America, Canada, South America


Ann Coulter – Republicans “betrayed America”, “Why can’t we have a home?”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obXQ0IzIjs8 Ann Coulter was on BBC Radio 4, where she spoke ...
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Multiculturalists losing in USA, Europe – they blame internet freedom

At a recent conference called "How’s It Going, Germany?", American ...
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US Secretary of State: ignore 9/11, prepare for “borderless world”

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry told a room ...
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Bob for wgp

FIGHT WHITE GENOCIDE in 2016 by DONATING to presidential candidate BOB WHITAKER

Contributions are requested for radio ads, robocalls, newspaper ads, facebook ...
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“We hate white children” says anti-Trump Campaign

The "Stop Donald Trump Public Action Committee", a group which ...
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Italian politician: “this organized immigration is an attempt of genocide”

Matteo Salvini is the federal secretary of Italy's Northern League, ...
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Politician: “I accuse” Green party of “genocide of the German people”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkc-gnYRbsk Christina Baum, the AfD's Deputy Federal Chairwoman for Baden-Württemberg, Germany, ...
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EU will block “far right” from power – “there will be no debate or dialogue” says President

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, promised he would ...
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ISIS may be preparing attacks Sweden – telecoms and infrastructure being sabotaged

Recently in Sweden there have been several suspicious acts of ...
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Slovakia will not take “tens of thousands of Muslims” and is suing the EU

Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico, is again rebelling against the ...
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Thousands of Italians march against EU’s forced “diversity” agenda

Up to ten thousand Italians took to the streets to ...
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Australia & New Zealand


New Zealand votes against “diversity” agenda, keeps the same flag

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, didn't like the current flag ...
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Australian politicians admit they wanted to turn the country “Eurasian”

Statistics from Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection show ...
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Australian Stop White Genocide in South Africa protest heckled by uncaring Whites

On October the 10th, protesters gathered outside the town hall ...
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South Africa & Africa


The refugees no one wants

In South Africa, White Boers are forced to live in ...
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Black Politician calls for Whites to come back to South Africa

Over the past decade, there has been a mass exodus ...
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Past STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Meme-Messages we’ve broadcast from the White House

Click here for current and recent White House meme-messages.   February, 2015 (Three ...
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“Diversity”? What do we see?

Those who demand "diversity" only do so in White countries ...
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