California NAACP head demands new National Anthem, “Oh say can you see, the racism in me”

This article’s featured image on the home page is of California NAACP head Alice Huffman.

National anthem lyrics prompt California NAACP to call for replacing song

Are anti-whites losing it? Their White Genocide train, which until recent years was steaming along with a steady hand on the throttle, now seems to be careening out of control and headed for a Casey Jones moment.

Anti-whites had the track all to themselves for a half century and got over-confident. Now white folk have gotten ourselves up and running and there’s a brand new train on the track. But instead of checking the signals and slowing down a little, the anti-whites’ White Genocide train has sped up, determined to run right over anything else on the track.

That didn’t work for Casey Jones and it’s not going to work for the anti-whites. That new train on the track is driven by the newly awoken Sleeping White Titan, still drowsy but about to come fully awake as he sees he’s been stripped naked of his culture while he was asleep.

What the devil are anti-whites thinking, messing with the national anthem?? Who has ever even heard the line that has the word “slave” in it, in one of the song’s almost never sung verses, except the California NAACP? (But now we may be hearing that verse a little more frequently!) Did a sudden patriotic fervor drive the California NAACP to look up all the verses of The Star Spangled Banner and belt them out, falling silent in horror when they came to the word “slave”?

Anti-whites don’t care about the freaking anthem. What they care about is that everything white has to go, and then whites have to go!

But their train’s engineer, fireman, brakeman and conductor must have seen what’s around the curve at the bottom of the grade and jumped train, because the sounds coming from the White Genocide train today are the cries of desperation of trapped anti-white desperadoes headed into one of the great train wrecks of history.

Country music fans, tune up and get ready. History’s greatest train wreck song is on the way.

train collision  train collision old

This National Review article is an interesting discussion of the meaning of “slave” in the line that the NAACP says qualifies the Star Spangled Banner for the trash can, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave.” 

Is ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ Racist?




3 comments for “California NAACP head demands new National Anthem, “Oh say can you see, the racism in me”

  1. John Horton
    November 10, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    If the USA is so bad, then why don’t the Africans go back to their home paradise: Africa?:
    uh ohhhh:
    — no White man’s welfare,
    — no White man’s prisons to give the Africans somewhere to live,
    — no White man’s hospitals to have millions of African bastard babies,
    — no White men to blame for all your African personal problems.

    How to solve the “problem”:
    — 80% of Africans in the US are convicted felons,
    — New law: If you are convicted of a felony, your US citizenship is revoked and you serve your time in a contract prison in Africa.

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  2. Rev.Oldner
    November 9, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    why don’t you have some meetings in Dallas so we can get organized to fight here

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  3. 0jr
    November 9, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    name it din do nuffin

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