EU to UK: WE control YOUR borders.

The EU President has said Britain does not get to control its borders, and rejecting immigrants is “not up for negotiation“.

EU (European Union) President of the European Parliament, Martin Shulz, who is also a German Socialist politician, said that he took reform of the EU “very seriously.

The principle of free movement of people has been one of the greatest successes the EU has,” Shulz said, “it is a fundamental principle and it’s not up for negotiation any more than renegotiating the principle of the free movement of goods, services or capital.

Shulz’s comments were made after several politicians from all over the EU, notably the UK, have called on the EU to alter immigration laws.


For example, last week in Britain, the Home Secretary Theresa May, was considering a cap on EU immigration at 75,000 workers, after talking about “the abuse of free movement in the EU”.

Freedom of movement is a typical anti-White line, but we know that through-out history there has always been freedom of movement. The difference today, is that it seems all and ONLY White countries have lost the right to say “no” to all this immigration.

Without massive non-White immigration, assimilation simply would not blend White people out of existence; it would instead blend the minority non-White population.


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  1. Flash
    January 14, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    La Gran Bretaña Tiene buena parte de la culpa, Pues en Lugar De Combatir al Nacionalsocialismo Alemán, debió haberlo apoyado y aun mas debió Haber Hecho Una alianza como quería Hitler, Ahora el Reino Unido no encuentra La salida, el sionismo lo ha superado. Y si el el Reino Unido y la UE no Unen Fuerzas concentradas contra El Enemigo en común, contra El Enemigo de la Humanidad, el Sionismo y el Judaismo, Este los va Destruir a ellos con el Tiempo, espero Que se den Cuenta y sí logren quitarse de Encima las garras ponzoñosas del sionismo. Saludos

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    • kenny
      January 17, 2014 at 8:46 pm

      I believe the flash in the wrong siesta

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      • Flash
        January 20, 2014 at 2:58 am

        El pueblo británico no tiene la culpa, de ninguna manera, el pueblo británico no es culpable, pues eso no quise decir, lo que quise decir es que el gobierno británico dominado por la influencia del Sionismo internacional obró mal en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y ahora esta pagando las consecuencias el pueblo británico de aquella decisión de su gobierno de apoyar y defender el comunismo, en lugar de aliarse con la Alemania NS. Ahora lo que tienen que hacer es algo que los libere del genocidio de su propio pueblo y de las garras del sionismo. Si es que se quieren salvar, y ayudar a los alemanes a librarse también de esas tenazas del movimiento sionista que los tiene adormecidos, principalmente a los pueblos europeos.

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  3. asgardian127
    January 14, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    Holy crap.

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  4. Insidious infiltration, BREAK THE PROGRAMING!
    January 17, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    I was forced to learn & speak a foreign language in school . I had to pick one, back then we were all brainwashed & stupid. It makes me want to vomit now how manipulated & stupid we were by the rich controllers growing up. Unfortunately I spent about 300 hours out of my life wasted learning that NON-WHITE language. I could have learned something more important. The rich(white & other races) controllers kids are running things now & they are not very bright, that is why things are the way they are. Other races KNOW, how important their race is to keeping their culture & identity & country together . If you look at the Mex. flag , the white part used to mean race in the past , today they might have changed it because of pol. correctness, but, it still means race to most mex’es . My Point Is, EVERY time you use (Write, Speak, communicate) in foreign languages, (OTHER THAN WHITE ONES), YOU, are promoting their other race culture & anti-white thoughts, even though the message might be harmless in content you are still promoting their race & culture. IT tick’s me off, It makes me think you are an invader. Please use white languages only. No offence to any white people that only learned to communicate in non -white languages.

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    • Anna Ruyssenaars
      January 18, 2014 at 12:26 am

      Is Polish a White language? Or, Russian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian?
      As far as I know the majority of the native people from these countries are White.
      Correct me if I am wrong.
      Their countries too are economically under attack from Zionist Bankers Gangsters,
      as well from the Zionist enforced disproportional immigration attack,
      yet, they are also immigrants flooding into the countries of the White West of Europe.
      IMO, even though they are White People, they too should stay in their own countries,
      and build up their own country.
      Or, should we in the West of Europe better be happy that they at least are White Immigrant People?
      That is my question, I have no answer to that question.
      For me any language used here for a comment is not important, the content of the message is.
      I can’t speak Spanish, so I don’t know what the content is from the message in Spanish from FLASH.

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    • Anna Ruyssenaars
      January 18, 2014 at 1:42 am

      I like to share with you the following,
      I have spent 16 years in school.
      I learned to write, read and count,
      the grammar of the Dutch language, and
      English, German, French, these foreign languages were compulsory.

      All the other subjects were a TOTAL waste of time.
      History lessons were, are everywhere about completely falsified history,
      while real history was kept hidden from us,
      geography was utterly boring, nothing special.
      Besides 1 in 10.000 people who needs algebra later on in life?
      Biology was mildly interesting but certainly not WOW,
      physics was mildly interesting, not WOW.
      All that was somehow useful I could have learned within 3 years.

      To cut a long story short,
      school was, and still is a total waste of time.
      That’s why I and 99% of kids hate school, and rightly so.

      School is a Zionist hoax, with books filled with lies & rubbish to keep us stupid.
      The same story goes for the university scam, a lucrative scam.

      Education is for training people to be slaves of the “elite”,
      to design infernal, lethal weapons, or other destructive devices,
      for the people who can’t or don’t want to go to university
      to work in soul destroying factories producing consumption-mania junk,
      thus enriching the rich, while destroying the creative potential of the slaves.

      99% of scientists work for criminal organizations owned by the “elite”.

      1% of scientists are people with integrity, when they drop out and
      begin teaching The Truth they are persecuted, bankrupted or assassinated.

      The whole medical training is against health, teaches fascist medical procedures,
      more people die from treatment than are cured, a lucrative business.
      Agricultural training teaches to poison land, water, food and people.
      Jobs in the Main Stream Media are only for parrots of Zionist lies,
      no truth is allowed to be aired, nor printed.
      Anybody who produces a film exposing Truth,
      the producer and her/his film will be slandered in the Main Stream Media.

      Guess you get the picture.
      You didn’t waste 300 hours in school,
      your whole school time was a waste of time.
      It is up to us to shake off the distortions of our useless education,
      and to as much as possible re-educate ourselves
      with the help of the Internet, take the chance to do so now,
      for as long as the fascist “elite” allow it to happen,
      because the criminals are going to seriously curtail access to True Truth,
      are already doing so.

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      • stevieb
        January 18, 2014 at 11:28 am

        “A paid education is worse than no education at all..” – Socrates

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        • Anna Ruyssenaars
          January 19, 2014 at 9:32 pm

          Well said by Socrates!
          Recently Obomba said to students that anybody with a university education
          can become the president of the USA.
          That says it all about the lucrative, hollow words slogan “education, education, education”,
          with education you can become a mind controlled tyrant, or zombie-slave of tyrants.
          Same as his blatant double-talk word “change”, which means he is one of the many tools
          of, I think by Zionists controlled leaders of the UN for speeding up the change to
          totalitarian socialism in the Occident.
          That unsavory looking Schultz president of the European Parliament looks like a Zionist thug
          with a paid education in how to ruthlessly wipe out the White Culture & White Race.

          The Powers That Be are under control of Zionists, and have declared war on Humanity.
          The scapegoat of Zionists are the White Race.
          Therefore a massive slander campaign targeting the White Race has been unleashed by
          the Zionist MSM accusing the White People of being slave drivers, racists, evil, perverse,
          warmongers, racial supremacists, inbred, genocidal, to make us look evil in the eyes of the
          MSM junkies far and wide, and to instil a guilt complex in White People.
          Their Hollywood film industry & celebrity industry churns out non stop violence and
          fascist sexuality picturing White People being brutal killers & women sexually gone crazy,
          while all these crimes are the hallmarks of Abrah-manic Judaic racial supremacist
          & perverse male supremacist phallocratic dogmas, of their with slavery obsessed
          genocidal history.

          Their coordinated attack of disproportional immigration into the Occident to outnumber
          the White Native People in their own towns
          (55% of London are immigrants, is impossible to undo)
          is part of the ‘needed’ destabilization of the psyche of the White Native People.
          The fragmentation of native White societies is causing identity loss, is weakening our homogenous
          power to withstand the attack, while the draining of the social welfare funds by hordes of
          culture clashing penniless immigrants is impoverishing the native White People, causing racism,
          hate, fights and crime to peak.
          These are only a few of the tactics used against us.
          Many more Stalinist methods are in full swing to demoralize the White People in the Occident,
          to effectively wipe us out.
          Fukushima is triggered by these necrophiliac psychopaths and is at the moment the
          biggest problem the USA, as well as Humanity is struggling with.
          The goal of the fascist World Government is to first Takeover a destroyed Occident.

          Fasten your seat belt …

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      • Flash
        January 20, 2014 at 2:47 am

        Es correcto lo que dices, y la solucion estaba en el NAcionalsocialismo aleman, definitivamente asi es. Pero el Sionismo lo destruyo, ahora debemos buscar nosotros mismo la verdad, pues el Sionismo es el verdadero enemigo y debemos combatirlo. Saludos a todos.

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  5. stevieb
    January 18, 2014 at 11:24 am

    This is war..and all British are required to fight…wherever they are

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  6. stevieb
    January 18, 2014 at 11:32 am

    This, I should add so as to be perfectly clear, is a non-violent war (at the moment.) The most crucial part of any war is determining exactly who the enemy is and what is their motivation…

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  7. Friendly white goyslave
    January 19, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    Hi Anna, As far as people that live in other countries including the ones that live where I am “claiming” they are white , I have no idea how many really are white only the individual can know that by the evidence of their past imparted to them by their family. I am sure a lot of people think they are white but are not & conversely there are a lot of people that think they are another race but are really white. It also depends on your own definition of what white is. I think white people should migrate away from the people that are causing their white genocide & extinction in less that 10 years into areas that can STOP the white genocide causers from getting into those areas and controlling things in those areas thus preserving our white race. Science is important to know and learn about. Foreign language might be important to know if your going to be talking to reps. of their other race cultures for trade and prop. line issues outside of that it is not a need to know IMO . I would have the highest respect for their wishes to be not influenced by our culture as I hope they would not want to influence our white race culture with their non-white culture. Congratulations on discovering you have been deceived , you can move forward now. My FREE OF CHARGE advise is just concentrate on getting your needs & wants , don’t listen to any gov. or com. media it will just agitate you. Find others on the net like you and move to where they are before the anti-whites censor the net.

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    • Anna Ruyssenaars
      January 20, 2014 at 9:02 pm

      Hi Whitey, here in Ireland in small to medium to big size towns culture clashing,
      on the dole immigrants are creating for the native Irish People and their Irish Culture
      an uneasy, and in some quarters a slum atmosphere.
      The native local people do their shopping in these towns and see with their own eyes
      what is happening there.
      I am an immigrant here, many decades ago I came over here from the Netherlands
      (with my own money).
      I know everything about the desperate immigrant situation in the Netherlands,
      so I am talking with my local people here about the non stop stream of immigrants
      and they are deeply upset about it.

      I am going to take – invisible – action here, aiming at waking the local people up.
      I am going to talk with a few influential people, tell them something-something,
      in the hope they will begin with – invisibly – influencing people to make them
      take -invisible- actions too.
      All has to be done extreeeeeemely low key, because recently a man here
      put his car up for sale, he wrote – only Irish buyers welcome -.
      This caused a small stir of protest, also that he would be visited by an
      anti-racist envoy …
      He had to remove the ad.

      The Anti-White-Race European Parliament is soon going to release some sort of
      ‘Red Book of Mao’ for the Native White Europeans, in it many rules are written down.
      All the rules start with the words, “You shall not …”.
      This sure is the language of enforced totalitarian-socialist re-education!
      The by Zionists ruled EU-Parliament also announced that groups will be
      employed to find out who talks ‘hate-speech’, is racist,
      who blames immigrants for being an economical burden, etc., etc.,
      that such people will be fined!

      Even though I know that all politics is a total waste of time,
      (I have never voted in my entire life),
      I have repeatedly written about racism against the White Race
      to a member I trust of the Irish Parliament ,
      as well as to the leader of a Dutch Party.
      I am going to take other, similar actions too.

      Many years ago I gave my TV away, nor do I ever listen to news,
      or to blah blah blah on the radio,
      all is falsification, distortion & blatant omission of True Truth.

      Moving away to White places, or to such places in White Countries abroad
      is for most people not an option.
      Like the PLE in the USA does, to try reserve & preserve our neighborhoods,
      villages, and parts of towns for White People Only is an important realization,
      and this needs to be communicated to the White People.


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  8. A New and different thinking.
    January 20, 2014 at 9:07 am

    People with different cultures and race should NOT mix with different cultures and races but if the races were both white, say one of them was a hybrid white race & culture And the other was an almost pure white race & culture I would like to see them living next to one another similar to Switzerland , separate borders within and easygoing attitude between them inside with separate areas -(states commune’s?) for differing white races and their cultures. There would be checkpoints when crossing between hybrid white race culture areas into almost pure white race cultures areas to make sure that everyone that crosses understands that they are entering a white race preservation area for that particular white race culture and that, (IN the case of the almost pure white race culture that has 93.75%+ white ancestry north of the Alps , including the almost pure whites not living jn the EU today) they would understand that the Almost Pure Whites are the most endangered of becoming extinct in 10 years or less because of low reproduction rates and the hybrid whites entering the almost pure white area would not be allowed to reproduce with the endangered Almost Pure Whites (Of course enforcement against that might be a bit tricky) but there would be no reason to stop a Almost Pure White race person from leaving the almost pure white area to reproduce with someone else outside the almost pure white area if they wanted to. It would simply be understood by everyone that the Almost Pure White area would be an area for only Almost Pure White race reproduction & culture and other races could visit or drive through.

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  9. Almost Pure White
    January 20, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    We are totally censored over here, thank you for your honest truth of the situation over there. It is much worse than I was informed in the media. We are programed to think its all HAPPY TOURISM !!!!! over there with maybe a little trouble in France but not a big deal. Then the rich media controllers put reality TV homosexuals, lesb. & minorities & token whites back on the rest of the air time. I am truly saddened for SA & the EU & UK & Ireland & Scotland white race people. The same types of things are happening here but we are not as far along in the process of invasion as you are. If you can’t move your options are limited. I am also stuck here.

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  10. anarchon
    January 23, 2014 at 12:55 am

    Genetically there are no races.
    In truth it’s a matter of culture, and on that front I agree completely.
    Don’t mistake what I’m saying as disagreement with your objectives, but I think a large part of the scheming is specifically to create a race war so that people of all skin colors being oppressed will fight eachother rather than the oppressors.

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  11. Basic education man
    January 23, 2014 at 8:25 am

    There are genetic differences between phenotypes based on the specific environment the human phenotype evolved in over 100′s or 1000′s of years. Depending on what YOUR definition is of race is there might not be different genetics between all humans , but in my definition of race, it also includes the definition of different human phenotypes , that means different genetics between humans & organisms. To disregard proven science true facts is a social construct. ” Wish full thinking”

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    • Anna Ruyssenaars
      January 23, 2014 at 3:54 pm

      Hello Basic education man, thank you for your helpful comment on anarchon’s comment in which he
      writes, “genetically there are no races”.

      I have written your comment down in my White Race notebook with important information and valid
      counter arguments I come across here and there, to be able to tackle puzzling exclamations used by
      either well meaning people, or miserable anti-white windbags who often play the card, ‘there are no races’.
      I guess the windbags get their “no races” playing-card from Zionist Jared Diamond.

      I know that the anthropologist & Zionist Jared Diamond says that we don’t even exist as a people,
      that Race is a myth, that our heritage is totally unimportant.
      But in an article Jared D. praises DNA studies and says that these studies are wonderful because
      they help the Israelis prove who is a real Jew.
      He says that there are no European people, no Asian people, no Indian people, no African people
      with a unique genetic and cultural heritage, and for that matter no Palestinian people, but DNA proves
      that the Jewish race does exist and that it entitles them to a state devoted to themselves and them alone.
      A few days ago I read that in Eastern Russia there exists the Jewish Autonomous Region.
      I have never before heard about that region, and wonder how old that region is, what that’s all about.
      I’ll google it.
      Maybe it is from there that the Zionists planned to trigger WW2, I somehow believe they are behind WW2.

      Thanks again!

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  12. January 23, 2014 at 8:35 am

    We beat Hitler and trust me, we will get our country back. Fuck The E.U….a bunch of corrupt country destroying vermin.

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    • January 23, 2014 at 1:41 pm

      It’s a pity we fought the man in the first place. He was right.

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      • Anna Ruyssenaars
        January 23, 2014 at 4:45 pm

        How do I get to know the true story about Hitler? Any idea?
        I am sure the Zionists in Russia, the USA, England and Germany are the criminals
        behind triggering WW2.
        I heard that the total !!! extermination of the White German people was their plan.

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