Prof. Olga Cox at Orange Coast College fears President Trump will stop WHITE GENOCIDE

Trump Wall Diversity

[This from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]

This email has been sent to a number of student organizations at Orange Coast College, where a controversy has erupted around Prof. Olga Cox, who called President-Elect Trump a “White supremacist” and his election an “act of terrorism.”:

Prof. Olga Cox fears President Trump will stop WHITE GENOCIDE

 Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-Whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.


No school, no organization, no town, no country is allowed to be White.

“Diversity” means chasing down Whites.


Your professors teach that Whites are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide.

They never tell White students, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!


They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


We believe President Trump understands:

“Diversity” means chasing down the last White person.

Always vote for the

Stop White Genocide



Educators and Students Against White Genocide

Don’t be eternal sophomores who worship mommy professor!


White GeNOcide fliers/emails for sophomores who worship mommy professor


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  1. Jack Smith
    June 26, 2017 at 6:50 am

    The Weaponization of Social Media

    Social media applications can be weaponized with very little skill. Social media warfare has become a burden that nation states, government agencies, and corporations need to face. To address the social media warfare threat in a reasonable manner that reduces uncertainty requires dedication and attention over a very long-term. To stay secure, they need to develop the capability to defend against social media warfare attacks. Addressing unconventional warfare strategies and tactics takes time and experience, plus planning and dedication. Right Wing War managers have developed a sound understanding of how social media warfare can impact their nation or their organization.
    We are recruiting hackers and data specialists that must pass a pro-white screening. Every technician will be carefully vetted and continuously surveilled because of our enemies constant efforts to infiltrate and subvert the right wing populist movement.
    Social Media Warfare is Rooted in Cognition
    The first social factor that we analyzed was the resistance movement’s ability to exploit or shape political opportunities related to a political crisis and permissive environment. A fundamental belief in social movement theory is that any collective challenge or social mobilization faces political opportunities and constraints. The opportunities and constraints are fluid and any changes can determine whether a movement emerges.
    We examined and highlighted the “Free space” the resistance movement either creates or exploits. This can include the “cognitive liberation” needed for a movement to emerge or the opportunity to organize collective action “out of sight ” and reach of the authorities.
    From a macro-level perspective we highlight opportunities to be exploited by the resistance movement. This can include normative process for political
    participation, legal precedence, or white civil rights. It can also include political crisis that presents a window of opportunity to mobilize.
    The crisis can be the opportunity or it can weaken the state, making it vulnerable to a social revolution.
    Another macro-level political opportunity is the decision by an external power or the leftist federal government to intervene against a peaceful and docile white majority.
    Mobilizing Structures
    The second factor of analysis is the presence of mobilizing structures, more
    specifically the presence of pre-existing informal social networks and the emergence of formal social movement organizations (SMOs). Mobilizing structures and the principles and concepts related to both informal social networks and formal SMOs.
    Like political opportunities, a fundamental theory of social movements is the need for resource mobilization. Resource mobilization theory can be divided into two areas. The first focuses on the belief that activists are rational actors and customers of a social movement industry.
    These two mobilizing structures were analyzed in order to highlight the roles each played as “collective vehicles” through which activists and supporters can mobilize and engage in collective action.
    Preexisting informal networks were viewed as micro-level mobilizing structures and SMOs will be viewed as the macro-level mobilizing structures.
    Influence Campaigns
    The third factor of resistance is influence campaigns
    . An influence campaign uses planned operations (covert and/or overt) to convey selected information and indicators to target audiences. In non-violent resistance movements the entire population can become a target for influence.
    Such campaigns attempt to influence the perceptions, cognitions, and behavior of individuals, groups, organizations, and the state. The influence campaign factor will focus primarily on the resistance movement’s ability to socialize socio-political strains, frame collective issues and actions, and influence behaviors.
    Micro-level influence will focus on the socialization of socio-political strains
    that form of friction or tension (real or perceived) between the state and a portion of civil society or the “ruler” and “ruled.”
    The micro level will also focus on the social influence exerted by pre-existing informal networks and the collective action frames created by SMOs to mobilize activism and other related behaviors.
    From a macro-level the study will analyze movement’s influence efforts designed to attract the sympathy and support of dissident political elites. This sympathy and support is important for resistance movement as a means for bargaining with the state.
    The five factors common to the emergence of a social movement or social
    revolution to emerge include mass frustration, dissident elite political groups, unifying motivations, a severe paralyzing political crisis, and a permissive environment.
    The first assumption is the existence of grievances sufficient to create socio-political strains and mass frustration. The development of social -political strains is closely related to theory of relative deprivation.
    Tension and friction are created by a real or perceived gap between the
    collective’s expectations and their ability to satisfy them.
    The expectations can be linked to macro-level pressures (i.e. economic depression, urbanization, immigration) and micro-level pressures (i.e. individual isolation, alienation, or psychological disturbances).
    Tension can also be caused by a perceived injustice. This injustice can range from voter disenfranchisement and marginalization to income inequality despite a
    comparative skill and education levels and/or the wage slavery of white majority to finance anti-white minority parasites.
    We focus on how these strains were manipulated and exploited for social mobilization and collective action.
    We constitute the existence of dissident political groups totally unlike the race traitors and political whores that compose the American establishment. These
    elites are in direct opposition of the communist police state and their institutions.
    They may also be neutral or apathetic yet not fully supportive of the ruling regimes policies. They are a critical piece of the social and political environment because they possess a number of resources and attributes which provide them varying degrees of political power. This can include wealth, education, knowledge, and leadership.
    Collective action and protest by the political powerless attracts the attention of international sympathetic or supportive elites. These dissident political elites apply pressure on the state, forcing the state to make concessions and relieve socio-political strains.

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  2. June 26, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Skype has opened its website-centered client beta for the entire world, right after introducing it extensively from the Usa and You.K.
    previous this month. Skype for Website also now supports Chromebook and Linux for instant messaging conversation (no video and
    voice yet, those call for a plug-in installing).

    The expansion of your beta provides help for a longer list of languages to assist strengthen that worldwide functionality

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    • Jack Smith
      June 26, 2017 at 6:58 am

      Melodee why are you promoting the utility of anti-white social media sites?

      What is your purpose?

      Do you think that this is a debate society? It is not.

      We are a problem solving site addressing the problem of white genocide.

      If you want to argue against that fact, the doorway to hell is wide open.

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  3. Henry Davenport
    December 29, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    The Wash Post:
    “You professors teach that Whites are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide,” a woman named Jennifer wrote. “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

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    • Jack Smith
      June 26, 2017 at 6:59 am

      I agree with her. Do you?

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  4. Anonymous
    December 16, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    If all white people are killed off, than what will happen to the so called elites?
    Most of them are white, so who will rule who?

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    • Jack Smith
      June 26, 2017 at 7:01 am

      I hope that you are not masturbating over the prospect of white genocide.

      Do you not realize that the whites who manipulate retarded minority parasites who want to carry out white genocide for visceral, not intellectual reasons.

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  5. Zeus
    December 14, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    You Tube; Immigration Sweden;Barbara Lerner; Tells us what race; is trying to; destroy White civilization.

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    • Jack Smith
      June 26, 2017 at 7:09 am

      Zeus???? The God Head…or the Chute?

      This site is replete with accurate descriptions of those who are intent on white genocide.

      Also described fully are white genocide’s numerous suggestions for defending our people from white genocide.

      This is not Facebook where we are expected to defend anything and everything against the continuous rat-waves of insane wiggers, commies, africans and moslems.

      Don’t try to change or redefine our efforts!

      Don’t try to insert your own misinformed re-definition of anything.

      Why should we try to answer questions that are confused mutations of reality?

      You are an example of the folly of inviting leftist ignoramuses to spew out undigested media puke on this site.

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