Can Donald Trump be “uncucked” to oppose White Genocide?

Will it be Donald “The Wall” Trump?  images-15


or “Donald Cuck” ?            serveimage


Donald Trump’s candidacy has produced varying reactions from opponents of White Genocide, ranging from feverishly supportive to sullenly cynical. 🙂

Here’s an abridged exchange from another site that plays on the term “cuckservative.”

Trump can uncuck himself any time by saying he is 1000% opposed to the White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive third-world immigration and forced assimilation in all White countries.

It may appear that Trump has done more in a very short time than BUGSers have done in a considerably longer time to open up the public arena to more open expression of pro-White views.

But the opening that Trump seems to be creating may prove to be ephemeral, or limited in its scope (if Trump is elected and by the end of his second term has come even close to speaking the phrase “White Genocide,” it will be only because of the hard work of Bob Whitaker and the worker bees at BUGS!

The lasting effect of Trump is very much still in doubt, but the spreading of the terms “anti-white” and “White Genocide” and the other STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes  is beginning to have the appearance of being inexorable.

The term “anti-White” is rocketing now in the mainstream…it is after all a term that both linguistically and socially/politically has been absolutely needed…it fills a gigantic hole, and fills it perfectly…and the term “White Genocide” is also appearing to be irresistible (imagine yourself a blogger or a newsperson and ask yourself how would you NOT want to write about such a term!)

White Genocide is discussed in these recent articles in the NY Times, The Atlantic, and the Globe and Mail.

Bob Whitaker says, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!


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  1. Jack Smith
    June 18, 2017 at 5:26 am

    So you cuckservatives and neo-communist minority-parasites want to fight Russia?

    Russia, under both the Soviets and Vladimir Putin, is in a death-struggle with Western civilization, and has conducted repeated and effective influence campaigns to weaken and undermine the West from within. Influence campaigns waged against the West by the Soviet Union and now by Russia under President Vladimir Putin have, in fact, led to a sequence of fantastic Russian victories. Methods and means employed by the Soviet Union included active measures, disinformation, propaganda, controlled international front groups, agents of influence, forgeries, and reflexive control. American and NATO capabilities in those areas are third rate.
    The influence campaigns waged by Russia against the West combine time tested methods with new information age techniques not available during the Soviet era including internet trolls, social media, information warfare, and cyber operations. Both similarities and differences exist in the execution and objectives of influence campaigns conducted by the Soviet Union and Putin’s Russia.
    In brief, Russia is the most formidable war-making force in the world because its absolutely decisive espionage and influence assets are far more professional and successful than America’s, Britain’s, and NATO’s combined. Moreover, the additional Russian war-making assets are also formidable, and many are top secret (thus unknown to America’s inferior espionage apparat). Here a brief list of one-third of superior Russian war-making assets:
    1. The Russians have far more modern tactics and weapons than the West. In addition, Russia and its allies are capable of repeated successful deception and surprise operations because of the large number of traitors within the US establishment hierarchy. In fact, if the US establishment defeated Russia they would immediately initiate widespread genocide against white middle and working classes.
    2. Most of the more formidable Russian weapons have been kept secret from, fumbling and internecine squabbling, Western espionage.
    3. Russian HUMINT, the most decisive war-making weapon, far surpasses unsuccessful US intelligence that depends on bribes and SIGINT.
    4. The US no longer fields armed forces capable of defeating first class opponents. Not only are American generals leftist, soft and proven incompetents at warfighting, but most of America’s Clintonista generals are far more interested in: feminism, homosexuality, pro-Islam, pro-african, diversity and multiculturalism activities than they are at warfighting. In addition, the US military’s anti-White bias has already alienated millions of white men, who would theoretically be counted on to fight in a major world war.
    5. America essentially depends upon drones, massive bribes, mercenaries and 70,000 special warfare operatives to fight their wars. Russia does not depend on mercenaries, bribes, or drones, and enjoys a more lethal, diversified and loyal military. The Russians also have a larger number of special forces troops, most of who are combat-ready veterans and quite capable of wiping out America’s small special ops forces very quickly.
    6. Russia has dozens of top-secret new weapons, far more formidable than anything available in the American arsenal. For decades the US has utilized captured Third Reich miracle weapons and data to create a steady trickle of new weaponry and technology. That resource is rapidly drying up. In addition, a series of greedy leftist totalitarian regimes has utterly destroyed the American industrial base.
    7. In a future war against a Russian coalition, the US will depend upon blacks, moslems, Israelis, and a very weak NATO as its major war-fighting assets. Millions of such genocidal thugs would be continuously deployed in anti-white pacification operations within the USA. Tens of millions of white Americans realize that only intervention by Russia and its allies can possibly liberate the white majority from its 5th rate citizenship and growing minority-parasite coercion and intimidation. Once Russia has seized America, it will gain access to not only all of America’s undeveloped oil and other assets, but also there will be tens of millions of white volunteers available for the Russian Army.

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  2. Jack Smith
    June 18, 2017 at 1:53 am

    I am looking for white friends who believe in the white tribe and our identity. I am seeking courageous white men and women who refused to be coerced and intimidated by black racists, moslems and wiggers. Let’s form an organization that represents white rights, white voice and white defense from terrorism. We WILL exercise our right to withdraw our taxpayer funding from black, moslem, immigrant or other racist enemy entities. We are the only race in America denied the right to protect and strengthen our own people. That discrimination against white will end!
    Do you know that the political whores controlling this nation are using our tax money to promote their racism and curtail white rights? Why have we gone along with having all our rights removed so that black racists can dominate us?
    Blacks and moslems not only have their hands in our pockets, and are the darlings of the media, advertising, entertainment, academia and judiciary. Their racism is promoted by every institution controlled by white race traitor renegades. Their very existence threatens our current existence and that of our children.
    In America, only white people are racially prevented from having even one organization representing their best interests and voice in how their tax money is spent. Have you noticed that black racists now control all of American culture? Look at movies, television and advertising. Every face is black or swarthy. Every hero the same. White males are insulted by every ad and white females are promoted as the servile stooges of blacks and Moslems. Is that freedom? Is it fair? Is to honest? It racist hate crime personified!
    We are over 200 million strong and our minority enemies are one tenth our size. But they have all the power because they are organized and field thousands of racist organizations that have a death grip on us. Yes we are their milk cows and our work and taxes gives them an “entitled” free ride!. They are robbing us blind! We should not tolerate being pushed around by minority tyrants who are not anywhere near as productive as we are and receive entitlements to our money for racist reasons… because they are black, moslem, illegal immigrants or some other hate group..
    Why are their hands in our pockets? Do you know how many billions of our taxpayer (we pay over 90% of the taxes) funds are annually given to hate-filled black racist bigots who want us dead? Do you know that our country gives over 40 billion dollars a year to Israel that works with Islam to turn America into a moslem Caliphate?
    Do you know how many billions of taxpayer dollars are funneled into murderous Jihadist coffers annually?They are already rich because of their oil cartels maintained by American traitors. Have you not seen the dozens of black, moslem and leftist petitions annually demanding genocide of the white race?
    If you don’t already know the facts that I list herein, you are an ignorant wage slave. Live and die as you are!
    If you do know what I am talking about, and are ready to fight our enemies, then join with us, rightwing populists. We will restore freedom by returning power to the people who invented and then built freedom, white people.( We will also throw out any sense of charity or financial support to blacks, moslems, wiggers, progressives, the rich, and political whores (the one party demopublican whore coalition of minority parasite ass-lickers). If we do not fight, what we will endure now, the lies, threats, coercion, intimidation and fake news immolating us, will be multiplied a thousand times. The violence now hidden easily by the communist media and politicians will come into your homes. Every ignorant and half-wit black, moslem and wigger scum will be our bosses and our murderers. That are already doing that of course, and the establishment suppresses the truth about it. Stand up with us.
    Can the white right fight? Yes! Every day and every night!
    We will fight those gangs of murderers nonviolently because our truth easily TRUMPS their lies!. Of course they will use increasing violence against white peopled to shut us up. Then the real war will begin…until the gutters run full of their blood, not the blood of white senior citizens, children and women! That is the real war, the war that must be fought because they will not allow us to have our rights peacefully and already they demand our genocide.

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  3. June 12, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Rob is the epitome of the ignorant communist racist. That rancid little turd, screaming out hatred of white people, is disgusting as are all the racist enemies of white people. Microcephalic rob has been provided with a rant site by the shitty little back-stabbing cuck-conservatives who run white genocide. The bastards are trying to play us for fools. They pretend to be pro-white, but they have loaded the commenters with degenerate, foul mouth, half wits consumed with anti white hatred. Rob is their stooge. Don’t let that little sonofabitch frighten you. Don’t run. That fat, cowardly bastard does have two brain cells to rub together. That’s why all he knows is spewing out race hatred towards whites, by name calling. If any of that phases you, have some one graft some balls on you. In the meantime, do you see the reality of white genocide. They pretend to be pro white to draw in suckers. Then they attack with their chained chihuahuas (rob et al). Do not believe in this site. Its a phony. Join me in its demolition. Comes the revolution, many traitorous necks will be wrung.

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    • Rob
      June 12, 2017 at 7:05 pm

      I suppose you can cite where I’ve “screamed out hatred of white people”. Oh, you can’t? Didn’t think so. I’m also still confused as to how I became a communist in Jack’s nutty worldview.

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  4. June 11, 2017 at 9:29 am

    In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president, Facebook has taken justifiable heat for its role in spreading misinformation and propaganda about the candidates. In particular, its news feed algorithm fueled a cottage industry of fake and intentionally misleading “news” that skewed heavily anti–Hillary Clinton and pro-Trump, according to a BuzzFeed analysis. These falsehoods attracted far more user engagement, on average, than true stories from the same outlets and drowned out earnest attempts by dedicated fact-checking sites such as Snopes to debunk them.
    This should not surprise anyone who understands how Facebook works. People tend to read, like, and share stories that appeal to their emotions and play to their existing beliefs. Without robust countervailing forces favoring credibility and accuracy, Facebook’s news feed algorithm is bound to spread lies, especially those that serve to bolster people’s preconceived biases. And these falsehoods are bound to influence people’s thinking.
    And yet, in the days following the election, as criticisms of the company mounted, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg downplayed and denied the issue—a defensiveness that says even more about the company than the fake news scandal itself. Zuckerberg’s response points to a problem deeper than any bogus story, one that won’t be fixed by cutting some shady websites out of its advertising network. The problem is Facebook’s refusal to own up to its increasingly dominant role in the news media. It’s one that is unlikely to go away, even if the fake news does.
    In a public interview last Thursday, Zuckerberg claimed that fake news on Facebook “surely had no impact” on the election and that to suggest otherwise was “a pretty crazy idea.” He accused Facebook critics of condescension for assuming that voters could be influenced by falsehoods and dismissed the notion that one side could have shared more fake news than the other. (There is evidence that it did.) As criticism intensified, he followed up with a personal Facebook post on Saturday, which struck a more conciliatory tone but still rejected the notion that fake news had an impact. He noted that Facebook already allows users to flag hoaxes and fake news and added that “we will continue to work on this to improve further.” At the same time, he cautioned that Facebook had to “proceed very carefully,” because “identifying the ‘truth’ is complicated.”
    Yes, the truth is complicated, and Facebook should proceed carefully. But there is a growing sense, both inside and outside the company, that it may be proceeding rather too carefully, given its increasingly dominant role in the distribution of news online. And Zuckerberg’s denials seem to be fanning the flames.
    Over the weekend, some highly placed, anonymous Facebook employees told the New York Times that they’ve been questioning the company’s role in the campaign. Five more anonymous employees told BuzzFeed on Monday that they and dozens of others within Facebook have formed a secret “task force” to advocate for stronger action against fake news. Meanwhile, a top Clinton strategist told Politico that Democratic leaders are looking for ways to get Facebook to address the problem. And Gizmodo reported, citing an anonymous source, that Facebook considered a tougher move against fake news this summer but held off out of fear of upsetting conservatives. Facebook disputed that, telling me it did no such thing and providing an alternative explanation for its tweaks to the news feed over the summer. (This puts Facebook in the ironic position of arguing that Gizmodo’s post is itself a false news story of sorts.)
    Finally, on Monday night, the company took a concrete step. Following the lead of Google, which made a similar move earlier in the day, Facebook announced that it will ban fake news sites from using its advertising network. It’s a fine start. It is not nearly enough.
    The furor over fake news is warranted. Fabricated stories about the pope endorsing Trump or an FBI agent getting murdered for leaking Clinton’s emails may have composed a small fraction of all the political content shared on Facebook. (Zuckerberg declared, without sharing any evidence, that more than 99 percent of Facebook content is “authentic.”) But they and others like them were so widely shared—nearly 1 million times in the case of the bogus pope endorsement—that it’s easy to imagine they played a role in at least some voters’ thinking. By contrast, a major investigative scoop from the New York Times about Trump’s tax returns was shared fewer than 200,000 times. The presence of fake news side by side with real news, in identical format, contributes to a sense that anything you read in the news feed could just as well be true as entirely made up.
    Yet in the long run, fake news on Facebook may prove to be a relatively short-lived concern compared with the deeper fault line that the tremors have exposed. It reveals a company increasingly torn between its self-conception as a neutral technology platform and its undeniable influence on the creation, distribution, and consumption of news and other media. And it’s left Zuckerberg, one of the world’s most powerful executives, struggling to keep control of his company and the story it tells about itself.
    He’s right, by the way, to be wary of casting Facebook in the role of arbiter of journalistic credibility. A news feed that’s a messy free-for-all is probably preferable to one in which only Facebook-approved sources can be heard. So let’s grant that it would be impossible for Facebook to stamp out all falsehoods in its network and perhaps even dangerous for it to even try, were it to cast too expansive a net. Even so, the existence of Macedonian click-farms dedicated to churning out fake news stories for profit is a clear sign that Facebook could be doing more to address the small fraction of content that is obviously bogus. Even Zuckerberg admits this.
    What was odd about Zuckerberg’s response to the fake news problem was how adamant he seemed that it had no impact. Facebook’s whole premise as a business is that what people read in their news feeds can influence their decisions—otherwise, there would be little point in advertising there. And Zuckerberg has been more than happy to trumpet the company’s estimate that it encouraged 2 million people who might have otherwise stayed home to vote. Yet he wants us to believe that fake news stories played no role at all.
    If Gizmodo’s report is accurate, it would cast Zuckerberg’s pooh-poohing of the fake news problem in an ugly new light. It would suggest that the company knew fake news was helping one political party more than the other and that it declined to take action for that very reason. It would imply that Zuckerberg isn’t just in denial—he’s flat-out lying.
    But there’s another explanation for his defiant stance that doesn’t rely on speculation (or single anonymous sources). It’s that Zuckerberg is so loath to take responsibility for the content that appears on Facebook—so reluctant to be weighed down by its baggage, even as he runs the conveyor belt—that he’d rather deny its effects than grapple with its causes.
    That’s consistent with Zuckerberg’s approach to other deeper questions about Facebook’s role in the media, including the charge that it insulates users in ideological bubbles by reinforcing what they already believe. “All the research we have suggests that this isn’t really a problem,” Zuckerberg said on Thursday, citing a Facebook-funded 2015 study that has been criticized as misleading. The data showed that Facebook does in fact expose users primarily to political content that conforms to their partisan identifications. But the study concluded, a little defensively, that this problem was insignificant compared with the problem of users’ own choices as to which sort of content to engage with. As Jefferson Pooley pointed out in Slate, it’s impossible to reproduce Facebook’s findings, because the company won’t let independent researchers see its data.
    Dubious as the study’s conclusions are, it seems to have convinced Zuckerberg beyond a doubt that Facebook doesn’t have a filter-bubble problem. That’s convenient for Facebook, since addressing such an issue would require rethinking the fundamental structure of its algorithm and user experience. Evidently Facebook’s users are not the only ones subject to confirmation bias and epistemic closure.
    There is an even more subtle and insidious effect of Facebook’s algorithm that has gone almost unmentioned in this saga. It’s the incentive Facebook creates for the media—both the hoax-disseminating media and the truth-telling one—to write and frame stories in ways that are geared to generate likes, clicks, and shares among the social network’s users. The illusion that Facebook is a neutral platform should have been shattered long ago by the obvious ways it has warped online news coverage, from the manipulative headlines to the feeding frenzies over sensational stories and anecdotes that are too good to check. If you were trying to design a media diet that could help give rise to something like the Trump phenomenon, you could hardly do better than 24-hour cable news and the Facebook news feed. To its credit, Facebook has acknowledged the problems of clickbait and likebait and made real efforts to mitigate its own perverse incentives. But even as Zuckerberg has repeatedly addressed the issue of fake news, he has evinced no awareness of the other ways Facebook might have disrupted political coverage for the worse.
    Drill down into Facebook’s reasons for insisting that it isn’t a media company, and you’ll hit layer upon layer of denial.
    Finally, there’s Zuckerberg’s oft-criticized denial that Facebook is a media company. “It’s a technology company,” he says, as if that settles it. There are valid arguments on both sides, and no doubt the company has its feet in both sectors. It would be eminently reasonable for Facebook to admit that it is a media company in some key respects but not in others. But Zuckerberg denies even that. To him, there is no argument.
    Drill down into Facebook’s reasons for insisting that it isn’t a media company, and you’ll hit layer upon layer of denial. It denies that it’s a media company because that allows it to further deny that Facebook shapes not only how the news is distributed, but how it is reported, framed, discussed, and perceived. That in turn allows it to deny that its humans or algorithms might exhibit any bias that could warp the news for better or worse or favor one set of interests over another. If Facebook is a neutral platform, as it insists, then it can deny any responsibility for how people use it, any responsibility for what they post or share, any responsibility to ensure the accuracy or fairness or journalistic virtue of whatever news might circulate on it.
    The ultimate denial, and the underlying purpose of it all, is to deny the very possibility of any tension between Facebook’s own interests and the interests of society. Facebook, by Zuckerberg’s lights, is simply a powerful tool for making the world more open and connected. And if that means Trump is elected U.S. president, there must have been good reasons for his election that had nothing to do with Facebook. Or, in Zuckerberg’s words, “voters make decisions based on their lived experience”—as if Facebook weren’t a part of that, as if its $335 billion market value weren’t a function of the incredible degree to which it has managed to ingratiate itself into people’s daily lives, as if our online and offline lives weren’t now irrevocably intertwined.
    Either the internal contradiction of Zuckerberg’s position is lost on him or, more likely, he recognizes it but refuses to acknowledge it. His discretion makes sense, from a business perspective if not a moral one, if he believes that confronting Facebook’s impact on politics would require changes that would hurt the company’s bottom line. But coming from a figure who preaches the gospel of openness, it’s baffling.
    It now seems, however, that Zuckerberg has lost the faith of some of his own employees on this issue. Facebook has rarely been a leaky company in the past. But the leaks started with its bungling of the trending news controversy, and they’ve resurfaced around the fake news debate. Facebook’s move on Monday to cut off advertising to fake news sites feels like an acknowledgement from the top that outright denial is no longer tenable.
    The question now is how far Facebook will go to placate its critics. The last time it faced an uproar over its influence on U.S. politics—the overblown controversy involving its trending news section—it grossly overreacted and made everything worse. That seems less likely this time, especially since the news feed is a far more precious product to the company.

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  5. June 11, 2017 at 5:26 am

    Russia, Hungary and Slovakia are all saner than the USA. They don’t allow communist scum to subvert pro white sites. However, america’s so-called pro-white sites, are fraud. White Genocide is a fraud. It will go out of business in a few months. In the meantime do not think that these phoney leftist scum are anything but liars who think they can intimidate or coerce white people. This site is a commie site paid fior by facebook.

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  6. June 11, 2017 at 5:23 am

    I challenge any gang of you low life anti-white traitors to come out from hiding and tell me where I can find you. I want to start pounding you commie white-hating fACEBOOK STOOGES INTO THE GROUND NOW.





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  7. June 11, 2017 at 5:16 am

    No White Genocide

    Arise ye workers from your slumber.
    Arise you prisoners of want
    For reason and revolt now thunders,
    And at last ends the age of cant.

    Away with all your superstitions.
    Servile masses arise, arise!
    We’ll change henceforth the red tradition,
    And spurn death’s dust to win the prize.

    So comrades come rally,
    And the protracted fight, let us face!
    We will destroy the parasites and their bosses,
    The Rightwing unites the European race.

    We will cleanse their dirty jungle,
    Wash its trails in their blood,
    A million gibbets windward hanging
    As piles of corpses marks where we stood

    We will vanquish the evil parasites
    By the only way it can be done
    No quarter is our standard
    And we fight beneath the blood Red Sun

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    • Rob
      June 11, 2017 at 12:56 pm

      OK Sparky. Now that you get that off your chest go clean your room and leave the sane people be.

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  8. June 11, 2017 at 5:15 am

    Rob the commie mental defective is given a lot of space on this site. He is a typical ignorant leftist mentally warped and insane white hater. Evidently Commie Cunt Rob he speaks for white genocide because they give his petty anti-white vindictiveness constant space.
    Ask yourself, do you realize that white genocide is actually a Facebook Front? Do you see how they promote the minority parasite dictatorship by sponsoring scum like Rob?
    Or have they fooled you?
    Do you agree with rob that only he is sane and we pro-white people are disposable?

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    • Rob
      June 11, 2017 at 12:55 pm

      How does not being a racist who believes in insane conspiracy theories make me a communist? That’s quite a stretch. Don’t pull a muscle.

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  9. June 10, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Rising Communist Propaganda Disguised as Television (Fake) Comedy

    What evil Kathy Griffin did qualifies her for psychological therapy. If America wasn’t infected with the social justice mind virus, the police would have checked her into the nearest psycho ward, not solely because of her actions, but due to the fact that she thinks it was a harmless bad joke that, according to her press conference, was the fault of the white man.
    Her fake comedy frightened 11-year-old Barron Trump
    According to reports, the president’s youngest son Barron Trump was terrified of the picture, believing it to be real. Claiming that her actions were a mistake is a cop-out because just last December she declared that going after Barron was fair game.
    Her claims of it being an accident has no merit what so ever. This was a clear attack against President Trump and his family.
    The fake apology
    Griffin tried apologizing at first, stating, “I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong.” Then she hired liberal lawyer Lisa Bloom and quickly changed her position to blaming Trump and white men (forward to 22:40 in the below video). At first she brags how she will stand up to the “bully” Trump and then she breaks down in tears saying Trump “broke” her.
    No one buys Griffin’s bullshit
    CNN let her go. All her scheduled “comedic” events were cancelled. This sends a powerful message to elites who think everybody is on board with their hate mongering against decent Americans. The time when liberals could get away with these stunts are over, and from this point on they will be increasingly held responsible for their actions. In the case of Griffin, it appears to mean the end of her career.
    Samantha Bee And Other Globocuck Comedians Are Leading The Rise In Fake Comedy
    Comedian Samantha Bee did a parody of the White House Correspondents Dinner on TBS last weekend featuring actors roasting the president. As expected, it turned out to be dedicated to attacking the President while appearing to be smart comedy. She represents a new generation of false comedians (like the daily show commie propaganda circus) who share globalist talking points under the false guise of comedy.
    Bee started the Correspondents show by joking about Ivanka Trump as the “Executive vice president of the American Revolution, the assistance to the President of the America Revolution,” and this was followed by uproars of laughter. Bee later said “I know it looks like we have a cash bar tonight, but as I promised you in the invitation at a later date I will get Mexico to pay for all your drinks.”
    Bee played the act of calling the media out for fake news, but then offered condolences for having a hard job of fact checking the President. Somehow, all of these “jokes” were uproariously funny to the audience.
    Fake comedians attack Trump without being funny
    In segment two, Bee brought in no name comedians, one of whom showed Teen Vogue’s article, “Donald Trump is Gas-lighting America” and then called for Teen Maxim to be published so boys don’t have to go to 4chan and become “assholes.” Bee followed with, “We are living in a golden age of journalism, unfortunately that’s partly due to a golden President whose rumored to enjoy golden showers.” She then jokingly put down CNN, and yet praised BuzzFeed for showing a Trump pee-tape picture of a woman urinating on him. Ha ha, so funny.
    The fourth segment featured actors who all took turns insulting the President while congratulating him. Most of the jokes were directly or indirectly aimed at the president personally. The audience found all this hilarious.
    Bee is a fake comedian
    Girls, for the love of God, don’t ever end up like this
    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (a lesbian) is a show that airs at prime time and seems to have surged high enough in the ratings to outperform her fellow comrade Trevor Noah from the Daily Show.
    Much like Tucker Carlson, Bee rose quickly and now has an hour long show on a popular network. How she pulled this off without a track record of laughs is strange. She was a contributor on The Daily Show and has no big movies to her name, but since she caters to the liberal demigods, she’s received their blessings of having her own show.
    Like her predecessors, Bee is trying to be funny and cute by pretending to be the sharp reasonable comedian, but this failed approach has been tried by others like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah who all act tough with slick remarks and dirty insults. They’re quick to praise the “achievements” of Obama, yet have nothing but hate for the new president.
    While Bee tries to act objective, all of her jokes are unsurprisingly one-sided against the enemies of the globalist establishment. No jokes of the terrible Iran deal done by Obama or anything that has to do with liberalism or feminism. Just look at the pro-feminist band who performs on the show…
    Bee has criticized Christians for being racist, yet never uttered word against the cruelty Islamic fanatics inflict on women. She called Justice Antonin Scalia an “obstructionist ass”, Mitch McConnel “a chinless dildo”, and Donald Trump “pint of flat orange Fanta.”
    Bee even insulted cancer patient Kyle Coddington of his haircut looking like a Nazi, but it’s okay because she apologized and contributed a thousand dollars to his fund.
    Other “comedians” such as Trevor Noah previously called Trump a racist without any proof, yet says nothing when Obama brought in Muslim refugees while leaving out Christians. Noah made millions of dollars in the very same country (America) whose culture he mocks as part of his comedy act.
    The Correspondents dinner is part of a pattern
    Hasan Minhaj of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah referred to the President as the elephant not in the room, stating “the leader of our country is not here, and that’s because he lives in Moscow.” He said Donald looked like he’s been roasting long enough over the past seventy years, and that he would be better off golfing as it would prevent him from doing presidential things like starting wars.
    Ben Stein found this non-funny comedian “sickening”, a nobody, a capitalist stooge, and a joke. This so-called roast featured political attacks against the President with scripted lines and it only proves that not only is the news fake, but now comedy is fake. Attacking the President repeatedly with paid laughter makes no comedy, but rather only reveals the true colors of these dark entities.
    Donald Trump may not be perfect, nor his actions free from imperfection, but for a person to stand up and deliver insult after insult is cheap, petty, and is lowering the already low cultural standard of the country.
    The best we can do is ignore these puppets—they’re only fulfilling their roles. Keep an eye on the dark shadows pulling their strings behind the curtains. There’s fake news, fake actors, and now we have fake comedians, who yell globalist talking points to a laugh track.

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    • Rob
      June 11, 2017 at 4:13 am

      Why don’t you assholes move to Russia? It’s an authoritarian, kleptocratic, all-white, uneducated, trailer trash shit hole. That’s exactly what you people want. Go there. Leave us sane people alone. Go suck Putin’s dick. Go. Chop chop. Pack.

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  10. June 10, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    Rob the cretin cunt leftist works for white genocide the FACEBOOK Front. That is why his moronic antiwhite (pro white genocide) hate mail will never be displaced by answers from honest and fearless white men of integrity.
    Facebook traitors, that manage this site behind the scenes, will protect and save the insane statements of their stooges, because Facebook and other communist sites, believe that their lies and cons are still believed. Its just more fake news from the commies.

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  11. June 10, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Rob the Cretin Cunt:
    You are a “traitor” because you are a racist moron who believes in evil comic book plots like “multiculturalism”, “diversity,” “affirmative action” “quotas”, “only whites are racist” “only white commit race crimes” “moslems are just immigrants looking for a free american future” and all your other lies and insanities? Your arsenal of lies, is nearly empty and the weapons of deception, coercion and intimidation that you use are worn out and no longer believed nor effective. You are profoundly stupid and a racist. That’s not “name calling”, that’s stating an obvious fact.

    You are a worthless noting, writ small on a wall of shame. It is a waste of my time to batter such a fool as you, but I am enjoying the opportunity to pick you to pieces. It makes me bloodthirsty too.

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  12. June 10, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Rob you shabby little cunt and leftist asshole, you are a traitor to knowledge, honesty, racial equality and dozens of other so-called moralitites. You are a simple-minded leftist stooge who believes and purveys lies.
    You applaud negro and moslem racism and race crime against whites, and deny they happened or deceitfully proclaim, “only whites can be racist. negro and moslem race murders are not hate crimes.”
    This minority parasite controlled nation of white genocide is insane, just as Rob the Cretin is a traitor to sanity. How else could he/they lie so dogmatically and be immune to reason. That is why it is useless to argue with a black racist leftist, moslem terrorist criminal. THEY CAN ONLY BE IDENTIFIED AND NULLIFIED. CONSIDER THAT, my pleasure.

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    • Rob
      June 11, 2017 at 4:10 am

      OK, you barely literate racist fuckstick. You are bursting with self-loathing and insecurities. You deal with that by screeching that anyone who doesn’t look or think exactly like you is inferior to you. You are very stupid. Too stupid to know that you are stupid. And yes, your response will be “but my SKIN makes me a genius and superior to billions even though I’m barely literate!” which is pathetic. You’re making an assumption that all white people will magically lose 50 IQ points and start assaulting their family, friends and co-workers. No, the vast majority of us loathe you assholes. Deeply, deeply loathe you assholes. Please hurry up and die off because we’re sick of you holding us back.

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  13. June 10, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    I agree with daedalusi. But dd, you forget one thing. Leftists are writing the false rightwing propaganda displayed on Facebooks’ White Genocide Front.

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  14. June 10, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Davenport and rob are on the same team of traitors and back stabbers. Now they start the name calling. Suddenly all of us who want to prevent white genocide are racists, nazis etcettera. That’s supposed to frighten us?
    Yes, it reveals what these phonies really think. They set this site up to make fools of any whites taken in by their lies. They knew that most sane white people are aware of the leftist minority parasite demand for white genocide, so they pretend to be against it too. As time goes on the WHITE GENOCIDE SITE fills up with minority parasite shills pretending to be “white patriots.” Then they unleash their real selves against the whites they consider to be so gullible. As they launch a drum fire of racist, KKK and nazi style denunciations they proclaim to the world:”See a bunch of white racists tried to do something. But sane patriots joined together and threw them out. “We are still united.” THE LEFT FEARS POLARIZATION AND ORGANIZATION OF WHITES!
    The enemy sees our hate , towards them, and is frightened, They want the rest of you to do their dirty work.

    Being called names by traitors does not fAZE us at all. That is all their small little minds can resort to…The same minority parasite unimaginative name-calling that used to scare white people. We are beating them at their own game and only a fool will fail to note that this site is a FACEBOOK FRONT.

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    • Rob
      June 10, 2017 at 9:52 pm

      I’m a “traitor” because I’m not a racist moron who believes in evil comic book plots like “white genocide”? You are profoundly stupid and a racist. That’s not “name calling”, that’s stating an obvious fact.

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  15. June 10, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    I know this, all republicans (except for 15 now in the US Congress) are cucked, useless, punks of the democrat left.

    All conservatives are narrow, ignorant, timid, back stabbing bitches who have sold out this nation to work for the obama clique that still runs things.

    Cuck republicans pushed through 75% of the dictator obama’s marxist program. Without their help, obama would have been beaten. They protected obama from impeachment trials several times. They covered up the traitors in the FBI (anti-white, pro-moslem), the Pentagon (same as FBI) the IRS, DEA, DOJ and other fed bureaucracies still loaded with traitors installed by the most evil traitor of all, husseinobama.

    Consider one of obama’s most radical traitor appointees, the FBI’s James Comey. Comey, 56, was nominated by President Barack Obama for the FBI post in 2013 to a 10-year term. Praised for his independence and integrity has come only from the left, Comey has spent three decades in law enforcement (serving the ideology of his leftist establishment bosses) and has been no stranger to controversy. Comey is a known proponent of white genocide and victory by the moslems.
    Comfey and his traitorous clique within the FBI sabotaged the US military effort in Iraq and Afghanistan by leaking all kinds of secrets to the enemy. At Guantanamo and other terrorist prison camps, the FBI protected many Islamic terrorist-killer chiefs, who knew very important information, from the type of interrogation that it took to gain release of that info and save American lives.
    Comey and his clique enabled the moslem power group CAIR to go through all secret info accumulated by the FBI, and delete any info on Islamic terrorism. Then Comfey and other FBI traitors let known Islamic terrorists review all FBI training materials and delete every reference to the fact that moslem terrorists were guilty of the terror now sweeping the world.
    Comey and his clique of traitors insured that the FBI now operates as an arm of imperialist Islam and protects the “entitlements” of enemy Islamic agents throughout america.There is much more that can be told about the traitor James Comey and the damage that he has done.
    As a result of his criminality and the great esteem he enjoys within the traitorous left, Comey has the arrogance to stand up in congressional hearings and call President Trump a liar and many other fraudulent insults.
    Why Trump has not revealed the extent of Comey’s treachery and aid to American enemies can only be attributed to the fact that the left has Trump on the run and will soon run him out of the presidency.Why? Because Trump didn’t do his homework. He did not use his power to find out the names and crimes of all the personnel that he inherited by obama, before he became president. He listened to Cuck Republicans , the same traitors who tried to keep him from becoming president in the first place. Trump appointed know traitorous generals to head the Pentagon and his cabinet, dictated to him by the republican party, is filled with traitors. When the Republicans lied to Trump and pushed him to make dozens of mistakes, Trump went along with it.
    Trump is unfit to be president because he knows nothing about dealing with the traitors in the federal government, the media, advertising and so many other sectors of American life. Those of us who tried to educate him, were told that his republican staff gave him excellent information and “ground truth.” Bullshit!
    In the meantime, so many little turds on White Genocide quibble about the trivial things in their small worlds of ignorance and betrayal. Why? Because, White Genocide is a traitorous cuck-conservative site sponsored by FACEBOOK, one of the major enemys of America and an activist arm of the Israeli government..

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  16. June 10, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    To Rob the Cretin
    You little son of a bitch. I’d like to meet you in a dark alley to discuss your insults.
    I have 2 bachelors degree, a masters degree and most of my doctorate. I have also taught at two universities. So I know a lot about university students.

    Hey Rob, you freakin loser. What have you done? What do you know?

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    • Rob
      June 10, 2017 at 9:04 pm

      You are a racist fucking moron. I don’t care what “degrees” you have. You people are a complete and utter embarrassment to sane white people everywhere. We’re sick of your crap. Why should the rest of us have to deal with your insecurities and fears? It must smell awful under that pointy hood.

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  17. June 10, 2017 at 2:08 am

    Henry Davenport , I am far more strongly pro-white than you will ever be. And I will report accurately on what you say and do.
    When I read that you asked the obama administration to “ask Trump” a number of very poorly worded questions (demands) I was greatly angered. I also realized that you are TOTALLY UNFIT, to represent the white side in the war against white genocide. If fact, you may even be a false supporter of white-genocide and secretly one of our petite enemies.

    Why in the hell did you petition the obama administration? Are you friends with that evil bunch of commie racists?

    Did you actually believe that obama would ask those questions and “get back to you?” How stupid are you?

    Oh, I get it. It was an awkward, semi-symbolic gesture you made that was meaningless and tawdry in its butt-ugly wording and silly effeminacy.

    That petition you made to obama marks you as one that we should all suspect of being seriously mentally deranged and possibly over from another planet
    At a time when we must do our best, to avoid wasting any time or energy because we must focus on white victory, look what you did?

    Your petition to obama to “ask Trump,” is attached in this sector for all to read. You have drawn a coffin shaped border around your grotesque effort and your words serve as the coffin nails of your casket of shame.

    World of the internet, please understand this. I am a strong advocate of white safety and defense from genocide and slavery. In fact I want white people to rule whatever all-white nation they inhabit. America has proved, what the ancients knew thousands of years ago, races and cultures do not mix within a nation. They also knew that any nation that is predominantly white must NOT be ruled by a minority establishment of non-white, white renegades and other insane parasites who want to enslave and murder all white citizens.

    Its Now or Never
    White people must organize themselves into strong groups capable of every type of combat to from legal, to political, to economic and racial. Failure to organize ourselves will result in our destruction as a race.

    For the record, I do not agree with Henry Davenport, I do not respect the image of himself that he projects and I do not trust him. He would not be a person worth working for to defend and advance the white race.

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    • Rob
      June 10, 2017 at 1:58 pm

      Wait…Henry Davenport isn’t racist enough for you? Seriously? How racist does one have to be to be accepted by the likes of you?

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  18. August 24, 2016 at 6:04 am

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    Check whether the site is licensed, who the owner is,
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  19. Henry Davenport
    August 17, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    For Sept. 1, when we’ll need 150 initials to make this visible on the website of the president of the United States.


    Ask Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, will you uncuck yourself and fight White Genocide?”

    Will Donald Trump speak out against the White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive immigration and forced assimilation in White countries worldwide?

    Or is Mr. Trump just another “cuckservative,” another political White cuckold who accepts White children becoming a vanishing minority through LEGAL, not illegal immigration?

    President Obama and Mr. Trump, join together and fight the restriction that no school, no town, no club, no country may ever be WHITE!

    Censure the refugee resettlers and other anti-Whites who chase down Whites with “diversity.”

    Oppose those who say they’re anti-racist, since what they are is anti-White.

    President Obama, may you and Donald Trump shake hands and say together,

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.”

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    • When_Whites_were_safe
      August 23, 2015 at 9:05 pm

      That wall looks pretty sturdy. I hope there’s no doors in it that LEGAL third world immigrants can pass through.

      Of course according to Trump, there are, which I see you’re addressing in next month’s “meme-message.”

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  20. daedalusi
    August 16, 2015 at 11:26 am

    This is a poor headline ‘can ….. Trump …’

    This is the cuckservative George Will approach. They are scurrying and whining ‘no no no we are not the beta cuckservatives … it is that meanie over there.

    Try Can ANY White Politician be uncucked …

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    • June 10, 2017 at 10:17 pm

      Daedalus my support of your statement was deleted. Surely you and I are not belaboring under the assumption that freedom of speech exists on this Facebook Front?

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