This Hungarian Mayor, so intelligent and brave, is totally unlike …

Comment on Hungarian Mayor says his village welcomes Western European refugees fleeing multiculturalism by Jack Smith.

This Hungarian Mayor, so intelligent and brave, is totally unlike the neo-communist mayors found in most American urban areas. I support his views and his action dimension.
Since White Americans are severely handicapped in so many ways by a government intent on maintaining a high level of White Anomie (e.g. defined by Durkheim as “a state or condition of individuals or groups characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, personal unrest, alienation, and anxiety that comes from a lack of identity, purpose, ideals and ideology”), we are forced to create organizations and employ political tools to re-establish, our voice, influence and right to life. Following is one suggested formation for obtaining liberation from White genocide and slavery.

White Realpolitik2 an Introduction

“Why, what’s the meaning of it?” he thought with vexation.
“Why have I really gone out of my mind, or what?” – The Double

People tell me: “I will work against the neo-communist White Genocide Establishment (WGE) only if the work is nonviolent.”

We have to start out nonviolently because organization, followed by recruitment, training and reorganization, must take place without public drama or attention-seeking violence. We will make it very hard for the monolithic communist media to ferret out our plans and identify our several groups of leaders.
The organization will go through a stage of vulnerability as it establishes the infrastructure necessary for a world-wide political war to refine and extend the political power and influence of white people.

The period of initiation has several inter-related objectives, including:
1. Forming initial leadership cadres.
2. Carrying out mission-directed operations for: leadership self training, recruitment, promotional and recruitment propaganda, inculcating revolutionary tradecraft and security, polarization, white tribalism, white identity, liberation ideology, and establishing passive support networks, (e.g. intelligence, counterintelligence, fund raising, foreign liaison, rat lines, etc.)
3. Utilizing initial missions to determine:
 Who is trustworthy and courageous
 Who has what skills (For example ethical hacking)
 Who is a subversive infiltrator? (servant of the WGE)
 Who is dedicated to the cause
 Who is qualified to carry out what types of work
 Etcettera

4. Initiate Reflexive Control and other Influence Operations

What type of org will we be creating and committing to combat?

This organization will fight for the best interests of those white people (middle class and working class) who are not traitors serving WGE. We will minimally obtain:

 Representation in return for taxation (e.g. our own political parties)
 A decisive voice in how our tax dollars are collected and spent
 Organizations capable of fighting for our civil rights and voice in any arena necessary
 Full use of the political weapons of Populism to include: Referendum, Recall, Initiative and several others populist political weapons that we will launched by surprise
 We will isolate and eliminate the support of minority parasites now in control of the USA.
 We will assist in the destruction of the European Union and all Caliphates now worming their way to control in the West.
 We will halt all in-migration and begin mass deportation of undesirable aliens (e.g. rioters, bums, thugs, rapists, killers, the “entitled,” etcetera.
 We will liquidate the current communist: one-party government, media, advertising, “entertainment”, university, oligarchy, and other enemies of white life and freedom.

White Political Strategy

The Seven Natural Laws of White Politics
 Law of Self Interest: Work first to benefit yourself, your family and the white tribe.
 Law of Corporeity: Unify and work with others who are like-minded and share your needs.
 Law of Return: Investments of time, money, and/or effort demand a return of value to the taxpayers.
 Law of Reciprocity: Favors are exchanged and repaid in kind.
 Law of Accountability: Representatives of your interests are obligated to serve it competently.
 Law of Retaliation: Any who betray white trust will not endure.
 Law of Protracted Effort: The political struggle never ends.
 Law of Victory: Always utilize the Organizational Weapon and Entryism

Politics requires action. Political action is guided by clear precepts.

Operational Precepts of the Organizational Weapon
 Information is a Weapon: Decisions and plans require it.
 Strike Opponent’s Weak Points: Research pulls action toward oppositional weakness.
 Seek the Initiative: Control the struggle by defining the issues.
 Polarize: Create a center of gravity by identifying and fighting for right against wrong. Compromise must favor our side!
 Obtain Surprise: Force the opposition to adapt by getting inside their OODA (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action) Loop and advancing along the lines of least expectation.
 Advance Along Multiple Lines: Attack from several directions.
 Maintain Momentum: Don’t stop the pressure, spread it!
The Levels of Political War
Strategy: Maneuver targeted against the most powerful enemy COG.
Operational: Maneuver against regional and state enemies, media.
Tactics: Maneuver against political individuals, city and county level.

The Organizational Weapon requires a clear strategy.

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Hungarian Mayor says his village welcomes Western European refugees fleeing multiculturalism


Hungarian Mayor says his village welcomes Western European refugees fleeing multiculturalism



Hungarian Mayor says his village welcomes Western European refugees fleeing multiculturalism


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White Genocide in USA
The God Damned Facebook ass licking White Genocide bastards have suppressed my comments. Too cowardly to admit their lying, they simply say “You said that before.

God Damn this phony israeli site. It won’t be around much longer. But in the meantime its an abomination!

White people are moving back to London, complains Black woman.
mbt trainers?

MauMau Black Turds?

You cowardly bunch of yard apes!

White people are moving back to London, complains Black woman.
Most white women, being at least half crazy and highly susceptible to enemy propaganda, will easily adapt to their new status as beaten/drugged slaves in nigro and moslem harems.

To you white people who refuse to fight back because white women are not worth saving. Consider this:

We are fighting for the future of our white children, the honor of our sane senior citizens and to protect the white tribe from slavery and genocide.

Any asshole who tries to dilute that mission by “suggesting” that we should not attempt to protect white interests and survival lest we be called “white supremacists” is an ENEMY.
We search for the equivocators and cowards posturing as sages “looking for the best method of resistance,” who are actually loser cuckolded conservatives.

Such traitorous bastards want to resurrect the white people of a decade ago who could be terrified, buffaloed and stampeding by racist name calling. Most whites have tortuously moved out of fear of name-calling into more aggressive “thoughts.
” Even such minor progress towards becoming whole white men, has frightened our enemies, especially conservatives/republicans. Stronger white thoughts/attitudes will be translated into revolution.
Since most of you never call out white traitors who are swamping this site, it obvious that you are on their side.

I declare this site as a minority parasite subversion site. Soon they will disallow all pro-white statements as “nazi” and white supremacy and acknowledge that only nigros, moslems, wiggers and commies are allowed to commit race crimes, including white genocide.

We are working on a new book entitled: Phony Internet White-Provocation and Deception Sites: Focus on White Genocide.

White people are moving back to London, complains Black woman.
Marco you stupid traitor asshole.
Get off this site.
Do you work for facebook or whhite genocide?

Marco you are an enemy son of a bitch. Where can I find you? Coward!

White Genocide in Australia
News Flash:

Negros and moslems have begun posting fliers in pro-minority parasite cities along the Eastern and Western seaboards.

The fliwers are the same on both costs. They demand white genocide.

In this screwed up balkanized shithole it is not a race-crime to demand white genocide, beat up white people, murder them and/or rape them, Race crime laws were written for several reasons:
-Frighten white people into surrender
-Insure that nigros would be protected from revenge
-Declare open season on whites
-Further demonstrate to whites that this nation is controlled by a tiny minority parasite gang
-Vanguard (prepare the way) for white genocide

What are YOU doing to destroy our enemies?

Our friends have obtained some files from enemy media coffers that will be published in . the near future on the internet.Do you research “white genocide” on the internet? Too lazy? Too fat? Too stupid?

I am preparing a study defining which psychological triggers the media uses to mentally castrate white males.


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    Will South Africans be welcome. We are being slaughtered. I am 61 European female

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    This site is so needed, to awaken Whites from the dream of multicultural harmony that anti-Whites have implanted in them, and open their eyes to the nightmare reality that their dream has been a dream of White Genocide.

    This site is off to a great start!

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      Congratulations on a site that’s as important to our people as food and water (not to mention our own living space.
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