“From the anti-white perspective, yes”

The title is a phrase that pro-Whites can use in response to anti-whites. It was suggested by Horus in his most recent podcast with Roy. The audio of it gives the full flavor, and begins at 35:15:

Horus repeats the statements in a more or less friendly tone of agreement rather than of confrontation.

Another way to do it is that as soon as someone gives an anti-white point of view, you just point out to them, “Well, you’re speaking from the anti-white perspective,” or “you’re speaking from the anti-white point of view.” And just let it sit there and percolate a little bit.

You know, that is a really good tactic. You’ve mentioned that to me before, and I have not put it into use yet.

If you have someone acting in that politically correct, robotic mindset, you just say, “Well, from the anti-white perspective, sure.”…just play along with them…”Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everybody…from the anti-white perspective, yes. From the anti-white point of view…you’re speaking from the anti-white point of view.”

Just keep calling them an anti-white in a very polite way. [As Horus says of this technique a couple of minutes later, “You’re calling an opponent anti-white without calling him an anti-white.” — HD]

Understood, understood.

And it starts grating. It starts grating.

[Horus points out that the tactic he’s recommending is a good one if a pro-White maybe isn’t that good at speaking or isn’t that aggressive…the anti-white will become irritated and pushy, and the pro-white can just continue being agreeable, tossing in, “Yeah, from the anti-white perspective. Yes, from the anti-white point of view. You’re speaking from the anti-white point of view.” — HD]

Just keep calling them an anti-white in a polite way and you’ll keep training the conversation. It’ll get very frustrating for them.


Then you hit them with a talking point here or there [the consistent Mantra talking points* — HD], once you do that 5 or 6 times.

*I’ll try to get a decent link for that phrase for readers who aren’t BUGSters. I’m not sure that’s possible…Mantra talking points are something one learns by being a BUGSter. For the present, I’ll just make the phrase a link to the Mantra at BUGS.

Horus’ podcasts can be found here: http://whiterabbitradio.net/podcast-2


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  1. December 8, 2014 at 10:01 am

    A little girl did the Mantra? YAY! This sort of thing is great, and just what we need. What’s up, Horus? Nice to hear some more of your stuff.

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