Reason for HUDs new laws: White Americans are leaving the cities


When the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) new regulations were unveiled this month, it left some of us asking “why now?”

Well, a likely reason is that there is an ongoing White flight from US cities, as non-White immigrants are brought in and they become minority White.

El Paso, Texas, is the number #1 city where inhabitants are leaving. It went from being 40% White in 1970 to just 14% White in 2010.

New York is number #2, where Whites went from being 92% in 1940, to just 33% in 2010.

And New Haven is at number #3, where Whites went from 70% in 1970, to just 32% in 2010.

This theme is common among the top 20 metropolitan areas, featured in the map above.

Michael Stoll, a professor of public policy and urban planning at the University of California Los Angeles, says that some White Americans moved out of the cities due to property prices and lack of jobs, and then non-White immigrants are being moved in instead.

And that is probably why HUD is being granted the legal authority to sue areas which don’t do as they say, and get rid of all those big bad White neighborhoods.

You see, it’s hard to “diversify” us evil racist Whites, when there is White flight. These anti-Whites cannot stop White flight without stepping over freedom of movement. The only thing they can do is to make sure they chase us around the country, like a game of tag, only involving White genocide.

You heard it here first folks: “Diversity” doesn’t stop until every last White area is gone. It’s nothing more than a policy of White genocide.


Media lies about White Genocide stickers in California



Two White Genocide stickers were found in Yorba Linda, California, which the newspaper, OCWeekly, for some reason described as “White power” and “White supremacist“.

Whenever someone is screaming words at you, it’s a pretty good indication that they want you to shut up. Well, OCWeekly, or this particular author at least, is anti-White.

One sticker contained the phrase “Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide” which has also recently been featured on a billboard in Arkansas.

The other sticker read “Children of the rainbow“, and contained the hashtag “#AntiRacistHitler“. It also had a cartoon Hitler face with a rainbow mustache.

You know you’re a loser when you’re praising Hitler, who’s almost as as bad as the Confederate flag.” wrote the OCWeekly.

If they had watched the cartoon instead of being big anti-White cry-babies, they’d know it was a satirical political comedy, where Hitler comes back to modern day and uses open borders to get rid of the Jews in Israel in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.

In the real world, we have a hostile anti-White ruling class who are spearheading a campaign of White genocide – all in the name of “diversity” and other feel-good terms.

If “diversity” didn’t mean White genocide, then all races and countries would have it forced on them, rather than just White countries and White areas being targeted.


Anti-White Lord paying to fly immigrants to Poland.


Lord Arthur Weidenfeld, a Jewish man born in Austria, has unveiled his plan to fly 2,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians to Poland.

He described this move as a way of “repaying his debts” to the British Quakers and other Christians who helped him leave the country during World War 2.

The ‘Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund‘ has now been set up, and has already paid for 150 Syrians to be flown to Poland.

Only a few parts of Iraq and Syria are actually held by the Islamic State, and besides that, there are many Christian-safe countries in the Middle East anyway.

Why Poland, you ask? Because in the last few months, anti-Whites have decided that Poland will be the next country to face this White Genocide agenda.

Even though about 69% of Poles say they want their country to be exclusively for White people, the anti-White ruling class has decided that Poland will follow in the footsteps of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Some people claim that this is a Jewish conspiracy, and while they do certainly have a very active role, we are not dealing with a single hostile race, religion, or political ideology. Anti-Whites come in all shapes and sizes, and the most important point we should be making is that they’re anti-White, and that White genocide is their ideology.


Italian protesters remove and burn beds for illegal immigrants


There are continuous protests going on all over Italy because the anti-White government is refusing to send back the African and Middle Eastern illegal immigrants.

The most recent protest took place in the village of Quito, north of Rome, where empty apartment buildings have been converted into accommodation for around 100 illegal immigrants.

Local Italians are furious that they have been ignored by their government, so protesters broke into the apartments, dragged all the beds and TVs into the street, and burned them.

The protesters have pitched up tents around the site, and say they aren’t going to stop protesting until illegal immigrants are sent back. They described it as an invasion of Italy.

A wall in the village was sprayed with the sentence: “Prefect Marrosu, take them home”

Luca Zaia, the president of the Veneto region, said he agreed with the protesters and described it as “Africanisation”.

“Africanisation” is not the most accurate term to describe what is happening to Italy, and indeed majority White countries globally.

This is simply White Genocide because various non-White groups are being used to “diversify” our neighborhoods and cities. This has never been voted for by ordinary White folk, instead, it has been forced on us by our own elite.

They are deliberately trying to make us minority White, and that is White genocide. It is not exaggeration or overstatement; this is clearly written into the international laws outlining genocide.


US: Secret targeting of White neighborhoods for forced “diversity”

It’s being described by anti-Whites as “fair housing” and “de-segregation”, but the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) new laws are all about getting rid of White areas.

The New York post has revealed this month that the Obama government is collecting information about you, your family, and your friends, in order to create a secret database so that it can address “inequalities” between White and non-White areas.

“Secret” may make it sound like a conspiracy theory, but what do you call it when it is being censored from the mainstream media.

This database will be used by HUD to target White areas and order them to build more section 8 housing. Inner-city residents would then be moved into White suburbs, in an attempt to make them minority White.

The database along with the all legal paperwork is being quickly finished before Obama leaves office.

The new law will give HUD the ability to withhold grant money from areas that don’t do what it says, and even sue them in court.

Segregation meant that races were forced to separate legally – this law legally forced races to mix. Since this ideology is only demanded for White countries, it amounts to a campaign of White Genocide.


Swedes ARE waking up.


A recent poll of over 1250 Swedish people, suggests that the Sweden Democrats (a party which wants to end some of the conditions of White genocide), is gaining support.

Expressen, the newspaper which conducts these polls regularly, found that there was a 3% rise in the Sweden Democrat’s popularity. The latest poll suggests that almost 19% of the voters will vote for the party.

Meanwhile, the so-called Moderate’s party, and the Social Democrats, both of which support flooding Sweden with non-White immigrants, are losing voter support fast.

The poll found that the Moderate’s party lost 3% of the voters support in the space of a month.

In 2014, the anti-White parties ruling over Sweden were gobsmacked when the Sweden Democrats got 12.9% of the vote in the general election. Since then, the party has been continuing to grow.

Anti-White political parties have almost the entire media working for them, but when working Swedish people are forced to face the truth every day, it is very hard for them to ignore.

Eventually, the White majority all over the world will start to fight back, but until then, we need to alert them to the ongoing White Genocide.


Rally to protect Estonia’s borders, but Prime Minister wants White Genocide.


Last week, many people gathered in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, to protest against the government’s plans to open the country’s borders to African and Middle Eastern immigrants.

Estonian Eesti Televisioon channel, said that “According to the rally’s orchestrators, more than 1,000 people came to the square. Participants of the meeting expressed their disagreement with the prospect of welcoming hundreds of refugees from African countries, which the protesters believe are unable to adapt to the Estonian society. The attendees provided a strong argument of the negative, in their view, experience of the more developed European countries,”

Non-Western Europeans have seen just what this White Genocide agenda has done to the West, and that’s why there are so many against it.

Unfortunately, their leaders are making every attempt to undermine the majority’s views.

Last month, Estonian Prime Minister, Taavi Roivas, said that the country would take 200 immigrants within the next two years.

And did you hear about Kalle Laanet? The Estonian politician who said that the discussion should be about how Estonia should take the immigrants, not whether it should take them at all.

It might not sound like a lot, but this is how it started. Don’t let them get their foots in the door, or you will end up like Western Europe!

Stand proud and tell your leaders: “diversity” is just a code word for White genocide.


Raw Story helps Bob Whitaker spread STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes

Fringe White House candidate whines: Opponents of racist billboards are ‘just like Adolf’

“‘Diversity’ is a code word for #WhiteGenocide”…White GeNOcide Project…“Diversity means chasing down the last white person”

Don Black on his radio show yesterday morning mentioned that the NY Times photos of the “White GeNOcide” magnets on his refrigerator have inspired anti-White columnists to discuss White Genocide.

It’s good to see anti-Whites finally pitching in and doing their part to spread the STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes!


The anti-White media tells us a girl was “banned” from a flight because of European looks

We don’t normally report on the blatant anti-White behavior of the media here at WGP, but this one is worth a mention.

A very popular free newspaper in the UK recently ran the headline “Girl is banned from flight because she’s too ginger.” If the headline wasn’t contemptuous enough it’s opening sentence certainly was! It said:

“Gingers have it bad enough already without having to worry if they are let on a flight because of the colour of their hair”

Now the thing is, having read over this article (and investigating the original article it was sourced from) it turns out that the girls hair colour was nothing at all to do with her being “banned” from a flight, it was in actual fact her skin colour; those working on the airline were worried she was TOO WHITE and thus unwell in some way.

So what do we get out of this article and it’s sensationalist headline? Not too much really, apart from the fact the very White skin colour looks unhealthy and a hair colour that is more or less an exclusive Northern European trait is in some way wrong, bad and might get you “banned”. It’s Just more anti-White hate, wrapped up as a “funny” little story.

Now, what’s particularly interesting about this article is the author, he is pictured below and goes by the name of Jimmy Nsubuga.


Is Jimmy the future of Europe? Anti-Whites certainly seem to think he is, otherwise Mr Nsubuga wouldn’t be sitting in Europe today writing snide articles for a European publication that disparages a European phenotype (pictured below) and getting away with it! Would a European get away with writing a comparable headline in a Nigerian newspaper? Nope, because any sane Black man over there would quickly call out their media for being anti-Black.



It’s time to wake up to the fact the “diversity” really means chasing down the last White person, and by any means necessary. Political policies, hate crime laws, forced integration, social housing, integrated schools, diversity “training”, the media, popular music, films and even down right silly headlines are all just genocidal scams against White people.

Time to say no to the anti-White system and stop White geNOcide now!


“Diversity is #White Genocide” billboard goes up in Arkansas


On July 13th, a billboard went up in Arkansas, on Highway 412 at the junction of Highway 65 near South Bellefonte,

The billboard, which reads “Diversity is a code word #White Genocide“, has not yet had a response from media, but there have been similar billboards in the past which caused a media frenzy.

Like previous billboards, the owner remains anonymous,but it is linked to the site

A billboard which featured the hashtag “#WhiteGenocide” went up in Alabama earlier this year, but was quickly taken down after various anti-White groups launched a harassment campaign against the billboard company.

Robert Whitaker, an ex-Reagan appointee who is currently running for vice-president, is an outspoken supporter of the message.

Whitaker says those responsible are “just a bunch of shirt-tail Hitlers

Just like Adolf, all they say is that I am daring to disagree with the Party Line. They never answer anything I say, they just demand that heresy be banned.

When the previous billboard was censored, it actually backfired on the anti-Whites who wanted the message taken down, and the billboard received considerably more attention.

The groups which lobbied against the billboard did so because they believed it was “hate speech”.

Whitaker wrote on his blog that the White Genocide message is referring to “whites who hate whites“.

He says they think by hating White people, they are “somehow Modern and Progressive“, but says that “self-hatred is a sickness“.

Despite the White Genocide billboards only being confined to the USA, the White Genocide message has become an international pro-White message voiced by Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans alike.