Warning from Canadian Muslim Professor: Islam a threat to White people

Professor Salim Mansur, a Political Science professor at the University of Western Ontario was recently interviewed by Doug Saunders, a journalist, regarding Muslim immigration into White countries.

While Saunders maintained the typical anti-White point of view, what is interesting is that Prof. Mansur, who is a Muslim himself, argued that Muslims do not want to assimilate, but dominate.

Canadians’ mistaken notion that all cultures are equal has disarmed this nation in the confrontation with the illiberal demands of radical Islam,” Mansur said, and was “drawing upon – as an immigrant, as a person of color and as a Muslim – inside knowledge of and lived experience in the cultures of both liberal democracy and Islam.

A liberal-democratic society based on individual rights, freedom, and the rule of law cannot indefinitely accommodate non-liberal or illiberal demands from immigrant groups without subverting its own culture,

Basically, what Mansur is saying, is ‘the race makes the place’. Central Africa is the product of Black people, the Middle East is the product of Middle Easterners, Asia is the product of Asians, and ‘the West’ is the product of White people.

Due to this simple rule, when a country accepts or is forced to accept large groups of different people, the country will no longer be the same as it was before.

Mansur, said the things heard in Canadian mosques are “intractably opposed to liberal democracy,” and aim to “ruin from within” Canadian and Western values.

In having swallowed the toxin of official multiculturalism, Canada has disarmed itself of the ability to discriminate between immigrant groups which are importing cultural baggage that is harmless, and those that are toxic to the values of liberal democracy,

Every anti-White group has its own reasons for wanting to get rid of White people (White genocide). Here we see but one reason, and it’s an obvious one, from Muslim anti-Whites.

Muslims have been trying to get into White countries for at least the last 6 centuries now. Despite taking Spain, parts of France, Greece and other Balkans countries, they could never hold on to them.

The reason why Muslims have actually started to take root in White countries now is not only because anti-Whites are letting them walk past the borders, but they are also holding up signs saying “this way”.

If all those White countries during the Dark Ages had the same thing done to them by anti-Whites, Europe might have been called “Little Middle East” by now, and White genocide would no longer be possible.

Surprisingly, an Israeli news website covered this story: israelnationalnews.com


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  1. March 9, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” It’s time to be concerned America. Enough is enough. This is the main issue of the 21st Century. Over 500,000+ Muslim refugees mainly from Somalia under the refugee immigrant resettlement program are being relocated throughout America. Did you vote for that? No one voted for this! Awareness is the issue folks, put the word out. Most families are simply far too busy just trying to survive, working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a clue what is taking place. Our mainstream news will not inform you due to political correctness. I have done the research for you. First, Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” this is the doctrine to destroy America from within, and guess what they are succeeding. One only has to look at England, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, and the rest of Europe to understand the immigration issue. It is sad, what Paris has become, have you been there lately? Multiculturalism is literally destroying Europe. There are now over 700 “Islamic no go Muslim Zones” within England, France and Germany. Islam is a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. We are now approaching over 2400 mosques in America, along with 2.7 million Muslims here in the USA. The Mosques can be used for converting homegrown terrorists, as is the case in the Boston Marathon bombing. That number is supposed to double in the next decade. Take a look at Dearborn, Michigan (they now have Muslim zones, where the police are afraid to enter. The Muslim immigration and mosques continue with Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, Indiana, S. Dakota, California and Colorado taking in most of the immigrants so far, your state could be next. I have no issue with the peaceful Muslim that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that they want to dominate and force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Why should America be forced into adapting to their culture? This is our America; we should not have to change one iota to accommodate them. “When good men and woman are quiet, evil always wins”. Forget about be labeled a racist, bigot or being politically correct. The time has come to speak up and take a stand. Again for the facts and truth just Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” a real eye opener. They are making inroads into our schools, universities, cities and towns and even our own government. They want Sharia law and even our textbooks changed to put a more favorable light on Islam. When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels are being murdered and Churches are being burned down and recently 59 students locked up in a school room, the building was set fire allowing no one to escape and anyone trying to escape was slaughtered by Islamic militants, where is the condemnation from the nearly 3 million Muslims that are here? For the majority of them there is total silence and none condemn the atrocities that continue to go on in Europe. That alone speaks volumes on their real intent. Europe is losing the battle all ready and America will be next. What you do today will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America yet unborn. Stand up and be counted to defeat this real threat upon America. Voice your opinion, let your congressmen, senators, and school boards, and know how you feel on the issue. Forget about being labeled and do what is right for America. We need a permanent solution, time is running out. Let us not become the next Europe. Do it for your children and grandchildren’s future folks. As for me I refuse to be silent on the issue. Thank you and please comment with your viewpoint

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    • Odium
      March 14, 2014 at 6:36 pm

      so, how do we fix it?

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    • Fight for Canada
      October 6, 2014 at 10:42 am

      I want to stand up as well, but how do I do it

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      • Anonymous
        January 8, 2015 at 12:40 am

        Write Stephen Harper or your local political party. No more Muslim immigration, take some of the benefits away from the Muslims that are here already. We both agreed.

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  2. BravoZulu
    December 26, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    There has never been a western country that allowed islam in and then found islamics to be a benefit.

    For those who do not know what to do -0 then I say to you start with what I have written below and then get off your butts and do it.

    All over Europe demonstrations are beginning against islam – join in!

    Demand your government stop bringing them in

    Deport those who are here now – if you follow the ideology of islam you are not welcome – if you were born here then too bad – leave or drop the ideology.

    Stop ALL SOCIAL ASSISTANCE to islamics – immediately

    Ban mosques, burkahs and ban halal certification and ban sharia, ban the language – English or French only

    In all cases islam destroys western culture

    You let them in and now you need to deal with them


    There are NO peaceful islamics – they either are considered radical, or moderates – who simply watch radicals with an approving eye.

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