Charleston college “too White” for anti-White failures.

Despite anti-White efforts to make the college of Charleston more non-White in past years, anti-Whites still aren’t happy.

The Black students of the college make up 6% of the total students, which leaders say is far too low for a South Carolinian public college, where Blacks are about 30% of the population.

However in recent years, anti-White policies like non-White scholarships have to failed to succeed, keeping the Black student population fixed at around 6%.

John Bello-Ogunu, who is the college’s chief ‘diversity officer’, said everyone at the college is dedicated to discriminating against White students in order to make the college more non-White, despite other anti-Whites proclaiming that race doesn’t matter.

He said the amount of money used for non-White scholarships was around $125,000; which he says is too small, as providing more Scholarship money often lures non-White students into enrolling.

He also says that in South Carolina, many public colleges and universities compete with each other for qualified non-White applicants, which he says is especially true for black students. “The competition is fierce among state institutions for qualified black applicants. It will take continued, aggressive efforts [to make the college more non-White]“, he said. “We’ll work hard until we are successful.

Dot Scott, who is president of the Charleston branch of the NAACP, suggests that the college leaders should increasingly discriminate against White students: “I don’t think there’s enough top-down commitment; if the top really wanted it to change, they would give the directive to bring up the numbers. […] It’s all about recruitment and creating a supportive environment once (minority students) get there.

Charleston College President George Benson, in a prepared statement said the school’s leadership is committed to replacing White students. “Our goal is to be a diverse and welcoming community, we are looking for real solutions to diversity challenges at the college, rather than quick fixes that won’t last. Our approach to diversity is holistic and has involved changes to our recruitment, mentoring, programming, and financial support for diverse students.

There you have it folks, when he says “diverse students”, he’s saying there are two groups: non-Whites who are “diverse”, and White people who are not – a typical anti-White line. Why do you think ONLY White areas are accused of being “too White”?

Simply recruiting underrepresented minority students without a commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes retention is unacceptable,” Benson stated.

They say they are “anti-racist”. They say anything that is “too White” is “racist”. They say that “diversity” solves the problem of being “too White”.

BUT, they never say that anything is “too Black”. They never say that “diversity” solves the problem of being “too Black”.

Who do they think they are fooling? They’re not “anti-racist” – they’re anti-White.

Every single anti-White policy on this planet is merely just an excuse, whether they know it or not, that leads to a world with a shrinking White minority – White genocide.


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  1. February 9, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Blacks brains are not Big enough to take in Everything. !!

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  2. anarchyst
    February 9, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    White Privilege is knowing that…

    1. Diversity is the one and only source of goodness and it is impossible for me to contribute towards it.

    2. There will never be university programs or departments bearing the name of my race.

    4. Mine is the only race with no legitimate political interests.

    5. There will never be a legitimate advocacy group appealing to me on the basis of my race.

    6. Mine is the only race that can be legally discriminated against in hiring.

    7. There will never be a legitimate scholarship set up for people who look like me.

    8. My race will always count against me if I apply for a teaching position, especially in a grade school.

    9. No politician will ever appeal to me on the basis of race.

    10. No matter how much disproportionately your race suffers from interracial crime, conversations about that fact are unfit for public discourse.

    11. No one will ever use the word “community” in reference to the people of my race.

    12. Even though it may be possible (but not in rural Minnesota or the mountains of Idaho) for me to surround myself predominantly with people who look like me, it is never okay to want to do so.

    13. Mine is the only race that has no legitimate right to its ancestral lands and is the only race whose countries are morally obligated not to turn away any who wish to settle there.

    14. It is perfectly acceptable for academics, journalists, and movie directors to celebrate the mass execution and extinction of my race.

    15. There is a set of words and phrases that only I am not allowed to utter, print, tweet, email, or think.

    16. I may not legitimately get a tattoo, bumper sticker, t-shirt, or wristband indicating pride in who I am.

    17. I am perpetually one slip of the mouth, pen, or keyboard away from losing my job, livelihood, dignity and worth as a human being.

    18. I am—on account of my race—responsible to all for all, always.

    19. It is perfectly legitimate for someone to intimidate, harass, beat, torture, and kill me because of my race.

    21. The United States Department of Justice is not obligated to protect my constitutional or political rights.

    22. I may have my children taken from me if I give them the wrong name.

    23. I am an existential threat to all other members of all other races.

    24. While I must always strive to understand and appreciate—even celebrate—those different from me, it is perverse to desire that anyone try to understand or appreciate me.

    25. I am, always have been, and always will be an oppressor.

    26. I will lose my job, livelihood, reputation, and human dignity if anyone even so much as accuses me of racism.

    27. It is legitimate for journalists to hope that terrorists look like me.

    28. I must always “adapt” and “accommodate” others but it is perverse for me to expect that they do the same for me.

    29. I may not observe that “flash mobs” are near universally composed of black youths, even though black politicians can.

    30. It is legitimate to ascribe types of crime as a problem of my race.

    31. Polite people may legitimately call for profiling people who look like me.

    32. My government considers people who like me to be the single greatest threat to their security and the security of my fellow citizens.

    33. I have nothing and have accomplished nothing that I could have attained or accomplished on my own merits, aside from White Privilege.

    34. The U.S. government has a compelling interest in making sure that there aren’t too many people who like me in universities, the financial industry, agriculture, police and fire departments, and health care.

    35. The government will never award grants to institutions for finding ways to make sure more people who look like me become doctors.

    36. If I go a shooting rampage I may not blame my actions on “racism”.

    37. I may not admit in polite society that I prefer to company of people who look like me.

    39. I can be expelled from university for asking someone to list the “benefits of diversity”.

    40. No matter how much I despise myself and those who look like me I can never atone for being someone who looks like me.

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    • Anonymous
      August 11, 2014 at 2:28 pm

      Boring load of twaddle.

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  3. Student
    February 9, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Black Privilage? Let’s talk about Black Privilage or Immigrant Privilage! My country, Sweden, is copying America right off. Our immigrants think they can get away with murder just because of their privilage. They say unemployed immigrants are the future and that they will enrich our country. Today,Switzerland hade a vote about immigration and for once the good guys won. They voted no on immigration.

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    • February 9, 2014 at 4:19 pm

      I am glad your country is rejecting the scum of the Earth immigrants. It is too late for America. We have put our country on the course to ruin.

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    • kenny
      February 9, 2014 at 6:35 pm

      I see the problem in Sweden that is or once was a white country,you all better fight back soon or our american cesspool will be at your door

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