6 comments for “Beefcakes Advanced Stage Episode 1

  1. asgardian127
    November 16, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Beef the podcast cuts you off early…Idk if it’s on my end our yours figured I should let you know.

    My wife got a big kick out of when you talked about white children (sounded like ours) And couldn’t figure out WHY women would wanna deal with a boss and deadlines when she could take her kids for a walk or to the park instead and enjoy down time while they sleep or play together.

    You really broke it down nicely even though it’s advanced useful idiots can still understand it.

  2. RangerOfAlcyone
    November 17, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    I think another advanced topic that needs to be discussed is demonizing the anti-White. When dealing with a very nasty Anti-White that likes to make snide retorts, I hammer them by calling them very damaging names that place a negative value judgment on them. I’ve taken a page right out of their own books, by doing things like hysterically decrying them as evil twenty times in every sentence, using fighting words, and calling them the “scum of the earth” like on those old war films with Nazis. The underscoring point, is that the emphasis is put on the evil of being Anti-White. You must make it clear that Anti-Whitism is EVIL…PERIOD [Full Stop] Some of my favorite words to use are monster, demon, and viper. Those are the epithets that cause pain, and make them feel like they’re about to bleed out of their pores. Never pass up a chance to put this Albatross around their necks. It’s the most brutal form of verbal confrontation.

  3. RangerOfAlcyone
    November 17, 2013 at 8:40 pm


    It’s basically an underlying subset of psychological warfare complimenting the main idea: that ARIACWFAW (‘Anti-Racist’ is a CODE WORD for ANTI-WHITE.)

  4. December 15, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    Anti -white propaganda, The Thor movie, I just saw it. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT!!! The rich controllers of Hollywood are trying to spin a different history of our pre-Christian religions north of the Alps to make us almost pure whites look stupid. My families religion that has been pasted down to me from pre-Christ. times from north of the Alps & has NOTHING to do with space aliens smashing other space aliens with a 50lbs hammer ,WHAT STUPID SHIT! its insulting to almost pure whites. This movie ranks up there with the movie Dragnet that made us whites look like primitive drug users & criminals.

  5. Anonymous
    January 29, 2014 at 3:01 am

    Were can I read more about how feminism Were created? You speak of one kommunist from KGB files.

  6. January 29, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Listening to your statements, I think WHITE people that ARE AWAKE MUST, move to areas with more whites and call those areas WHITELAND, WHITECITY, WHITETOWN, WHITECROSSING-, river, mountain, plain, forest, desert, view, ect..EVEN IF THE TOWN’s rich controllers don’t want to change the name to WHITE-whatever, Because, WHITE people have no identity anymore because of the rich controlled medias anti-white agenda & BRAINWASHING. If AWAKE White people move to particular towns, communities, ect.. FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE of being part of a WHITE community with the word WHITE IN FRONT OF IT, (Based there for the express purpose of reproducing more of us Almost Pure WHITES to stop our WHITE genocide & impending EXTINCTION), THEY WHITES, BY JUST BEING THERE will be representing WHITES IDENTITY AS A RACE / PHENOTYPE . This act of moving to these areas with majority whites there, and, using the word WHITE IN FRONT of everything there will be easy for the individual to do THUS reinforcing our WHITE identity that still exists by those of us that are still awake. Just think how the non-whites & anti-white whites would feel . They would not like that & move somewhere else. The same way Whites feel when the southern invaders move into non- identified white areas today with their alien culture & language and take over a community that was once white. In Lieth? North Dakota They got a lot of media atten. because the media could spin the peoples backgrounds moving there to make them look bad in some way. But, if WHITE people that were moving there just said they were moving there to live in a Almost Pure WHITE community with the idea of STOPPING our Almost Pure WHITE geNOcide & EXTINCTION and called the town WHITELieth, WHITELieth cityhall, Post office, Library, carwash, Ect.. The rich controlled media couldn’t really make those WHITE people moving there look too bad, but they would try anyway VERY hard because , they (The RICH controllers ) Know , they would need to nip that ” Establishing white identity & preventing our WHITE geNOcide & EXTINCTION” Information to other non- awake WHITES in the bud before it got started. So, It might be hard for the first ones there but as more & more WHITES arrived it would be easier. I think it would be important to have CB’s & computers, they are cheap & you can transmit your thoughts & ideas on them in your local area . Obviously owning the local radio or TV station would be good but honestly, the rich media controllers would not allow that. As I see it the above is the only way forward now.

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