19 year-old BNP candidate speaks out against “White genocide”, Labour candidate calls it “popular”.

Kevin Layzell, the 19-year-old British National Party’s (BNP’s) candidate for Heaton (in Havering, Greater London) says that “White genocide” could reach Havering, one of the few majority White areas in London left, because of “TV brainwashing”.

You can walk down parts of London and not see a White face. That’s not acceptable.” Layzell said to romfordrecorder.co.uk.

Havering’s lucky: we have a low-level of ethnic minorities here, but that’s changing.

I can see the change and I don’t want that to happen. It’s not the future I want for my children.

It’s a bloodless genocide where no one’s really dying but a whole race of people is dying out by forced race-mixing.

It’s done subliminally through advertisements. The average is usually a white 
female and a black male and a mixed race child.

Because it’s shown 24/7 there’s no escape. They all have the same brain-washing TV [adverts] saying this is normal.

Layzell is also running for office in the European Parliament in London.

His opposition, Labour (Liberal) party member, Keith Darvill said ‘multiculturalism’ (multiracialism) is enjoyed by most people.

It’s nonsense, his comments are completely ignorant and I find it very offensive,” Darvil said.

The issue really is not multiculturalism but the way we need to expand public services to meet increase in public 
demand. Havering is becoming more multicultural and those who come and work beside us, we would want to have a peaceful existence with them.

There is no multicultural country on the face of the planet that is as stable as a more homogenous country, and that’s why non-White countries are not pushing for “diversity” or “multiculturalism” – it would be insanity to destroy their own people.

Multiculturalism was never voted for, neither were open borders, and neither was forced “diversity” (assimilation). These are things that we are expected to agree with, otherwise we are called names like “hater” or “bigot”.

In fact, this is not just something happening in one or two White countries, this is happening in most White countries.

The opened border allows millions of non-Whites to pour in, and the forced “diversity” (assimilation) ensures that White people are mixing and not separating.

These policies are in place to ensure that White people become a minority. It would be convenient for the anti-White ruling class to turn us into a minority, so the country is less unified, meaning the pressure is off of them.

We have news for anti-Whites: turning White people into a minority is GENOCIDE, as defined by the United Nations Genocide Conventions.

They call a place “too White” and then demand “diversity“, and that’s why “diversity” is a codeword for White Genocide.


90% of Czechs oppose Islam in their country.

According to Praguepost.com, 90% of the 18,000 Czechs that took part in the European election calculator EUvox consider Islam a threat to the Czech people.

One third of Czech people strongly consider Islam a threat, but overall 90% of Czechs are opposed to it to a certain degree, with just 10% saying they did not oppose Islam.

Michaela Vojtková, from the Academy of Sciences Sociological Institute which conducted an analysis of the results said “The all-European comparison shows that Czech users of EUvox take stands that can be marked as the least tolerant of Islam. Islam is seen as a threat in the Czech Republic more than in France or the Netherlands, whose inhabitants have a direct experience with coexistence with the religious minority,

The results have shown that Europe is afraid of Islam. Practically all over Europe, there are no negligible groups of voters who believe that Islam threatens their cultural traditions…

The sensible solution would be to close off the borders, but the anti-White elite would rather flood Europe with people who are different both culturally and genetically.

Almost every White country has open borders and this allows millions of non-White immigrants to pour in. The few that don’t are facing pressure to do the same.

Why would all these non-White immigrants be specifically selected to enter White countries?

We are then forced to assimilate with all these non-Whites. No, no one is forcing us to marry them. We are forced because we cannot separate ourselves from non-Whites – the quest for “diversity” demands no area is “too White”.

Massive non-White immigration and forced “diversity” for all and ONLY White countries is White genocide according to the UN genocide conventions, because those policies are deliberately turning us into a minority.

Diversity” is just a codeword for White Genocide.


Sweden: White genocide successful according to integration minister.


A report released this week showed the 91% of Swedes that took part in the survey checked the box saying “immigrants contribute a lot to Sweden“. It is the highest percentage in the whole EU.

Integration minister for Sweden, Erik Ullenhag

Sweden’s Integration Minister, Erik Ullenhag, spoke about the results of the survey, clearly excited that the majority of Swedes do what their government tells them.

This is a positive result, fantastic actually, it means Sweden and Swedish people have become more used to immigration.” Ullenhag said.

You can see it in the work places, people are getting more used to foreigners and have a more positive attitude. There are many places in Europe, many with similar populations as Sweden, with far worse results.

Ullenhag said the reason why Swedish people were more accepting of their own genocide was due to government policies and initiatives.

I think Sweden’s political leadership has been crystal clear on the notion of openness, tolerance, and standing up for diversity. And of course, that influences the attitudes among the citizens, especially compared to several other European countries that have a different tone when it comes to integration. I think [in other European countries] it boils down to a lack of political leadership…

Public support is broad for giving Syrian refugees a new life, it’s obvious that you can’t throw people back to Aleppo in the middle of a war.

Waiting a few months, even up to a year in some cases, is a bad start to say the least, but there is strong pressure on the municipalities to cooperate.

Those Syrian refugees would be much better off in Lebanese refugee camps built especially for them – they would not have to assimilate, because Syrians are more like the Lebanese than they are Swedish.

But silly me! Any excuse is used by the anti-White governments to bring non-Whites into White countries for the quest of White Genocide – turning White people into a minority.

All White countries, and the important point – ONLY White countries – are expected to become “multicultural”, “diverse“, “mixed-race”, “a melting pot”, etc.

The “ONLY” part is important because contrary to what anti-Whites say, the world is not becoming mixed race – only White countries are.

When a specific group of people has been mixed, at the least, to a minority in their own countries, that has another word: genocide.

So when this is done to all and only White countries this is called White genocide.



Anti-Whites call for “Black studies” in British Universities.

On the Guardian.com, Dr William Ackah, a lecturer at University of London, (who is himself Black) called for “Black studies” to be introduced into British universities.

As someone who draws heavily on the work of African-American scholars to inform my own teaching and research, I can only look with envy at what has been achieved in the US and wonder why, after all this time, there are still no equivalent Black Studies degree programmes and academic departments here in the UK.he wrote.

there are no courses or departments where we can learn about ourselves, there is very little likelihood of being taught by a black professor, and according to the latest data there is no chance of seeing a black person leading and shaping the strategic direction of the university.

Ackah blames this for the under-performance of Black students in academia.

in higher education and on average [Black students] are leaving university with poorer results than White counterparts

The “Black studies” that Ackah calls for is to cover “subjects such as history, politics, religion, the arts, economics, geography and psychology“.

In British schools, the anti-White brainwashing is already deeply embedded into the education system. A typical history lesson for example, might put the students in fake chains and force them to sit like slaves in a slave ship.

The purpose of this is not to teach history – it’s to teach students to be anti-White – to teach them to hate their identity because of what White people did or allegedly did in the past…but that is just one of the smaller points that we shouldn’t focus on too much.

The main point is that all this “diversity” is for all and only White areas.

No Black country must teach “White studies” because Black countries are not being flooded with White people and forced to assimilate.

No Asian country must teach “Black studies” because, again, no Asian countries are being flooded with Black people and forced to assimilate.

If this were to happen to an Asian or a Black country it would immediately be denounced as genocide or colonialism by the international community, but because it’s happening to White people, it’s not.

This is the genocide double standard: White genocide – the genocide of an entire race is to be ignored – even violent White genocide in South Africa, but all other genocides are not.

Diversity is just a codeword for anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


Anti-white petition at White House rolls Sotomayor in the Grey Goo!

This petition at the White House attacks our own Sotomayor STOP WHITE GENOCIDE message that’s currently being broadcast from there.

It’s some serious grey goo! It repeats our own memes, and could even ignite some controversy that would repeat them more.

It’s being promoted on Twitter, but it’s not getting initialed very fast (apparently anti-white petitions go up no more easily than pro-white ones), so I say let’s give it some help and initial it ourselves! The sooner it goes up the better! :D

Defend Justice Sotomayor against the racist charge that she is “anti-white”!



Black politician wants White Genocide in Estonia.

In October 2013, Abdul Turay, a Black ‘British’ man, became the first Black person to gain political office in Estonia, when he won a seat on the Tallinn city council.

Turay is now running for office in the European Parliament as a Social Democrat, which will be decided this month through elections.

My aim is to accelerate the process of European integrationTuray told the BBC.

I don’t look like everyone else here, so I’m visible proof that European integration can work“.

Turay is an ex-journalist who moved from Britain to Tallinn 6 years ago with his Estonian wife.

I worry about my family’s future. That is why when I was asked to stand as for the European Parliament, by my party, I accepted.” He wrote on his blog, Estonia today.

If Europe is to be integrated, Europeans should take part in the public life of each others countries.

Estonia is about 98% White, and that is why the debate is now focused on Eastern Europe becoming less White, and “integrated”, or in other words more like Britain and France that is becoming minority White.

For White people there can be no escape from “diversity”. A small European country full of White people is simply not allowed to exist, as anti-Whites demand “diversity” for all White countries, all White areas, and all White people, except perhaps White anti-Whites.

All White countries on the face of the planet are expected to have open borders. Open borders allow millions of non-White immigrants to pour in, mostly third world ones, which is turning White people into a minority.

The next step is to force us to assimilate (in other words “mix”) with those non-Whites.

All White countries have this imposed on them, and then demographers and others talk about how White people are predicted to become a minority.

However, we are not allowed to stop ourselves becoming a minority by massive non-White immigration, because that defeats the whole purpose of it all.

These conditions are supposed to turn us into a minority in White countries, and this is nothing more than a genocide against White people – it is White genocide.

Remember: “Diversity” is a codeword for White Genocide, and anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.



Bring Back Our Girls! Broadcast live from the White House!

Or as one twitterer tweeted, using the trending hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, “Bring Back Our Dead White Girls.”

The message below is at the White House and will become visible when 150 of us have added initials to it.

Like many of our messages, this one uses an event of current interest to spread our standard memes and phrases about the global White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive immigration and forced assimilation.

Please add initials and make it visible!


Bring Back Our Girls!

Channon Christian, Laura Dickinson, Brianna Benlolo, Danielle Michaels, and Kimberly Leto are a small sample of young White women killed and many raped and some tortured by non-white criminals.

Mr. President, they can’t be brought back, but you may prevent future victims by addressing their deaths as you addressed Trayvon Martin’s.

Those are hush crimes just like the crime of White Genocide itself:

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Mr. President, tell Americans that that is White Genocide by UN Convention!

And that White Genocide is not anti-racist, it’s anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Created: May 12, 2014