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Appalachian State University’s “Chief White Genocide Officer” calls for (surprise!) White Genocide

Appalachian State University’s “Chief Diversity Officer” Bindu Kolli Jayne responds to “Operation Bully Board.“ Operation Bully Board is an on-campus NYF/TradYouth action that opposed ASU’s attempt to demoralize White students in order to make them more amenable to White Genocide. Ms. Jayne says: “We…


The Exasperated General

This article by eyeslevel is reprinted from BUGS. The Exasperated General Posted by Bugs Contributor on April 10th, 2015 under General By eyeslevel In a shooting war, you succeed by gaining fire superiority. In a propaganda war, you succeed by gaining…


If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters

With us it’s “White Genocide,” “White Genocide,” and ONLY “White Genocide”! Many of you inject the STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Mantra and the Mantra repeater-phrases into the mainstream (Thank you, fellow opponents of White Genocide!), and the comment below explains why we do this. It was posted at…