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This posting has been superseded by “Distribute ESAWG Stop White Genocide fliers and emails


[This post from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]:

Demand that the University of ____ endow a Department of White Genocide Studies

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-Whites, and Whites are forced by law into circumstances where they will “assimilate” with these non-Whites, i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.


No school, no organization, no town, no country is allowed to be White.

“Diversity” means chasing down Whites.


The University of ______ teaches its White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they do not support White Genocide.

No University of _____ professor will say to them, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!


Those professors say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


That’s an email that you can send to your university, college or high school.

ESAWG will be posting more such emails to choose from.

As a student, you have access to a great number of email addresses associated with your school.

If you’re not a student, you can extract quite a lot of emails from an institution’s website.

ESAWG has already done its first mass emailing to West Virginia University and the West Virginia legislature. (Our emails can of course be sent to other places than just schools, and they needn’t always be mass emailings!

If any students at Harvard, Yale, or Princeton read this, we could use some help right now getting email addresses that we don’t have access to at those three schools, since we’re planning to mass email them in a week or two.

If you can help with that particular project, please leave a comment below saying so, with an email address in the private box that appears for that option when you comment, and WGP will put us in touch with you.


Fight White Genocide!

Educators and Students Against White Genocide


Brothers and sisters, you can also print out the email above, and others to come, to copy as FLIERS that you can distribute! 


The link to ESAWG’s West Virginia University emailing is above, and we’ll keep a list below of subsequent emailings from which you can extract the text to use as emails or fliers yourselves.

Emails and fliers can also easily be made from the huge collection of White House meme messages that have been displayed every month for the past 4 years on President Obama’s website.

ESAWG emailings:

Harvard’s Dean asks police to enforce “Diversity Sí! Free Speech No!”

Princeton goes insane over Whites not accepting their genocide

Students for Bob Whitaker for President in 2020 ask Princeton: “Are Tibetans who protest their genocide ‘Tibetan Supremacists’”?

Yale cowers in shame before White Genocide charges




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  1. Anonymous
    October 9, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    This group and your words are the representation of fear. I understand what you are saying, oh trust me, I will feel the same way if I built a historing killing natives and raping countries of their natural resources to serve a few. Colonization is a fine deal. You are equal not superial. This form of expression and all that is going on is just the beginning fear will ALWAYS be overshadowed by love. Get a therapist because being equal is going to burn!

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    • Anonymous
      October 12, 2016 at 6:03 pm

      Oh go and dig up some real history, Ottoman empire was the worst colonisation in history, but we never mention that do we?

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  2. Rob
    October 4, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Lets be honest here. ‘ESAWG’ is just some guy in a trailer who has never seen the inside of a school, let alone be an educator or student, right?

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  3. September 24, 2016 at 4:14 am

    White self-hatred is a mental illness. In fact the symptoms and expression of it are so distinct and measurable that really it should be listed in the psychology bible, the DSM-5, as an honest to goodness disorder.

    Like so many other disorders it is brought on by abuse taking place early in one’s life. In this case it is because of the non stop indoctrination people undergo from the very beginning of life by hyper liberal Marxist brainwashing.

    There’s an agenda here I can assure you. But the answer as to “agenda to what ends” is so convoluted and mucked up its hard to point a finger at a main, or fully culpable culprit.

    Be that as it may, we have to fight back, and fight back hard. Awakening people to what’s going on is hard as hell I have discovered. Even with the irrefutable facts and figures we possess, the resistance to the truth is amazing. They would more often rather believe boldface LIES, as they do in the BLM movement, than believe that White people are under direct and directed attack. It’s like the world has become one huge “stepford wives” like nightmare.

    But I have seen hope. Already I have seen the personal attacks start to lose their potency. Being called racist, immoral, evil, deplorable, pig, etc. etc. has lost much of its silencing power. I’ve also noticed that the powers that be seem to be in an almost desperation mode, becoming more and more extreme in their rhetoric and actions.

    Keep the faith my WHITE brothers and sisters. We are finally gaining a large enough foothold that this message is getting out to more and more people, if they pay attention to it or not. The seed of thought is being planted, it may take an event happening in the world or moment of clarity for many people to say, if you’ll forgive me, “WHAT THE FUCK”. Each time that moment happens we gain a supporter and they awaken ever more White people’s to this deliberate phenomenon.

    As they say, the cork is out of the bottle and the genie can’t be put back inside.




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    • YankeeRebel
      September 25, 2016 at 5:35 pm

      And YOU can help by sending emails out or posting The White Mantra everywhere.
      “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everyone?”

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  4. Alan J. Perrick
    September 24, 2016 at 3:32 am

    “White self-hatred is SICK!!!” is a very good one, to be sure.

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  5. Bryce
    September 22, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    Awesome work! I’m going to look into doing this at my university. I know people who still go there and I remember my school email address.

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