Banner drive to combat White genocide!

What is White Genocide?

The white race is facing genocide through mass immigration and forced assimilation, discrimination based upon the color of our skin (affirmative action), wealth redistribution to illegal aliens and “minorities”, endless violence against white people by non-whites, race mixing propaganda, and the mental attacks against our very existence (eg, “white privilege” and “white guilt”). This is happening in all white countries and only in white countries.

If you check the UN definition of Genocide, you will see that what is taking place before our very eyes is in fact WHITE GENOCIDE, and it is our duty to stop it.

Raising Awareness

The funds raised through this campaign will be used to purchase (at cost) at least 70 large banners to be displayed all across the United States, and perhaps across the world. We want people to use these banners only in legal ways, so that we keep our people and our new banners out of police custody, so they can be used again!


These banners will spread our message to the public at large in the most effective way possible. This “diversity” agenda is being directed at white countries (and only at white countries) with various programs that ensure that there are less white people at schools and in the work force, which is unfair and discriminatory, taking away money and opportunities from the indigenous white people. President Bill Clinton once remarked, “America’s diversity is our greatest strength,” even though all evidence points to the contrary, as “diverse” communities almost always become very unsafe and crime-ridden.

As much as the anti-white destroyers talk about “diversity”, they are actually seeking to destroy real diversity by mixing everyone together. The white race is the most diverse people on the planet, having: blonde, red, brown, and black hair, which is curly, wavy, and straight; blue, green, grey, hazel, and brown eyes; all sorts of skin types, like freckles; and many different languages, philosophies, and traditions. We do NOT need the third world pouring into our countries to experience real diversity, since it already naturally exists within our lands. That is why their form of diversity is put into “quotes”.


“Diversity” is a codeword for White Genocide.

White Man March

On March 15, 2014, White people around the world will be taking to the streets in various ways to express love for their race and opposition to the genocidal programs of our puppet governments. On this day, our banners will be unfurled simultaneously in many different locations, which will also coincide with other demonstrations. The pictures and videos taken from these events will be assembled into compilation videos that highlight our struggle.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute, please help by spreading the word about our campaign. You can share this campaign through social media to get your friends interested. Also, you should think about organizing your own local events. Just be sure to send your media to us at White Man March!

If you would like to learn more, please visit


Anti-White activist : Football too White. Basketball diverse.

After conducting a study, Richard Lapchick said that the amount of White people in football is “unacceptable”.

Lapchick’s study, conducted from Central Florida’s “Diversity and Ethics in Sport” shows that the top leadership positions at Football Bowl Subdivision schools and conferences are mostly filled by White folk.

For 2013, the study found 88.8% of university presidents, 84.8% of athletic directors, and 100% of conference commissioners were White.

Lapchick’s study looked at what race and gender the conference commissioners, and campus leaders were, including other positions such as college and university presidents, athletic directors, faculty athletic representatives, head football coaches, assistant football coaches, and student-athletes for football teams.

Lapchick said the numbers were “unacceptable”, and the problem was that ‘the system’ doesn’t punish or sanction the schools which football teams are ‘too white’.

There are individual schools that do it.” Lapchick said, “The Division I athletics director organization has suggested it, but there is no policy or sanction for schools bringing in all white guys,” he said. “I think that would make the difference as it did with academic progress and graduation rates. Once coaches knew they could lose their jobs because of it, those rates started to skyrocket.

Lapchick said it is troubling there were 15 non-White head football coaches in the 2013 season, down from 18 last year. The all-time high of 19 was during the 2011-12 academic year.white genocide american football

I think that it goes back to the same question — there’s no sanctions for them not to do it, so they continue to do business the way they’ve always done it, I think it’s more of the ‘old boys’ network’ than it is a racial thing … so the pipeline isn’t full with potential candidates. I think colleges have to be more creative with how they look for key jobs like these and make sure they have a diverse pool of candidates.

In 2008, Lapchick was given the NASCAR Diversity Award for leadership in advancing non-Whites in the motorsports industry.

In 2011 Lapchick also did a study on the NBA (National Basketball association), and found that 83% were non-White, with 78% Black, 4% Hispanic, 1% Asian, but is 17% White, despite Whites being the majority of the USA. So where are the screams of “diversity!” from Lapchick now?

Lapchick says he’s an anti-racist, what he is, is anti-White.

White genocide is committed by the idea of building a country for everyone (where White countries used to be). African sports teams are full Black people, Asian sports teams are full of Asian people, but White sports teams for everyone?



Scotland : Kids must learn to be Anti-White.

Members from the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) have called for more “anti-racist” (anti-White) policies to be enforced upon Scottish children.

EIS, Scotland’s largest teaching union, asked Scottish councils about their education policies, and found that many schools no longer emphasize anti-White education policies.

Out of the 24 councils that responded, EIS says 17 of them had no firm anti-White polices in place.

Larry Flanagan, the general secretary of the EIS, claimed to be “genuinely concerned” at this, probably because many White children would not be taught to hate what they are from a young age.

Flanagan said “With the worrying rise of the far-right in some parts of the UK, together with the ideologically-driven demonisation of many migrant groups by some politicians, it is essential we take appropriate steps to educate all our young people on anti-racism while highlighting the cultural value of the diverse ethnic mix that exists throughout Scotland.

white genocide scotland britain

Glasgow Cathedral

While some authorities have well-developed policies, others have no specific anti-racist education policy or consider this area of work within other existing strategies, such as anti-bullying policy.

The EIS believes anti-racist education should permeate the curriculum in all learning establishments and should be seen as a fundamental part of the learning and teaching process.

Young people in schools must grow up learning that we are all part of a multi-ethnic society and it is essential that all schools provide education on this topic in order to develop positive values and behavior.

Douglas Chapman, an education spokesman, agrees with Flanagan’s anti-White stance, but disagrees with his proposed methods : “We should never be complacent when it comes to racism [...] but I’m not convinced that calling for anti-racist education to be made a requirement in all Scottish schools is the right way to go.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said “Under Curriculum for Excellence, pupils will learn about different cultures and beliefs to develop them as informed and responsible global citizens with a knowledge of Scotland and its place in the world.

The whole point of an education is not to teach people what to think; it’s to teach them how to think, but then if anti-Whites did just that, their power over the public would erode over night.

In order for White genocide to take place, you are expected to learn that White people A/ deserve it, and B/ don’t exist or can’t be defined, and C/ that the whole world is becoming mixed race. Of course we all know that what they say is not only wrong factually, and morally, but also it contradicts itself.

If you’ve had enough of these ridiculous policies and want a way to combat this, you simply point out that anti-racist is a code word for anti-White, and that “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide; it’s as simple as that.



Canadian study calls for more non-Whites in adverts.

A new study says that Canadian TV adverts are too White; Professor wants more non-Whites.

The study conducted by professor Shyon Baumann was done at the University of Toronto, where he examined nearly 250 prime-time, food-related adverts that ran on CBC, CTV, and Global from 2008 to 2009.

Baumann’s study found that 87% of the characters in adverts were White; Canada itself, is 80% White.canada canadian White genocide

In an interview with CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange, Baumann said “What we found was that there was an under-representation of some visible minority groups. Along with that we found that the way that different groups are portrayed – it provides more opportunities for favorable portrayals of white characters, compared to black characters and Asian-Canadian characters

We were hoping that because prior research had happened based on commercials that were aired 20 years ago, 15 years ago, that maybe things had changed, but what we found was much more of the same, rather than change

If companies want to play it safe and just use commissioned advertisements that are just generic, then it’s safest to go with white characters as the “default’ kind of person that can be used in any situation. So for that reason I think we see them used a lot,

The media does have the power to shape our ideas about who people are. The media can reinforce cultural values that are already out there, so when we see commercials that feature characters that we are not used to seeing — a black family eating at a restaurant rather than a white family — little by little if we are exposed to those ideas over time, it broadens the idea of what is normal,

Baumann’s stance on White Genocide is not surprising since he got his PhD from Harvard University, which has spawned many other anti-Whites in the past.



Will ‘the fighting Irish’ fight White genocide?

ireland white genocide

Islam is estimated to become the second largest religion within Ireland, in less than 20 years.

White genocide across the world, including Ireland is entirely because of open-borders policies, and the high birth rate of those non-White immigrants entering.

Central Statistics Office” has been analyzing its data and finds that Islam is now Ireland’s fastest growing religion; if Ireland keeps its borders open, it will become the second largest religion (the first is Catholicism), before 2043.

On their website, the “Central Statistics Office” says “There were 49,204 Muslims in Ireland in April 2011, a sharp rise on five years previously. Ireland’s Muslim population included 8,322 primary school aged children and 3,582 of secondary school age.

In 1991, Islam was the religion of 0.1% of the population, since then it has increased sharply to be 1.1% in 2011.

By 2020, Muslims are predicted to double in population size to 100,000, as a result of high birth rates and open borders.

Ireland is still 94% White; more than it’s neighbor, the UK which is less than 90% White, but like the UK, non-Whites are there and this will present a problem in the future that will severely alter the fate of most Northern European countries. | Census: Religion and Nationality, 2011 | Wikipedia – Demographics of Ireland


UK – One in three babies have foreign parents.

Foreign-born people entering into Britain has quadrupled over the last 60 years which has surged to a tipping point which will decide the fate of Britain in the future.

In England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics has found that in 2012, 1 in 3 babies were born to two non-UK parents, and in some parts of the Britain, 9 out of 10 babies were born to one foreign parent.

London is the most affected region, where just 3 out of 10 babies have two UK born parents; 7 out of 10 babies born have at least one foreign parent.

In Newham, East London, 5,464 babies (85%) had one or more parents who were born abroad. In Brent, in West London, and Westminster, in central London, more than eight in 10 babies were foreign-born.

The 2011 census reports that Britain is 81% White British, and 86% White in total, making it 14% non-White. However, this is very quickly changing.

Prime minister, David Cameron has announced that restrictions on EU migrants claiming benefits in the new year, which he said would make the UK a “less attractive place for EU migrants“.

The Home Office has proposed a 75,000 cap on EU migrants – although Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has slammed this as “pointless“, “arbitrary” and “distracting“.

Meanwhile, Labour party’s immigration policy has been blamed for allowing foreign workers an “open door“.

Conservative MP Nigel Mills said: “The rate of change over the past decade has been staggering. We have to be concerned.

It is creating problems for community cohesion. It is also leading to rising tensions.

In Britain, you are allowed to oppose immigration and still be semi-politically correct – but ONLY if you oppose the White immigrants – don’t you dare say anything about non-Whites or else!

white genocide in england and wales



Nelson Mandela’s legacy: White Genocide!

Our very best wishes for fulfillment in the New Year to all the initialers of our monthly STOP WHITE GENOCIDE messages that go on display at the White House!

Our consistent memes and phrases that the White House will help us hammer into the public mind during January are ready for your initials…just click on the titles below!

Anyone who isn’t yet a Stalwart, please become one!



ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third-world non-whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done in White countries, by UN Convention:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

And yet, when White Genocide isn’t being justified in our country, it’s being denied!

Mr. Obama, it’s your duty as President to awaken a nation that is in denial!

White Genocide deniers say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


Save Polar Bears

Jacob Palasek was walking home from work when suddenly a group of young Blacks repeatedly struck him on the head with a chain.

Hundreds of Whites in the U.S. have been attacked in a similar fashion.

The attackers call this, “POLAR BEAR HUNTING.”

But anyone who calls the attacks racial violence is silenced as a “RACIST,” and the media trivializes the attacks by calling them a game, “THE KNOCKOUT GAME.”

The media gives similar treatment to this much deadlier attack on Whites:

“Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYONE!”

That’s a Knockout Punch for the White race. That’s White Genocide.

Publicize that the media claims to be anti-racist, but is in fact genocidally anti-white.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.


State that Nelson Mandela’s legacy is White Genocide!

The White race is being genocided worldwide by flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-whites, and forcing Whites to integrate with them so that intermarriage will blend us out of existence.

But the ongoing “murder, rape, mutilation and torture”* of White farmers in South Africa, as described by the respected organization Genocide Watch, could become the worldwide White Genocide of the future.

President Obama has extolled Mr. Mandela’s legacy as being anti-racist.

We ask President Obama to state publicly that Mr. Mandela’s legacy is in fact anti-white and genocidal.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

*…Scroll down to, “Why are Afrikaner farmers being murdered in South Africa?”, Genocide Watch, 14 August 2012


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White Genocide Project makes top 35 on list.

White Genocide Project makes the top 35 most popular websites according to Alexa rankings, it ranks in at the bottom in 35th place – making it the only one on the list that is ran to aware people of White genocide.

It’s that time of year when everyone goes list-happy.

A few years ago I did a list of “The 25 Most Important Pro-White Organizations.” It is by far the most popular entry on this blog. To date, it has received more than 11 thousand page views and is still growing — getting about 400 more every month.

The intention, at the time, was to update the list every year. That hasn’t happened and it is a bit stale — so I decided to do a new one. That list was subjective, simply a list of what I believed to be the most important pro-White sites, and a small blurb, for each, as to why I put them on the list.

This list is objective — based on Alexa rankings, not merely my opinion. Also, this is just a list of the sites, no description.

Finally, according to Netcraft’s web server survey for December 2013, there are more than 861 million websites in the world. That means that everyone of the sites, on this list, is in the top 1/10th of the top 1% of websites globally. We are starting to make inroads against the anti-White “mainstream” media.