Justice for Dylann: White Supremacists Refuse to Protect Dylann Storm Roof …

Comment on Diversity is a codeword for White genocide by J.D. Rollins.

Justice for Dylann: White Supremacists Refuse to
Protect Dylann Storm Roof from the Death Penalty

As the nation closely watches Dylann Storm Roof slowly go through the excruciating court process of arraignment and jury trial people can only wonder why not one white supremacist organization like Stormfront or the Anti-Zionist League or The White Genocide Project or the Patriotic Youth League or others like the Aryan Guard or the National Democratic Party of Germany or the Ku Klux Klan or the National Association for the Advancement of White People have not made any attempt to raise funds to hire private counsel for Dylann so to see that he gets a fair trial and prevent the prosecutors from railroaded him and his case?

How is it that these organizations’ main message theme is to preach white power and the preservation of the white race and incite fervent belief that all white people must join forces and protect and defend and honor one another as a collective entity are never around when one of their own, lone wolf or not, takes it upon himself to defend white existence from the encroachment of “an invasive race of the human species”? What is obvious is that the leaders of every white supremacist organization wish to be judged by their belief that they are being “annihilated” “over runned” “overlooked” “encroached” and “mistreated” by the fundamentalist liberal policies of both federal and local governments supportive of blacks, Mexicans and other minorities. Yet, what are the white races doing to counter this stranglehold upon them? As every white supremacist national organization, be it the National Policy Institute, the National Alliance, the National Socialist Movement, the National Vanguard, Volksfront and the American Freedom Party, shamelessly watch and cowering in their own lip-service pride how the fate of Dylann Roof will turn out, America is caught scratching its head because everyone knows exactly how Dylann’s trial will inevitably turn out. He will be found guilty and sentenced to his unfortunate and premature and unfair death.

Since the Feds are seeking the death penalty, pumping more power and influence into the perpetually pulsating bulge that has become Black privilege, Dylann will find himself, all alone, turning to whatever higher spiritual authority he has, twenty-three hours a day, in a single man cell on death row waiting for those three lethal injections into his skinny white arm that will prematurely end his young foolish life. There he will question his motive, question his white existence, question the wrong he had committed against “black humanity.” He will be given the choice to choose his own religious last rites and a last meal of his liking. He will try to sleep his last night but, as always, like all the rest before him who had committed a heinous crime, he will toss and turn perturbed and wrecked with restlessness and drenched in his own sweat of defeat. Most likely he will uncontrollably tremble as he either tries to sit quietly on his rack or standing in the darkened corner of his cell as he hears the echo of footsteps approach ever so closer to his cell as the prison escort team comes for him. He will be chain-cuffed and walked down a corridor to an execution chamber most likely made of glass windows for the victims’ families and a few news reporters’ viewing pleasure. There he will be strapped to a gurney where several heart monitors will be placed on his chest and immediately injected with a saline solution. This first injection is harmless. Then he will be injected with a second needle filling his veins with sodium thiopental—an anesthetic, which puts the inmate into an entombing slumber. Next, then will flow pancuronium bromide to paralyze his entire muscular system and stop him from breathing. Finally, a single injection of potassium chloride will stop his heart from beating. A prison doctor will certify that Dylann is officially dead. There he will lie for a few more minutes so everyone who hates him can relish that they witnesses another racist white man’s death. Then in the final hours of memory, hopefully, he will be privately laid to rest by his family.
Tens of millions believe that the death penalty in this case can be avoided. The family members of the victims had long came forward and stated they forgave Dylann. It was painful but sincere. Yet, we live in a day and age where our criminal justice system is not in the business of forgiving murderers and neither are white people in the business of raising the needed funds to defend their own. The feds want justice—justifiable revenge. Their insatiable appetite for death demands fulfillment. If the needed funds to find a reputable private lawyer with strong ties to the system he/she could defend Dylann’s right to life in prison with or without the possibility of parole or argue that a mental hospital is the better place to help him in his suffering. Anyone who kills has some type of mental problem not necessarily insanity. Dylann, is young, impressionable and easily influenced and had long been programmed to believe that his racial torment was the cause of black people taking his identity away and that the only way to handle this problem was to murder nine black lives whose heads were bowed in silent prayer beneath the roof beams of their white church where the spring sun shined through the windows upon their faces before the fatal shots rang out for the entire nation to hear in a long gasping shock of both anger and consternation. No one will mourn Dylann’s prosecution and execution, if he is convicted to die, but feel a sense of accomplished healing and fulfilled retribution. The good in his life will be forgotten and he will forever be remember as a hateful “blue eyed blond haired young white devil” who got what he deserved.

When will the violence in our beloved nation cease? When will it end? These have been the words of liberal ever since Dylann stormed through the doors of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. I know these words and phrases are hackneyed to the point of no return and have been used throughout the generations of our still young sovereignty. Maybe they are used as a standard of hope for black people but we will never see the day where the power is returned back to us if we continue to remain obstinate to our own white brethren. We turn against our own when the heat in the kitchen gets too hot. We talk and talk on websites and blogs like some emotionally scarred and deeply flawed race of cowards calling for change but we make no attempt to defend our right to existence. We allow people like ultra-conservative liberal minded third-generation feminists like Hillary Clinton to curse, demonize and marginalize white people and white men and allow black people to remain impertinent to our Constitutional right to live our lives without being persecuted and have out socioeconomic existence taken away from us like candy taken from a baby like a bunch of backwoods strangers in our own country before we finally see that the objective conditions are ripe enough to stand up and defend ourselves and take the power back.

Must we ignore the extremities before it is too late? Must we ignore that the entire name of that Charleston church wreaks of racism, bigotry and separatism. The word “African” is uncalled for. Why not use “American” and if to be blatantly bold and to not conceal their true feelings they could have simply used “Black Methodist Episcopal Church.” Yet, we must realize and accept that when whites kill under the banner of race they are persecuted to the fullest extent of the criminal law but when blacks kill for the same reason they are prosecuted for something other than a hate crime. A white man can be beaten in his yard by a mob of black men and sent to the hospital with tubes running in and out of his arms and mouth while his family helplessly watch the doctors’ fight for his life and nothing be done to bring the black perpetrators to justice. And a white men can be literally beaten to a bloody pulp on the streets of Baltimore on St. Patrick’s day and stripped naked of his clothes and have all his belonging (shoes, pants, wallet, watch, keys and cell phone) stolen off his person and no one, not even the black civil rights leaders, like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, dare chastised their own as being racist, let alone the criminal justice system of Baltimore and Maryland and other similar stories in Detroit, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri and Louisville, Kentucky, dare forthrightly prosecute the black perpetrators as racially motivate criminals.

What Dylann did was beyond speakable but there comes a time in our day and age to say enough is enough with black racism and bigotry and that Dylann Roof has unfairly been made out as an example to the nation, and the world, but especially to white people, that whatever injection or electric current that will be given to him through the arm or his head is a calling card, if not a clarion call, that the era of white racism will be dealt with to the severest penalties the liberal-hearted justice system can dole out.
Fair is fair. If Dylann is prosecuted with the stipulation of death, then every black man who has killed a white person—Zemir Begic (a white Bosnian man who was killed by a rabid black mob near Ferguson after the mob screamed ‘Kill the Effing White People’ back in 2014 and which got minimal television, web and newspaper coverage) and Channon Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom ( an innocent white couple kidnapped, carjacked, raped, murdered and robbed in Knoxville, TN by five black men: Letalvis Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas, Vanessa Coleman and Eric Boyd on 6 January 2007) and many others who have killed and harmed white people must also be retried for their crimes as hate crimes against white people. If we are to hold whites accountable for racially motivated hate crimes then we must hold all other people of the same hate towards white people. Fair is fair.

If and when Dylann is given the death penalty may an equal amount of guilt be experienced by the inactive conscience of every white nationalist organization in America and throughout the world for not coming to the aid of their young white comrade who killed to justify their own racially motivated rhetoric. He killed nine black people because he believed he was representing the ideology of the above white supremacist groups that influenced him and incited inside him the immediate call to murder black lives so to preserve white lives. May their guilt eat at their consciousness and rip away at their souls for ignoring the humanity of Dylann Storm Roof, whom they left to the sharks and hyenas of the American Justice system. Woe to them all!

Equally, may the guilt of the victims’ family throughout Charleston, SC, be beleaguered by their own half-assed forgiveness? Simply forgiving someone is diametric to their Christian belief. They hide behind a religion they do not understand. Simply serenading the minds of all Americans with words and phrases to make them feel they have justified the appeasement of their own souls is hypocritical. This is not forgiveness. If their words of forgiveness are what we Americans believe is “forgiveness” then we are gravely mistaken and thus we have become a cover-up to a unique stratification of indifference. If those so-called Christian black people in Charleston truly forgave Dylann they would have visited him, held prayers with him, embraced him and even raised funds for a private attorney to defend him. Simply saying “We forgive him” means nothing. Words of forgiveness are passive not active. The actions of forgiveness is what matters. Remember this next time you the reader use the word forgiveness. Once you are able to internally grasp the essence of forgiveness then you can truly and sincerely forgive.
Dylann needs our prayers and forgiveness. He needs our immediate help. He needs a private attorney with deep ties to the criminal justice system and the community. He needs to be reeducated not destroyed. Walt Whitman spoke and wrote poems about love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness, even to embrace the criminally insane and guiding transgressors to a better life. Jesus taught to forgive the enemy through love and mercy and that he desired mercy over justice. He believed that guiding murderers to a better understanding of life allowed everyone to heal, like a form of restorative justice for both the victim and victimizer. He forgave murderers and gave them a second change so that they could substantially become active participants in the healing and building processes of both society and all civilization.

Where have we gone wrong as a society preaching Christian love but immediately forget merciful sincere forgiveness when we ask for the full extent of the law when someone has done us wrong? We have become hypocrites paying lip-service to what we shamelessly preach and teach and worship under the stained glass stream of heavenly light concealed in our own self-deception. We are just as guilty as Dylann, a young man who was in so much conflict and pain and suffering he knew only one way to express himself and now we have given him over to the hells bells of American justice which is hell-bent on sending him to his death!

The Muslim Prophet, Muhammad, once stated that: “If I described the enemy that lives inside men, even the most courageous would be paralyzed.”

It seems we have twisted his words to make it seem that the justice we dish out to every murderer is deserving when in reality it is not. We are our own worst enemy when we punish our own when they hurt everyone else, including ourselves. Where is the unconditional love for Dylann? May we find enough peace and justice in ourselves as a race of powerful and formidable and un-bowing white people who fully and truly and sincerely support Dylann and demand that justice for him is not death? Justice for Dylann should be an immediate emergency demand, period.


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    Hi, this is Bob Ross communicating from beyond the grave. I dedicated my life to painting so that you brats could do something more productive with your lives than sitting on your *** playing your stupid Atari games all day. I don’t appreciate you morons abusing my legacy and turning me into some childish meme that you can spam on your little MSM chat thing. Now go paint a mountain or something and don’t you dare copypaste this. CoolStoryBob

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    Will South Africans be welcome. We are being slaughtered. I am 61 European female

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    This site is so needed, to awaken Whites from the dream of multicultural harmony that anti-Whites have implanted in them, and open their eyes to the nightmare reality that their dream has been a dream of White Genocide.

    This site is off to a great start!

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    • September 2, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Congratulations on a site that’s as important to our people as food and water (not to mention our own living space.
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    Can’t wait

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