Canada: Anti-White university conference – training White people to hate ourselves.

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa hosted an event last Tuesday (11th), called “In My Skin”.

It’s hard to see White genocide when you’re anti-White.

In this meeting, we will have all the racialized folks in one room talking about their experiences” the invitation said, “In another room, we will have all the non-racialized folks talking about their White privileges.

Basically, they are saying there will be two rooms, one full of White people screaming about how horrible we are, and the second full of non-White people screaming about how horrible we are.

Apparently the point of the event was to teach people about “racism”, but as we all know: anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. No anti-racists exist in Japan and call on the Japanese to hate themselves for their “Asian privilege”.

The event was so unpopular that the online invitation was removed from the site it was hosted on, after students were left upset.


The student federation, which represents over 35,000 undergraduate students, later tried to take back what it has said in the invitation:

Unfortunately, the structure of these two initial discussion groups were misunderstood by some students

It is first important to note that reverse racism is a myth.

Anti-Whites call anything that discriminates against White people “Reverse racism”, implying that it is good, and in fact “anti-racism”. We call it what we see it as: anti-White – and that’s all it is – anti-White.

All and only White countries are demanded to have open borders, which allows millions of non-Whites to flood in and turn White people into a vanishing minority.

Many White children are taught from a young age that White people are evil, and therefore the bad guys, or in the words of anti-Whites, “White privilege”. So children grow up watching their people being destroyed or discriminated against, and they see themselves as the oppressors.

All of these policies; massive non-White immigration, and forced assimilation, along with academically promoted White guilt, is meant to lead to a world where White people become minorities in countries that we were previously the clear and undisputed majority.

Attempting to turn a country from one group of people into another group of people is the whole point of genocide. White genocide is being committed and promoted because anti-Whites feel that a world without White people would be better – but there is no justification for genocide, whatsoever.


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  1. Jim Leyden
    March 16, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Not true! I see racism all the time. Black History Month, RACIST!, All Black Colleges, RACIST!, NAACP, RACIST!, Affirmative Action, RACIST!, No voter ID, RACIST! and all of the other laws and organizations that promote other races OTHER THAN WHITE POEPLE. If we whites even TALK about doing something like this, the RACISTS scream RACISM!

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  2. March 17, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    All these mpnthly acknowledgement was formed by white people. It was done to bridge a relationship to the races, and look how we are treated in return.

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  3. March 17, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    if you have not lived for years or were born and lived in a black majority country .where you are the minority .
    none of you have any idea what it is like .try going to a place like barbados and live there poor for 6 months .
    if you live ,and do not get raped or beaten or killed , then you will understand the difference between blacks in canada
    born in canada .. they have to follow canada rules but where they come from is wild and loud and nasty and dangerous especial for white women.
    try it. i dare all of people have no is another world that you can not even understand,by the way in barbados IRISH SLAVES WERE ON THE ISLAND SOME 15 YEARS BEFORE AFRICANS VERE IMPORTED FROM AFRICA.

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  4. eyeslevel
    March 22, 2014 at 11:46 am

    This event is part of a campaign that in its totality meets the definition of genocide under international law.
    Article 2
    (b) Causing serious bodily or MENTAL harm to members of the group;
    It’s psychological warfare intended to demoralize and brainwash whites to not be able to defend themselves racially.

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  5. ELN
    March 29, 2014 at 11:37 am

    No “re-blog” button?

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  6. Anonymous
    October 14, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair, Leader Of The NDP (Canada)

    To thomas.mulcair

    I and many others, I’m sure, are receiving emails from your party urging us to become involved in accepting and promoting the NDP programs, policies, and ideals. While I have been a loyal NDP voter for many years now, I must confess I’m losing faith in the NDP too. The reason for this change of heart can be directly attributed to the fact that your, among other Canadian political parties are too cowardly to acknowledge the biggest political elephant in the room that this country has ever encountered.

    That elephant to which I refer, is immigration.

    It is my opinion that if the NDP are serious about forming the government of Canada, then they would rise to their feet and take a stand against the insane immigration policies of this country as they are practiced today. If you really wanted to win this next election that is.

    I cannot believe that you could possibly be that out of touch with reality so as not to realize that the majority of Canadians are fed up to the teeth with the destruction of Canada brought about by the massive injection of third world and Asian immigrants into our country. Canadians have already become akin to second class citizens in their own homeland.

    Do you not ever monitor social media, blogs, and other such forums in regards to public opinion on issues such as immigration?

    If you were to do so, I imagine the hair on the back of your neck would stand up with the realization of just how angry…no… more than angry…. furious, Canadians are with you, (the politicians of Canada). You, who are supposed to represent us, and yet so blatantly disregard and refuse to acknowledge the absolute right of Canadians to determine and preserve the culture, flavour and ethnicity of our own country! No government has the right to change the ethnic face of Canada, without the express consent of Canadians, and yet you do!

    Do you realize that excessive immigration drives wages down to the poverty level and even lower?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that excessive immigration is completely and utterly destroying the social fabric of our country?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that Canadian students are finding it more and more difficult to get a seat in a suitable university due to the massive numbers of foreign students now usurping the space in our educational institutions?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that it is becoming more and more commonplace for companies in Canada to require that potential employees speak not one of the official languages such as English or French, but any one of a number of foreign languages including Mandarin, Tagalog, Punjabi, and Farsi in order to be eligible for employment?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that as opposed to 3 or 4 ethnic ghettos, (now referred to as enclaves) of twenty years ago, Canada now has upwards of 265 ethnic ghettos where immigrants have become totally independent of Canadian culture, language and values by purposely isolating themselves from Canada, the country they “chose” to migrate to?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that many of these ethnic enclaves now produce their own news media, including radio, television and newspaper each in their own particular language, thus totally removing themselves from any “outside” Canadian influence?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that many hundreds of thousands of “immigrants” maintain their old country citizenship in addition to their Canadian citizenship, so they may park their families in Canada to take advantage of Canadian social services and other benefits such as medical, while the breadwinner returns to work in his/her home country and thus escape Canadian taxation?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that students, single mothers, and impoverished seniors are unable to obtain employment at even the basic and most menial levels, because these positions also have been absorbed by the excessive numbers of immigrants who will and do work for even less remuneration than the minimum wage requirements of the above mentioned group ?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that, overall, immigration costs Canadians approximately 23.5 billion dollars a year over and above that which it contributes to the Canadian economy?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that immigrants who are employed in Canada, take out some 22 billion dollars each and every year to send back to their home countries on top of the 23.5 billion dollars a year they already cost the Canadian economy?
    Of course you do.

    Do you realize that the the politician who has the foresight and wisdom to present as a main plank in his/her platform, a moratorium on all immigration until the results of a Canadian referendum on the matter can be held, and the results incorporated into law, will be recognized by hundreds of thousands, no, millions of citizens as a true Canadian hero, and a man deserving and worthy of the title Prime Minister of Canada?

    Perhaps you didn’t.

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  7. Sally
    January 4, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    It is in the ostensible future where white genocide will best be seen when the majority immigrant populations graduating from universities will garner better earning jobs with greater socio-political influence. As it stands, over 90% of the students at UBC are non-European in background. These numbers are rising. This trend is so far gone, that no matter what is done, the caucasian Canadian of the future will be doomed to a meagre, unfulfilled existence, with no esteem for his kind or for himself. Might as well commit suicide now…

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