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  1. December 21, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    It seems you are at the north pole of wisdom. Which way is north when your at the north pole? You might want to re examine the definition of single words like rights, justify, justice, wrong, bad, good , morals, religion, metaphysics, law , rule, and the very important statement, I think therefore I think I am. & how those thoughts effect your thinking and actions in the local area that surrounds your life because you, unfortunately, can only control things about as far as you can see. But, you have effected me and others on the net so you are way more advanced than other humans . You show great promise IMO, but without large sums of money to change your stereotype imprinted on you by your so called friends , well, you know. You need to ditch them, your just a plebe to them. You are destined for bigger things , Your so called friends will NEVER admit that you are right . Their egos are too big. Just an outside observation from Col. Green.

  2. December 22, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Now, as far as talking about White Genocide, I still do that, I just comes out. BUT it is another thing entirely to get familial people on board with actually USING practical politics.

    Most people associate importance of ideas and information as paradigm, or world view, changing only if it comes from somebody outside of their world.

    In the case of Practical Politics, it is simply impossible to explain how things really work, with fellas who have known you since childhood. For them conversations are about social posturing, and dwelling on any subject for too long loses interest.

    If anyone ever wants to accomplish anything they are going to have to go far beyond their long time friends and relatives.

    The great thing about our modern internet is that it gives us the ability to do this. We have the right message and are able to reach a lot of people – people who have not already categorized us as “plebe” due to knowing us since childhood.

    I would be interested in hearing the accounts of long term relatives about people who we assign important world changing ideas to – it would be comical.

    • Megamind
      December 22, 2013 at 5:21 pm

      Do you mean , in the last sentence, we whites or voters. All my relatives are brainwashed brain dead idiots only concerned with making more money and supporting what the tv tells them to support. It would be comical if it was not so terrifying and scary, because of their control over others with their money.

      • December 25, 2013 at 1:11 pm

        What I mean is I would like to hear the accounts of the relatives, of the people who were attached to “big events” in history.

        Those people whom everyone perceives as influential, might never have been seen that way by their relatives – who likely continued to dismiss their ideas as coming from the “kid” – but when they later heard those ideas in the newspaper, or on the old TV, they suddenly caught on – because it was finally coming from a source other than just their nephew.

        Also, I should clarify.

        It was rightly pointed out by Simmons on Bob’s blog, about short quips working with family or friends, but not long essays. This is true, as far as USING practical politics on them. Point out in a single phrase any of the big comical Anti-White contradictions. – these things can work.

        What I meant more of is Teaching the concept of Practical Politics to people we have known for years.

        Getting a friend to join us, go online, post the mantra etc… Or even getting a friend to actually use the concept of making a point, and staying on point, and so on…

        We can tell them the message, but explaining to them how to use a message, the importance of getting control of the message, this requires a lot more than a person who still sees you as a “kid” is ever going to digest.

  3. finagin
    December 26, 2013 at 10:53 am

    What I have found concerning poor middle class people that have discovered great influential ideas & discoveries is, they have their ideas & discoveries taken from them by the rich controllers .Basically they say after you give them the info.(With the expectations of large amounts of $ in return, because of its true value), “I always knew this data, this data is nothing new” basically inferring your still just a “Plebe”,your Intellectual property / pat. rights don’t exist .The rich controllers make you think you have laws to protect you and your new ideas . You don’t, Once labeled a “plebe” by the richest one third top income earners of the population, your a “plebe” for life , you won’t get paid large amounts of $ for your great discoveries ,(If your under 25 you might get a bone thrown at you), but for the rich controllers to reward you the true amount of wealth you deserve they would have to admit they were wrong that they labeled you “PLEBE” and they can” NEVER” do that because they can “NEVER BE WRONG EVER”, in anything they say . Their EGOS & the egos of the other top third income earners won’t allow it , that would weaken their unity & their control over the bottom two thirds income earners. My point, don’t expect to be better off financially by changing a persons political views unless they are the top one third income earners and are going to profit . In other words DON’T WASTE TIME TALKING TO PLEBE’S ! The constitution should read WE THE “RICH” PEOPLE, that’s who it really applies to. My prediction is when the Mantra catches on and is on the TV more and more the top one third income earners will own it and change it to read something like “Blonds need to be part of the rainbow” “Please don’t discriminate against the blonds” then they will put pictures of poor blond kids on with sappy music and ask for donations not mentioning our anti-white genocide or extinction or separation issues at all.

  4. March 13, 2014 at 9:02 am

    It would be Nice if We could SHIP all Blacks back to the Jungles !!.

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