New York: Mayor legalizes illegals. Is that legal?

In his speech to the public, Mayor de Blasio exposed that he wanted to assist illegal immigrants in committing the crime of being in the United States illegally, which should he do so, would make him the most recent authority to aid and abet criminals.

His plan, which was one of his mayoral campaign pledges, is to create municipal Identification cards, allowing them access to services provided by the city of New York.

The cards would be used to create bank accounts, lease apartments, and anything that a photo ID normally can be used for. The only exception is that the cards do not allow illegal immigrants access to government benefits, such as voting democratically.

De Blasio wants these ID cards so that illegal immigrants don’t have to “live their lives in the shadows.

To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home, too, and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows.

He also repeated his proposition in Spanish.

City Hall aides have said that de Blasio plans to introduce legislation authorizing the use of ID cards in a few weeks, which he originally wanted passed in 2012.

Several cities, including New Haven, Connecticut, and San Francisco have created similar ID card schemes

A Connecticut study, conducted in Fair Haven, claimed that crime fell by nearly 20% in two years after ID cards were given out in, de Blasio used this to support his ID card scheme.

The study however, failed to take in to account that being an illegal immigrant is also a crime, which would affect the statistics.

Perhaps De Blasio will also create cards that allow people to do other things that are illegal as well, such as murder or theft? That would also lower crime rates, so that means it would look great when they’re talking about crime statistically.

Steven Choi, the executive director of the New York immigration coalition said “For a diverse city like New York, the benefits will be immense, such an ID expands opportunities for greater civic and economic integration for all New Yorkers.

Bob Whitaker, a Ronald Reagan appointee disagrees: “If immigrants are so knowledgeable and hard working, why don’t they go to the third world where they are needed?” he writes, “All those ambitious, hard-working Mexicans would be a real blessing in Africa. So would all those Vietnamese who come here and all those Indonesians who head for the Netherlands.

There are two reasons those people don’t go where they are needed: they can’t get in and no one mentions it, least of all ‘humanitarians'; and they want the United States or the Netherlands or nothing and nobody mentions it, least of all ‘humanitarians’ whose only interest is getting them into white countries, all white countries, and ONLY white countries.

De Blasio is a White man who has chosen to have kids with his Black wife, and it is his choice, but when he tries to push this kind of thinking on White New Yorkers, what he is doing is the same as many leaders are doing in White countries across the world – White genocide; whereby all White countries and areas are flooded with millions of non-White people, and everyone is encouraged to “assimilate” or in other words, mix together, to produce this “mixed race future”, that anti-Whites are demanding.

The point of White genocide is that these policies are ONLY being forced in White countries. There is no non-White country that has ever been called names like “racist” or “hateful” for wanting to keep its majority population as the majority. These words are ONLY reserved for White countries, and using the United Nations genocide conventions as the definition of genocide – those policies constitute a program of genocide against White people.


US and Canadian study discovers what people think of ‘diversity’.

A study conducted throughout the United States and Canada, has found that people believe ‘diversity’ is a good thing, but hate it to live around it, and become more anti-social when they do.


When Tibet is full of Chinese it’s Genocide. When White countries are full of non-Whites it’s “diversity”.

Robert Putnam, a Harvard sociologist, who is also a Liberal, has just completed a study of over 30,000 North Americans and Canadians, asking people from various cities and towns in both countries what they think about ‘diversity’. In total, the survey of people’s attitudes was conducted in 41 American cities and towns.

According to Putnam, people who live in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles where White people have become or are close to becoming a minority, are much less likely to associate with their neighbors.

Not only that, but the study found that people were considerably less likely to vote, pay taxes, donate to charities, volunteer, and trust people – even people of their own race.

In his report ‘E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the 21st century’, Putnam writes: “Inhabitants of diverse communities tend to withdraw from collective life, to distrust their neighbours, regardless of the colour of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, vote less … have less faith that they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television.

A similar study conducted on 3,800 people by the Vancouver Foundation, fell in line with Putnam’s study, finding that people felt unusually lonelier and had less friends if they lived in areas that had many races and ethnicities, and while they believed that ‘diversity’ is a good thing, they preferred to be with members of their own ethnic or racial group.

As a Liberal, Putnam was left severely unsatisfied by his study and has made several attempts to explain why people don’t like living as a minority, but he has failed to find any other explanations – in fact many other academics from over the world have confirmed his findings.

Putnam realizes that his research has proved many of his side’s beliefs about ‘diversity’ to be wrong, finding that there was no “harmony” or “fusion”, and in fact, finding that it was a severe drain on resources and public money.

However, he still insists that doing the same thing (making places minority White) over, and over again will all be worth it in the long run, as he believes it will create a more scientific and intellectual society – despite not even a suggestion of such a thing happening yet.

He insists that trying to make people assimilate will fix these problems, arguing that there should be “more opportunities for meaningful interaction across ethnic lines.

Putnam summarizes his report, saying that higher ‘diversity’ leads to “lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media … less expectation others will cooperate to solve dilemmas … less likelihood of working on a community project … lower likelihood of giving to charity … and less happiness and lower perceived quality of life.

Anti-Whites love to talk about ‘diversity’, but none of them will actually live in what they have created. All this ‘diversity’ and ‘mixing the races’ is ONLY ever seriously discussed in White countries. If any non-White started screaming about the ‘lack of diversity’ in non-White countries, and how non-White countries ‘should be for everyone’ – they would be laughed at . . . but in White countries people screaming those statements are given respect and lots of public money to DO just that.

No Black, Brown, or Asian country gets called “racist” because it doesn’t want to become a ‘diverse’ country. This word is reserved ONLY for White people and White countries.

Thus, it is clear to say that ‘diversity’ simply means getting rid of White people – diversity is just a codeword for White genocide.


Majority of Scots oppose mass immigration, Scottish government calls it “nasty xenophobia”.

When it comes to the present Scottish independence parties, all roads lead to an unwanted and unpopular campaign for mass immigration from the third world.

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The Oxford University Migration Observatory has recently conducted a major survey, asking Scottish people what they think about immigration to Scotland, and other details like foreign students or skilled immigrants.

The survey shows that the majority of Scots want lower levels of immigration, with 58% of the more than 2,000 people taking that position, which is lower than whole of Britain, where 75% of people want less immigrants.
The Scottish National Party (SNP), which is pushing for independence from the UK, is not the only party that calls for open borders – all the Scottish main opposition parties support this policy of the SNP’s independence plan.

Scotland’s education secretary, Michael Russell, said Scottish politicians did not want to acknowledge immigration concerns, like the UK government has, where the debate was “being driven by UKIP and by a nasty xenophobia“.
UKIP, or UK independence party, wants to stop White immigration from Europe by leaving the EU, and instead allow non-White immigrants from ex-colonial countries; the SNP however wants both kinds, which probably makes it the only nationalist party in Europe that doesn’t care who lives in their nation, just as long as they pretend to be Scottish.

Professor Christina Boswell, a professor of politics at the University of Edinburgh, says open border immigration policies don’t win the majority of votes.

Even if at the moment the SNP, [Liberal Democrats], and Labour are largely supportive of a more liberal approach, in the event of independence, actually the temptation to break ranks and criticise and tap into public concerns about immigration would be quite high.
It is really quite easy and quite tempting for political parties to tap into those political concerns about immigration and try to mobilise support on the basis of an anti-immigrant position, or at least of a less liberal position on immigration.

You don’t win votes by adopting a liberal progressive labour migration policy and, in fact, the Labour government in the UK has found that in the past few years and it has obviously had to backtrack on its more expansive policy of the early-2000s.

The majority of Scotland’s immigrants been non-Whites from places like India and Pakistan, but more recently White people from places like Poland have been entering.

One explanation for the less concern over immigration may be due to the fact that 7% of Scotland is foreign-born, compared to 14% foreign-born in the rest of UK. Also, Scotland is over 90% White, whereas England and Wales, combined, are 86% White with nearly 1 out of 5 people being non-White.
Robert Wright, a professor of economics at the University of Strathclyde, believes “the difference between Scotland and the UK really boils down to the fact there has been less immigration in Scotland than the UK

So the fact I think there is more tolerance here is because there has been less of it. That does not mean there will be tolerance in the future when there is more immigration, so this will be a hurdle we have to jump later.
“Xenophobia” is just a codeword for not having opened borders. ONLY White countries and White people are called “Xenophobic” because that’s the point – according to anti-Whites, all these millions of non-White immigrants are supposed to pour into any White country in order to make it less White.

However, when this kind of policy is reversed, and say thousands of Whites flood into Brazil and the government attempts to ‘assimilate’ (mix) them in an attempt to make Brazil, ‘less Brown’, suddenly, anti-Whites have some kind of a problem with that.

That scenario actually happened, but anti-Whites like to use that example as a justification so they can do the same thing to White people – White genocide. How does that make sense to them?

Don’t fall for the anti-White’s lies – ‘Xenophobia’ is just a codeword for ‘opposing White genocide’.


Texas: Professor discusses building a dream of White genocide.

For over 30 years, Rice University Sociology Professor Dr. Stephen Klineberg has been studying the demographics of Greater Houston, in Texas.

Houston’s demographic data reveals that it’s now 33% White, 41% Hispanic (mixed-race), 18% Black, and 8% Asian, and more than 70% of all children are non-White, with the over-60’s being the only age group where White people are still a majority.

We are watching [Houston] reinvent itself in the 21st century,” Klineberg said, “and it’s very much a challenge that all of our different places [face], and Sugar Land has been pioneering new urbanism right now, that whole sense that you can have an urban experience and urban opportunities even within the [immediate area].

Klineberg said that Fort Bend could be “the single most ethnically diverse county in the world.

This is where the four communities meet in greater balance [and] greater equality. All of us caught on to build something new under the sun: a truly successful, inclusive, equitable, multi-ethnic society that will be Houston and Texas and America in the 21st century, happening here.

According to anti-Whites, every White area and ONLY White areas must become this “new society”, where the original inhabitants are replaced and blended with millions of non-White immigrants pouring in from the third world. This is White genocide by assimilation.

No one chose this, no one planned out this would happen, this is Houston’s destiny, to be at the forefront of the demographic transformation that’s occurring across America.

“Demographic transformation” should read “White genocide”, because ONLY White areas are being transformed from one group of people to another, and again – that’s genocide.

He claims that no one planned this. Isn’t it just a huge coincidence how all these anti-Whites screaming, name-calling, changing laws, and producing propaganda to misinform people, result in exactly what they are calling for?

This is where the American future is going to be worked out,” Klineberg said. “We are where all of America will be within the next 15 to 25 years

Klineberg thinks that society is going to carry on going in this direction where White people apologize for colonialism, privilege, slavery, and beg, and beg for forgiveness – he is wrong.

If White people do become a minority, as a group, we will be more powerful than we are now with all our atomic weapons. All this “White privilege” no longer makes sense to the public if we are being murdered, and robbed, by the very people who WE are supposed to be victimizing.

At this moment in time, it there are still plenty of White areas for White people to retreat to, so there will be no mass awakening for a while. When our people have their backs in a corner – that is we start fighting back – and that is when our struggle gains real world power.


White-tailed deer and White Genocide

This petition that we display often at the White House gives a good explanation of White Genocide. I urge everyone to post it widely, and I hope Bugsters will use it as a changeup mini-Mantra when they swarm! 

Save the white-tailed deer

The distinct valleys of the Great Smokey Mtns have produced distinct varieties of white-tailed deer.

If those varieties are mixed together to live in the same area, they’ll interbreed to eventually become just one single “variety” of white-tailed deer.

The same result will occur if humans are all mixed together.

The promotion of diversity everywhere in the world will end diversity.

But wait! Anti-whites are massively mixing the world’s races together ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES!

We urge the President to use his office to save both the white-tailed deer and the White race!

Anti-whites who are carrying out the present White Genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is ANTI-WHITE.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.



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Minerva encounters Canada’s genocidal anti-white “Hate” Laws at border

[reposted from BUGS]

I landed in Vancouver recently from the US and had a gut feeling I was going to have difficulties entering due to issues I had on my Australian passport back in 2012. Back then I was deemed with illegal overstay and given 2 weeks to pack up my life and leave the country, even though I had a new visa issued for another two years which just hadn’t been activated because the documentation I received said I had a year to activate it. This oversight was due to immigration sending me external entry documents rather than the internal documents.

So when I re-entered Canada on my US passport a red flag went up and I was then escorted to immigration where I was interviewed. The first question they asked was “Have you ever had trouble with Canadian immigration before?” So I told them my story.

I was being interviewed by two young guys, one White and the other Pakistani. Pretty much every other TSA agent there was non-White and in the end EVERYONE there knew I was being detained because of  “Hate” literature I had and my refusal to be silenced about White Genocide. The non-Whites kept looking at me like they wanted to knock-me-out.

The agents proceeded to go through all my belongings, computer, phone, external hard-drive, calendars, books and notes. In my stuff was all my White Genocide information, articles, websites, information on the banner drive and Bob Whitaker.

The funniest thing was the first article they pulled out of my belongings was a article written by Adelheim. It was titled ‘Abolishing the White Race.’ When they started to read it, they asked if I was for abolishing the White race or against it. (Here I should have laughed and said, Would  it be fine if I was FOR abolishing the White race but because I am against it you label it HATE).

Then I went on to explain White Genocide and what is happening in All and Only White countries and how anyone opposed to White Genocide will be charged with Hate Speech.

The Pakistani fellow actually knew of you Bob, straight off the bat. I was blown away that he had heard of you and your views in University.

They asked lots of questions about what group I was a part of, how many people are in that group and who is the leader. I kept repeating, there is no group, no leader we are just White people wanting to force a conversation on a crime that is being committed in All and Only White countries.

I was also asked many questions about Bob Whitaker and my relationship with him, had I met him and how often I was in contact with him. I told them I had met him back in October and that he was imparting his political knowledge through for people to read. The Pakistani fellow then told me that Bob was a Reagan Appointee. Again I was blown away.

I spent 6 hours in immigration while they went through all my information on my devices and in the end they were saying that they needed to bring in a specialist to determine if this information was allowed in Canada due to their Hate laws.

Finally I decided to withdraw my application into Canada prior to them denying me entry as I figured this was the best option for me. Then I had to buy another plane ticket that night flying back to the US. The two Canadian TSA agents walked me through the airport to the US side (the young White and Pakistani guy).

On our trek through the airport I got to have a great conversation with them. The white guy just produced all the usual programmed talking points justifying White Genocide which were easy to refute but the Pakistani was more stubborn. He kept telling me that Canadians had voted on this and love multiculturalism. I disagreed but was stumped because I didn’t know how to respond when he was out right telling me that I was wrong and Canadians had Voted on this. On reflection I should have said “So because you think White people voted on this, does that JUSTIFY White Genocide?”

Then we arrived at the Department of Homeland Security to be interviewed by the Americans.

The Canadians spent 20 minutes telling them what they had learned from me and then I was called in.

The fellow I dealt with was a big old White guy. He had written some notes from the Canadians and started to ask me again about White Genocide. So I told him about it. About the anti-White system and how what is happening in ALL and ONLY White countries IS Genocide.

He paused after I finished and said “You know, I shouldn’t say this, but I totally agree with you.” (Here I should have said, “this is exactly what we are fighting for, because we don’t have Our Basic Right to speak out against White Genocide.”)

He then asked me questions about the White Man March, where it was being held, how many people were attending and who was organizing it. I told him that there is no actual March and that it’s a play on words -White Man March on March 15th and that its a day being organized for White people in Every White country to get out there and break the Silence about White Genocide.

I really got the feeling that this Homeland Security agent was on my side. He could have gone crazy on me with questions, ones that I wouldn’t have been able to answer. He even went and spoke to his superior and I heard his boss telling him to ask me more questions, and when he did they were soft, like how much I earned when I was working in Canada etc.

So that was pretty much it, I spent a considerable amount of money and 48hrs of flying and sleeping in airports to get this experience. I learned that there are going to be people on our side in unexpected and high places. That we need to start targeting Hate because this is what they already use to Silence Free Speech in other White countries and what will be our future here in the US.

On a side note, I talked with a barman in Texas and started out by asking him if he believed in Freedom of Speech and if he advocated it, He replied with a “Hell Yeah”. I then asked him about Hate speech and He said “You can’t have it if you are to have True Freedom of Speech” I agreed and launched into White Genocide. He gave me some great insight into Texans and it made me think that Texas could be a fertile ground for connecting with groups who are already a step ahead on anti-Whitism and the Governmental Bullying enforcing it.

Here’s Minerva. 


Swiss majority vote against mass immigration, which slows a requirement of White genocide.

Recently Swiss citizens voted for more restrictions on immigration, despite opposition from leaders of the European Union and others. Anti-Whites from inside and outside the country have called the campaign for immigration restrictions “racist”, and “xenophobic” in an attempt to scare the public to vote against the referendum.

A national referendum regarding immigration was passed, receiving the majority of the Swiss citizen’s votes. The vote has placed a cap on the number of immigrants allowed into Switzerland each year.

The law also allows judges to deport foreign criminals after they have served their prison sentence, among other laws regarding immigration.

Despite strong opposition from leaders of the European Union and United Nations, from the opposing Swiss political parties, and from Swiss big businesses, the people have spoken in favor of stopping White genocide in Switzerland.

While Switzerland is not a member of the EU, previously signed agreements requires it to have opened borders if they want to gain access to EU markets, so there is a possibility that the EU will boycott the Swiss in an attempt to force opened borders, massive non-White immigration, and forced assimilation on the Swiss (all policies are essential for White genocide to take place).

The Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei), or SVP is planning the new laws for a variety of different reasons. The Justice Minister, Christoph Blocher, said he wants to soften “anti-racism” laws because they deny freedom of speech to citizens.

Dr Ulrich Schlüer, the man behind a famous Swiss poster campaign, wants tighter immigration laws because to stop violent sexual crimes like rape.

In a suburb of Zürich, a group of youths between 14 and 18 recently raped a 13-year-old girl,” he said. “It turned out that all of them were already under investigation for some previous offense. They were all foreigners from the Balkans or Turkey. Their parents said these boys are out of control. We say: ‘That’s not acceptable. It’s your job to control them and if you can’t do that you’ll have to leave’. It’s a punishment everyone understands.

Dr Schlüer also wants a referendum to ban the building of Minarets; a tall tower used by the Muslim Imams to issue a “call to prayer”

We’re not against mosques but the minaret is not mentioned in the Koran or other important Islamic texts. It just symbolizes a place where Islamic law is established.” Dr Schlüer says, after opinion polls found that almost half of Swiss people want to ban minarets.

The UN’s special rapporteur on “racism” is asking for an official explanation from the government, after the UN deems the campaign to be “racist” and “xenophobic”.

The referendum was conducted after the SVP obtained 100,000 signatures.

When a country tries to control its borders – when it tries to stop White genocide – votes no longer matter to the anti-Whites. White genocide was not voted for, nor were the policies that lead to it. The public was expected to accept the genocide of an entire race of people, otherwise they were “ignorant”, but what they are “ignorant” of remains unclear.

The anti-Whites say they “anti-racist”, but they only seem to be interested in the “racism” problem, or “diversity” problem, or “equality” problem in White countries.

Are you White, South African, and being murdered? Nope, it’s not “racism”, according to anti-Whites – in fact they say it’s “racism” to oppose White South African genocide.

This is just more proof that anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White – because it’s “racist” ONLY if White countries are to patrol their borders and kick out people they don’t want.

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“Friends of the Polar Bear” tackle the Knockout Game


Stop Polar Bear Hunting

Jacob Palasek was walking home from work when suddenly a group of young Blacks repeatedly struck him on the head with a chain.

Hundreds of Whites in the U.S. have been attacked in a similar fashion.

The attackers call this “POLAR BEAR HUNTING.”

But anyone who calls the attacks racial violence is silenced as a “RACIST,” and the media trivializes the attacks as a game, “THE KNOCKOUT GAME.”

The media gives similar treatment to this much deadlier attack on Whites:

“Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!”

That’s a Knockout Punch for the White race. That’s White Genocide.

Publicize that the media claims to be anti-racist, but is in fact genocidally anti-white.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

Become a Friend of the Polar Bear:


From the U.S. White House, we broadcast that message to Whites worldwide every month! 

You can join “The Friends of the Polar Bear” by clicking on its title each month and initialing it!

Our four-year “petition” project at the White House is described at the activism tab at the top of the page, and also at Stalwarts (lots of good information there) and Rockin’ Robins

Friends of the Polar Bear” are spreading that Polar Bear message until it becomes part of the national discussion on the “Knockout Game”!


Our STOP WHITE GENOCIDE messages that we put on public display at the White House each month are part of our larger project of hammering into public discourse the following fact, and the phrases written in red below it:

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with millions of third world non-whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done to Tibetans in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done to Whites in White countries, by U.N. Convention:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white



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Charleston college “too White” for anti-White failures.

Despite anti-White efforts to make the college of Charleston more non-White in past years, anti-Whites still aren’t happy.

The Black students of the college make up 6% of the total students, which leaders say is far too low for a South Carolinian public college, where Blacks are about 30% of the population.

However in recent years, anti-White policies like non-White scholarships have to failed to succeed, keeping the Black student population fixed at around 6%.

John Bello-Ogunu, who is the college’s chief ‘diversity officer’, said everyone at the college is dedicated to discriminating against White students in order to make the college more non-White, despite other anti-Whites proclaiming that race doesn’t matter.

He said the amount of money used for non-White scholarships was around $125,000; which he says is too small, as providing more Scholarship money often lures non-White students into enrolling.

He also says that in South Carolina, many public colleges and universities compete with each other for qualified non-White applicants, which he says is especially true for black students. “The competition is fierce among state institutions for qualified black applicants. It will take continued, aggressive efforts [to make the college more non-White]“, he said. “We’ll work hard until we are successful.

Dot Scott, who is president of the Charleston branch of the NAACP, suggests that the college leaders should increasingly discriminate against White students: “I don’t think there’s enough top-down commitment; if the top really wanted it to change, they would give the directive to bring up the numbers. […] It’s all about recruitment and creating a supportive environment once (minority students) get there.

Charleston College President George Benson, in a prepared statement said the school’s leadership is committed to replacing White students. “Our goal is to be a diverse and welcoming community, we are looking for real solutions to diversity challenges at the college, rather than quick fixes that won’t last. Our approach to diversity is holistic and has involved changes to our recruitment, mentoring, programming, and financial support for diverse students.

There you have it folks, when he says “diverse students”, he’s saying there are two groups: non-Whites who are “diverse”, and White people who are not – a typical anti-White line. Why do you think ONLY White areas are accused of being “too White”?

Simply recruiting underrepresented minority students without a commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes retention is unacceptable,” Benson stated.

They say they are “anti-racist”. They say anything that is “too White” is “racist”. They say that “diversity” solves the problem of being “too White”.

BUT, they never say that anything is “too Black”. They never say that “diversity” solves the problem of being “too Black”.

Who do they think they are fooling? They’re not “anti-racist” – they’re anti-White.

Every single anti-White policy on this planet is merely just an excuse, whether they know it or not, that leads to a world with a shrinking White minority – White genocide.


Mr. White, tear down this wall!


Ordinary Whites read our site because something inside them knows they’re reading the truth, even if some don’t immediately admit it to themselves.

When I first began reading American Renaissance and agreeing with much of it, I regarded all the posters there as “racist” and regarded myself as “not racist.” After all, the posters there were angry, and they were saying things I never said aloud.

After some months, I posted a comment there myself one day, and the artificial wall between them and me fell away.

Sometimes that wall never comes down. In Knoxville a few years ago I visited a fellow I had known online when I was the official resident “racist” poster on Knoxville’s newspaper.

He and I spent an afternoon together, during which he said a lot of racial stuff that went beyond my own views, but I soon realized that he thought of me as a “racist,” and himself not!

That made me feel very odd, but it taught me a lesson.

Many ordinary White folk coming to our site for the first time will probably consider us in the same way I first considered American Renaissance, and they will continue to think of themselves as not being the same as us, and they will have to hang with us for awhile before that artificial feeling of distinction between us and them drops away.

Why is that artificial feeling there in the first place?

A little thought produces the answer:

Although the anti-white regimes that rule us strongly encourage feelings of racial identity in non-whites, they demonize all Whites who have even the slightest feeling of racial identity.

That makes us less able to resist the flooding of our countries with millions of third world non-whites, and our being forced by law to integrate with those non-whites so that we will “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

If you are new to this site, please give that a good hard thought!

And then tear down that artificial wall, and become Stalwarts and Rockin’ Robins! :D