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  1. July 15, 2012 at 1:19 pm


    You make a lot of good points. You need to submit this for possible publication at BUGS.

    And don’t worry about the responses. You are doing what you think is right and if people attack you in an irrational manner then they are exposing who and what they are.

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  2. Harumphty Dumpty
    July 10, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I wrote the below last night and was going to post it on bugs, but I’ve been sick and can’t bear the stress right now of dealing with the possible responses. So I’m taking the cowardly way out and posting it here. I want to have it on record. It may even be useful later.

    I’m very distressed about the way this new policy was put in place, but I also recognize the possibility that my distress is not connected to reality as sharply as I think, and that on the whole I could even be mistaken.

    On not posting links:

    Full of ourselves and the size of the threat we imagine our enemies now perceive us to be, we ASSUMED that anti-whites following us from this site [Bugs] are damaging our operations sufficiently to justify the losses we incur by not posting our links.

    That way of proceeding seems to me an absolutely stupid, inane, infantile way of going about ascertaining if something was happening or not.

    Of course it’s worse than that…this new policy isn’t an attempt to find out whether or not something was happening; that conclusion was made as an assumption, and this is supposed to be the solution to the situation. It makes me crazy to even think about it.

    No one involved here in establishing this new policy has had any exposure to the hard sciences, or to the methods of statistics, or has any idea of how one goes about trying to ascertain if a phenomenon is actually occurring or not?

    A sensible experiment could have been devised to test the assumption, and could have been carried out without being announced. Heavy swarmers on yahoo answers and youtube could have gone down their list of links each day, and by some random procedure such as flipping a coin for each one, selected half their links on each site to report, and half not to report, and noted the difference in removal of their posts, etc. between the reported group of links and the unreported group. And after a week or more of doing this, the results could have been reported to us.

    In the present situation, the only test of our original assumption is impressions comparing post removal before and after institution of the new policy. Hopefully there is occurring such a stark difference in the before and after results that we might take it at least as a strong indication that our initial assumption was correct. Is that the case for anyone?

    But anyone who has taken just an elementary course in statistics, with a chapter on setting up studies, will realize how unsatisfactory is the situation we have now put ourselves in as far as judging the results of the new policy. Basically, our comparison groups are very poorly selected.

    I’ve been sick for months (I don’t think it’s serious and I expect to recover) and I need to pretty much stay away from bugs right now to avoid the stress. But when I turned to Beefcake’s new podcast #20 and heard his first few words, hearing his spoken acceptance of this new policy as having been reached in a sensible manner pushed me over the edge and I had to say something.

    If the results of the present policy are inconclusive, now we’ve shown our hand a bit as far as coming up with an experiment that couldn’t be figured out by anti-whites if they are following us as closely here as some of you think, and as they may be. But an experiment could still be devised. If it comes to that, and anyone wants to discuss ideas with me, I can be PM’d on SF under the same username.

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    • Steve Goode
      July 11, 2012 at 7:55 am

      HD, I have mixed feelings on this new policy. As a regular swarmer I did notice that many times anti-Whites on Youtube were stalking us and responding where we posted. It was annoying, but not that much of a problem.

      On the other hand the effectiveness of the swarm has been reduced because it diminishes the community participation. Sometimes the red tape gets in the way.

      As for yourself HD, take it easy and I hope you get well soon! 🙂

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  3. Harumphty Dumpty
    July 10, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Beefcake, here is that beautiful little mini-mantra you refer to by Six Gun* that successfully mantrified the toxic phrase, “race mixing”. I’ve removed one line that he agreed was a poor one.

    Why is it that anti-Whites only push for “race mixing” in White countries?
    In all White countries and only White countries?
    Why is it anti-Whites say the races are a perfect mix in Africa?
    Why is it anti-Whites say the races are a perfect mix in Asia?
    You see they will tell you that “mixing THE races” will solve THE race problem.
    But I can tell you they are only interested in mixing one race, my race, the White race,
    They consider my race, the White race to be “THE race problem”
    THEIR solution is to mix White people out of existence as a unique race of people,
    This is what is known as genocide.
    They simply want White genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.


    *When Six Gun started to work on the ideas that resulted in this mini, IMO nothing but horse poop was visible in all directions as far as the eye could see, and I protested strongly everything he said. But when he finally got the horse poop cleared away, there stood a beautiful pony! All I could say was, “Wow!”

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