America, Canada, South America


Nicaraguan woman “loves” White guy, but “feels guilty” because he “taints” her body

The Nicaraguan born Prisca Rodriguez is a writer and the ...
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Is self-hatred normal?

Normal is usually defined by the majority and the majority ...
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Ann Coulter – Republicans “betrayed America”, “Why can’t we have a home?”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obXQ0IzIjs8 Ann Coulter was on BBC Radio 4, where she spoke ...
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Multiculturalists losing in USA, Europe – they blame internet freedom

At a recent conference called "How’s It Going, Germany?", American ...
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Brexit politician: “We never said” we’d stop mass immigration

Just a couple of days after Britain voted to leave ...
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TV chefs boast about “cappuccino colored” future with “no White people anymore”

American chef Anthony Bourdain went to Cologne, Germany to meet ...
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Brexit leader wants illegal immigrants to have British citizenship

In less than a week, Britain is voting to either ...
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Irish government is flooding Ireland with Nigerians, Indians, and Filipinos

New figures show that Ireland grants more citizenships to non-EU ...
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Minister: Non-Westerners were brought in to “diversify” Germany

According to a German government minister, over a million illegal ...
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Australia & New Zealand


New Zealand votes against “diversity” agenda, keeps the same flag

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, didn't like the current flag ...
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Australian politicians admit they wanted to turn the country “Eurasian”

Statistics from Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection show ...
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Australian Stop White Genocide in South Africa protest heckled by uncaring Whites

On October the 10th, protesters gathered outside the town hall ...
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South Africa & Africa


“All Whites are racist” and must destroy themselves says White South African “activist”

Gillian Schutte, a White South Africa "feminist" and "social justice ...
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The refugees no one wants

In South Africa, White Boers are forced to live in ...
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Japanese stand up to government, and stop mass immigration plans

While Western leaders keep trying to "diversify" all the majority White ...
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Past STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Meme-Messages we’ve broadcast from the White House

Click here for current and recent White House meme-messages.   February, 2015 (Three ...
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