America, Canada, South America


Yale cowers in shame before White Genocide charges

[This from Educators and Students Against White Genocide] We sent the ...
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Princeton goes insane over Whites not accepting their genocide

[This from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]: We'll list links ...
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Blatantly anti-White hoodies on sale at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Certain students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are selling hoodies ...
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600,000 White South-Brazilians demand their own country

On October 1st, a massive 96% of South Brazilians voted ...
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Harvard’s Dean asks police to enforce “Diversity Sí! Free Speech No!”

[This from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]: The Dean of ...
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Supporting German families is “nazi” and “racist” say politicians

In Germany's Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania parliament, the NPD party suggested special ...
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Proposed “Racism Police” will crackdown on free speech in the Netherlands

Denk, a Dutch mass immigration party founded by Turks, has ...
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Swedish police sent to defend immigrants who got away with gang-raping woman in a wheelchair

A wheelchair-bound woman on the Swedish island of Gotland says ...
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Nice blond families are probably “radical-right” Nazis says parenting magazine

German Parenting magazine, Baby & Family, claims that if a ...
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The New Europeans

So according to National Geographic, (the same guys who in ...
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African propagandists: you’ll get $5000 a month to marry beautiful Icelandic women

Propaganda websites in North Africa have been circulating the myth ...
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Australia & New Zealand


New Zealanders are lazy drug addicts so we need immigrants, says Prime Minister

There are around 200,000 unemployed people in New Zealand, but ...
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New Zealand votes against “diversity” agenda, keeps the same flag

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, didn't like the current flag ...
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Australian politicians admit they wanted to turn the country “Eurasian”

Statistics from Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection show ...
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South Africa & Africa


White people must not be allowed to “escape” diversity says South African bishop

South African bishop, William Slattery, is blaming White people for ...
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“All Whites are racist” and must destroy themselves says White South African “activist”

Gillian Schutte, a White South Africa "feminist" and "social justice ...
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