Hungarian president may have triggered the first battle for Europe


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he will hold a referendum asking Hungarians if they agree to the EU’s agenda to distribute illegal immigrants among central and eastern European countries.

The question will be: “Do you want the European Union to require the compulsory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without authorisation by the Hungarian Parliament?

Orban saidWe can not make decisions that will have an impact on future generations of Hungarians, without asking the citizens.

Immigration quotas will change the religious, ethnic and cultural profile of Hungary and Europe.

So I decided to defend European democracy. We Eastern Europeans know that we will lose our freedom if we do not defend the interests of our citizens

We do not want illegal immigrants, we do not want to import German problems to Hungary and we will not tolerate any attempts to force us to do it. I am convinced that Angela Merkel decided to accept immigrants in her conscience. I also consulted my conscience, and I have come to completely different conclusions than she

The relocations quotas of immigrants is idiocy. It does not work. But nobody wants to admit it in Brussels.

This is a very clever move by Orban. Polls show that the majority of Europeans are against mass immigration, and Hungarians will definitely vote against it in the referendum.

The EU would look anti-democracy if it kept putting pressure on Hungary to take them.

In addition to this, the referendum could trigger similar referendums in other European countries, as the Swiss 2014 referendum for a limit on immigration did.

Central, Eastern, Baltic, and Balkan European countries would be likely to follow in Hungary’s footsteps and ask their people what they want. Their White genocide agenda would be severely weakened.

This could be the very first modern-day battle in the war deciding the future of Europe.


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  1. American
    April 29, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    I dont know about Europe, but in the US, only a minority of uninformed brain damaged liberals support illegal mass immigration. Plus I noticed a handful of these liberals are actually waking up to the reality of white genocide aka globalization. Shipping third world immigrants in developed countries and shipping jobs out at the same time…They see it as globalization, we call it white genocide..same thing. Try waking brainwashed liberals up by starting with the word “globalization” They cant handle the white genocide version yet so give them small doses of the truth at a time. A lot of these liberals docile sheep like we think. Some have the ability to come out of their trance. DON’T ARGUE WITH THEM, AWAKEN THEM.

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  2. Xtremetic
    March 1, 2016 at 6:38 am

    When he said “We can not make decisions that will have an impact on future generations of Hungarians, without asking the citizens.” Victor Orban was shaming the establishment in the West for having imposed mass Third World immigration on their public without consulting them or gaining their consent.

    In Britain it started with the British Nationalities Act of 1948 which practically gave dual citizenship to everyone in the commonwealth and thus permitted VISA free immigration from these countries to Britain and allowed Commonwealth nationals access to welfare benefits like National Assistance as it was called then. Naturally, people from countries like Jamaica, Ghana and Pakistan jumped at the opportunity to increase their income tenfold by relocating to Britain and by 1962 470,000 of them had migrated to Britain. What is so annoying about this is that the true intention behind this Act of Parliament was concealed from the public while it was misrepresented as way of remedying the problem of stateless persons in the former colonies. Even if the true intention of the Act had been revealed it was not part of anyone’s election manifesto, so the public could not have rejected it with their vote. I am sure that if a referendum about ‘coloured’ immigration (as it was then called) had been held in Britain in 1948, three quarters would have voted against it. I am also convinced that the majority of people in white countries in 1948 would not have wanted large scale Third World immigration, just as the majority in Eastern Europe do not want it now. The East Europeans are fortunate in that they can see what their multicultural future will look like by the example provided by Western countries, so they can make an informed choice in deciding to accept it or reject it. We were not so fortunate in 1948, so we blindly went down the multicultural path, not understanding how much it would transform our country in ways we would not have wished for.

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  3. February 26, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Aren’t there a lot of anti-whites still justifying White Genocide in Pres Orban’s own country?

    What’s really going on here? He would be levying financial penalties against those anti-whites at home if he were serious. As pro-whites are hit with fines in anti-white countries, so anti-whites must be fined in any pro-white country. Anti-whites should be continued to be fined even after those anti-white countries stop levying financial penalties against pro-whites, lest anti-whites start their programme of genocide against white people back up again.


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    • Xtremetic
      March 1, 2016 at 6:03 am

      The so called ‘pro whites’ in the West are penalized under various race relations and hate crime laws so there cannot be symmetry with the anti whites in the East because whites there are not seen as being in need of protection since they are the majority. Also the anti whites are not explicitly anti white since they conceal their true agenda by providing economic rationals for their policies (ie ‘replacement migration’).

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