Media blasts Trump for ignoring White Genocide’s contribution to opioid epidemic

That will be the day, huh? Actually, Trump is being blasted for not diverting more funds to the epidemic.

Societies in dissolution exhibit dissolute behaviors. Anti-whites who’ve worked hard to wreck White societies, both for the pure pleasure of it and to make carrying out White Genocide easier, will find nothing to complain about in today’s opioid epidemic.


In the white population of the U.S. today there’s not only an opioid epidemic but also a suicide epidemic.

Whites are demoralized. Their employment has been taken from them and given to non-whites and to machines. Their schools that should prepare them for what employment is available have been turned into indoctrination camps that teach them that whites don’t exist but whites are nevertheless responsible for all the evil in the world. Their nation’s state religion Our Most Holy Church of Political Correctness demands not only that they step aside for non-whites, those sanctified beings who are free of sin and who have come to save us (“diversity is our strength”), but that while stepping aside they repeat the Church’s liturgy of white sinfulness and self-abnegation.

Anti-whites have trained whites to hate their whiteness, but more and more whites are waking up and realizing that

White self-hatre is sick!d

It’s not only sick, it makes the self-hater sick. That’s anti-whites’ intention, since the sick are less able to resist their genocide.

The non-whites who’ve already poured across our borders, and who will blend us out of existence or nearly so if not blocked, have brought with them their vibrant social pathogens of gangs and drug cartels. These super-bugs are now loose in a giant ward many of whose residents are already sickly, and they could create an infection whose catastrophic terminal state could be the cartel chaos of Mexico today. When money flowing to cartels to purchase drugs becomes sizable compared to the tax money that flows to the state, the drug cartels can become the state.

Those are some of the scenic views along the way if anti-whites continue to be able to carry out White Genocide.

Among those of us who are fighting back against White Genocide there is no opioid epidemic. We are living as human beings evolved to live, as part of a racial group that cares about itself and is not just a collection of lone individuals.

You are invited to fight back with us!


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