Wisconsin town lines up for White genocide.

A small town in Wisconsin are now expecting ‘refugees’ – non-White people that want to seek ‘refuge’ from the countries non-White people have created.

The town of Appleton, of around 80,000 people, are expecting a tiny number of immigrants from the Congo, Sudan, Iraq, and Myanmar – around about 75.

However, like all third world non-White mass immigration into White countries, we all know by now that it starts with a little trickle, a small insignificant amount of non-Whites. Then over the years there are more and more lining up. Anti-White organizations simply refuse to say “no”, because flooding every White country with millions of non-Whites is the first stage to getting rid of White people.

Lawrence junior Alex Babbitt says the community was eager to welcome its newest members. While the refugees will arrive with needs, they’ll be contributing in the form of a richer community, he said.

Local anti-White residents are eager to welcome the non-Whites, “We’re widening our diversity,” one anti-White said.

The organization ‘World Relief’ has repeatedly violated Appleton’s White residents, organizing this first stage of genocide for several years now. ‘World Relief’ also tries to find the non-White immigrants jobs, and houses in the towns it moves them to.

Anti-Whites constantly love to talk about how “evil Whitey did this”, but if my people are so evil, why is it everyone wants to live around us? Anti-Whites have no problem getting non-Whites into our countries, but to make it a little easier, they also give them free things if they move here.

All and ONLY White countries are expected to care for the world – mostly this entails bringing non-Whites into White countries and trying to get them to mix with White people. This is not a some global humanitarian effort – this is a program of genocide against White people, that anti-Whites from many different occupations benefit from.



Sweden: Islam + Military experience = a more violent White genocide.

A new study has found that the most dangerous threats to Sweden’s security are Islamic “extremists”, as they are insistent on pushing their ideology that is incompatible with Sweden’s own.

Some weeks ago, Muslim mercenaries that live in White countries of Europe were temporarily moving over to Syria to fight the civil war, and now they’re moving back to Europe with their new experience in warfare. Authorities in Europe are worried about this, particularly the French, Germans, and Swedes.

A report by Doris Högne Rydheim, an investigator for the Swedish government, concluded that with military experience, extreme believers of Islam would pose a serious threat to Sweden, and its people.

Sweden and its people are seen as a ‘desirable target’ of Islamic terrorist actions, especially those who Muslims hate.

The report examined three groups: the extreme anti-White movement (far left), the pro-White movement that opposes White genocide of native Swedes, and extreme Muslim groups that may be waging a ‘Jihad’ or ‘holy war’ on White Swedish people.

The threat of anti-White (pro-Islamic) terrorism is believed to be the strongest ever seen so far, and is expected to increase around September, when the national elections start being discussed.

All White countries, and ONLY White countries are expected to open their borders and allow the third world to flood into our countries. Even when we are importing terrorists we are not allowed to close our borders, because if the borders are closed or slowed down, what it means is that White people live as the majority for another day…and anti-Whites simply can NOT have that happening. Anti-Whites see us “evil racist Whites” as some sort of race of devils and demons that are the root of all evil.

So all these open borders policies, and forced assimilation policies are for ONLY White countries, because White people are the only race of people who are seen as a problem. Anti-Whites readily all agree that open borders and assimilating non-Whites in White communities will get rid of White people, but they just disagree that it’s genocide – at least when these policies are forced upon White people. In fact, when Tibet is flooded with Chinese, and Tibet is encouraged to “diversify”, anti-Whites all agree that what the Chinese government are doing is genocide.

What anti-Whites believe is simple really: Black countries for Blacks, Asian countries for Asians, but White countries for everyone.



Black man shoots White women for ‘White colonialism’.

A Black man is on trial for a shooting-spree in Fulton County, Georgia, in 2011. His defense for the fatal shooting of several White women is that he learned to hate White people from his education.

From: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Makarov-PM-cc.jpg

Nkosi Thandiwe, 23, and a former security guard, admitting to fatally shooting Brittney Watts, Tiffany Ferenczy, and Lauren Garcia alleging that he was under a trance or hypnotic state.

It was almost like watching myself in action,” Thandiwe told Fulton County court, “I tell her to get out of [her] car. She screams. I fire. She drops to the ground. […] My mind was blank at the time,” he said.

During his testimony, Thandiwe suggested his shooting-spree was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about White people while he was studying anthropology at the University of West Georgia.

I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making White people mend.

He said the night before the shooting, he went to a “Peace Party” – a gathering of Black people – but because enraged when he saw two White people were there also.

I was upset,” Thandiwe said. “I was still upset Friday. I took the gun to work because I was still upset from Thursday night.

He told the jury he was not in his right mind,” Professor Ronald Carlson said of Thandiwe. “… in essence that he was in the grip of temporary insanity.

If Thandiwe is found to have been in a poor mental state during the shooting spree, it is possible the jury may find him “not guilty by reason of insanity.antiwhites5

All people in the history of world have colonized other people’s land. The difference is, White people were just more successful at it. For example, Japan colonized parts of China and Korea. Turkish and Iranian tribes failed to take over China, so they invaded the Middle east, Europe, and North Africa. Also, the Zulus slowly expanded down into southern Africa; they took the land from the brown-skinned Hottentots from Zimbabwe to South Africa.

Anti-Whites seem to ignore world history. All those anti-Whites scream about how White countries should accept “diversity” (non-Whites), and the reason for this, they say, is because White people took other people’s land.

When they say that, it is not just their opinion or perspective on ‘history’ – that is a justification of White genocide – they are saying that the world would be better without White people.



White Genocide, Britain: Leicester may become ‘Asian’ majority city

A major English city may soon become majority ‘Asian’ (Indian, Pakistani, etc), due to massive immigration from the third world.

From commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Crowd_shot_9.jpg

In the city of Leicester, the census found that White British became the minority in 2011, making up 45.1% of Leicester’s population, down from 61% in 2001, while Asians made up 37.1% of the population – up from about 26% in 2001. All White groups combined in Leicester just make the majority at 50.6%, down from 63.9% in 2001.

North-eastern Leicester is one of the places where White genocide has been very successful; 55.3% are now Indian or Pakistani. Also, in the east of the city, Indians are 46.9% of the population.

Leicester population by race / ethnicity
UK Census 2011 Leicester East Midlands England
Total population 329,839 4,533,222 53,012,456
Foreign born 33.6% 9.9% 13.8%
White (2001) 63.9% 93.5% 90.9%
White (2011) 50.6% 89.3% 85.5%
South Asian (2001) 29.9% 4.0% 4.6%
South Asian (2011) 31.8% 5.1% 5.5%
Black (2001) 3.1% 0.9% 2.3%
Black (2011) 6.3% 1.7% 3.4%
Mixed (2001) 2.3% 1.9% 1.3%
Mixed (2011) 3.5% 1.4% 2.2%
East Asian and Other (2001) 0.8% 0.5% 0.9%
East Asian and Other (2011) 5.3% 1.3% 2.2%
Christian 32.4% 58.8% 59.4%
Muslim 18.6% 3.1% 5.0%
No religion 17.4% 15.2% 24.7%
Hindu 15.2% 2.0% 1.5%
English as a main language 69.3% 93.3% 90.9%

One Indian newspaper loved that many parts of Leicester are virtually indistinguishable from India: “The smells of Indian spices waft out of their kitchen windows still, they are not very comfortable with English, their sarees are worn with the careless abandon of women who have worn them day and night, over decades.

Leicester has the highest proportion of Asians and Indians anywhere in Britain; nationally Leicester’s Asians and Indians account for 2.6% of the total population.

Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby, praised White genocide in Leicester, as a “a great strength. […] I think you will find a large proportion of people who, for instance, might say they are ‘Asian’ will actually be Leicester-born and bred“.

I think we are seeing what makes Leicester so unique – there is no such thing as a majority,” Suleman Nagdi, chairman of the Federation of Muslim Organizations.

Colin Hyde, from the Center for Urban History at the University of Leicester, said that when Indians and other Asians were deported from Uganda in 1972, many of them moved to the city, which caused the National Front, an anti-immigrant party, to raise awareness of the genocide of White people in the city. “However, the National Front imploded in the late 1970s […] and Leicester has been relatively harmonious since,” Hyde said.

Hyde does not see the future Leicester as a Indian/Pakistani-majority city. “The city is simply too diverse for that to happen, yes, there’s a sizable Indian population in the city, but there are also significant groups from the Caribbean and Africa, and growing Eastern European communities as well.

Leicester has been blessed with high-caliber political and community leadership that works well with all authorities and the police […] Any short-term conflict and challenges are ironed out quickly. Overall, we have international reputation as a harmonious multi-ethnic communities.

All anti-Whites scream ‘diversity’ as other anti-Whites deliberately make a country majority non-White, and minority White. But meanwhile on planet earth, all this ‘diversity’ and ‘mixing the races’ is never talked about in non-White countries. Non-Whites are allowed to patrol their borders. Non-Whites are allowed to have almost 100% non-White countries. Non-Whites are allowed to discriminate against other groups.

And if they do … there are no anti-Whites that will ever scream ‘racist-xenophobe’ at them.

According to anti-Whites there are two groups of people, everyone but White people – this ‘group’ is considered ‘diverse’. And then there’s White people, which are not considered ‘diverse’.

An area is considered ‘diverse’ when there are no White people left in it – so we can deduce that ‘diversity’ is just a codeword for White genocide.



White Genocide because a billionaire hates paying Whites?

Billionaire says that immigration restrictions are harming Britain’s engineering businesses.

Sir James Dyson, inventor of the vacuum cleaner brand “Dyson” (worth £3 billion), threatened to leave the UK and take his business with him, because immigration rules or policies, and he specifically referred to engineers or foreign students who want to study engineering.

He believes making them fill out lots of paperwork and strict visa rules are discouraging foreign engineers who were trained in the UK, to leave and take their skills with them.

In the Financial Times, Sir James wrote: “Foreign engineering students are clearly Anglophiles and they are clearly bright. So let us use their brains to our advantage.

The reason these engineers go home is because we do everything we can to make them unwelcome. They must find work within a few weeks of completing their studies, or we revoke their visas.

If they do find work, we permit them only a fixed-term contract. Their employers, too, face high fees and an avalanche of paperwork. These are the world’s most promising engineers. We ought to be encouraging them to stay, not waving them goodbye.

The solution to our engineering shortage is easy to see. Politicians need to find the mettle to implement it. Otherwise, we and others will be forced to leave for countries where engineers are made – and made welcome.

Dyson criticized British immigration minister, Mark Harper, claiming that British businesses were losing out on foreign workers blaming the visa rules.

Just about all the foreign students in Britain are Chinese or Asian, with perhaps a tiny amount of South Americans. Super-rich elites all want these policies that kick White people out of work and replace them with non-White workers that don’t complain about being treated like dirt.

All the rich elite have money, so the next thing they want is power. So they will happily promote White genocide, or policies that lead to it such as massive non-White immigration, because White people stand in the way of them getting more power.

In White countries, there are many different groups that want to get rid of White people for many different reason, but we simply call all of them “anti-White”. All of their policies lead to a world where White people turn into a minority that gets a little smaller each generation until White people are eventually no more.



California: White minority to be discriminated against – “affirmative action”

This November, Californian citizens will be voting on whether or not to reinstate affirmative action laws that put quotas on institutions for higher education.

From: http://i2.wp.com/commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:May_Day_Immigration_March_LA74.jpg

The reason the Senate proposed this vote last month, is because they, and other anti-Whites, hate the fact that White students still do much better than non-Whites in institutions for higher education, like universities, despite the state of California being minority White.

Not only that, but within the next month, Whites are expected to be the second biggest minority, as “Hispanics” (mixed race) become the largest minority.

In 1996, ‘proposition 209′ was passed by 55% of Californian voters, making ‘affirmative action’ illegal, at least when it comes to government hiring, public school admissions, and public contracts. The previous anti-White ‘affirmative action’ policies meant when it came to recruiting people, anyone White was automatically looked dis-favorably on, and anyone non-White was automatically looked on more favorably.

Research shows that since the passage of [proposition] 209, historically underrepresented [non-White] students have experienced dramatic declines in enrollment within the system [University of California]” said ethnic studies professor Elvia Ramirez.

This is mostly because ‘minority scholarships’ can no longer be paid for, due to state-wide budget cuts.

Sociology professor Paul Burke said “[the unvoted proposition is] long overdue, and I think it will pass, […] California has changed a lot in 20 years. We are a more progressive state and we are more diverse demographically. I think the time is right.

Anti-Whites all agree that White people, anywhere and everywhere in the world, must accept millions of non-White immigrants from the third world. The goal of anti-Whites, whether they admit it or not, is a world where White people disappear more, and more in each generation, until White people no longer have any power over the countries that their ancestors built.

However, just flooding a country with foreigners will not get rid of a group of people – anti-Whites require that these foreigners assimilate, and Whites assimilate vice verse, resulting in mixed-race children. Mixed-race couplings and marriages is the whole point of forcing Whites and non-Whites to assimilate – it results in White genocide.



Britain: Anti-Whites call for less Whites in business.

‘Skin color’ doesn’t matter to anti-Whites, unless of course, a place is considered ‘too White’, and ‘in need of diversity’ – the most recent example of this double standard has been raised in British businesses by anti-Whites in influential positions.

File:Woman seated on pavement in China with twins.jpg

Image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Woman_seated_on_pavement_in_China_with_twins.jpg

Trevor Phillips, a Black man who among other things works as a chairman of the Mapping Integration project at Demos college, calls on British companies and businesses to deliberately seek out non-White people, and recruit them as executives in their businesses, purely on the basis that they are non-White.

As China grows to the largest consumer market in the world, and as the United States becomes a majority-minority society, the fact that two-thirds of our business companies have all-white executive teams – and apparently not one person of Chinese descent – should set off a big red flashing light that we aren’t equipping ourselves to compete in these markets,” said Phillips.

They have to come up with an explanation and a remedy to it and treat it like any other business problem“.

These comments are made despite the fact that many businesses in Africa are close 100% Black, and many businesses in Asia are close to 100% Oriental. Some suggest that these people who call themselves ‘anti-racists’ are merely just anti-White, as the ONLY places ‘anti-racists’ say need ‘diversity’, just happen to be full of White people, and other places that are majority Black, Asian, or some other non-White group are never called ‘too non-White’, ‘too Black’, ‘too Asian’, etc.

Chuka Umunna, a member of Parliament, and the shadow business secretary, said if Labour (left-wing) was again elected to be the government, they plan to legally force businesses to accept ‘diversity’ quotas – forcing them to hire people just because they are not White. This might be done, Umunna says, if businesses do not voluntarily do this themselves.

The continued existence of a glass ceiling for women and ethnic minorities in our boardrooms is undeniable and unacceptable. Whilst advances on non-executive appointments in recent years have been welcome, progress on executive positions has been lamentable,” Umunna said.

EVERY and ONLY White areas are expected to become ‘multicultural’, which actually is a code word for ‘multi-racial’. This fact is no surprise considering there is a global genocide against White people (by forced assimilation), in an effort to change White countries, areas, businesses, etc, into a ‘majority-minority’, where White people no longer make up the visible majority.

Genocidal policies like this are a violation of the United Nations Genocide Conventions, which clearly outline the policies that are defined as genocide. In short, opening the borders of White countries, allowing millions of non-Whites to flood in, and then attempting to force the assimilation of all these non-Whites into White areas is White genocide.

The end result of these policies, make White people a vanishing minority at around 2050, in countries that just a century ago were 90% to 100% White.



EU hates democracy for White countries.

Leaders of the European Union have decided to take away academic funding from Switzerland, after the majority of Swiss people voted against open borders.

Image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fl%C3%BCchtlingsdemo_Bern_2.JPG

The European Union has frozen all research grants for Swiss universities, worth millions of euros, and also removed Switzerland from taking part in student exchange programs. This comes as a retaliation to a recent referendum, where the majority of Swiss citizens voted for more restrictions on immigration.

Swiss universities had expected this to happen, in retaliation to the cap on immigration. Switzerland is estimated to lose up to 80 to 100 million francs in research grants from the vengeful EU leaders, who care little for science, so long as they have power.

An EU spokesman announced this agenda a day after Swiss politicians declined migrants from Croatia.

The Swiss government could not accept the proposal because of the February 9th referendum – which stopped unrestricted movement of migrants and imposed quotas on immigration.

EU leaders also have stopped talks about supplying Switzerland with electricity, in an attempt to “change” people’s minds.

Switzerland is a good example of a White country that does not want open borders because it will destroy the people of their country and replace them with a different people.

Most White countries hate all these open borders and massive non-White – and White – immigration pouring into our countries and reducing our living standards all so the rich can get richer.

However, our issue here is more about the survival of a group of people. All and ONLY White countries are expected to have open borders which allows millions of non-White third world immigrants to flood it.

Meanwhile, at the same time, All and ONLY White countries are expected to adopt these millions of non-Whites into their neighborhoods, schools, and families in an effort to blend White people with non-White people and bring about this “mixed-race future” that anti-Whites so love to talk about.

This all leads to a world without White people because : there will still Black people in Africa, there will still be Oriental people in Asia, there will still be Mestizos in South America. The ONLY countries that are affected by these policies that lead to White genocide, are, of course, WHITE countries.



Washington D.C. even money won’t let you escape White genocide.

As hundreds or even thousands of majority White areas across the country are becoming less White, Washington D.C. is one of the few places that has become more White and less Black.

Before World War 2, D.C. had experienced White flight from the city as Blacks moved in and made the city 70% Black by 1970. After 1970, White people gradually moved back in, and the city was pushed down to 65% Black in 1990 to 50.1% Black in 2012.

Anti-Whites are upset by this because certain areas of the city or ‘wards’, are according to them “too White”.

As White people move into areas full of White people, and Blacks stay in areas full of Black people, anti-Whites are putting in place policies that deliberately enforce “diversity”, specifically on the White areas of the city.

One policy to turn White people in to the minority in the city is the ‘inclusionary zoning ordinance’, which orders every new residential development to reserve a certain amount of their units (apartments, etc) for lower-income residents (typically non-White people) to ensure that White families cannot buy their way out of the effects of White genocide.

Sheryll Cashin, a law professor for race relations at Georgetown University Law Center, and author of an upcoming book called “Place, Not Race,” gave her thoughts on the development in downtown D.C.

I think what’s happening in the District is that higher-income [White] people are pricing out lower-income [Black] people, and it may have racial implications,” Cashin said, noting that “[Blacks], on average, have less money than Whites do”.

White people are experiencing a loss of majority status and it isn’t happening everywhere, but a lot of places, and White people have to adjust to that reality – everybody has to adjust to that reality. In the future, nobody’s going to be the dominant group,

The city is more livable than it used to be, and it’s an exciting, multiracial, I would even say international, place, where a lot of people of all different types come, and there are people who are attracted to it because of that vibrancy and diversity,

We have some policies in place that are designed to retain the affordable housing stock” Cashin said, which would allow non-Whites to flood into majority White areas, turning them minority White “but my fear is that the city is becoming more like Paris where, in Paris, lower-income people and communities of color can live out in the suburbs”, as White people live in the city-centers which are too expensive for most non-Whites to live in, causing this genocide by assimilation against White people to more or less fail in certain areas.

We have to have the right policies in place for making our neighborhoods and our institutions inclusive in the way that works for everybody,” Cashin said.

Paul Butler, who is also a law professor for race relations at Georgetown University Law Center says “I always think it’s a problem when cities lose their diversity, including racial diversity, and class diversity,” calling on the city to make “a black warranty of establishing low-income quality housing, [in the majority White areas of the city]”, ignoring the fact that there are majority Black areas in the city that are up to 90% Black.

Anti-Whites are always screaming about how there is going to be this “mixed race future”, but they only scream about this in White countries.

Despite numerous scientific studies conducted across the world, the fact remains that White people want to be with White people, and non-White people want to be with their individual non-White groups – this is an obvious ‘discovery’, but it now has scientific backing to support it.

Anti-Whites are the ones that opened the borders of ALL and ONLY White countries. There has never been a vote called in any White country asking people if they wanted open borders. When White people demand the borders to be closed or tightened, anti-Whites simply scream names at us and try to sabotage the lives we have built.

Open borders are the very first requirement for White genocide to take place, because without millions of non-Whites pouring into White countries, how can the ‘mixed race future’ come into being?

Forced assimilation is the part that legally turns this into a genocide against White people; White people move out of areas that have been flooded with non-Whites and move to Whiter areas. Anti-Whites again scream names at people and put in place laws and policies that force or encourage White areas to accept non-Whites into their communities.

If White people still refuse to mix with non-Whites, and vice verse, anti-Whites go after White children, and force them to learn a skewed and distorted anti-White view of history, whereby White people are to blame for the Nazis, Slavery, ‘racism’ and every other thing in the world, and not allowed to take credit for all the good deeds White people have done, the intent of which is to make White children hate themselves..

If after all of this, White people still refuse to mix, at least in a great enough number, the only thing left to do is keep the borders open for as long as possible and turn White people into a minority surrounded by non-White groups that also learned the same anti-White view of history…

This is the age that we live in – the age of White genocide.