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Redecorate Your Community!


Another fun night out sowing hope for our friends and terror in the hearts of our enemies. In my neck of the woods, there are only two kinds of weather in the winter; subfreezing or rain.   But last night…


Sen. Potty Mouth (D-Vt.)

Washington politics can be rancorous, petty, and hypocritical. Despite that the Senate had a reputation of being something akin to a Gentlemen’s Club. Had, as in no longer. “Leaky” Leahy, who once disclosed to a reporter the top secret names…


Many great tweets by Bob Whitaker

Bob for wgp

Great collection of pithy tweets by Bob, compiled at Stinging In The New Year: Bob Whitaker’s Tweets A collection of short and succinct pro-White talking points from Bob Whitaker’s Twitter account. … Cuckservatives are indispensable to anti-Whites. They change the subject from…