by Anti-Whites from youtube. It is a commentary on Mo Brooks War On Whites clarion call. The truth, it seems, is “hate speech”. This is a mirror. It could well be censored too. More mirrors would be appreciated from those of you young enough to understand puters. Anti-Whites are terrified that our message will get out and suppressing it is their greatest weapon. Make it harder for the SOBs.


Canada: Anti-immigration flyers distributed in Brampton again.


The city of Brampton, Canada, is becoming less and less White as a result of the anti-White policies of mass non-White immigration and legally enforced “diversity”.

Back in late April this year there was an anti-White uproar as flyers were distributed by the group Immigration Watch Canada, questioning if people really wanted a White minority in Brampton.

Brampton has again seen similar flyers this month, this time posted through peoples mailboxes.


The flyer explains that “250,000 – 300,000 third world immigrants on an annual basis for the past 23 years” is “reducing White Canadians to a minority in their own country!!!

One resident told GlobalNews.caWe are a country that takes in all races, creeds, colours, and religions,” and that the resident believes “that is what Canada was founded on. Why they would put something like this in people’s mailboxes, that is just not right…

Immigration Watch Canada said it had posted similar flyers in areas such as Brampton, but Dan Murray, a spokesman for the group, said he was unaware of the flyers.

He does seem to agree with the message of the flyers, however.

The people of a European-based background who had lived in Brampton all their lives, their parents and grandparents and way further back than that had become a minority in Brampton in a very short amount of time…” Murray told

“…from 2001 -2011, the percentage of people of European background had dropped from 60 per cent to about 30 per cent so the flyer was pointing out.. is this a good thing to be happening? Is becoming a minority in your community an issue Canadians should be talking about? That’s the message – its pro-Canadian,

MPP Jagmeet Singh, who believesWe need to celebrate our diversity and celebrate the fact that Canada is first and foremost a country of immigrants”, is organizing a “Rally Against Racism” outside of Brampton city hall in protest of the flyers.

Anti-Whites love to say that White people stole the land from “native people” (people who found the land first), but then they say that because of this, Canada, or the USA, or Australia, must now be “for everyone”.

Anti-Whites don’t REALLY care who was there first. For example, they don’t care that White people were in Europe first. What anti-Whites really want, is “diversity” everywhere White people are.

“Diversity” means no White majority country, state, city, town, etc left anywhere on the planet.

“Diversity” is a code for White genocide, because what’s being done exclusively to White people is genocide.


US: White students predicted a minority by fall this year.


For the first time in the history of the United States, public schools students might have more non-White students than White students by this fall, if the student enrollment predictions are correct.

The percentage of White students in public schools is expected to drop to 49.8% the National Center for Education Statistics says.

The largest non-White groups are “Hispanic” (mixed race) who make up 25% of public school students, Blacks who make up 15%, and Asians who make up 5%. Hispanic immigration is the driving force behind White Genocide in the United States.

Private schools in addition to public schools are seeing more non-White students.

Minority White status is not just something confined to the schools; White people in the US could be the minority around 2043 the US Census Bureau believes. This will largely be because of mass Hispanic immigration, and their high birth-rates.

The beginning of the new school year will see a large increase in Hispanic students around city schools as the illegal immigrant children will be allowed access to free education before a decision is made to keep them or deport them, the Obama regime has decided.

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan voices his support for White genocide in the US.

We can’t talk about other people’s children. These are our children…” Duncan said.

If any other group of people on the planet were becoming a minority in their own countries at such an alarming rate there would be investigations, but because it’s White people who are becoming a minority in our own countries, it is simply accepted as natural and should not be thought about.

There is nothing natural about opening the borders of White countries and forcing “diversity” on all White areas, despite objection from the public.

There is also nothing natural about putting in place “hate speech” laws that imprison people who say the wrong things about open borders and forced “diversity” for White countries.

As dramatic as it sounds, this is in fact a program of genocide against White people, which is ongoing in many majority White countries across the world.


Minnesota schools too White say anti-Whites.


The Minnesota Department of Education reported that almost 30% of state’s students are non-White, however 3.5% of Minnesota’s public school teachers are non-White

This is because non-White people are much less interested in becoming teachers, and many do not have the qualifications to become teachers.

Fewer minorities go on to higher education than white students — and even fewer get a degree in education. Meanwhile, some teachers with culturally diverse backgrounds from other states are deterred by Minnesota’s strict teacher licensing standards.” the says.

Abdullah Kiatamba, the executive director of ‘African Immigrant Services’ visited the Osseo Public School District office with a group of parents, complaining that there are too many White teachers in Osseo’s schools.

You have 51 percent students of color and less than 5 percent staff of color,” Kiatamba said. “We want to see a full representation that allows students to see that the classroom is more welcoming and that those who stand in front of the classroom look like them.”

Former Minneapolis Mayor Rybak said “It is backed by data: having a teacher of color helps a kid of color achieve better.

Minneapolis school officials are now working with Minnesota schools to create a program which aims to encourage non-White teachers aides get into teaching.

Most anti-Whites used to say that race doesn’t exist and doesn’t matter, but now that White people are becoming the minority they don’t have to pretend this isn’t about race anymore.

The anti-Whites who have thought about what they do, know that their entire argument is that White people cannot have White countries, but non-White people can have countries exclusively for them.

They say they are anti-racist, but that’s just a codeword for anti-White.

Simply put, “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, and “mixing the races” is only really demanded in White countries by anti-Whites. They use a lot of words, but what all their words mean is: no White majority anywhere.

This is a program of genocide.


Anti-White Objects to App That Helps People Avoid Violent Areas

Anti-White Gawker Blogger Sam Biddle complained that a safety oriented app will help people avoid walking through high-risk neighborhoods. The app Sketchfactor helps people navigate on foot through various neighborhoods throughout the US. From the app’s creators:


In A Sketchy Situation? There’s An App for That

SketchFactor shows you where to walk and where to avoid

August 7, 2014 – New York, NY. Today, August 8, SketchFactor launches. A first-of-its-kind navigation app, SketchFactor crowdsources walking directions based on users’ experiences on city streets. By showing the sketchiness of an area, SketchFactor takes the guesswork out of city navigation.

What’s sketchy? You can report weird—such as a bizarre discovery or strange encounter—or dangerous—potentially harmful situations—to the app. You can also share protips about what routes you take and why.

Whether you experience a low lit path, racial profiling, or even a pants-less dancer, SketchFactor’s got your back.

Check out how SketchFactor works via this cool video.

Sounds like a nice app for people who want to arrive home safely, but Biddle objects. He claims the app is the work of witchcraft, er, I mean, racism. You see, the app was created by two White people, or as Biddle hatefully describes them as “grinning Caucasians Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington“, and that is a big strike against them in the Witch Trials, er, I mean, Racism Trials.

Biddle describe the app as “racist”. Biddle believes the app will alert White people to avoid high-crime areas. To Biddle, these high-risk areas are likely to be mostly non-White. In Biddle’s mind, the app will keep White people away from non-White areas. Anti-Whites like Biddle are as White supremacist as your garden variety Stormfront poster. Am I the only one who finds this hilarious? Anti-Whites and “White Supremacists” are in lockstep on this.  His reasoning is the same reasoning you would read on Stormfront, that non-White neighborhoods are more violent than White neighborhoods. Biddle’s only recourse is to scream “WITCH”, pardon me, I mean he screams “RACIST!”.

Mr. Biddle, you are a silly anti-White White Supremacist.