Anti-whites tell us that we are not us, that everyone else is us

“What we have been dealing with since WWII…is a psychological warfare program aimed at telling us that we were not us, that everyone else was us.”

That statement from another website gives the title for this brief article. I haven’t been able to get that statement out of my mind since I read it, it’s so penetrating and so enraging.

Anti-whites tell us that people from all over the (mostly third) world who want to come here are the real Americans, not us. America will become truly America when it solves its white problem and fulfills its multicultural destiny of hosting the entire third world.

America’s white problem is being solved by White Genocide.

Breaking our attachments to our homelands by telling us that neither we nor our homelands exist makes White Genocide much easier to carry out.

We are being attacked in every possible way while being kept just comfortable enough to not notice that White Genocide is being carried out right in front of our faces.

Div cw means (three)

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2 comments for “Anti-whites tell us that we are not us, that everyone else is us

  1. YankeeRebel
    November 2, 2017 at 7:57 am

    The objective of all anti-Whites is to get rid of ALL White people by any means. As long as Whites have their own homeland, then they can decide on the form of government they want.I don’t care about democracy or anything else if that form of government chooses to support White Genocide.

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  2. Laurence Almand
    October 27, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    The objective of Third World Socialists is to destroy the White race, especially the competent White males. In the USA today, it is a common practice to promote low-IQ Black people, simply because of the color of their skin instead of their competence.
    By eliminating competent White males, the Government/Corporate Axis is destroying our very best people, which is why the USA is declining.
    China will take over because in China there is no favoritism of incompetence. The Chinese have not been crippled by “diversity” or Affirmative Action.
    In the USA today, competent White males are being forced to fight for survival against the horde of lower-class Third World invaders. The USA as we know I is doomed, along with democracy.

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