Diversifying the American Indians?

Imagine for a second that “diversity” didn’t simply mean a White minority in every White country, making it a ‘codeword’, if you will, for White Genocide. Now imagine that in the 1600’s “diversity” meant an American Indian minority everywhere. Any…


10 Ways White genocide is denied.

This article hopes to show you the ways anti-Whites deny White genocide. We’re taking these 12 points from the official Genocide Watch website, written by Dr. Gregory Stanton. 1. Question and minimize the statistics. On TV we are told that…


“Diversity” or freedom.

There are two types of countries – countries that are for their people, and countries that are for ideas. The latter could be described as “wordism” – loyalty to an idea; for example, religion, monarchy, Communism, Fascism, are all forms…