DHS employee who wanted “race war” – not fired.

Ayo Kimathi is a Black man; by day he’s a employee for the department of homeland security who procures guns and ammunition for the U.S. immigration and customs enforcement, along with other duties. However, by night (and weekends) he runs a website called “War is on the Horizon”, where he calls for the mass murder of White people.

Kimathi’s former supervisor at the DHS said she was “stunned” at the content, and continued “to know that he is a federal employee, it bothered me”.

One post written by Kimathi on his website said “in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites”.

His former supervisor also said there was no way the DHS would have allowed him to post the content he did if he had asked them permission. The DHS says it is very sensitive towards what their employees do when they’re not working.

For this reason, Kimathi was placed on administrative leave on Friday 23rd of August, however despite the DHS’s policy, he still hasn’t been fired or even received any administrative punishment.

Kimathi told his bosses that his website was just for entertainment purposes, and sells concert and lecture videos.

The immigration and customs enforcement deputy press secretary, Gillian Christensen did not comment on whether Kimathi would be under investigation.

If the roles were reverse and a White person called for a genocide against Black people this would ruin their life – they would never be able to work again under their name again.

Most anti-Whites would agree with this man that Whites had to go – they would just disagree on the methods of genocide.

More violent anti-White movements like the “Weathermen underground” of the 60′s – 70′s that were debating the question whether it was good to kill little White babies, would be opposed by the less bloodthirsty anti-Whites, who want White people to be “mixed” with millions of non-Whites from the third world (which is known as “diversity”).

Kimathi’s website: “War on the horizon

SPLC article.


3 comments for “DHS employee who wanted “race war” – not fired.

  1. asgardian127
    November 21, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Good to see a follow up on this….He made the news then just vanished.

    Surprised it made the news at all.

    He is sitting home preaching OUR genocide while living off of our taxes that the DHS uses to pay him.

    Stop White Genocide.

  2. November 21, 2013 at 8:29 am

    Excellent article, we really enjoy the what you guys are putting out. Thanks.

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