Mike, they will not survive . it is not …

Comment on German refugees are loving their new lives in Hungary by Tom Hofmann, germany.

Mike, they will not survive . it is not save. better is Plan B: Finca Panama

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Priority Call to Action
Hello Comrades in US and elsewhere

Did you ever hear EU / European Union ? Not behind the 7 hills . Yes, it is overseas. Fare away
The EU have a President . of course . His Name is Martin or Moshe Schulz.
He is a bad guy. He is anti-white and pro Immigration of lots of Bimbo-Ni..ers ( Yes, the bad N-Word ) and Arab-terrorists.

Here you can see this “Man in the middle” . Right and left are his friends

And such a Moshe is ruling the EU

College Professor: All White people must commit mass suicide as final reparations
goods own people

Berlin Truck Attack. You hear it… a Shlomo was present… a high rank specialist of terror investigation by the Mossad .
One female “victim” was a israel-citizen
The Truck-owner is an Ariel and to seeing on picture together with goods own people
And of course they found the papers of the Attacker in the Truck.
And of course they shoot him dead a day later..

By the way .. on the webpage of Mossad / Isreal, you can apply as a an Agent for Mossad. They are looking for parttime-agents.
I think I should do this. Than I can report all of you . Maybe Mossad are looking for a Blogwart

Hmm.. what is a Blogwart.. In the third Reich here in Germany, we had the Blockwart
( Block = block of houses ) and ( Wart= is is a warder) . He looks for subversive and criminal activities and report it to his leading Officer.

… not Block , now we have Blog. We should report subversive and antisemitic hate speech it to the Mossad .

So, would you please give me your Address? I think I should report you.

College Professor: All White people must commit mass suicide as final reparations
@ Diane Booth
Yo say: Right wing political candidates are winning worldwide,

Diana, here in Europe are all the „New Rights“ Activists, Leaders of Protest-Movement, Anti-Islam-Propagandists, many anti-government / anti-Islam Blogs without critics on Israel.
Example .. the new “far-right” party in Germany, AfD ( Alternative for Deutschland ):
The female Leader is a transatlantic-bridge member and best business contacts to US-finance guys.
She disable a group of active AfD-members who get in contact to the real German national party ( NPD / Nationale Partei Deutschland )

An other member wrote a book over the domination and influence of goods own people Germany. They want this man kick out of the AfD .. Not successfully , but they tried.

You see, the “New Rightwings” are pro Israhelll and without any criticism on goods own people behavior

Israel is controlling the anti-islam movement and the “new-” rightwings.

College Professor: All White people must commit mass suicide as final reparations
Believe me, the white race deserve here extincion. The Volks-Body or Racial Corpus, is full with worms and maggots. There is no cure possible.
Only a man like Adolf Hitler can save us. If not – the end is near. The Zionist poison from out of the TV-Sets , Hollywood production, Newspapers, red-green teacher in the classrooms …
You knew, the minds / brains are deformed and causes malfunctions. Suicide is the only way out of here. Evolution is the keyword. It is time to left the planet. Our body is incurable sick.
And sorry for abusing your language … I am only a working class hero and not a high-schooler

College Professor: All White people must commit mass suicide as final reparations
Here you see a cute German Girl who support her rapists
What you think what going round in the brain of those mans? hahahah



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  1. Bob "Cuckold" Ross
    November 23, 2016 at 6:45 am

    Hi, this is Bob Ross communicating from beyond the grave. I dedicated my life to painting so that you brats could do something more productive with your lives than sitting on your *** playing your stupid Atari games all day. I don’t appreciate you morons abusing my legacy and turning me into some childish meme that you can spam on your little MSM chat thing. Now go paint a mountain or something and don’t you dare copypaste this. CoolStoryBob

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  2. Laetitis
    November 10, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Will South Africans be welcome. We are being slaughtered. I am 61 European female

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  3. Harumphty Dumpty
    January 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    This site is so needed, to awaken Whites from the dream of multicultural harmony that anti-Whites have implanted in them, and open their eyes to the nightmare reality that their dream has been a dream of White Genocide.

    This site is off to a great start!

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    • September 2, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Congratulations on a site that’s as important to our people as food and water (not to mention our own living space.
      I’m a man also of very strong opinions. Check me out: whiteaustralia.blogspot.com.au

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  4. Turner
    January 1, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Can’t wait

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