Anti-white University of Florida President Kent Fuchs calls pro-white Richard Spencer’s message of opposing White Genocide “vile and despicable”

The University of Florida’s Anti-White in Chief believes that wanting a future with white children is “vile and despicable.”

He wants his university to continue being a safe space for White Genocide.

Fuchs has been widely quoted in mainstream media today as having said that Richard Spencer wants to “hijack” universities, but Fuchs and his anti-white ilk hijacked the universities decades ago and turned them into indoctrination centers for anti-whitism.

They call anti-whitism “love and tolerance” and they get away with it.

That’s the quality of intellectual life in universities today.

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9 comments for “Anti-white University of Florida President Kent Fuchs calls pro-white Richard Spencer’s message of opposing White Genocide “vile and despicable”

  1. October 21, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Steve, can you explain it a little better??????? Just kidding, your reply hits it right on the nail…

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  2. bruce
    October 20, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    If we can’t get along then it’s time we segregate.

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    • Steve
      October 22, 2017 at 2:02 pm

      Hi Guys, it’s me again! May I first thank you all for your kind remarks to my fairly lengthy ‘comment’ below. I just couldn’t help myself after I read what that joker Fuchs above had said. In a way his name says it all doesn’t it? I just wish he would just go and ‘Fuch’ himself, though I’m sure his type with his treacherous leftist views would much prefer one of those he speaks so highly about does it for him! After all, it seems that’s what he’s advocating for the white race isn’t it?

      The problem is, there are so many more like him in positions of power. Why on Gods Earth do they have this ‘death wish’ I do not know. It’s probably because they have their heads shoved up their backsides so far, that they cannot see night from day and the damage they are doing to their own people. And just because Richard Spencer is echoing a genuine concern that is on the minds of millions of white people around the world, this joker has to tow the leftist line and spout out the usual Liberal bile that we’ve all grown so weary of hearing. If he hates whites so much, then why on Earth doesn’t he do us all a favour and do something worthwhile in his pathetic life? I would strongly suggest he tries harikari, and hope that would pander enough to his ethnic desires!

      As you suggest Bruce, it’s time we did segregate, and I’m all for that as are millions of others like you and I.
      Blacks have always been free to do so by returning to their countries of origin throughout Africa. Indians, Chinese, Japanese etc also the same. But as you very well know, if we whites wish to do likewise, where do WE go?
      Every single, originally homogenous, white country in the World has been chased down by black and brown people with an unrelenting tsunamic deluge, and we’ve just literally been ‘forced’ by endless pro immigrant legislation, to stand aside and allow it all to just happen.
      Every time someone with any standing has tried to object to this widespread invasion, the accusation of ‘racism’ comes in the form of a barrage of derogatory insults. It is shoved down their throats and they are publicly ridiculed with contemptuous lies and vile accusations of being ‘hard right’ (whereas they should really be accused of being ‘everso right’). Their livelihood is then instantly placed in jeopardy.

      I clearly remember what happened to Enoch Powell back in the late sixties, who was ridiculed and demonised for warning us all. A warning that has turned out to be the complete and utter thruth! Even his dire warnings turned out to be on the conservative side, but of course the idiotic left yet again got their own way, and destroyed his career. The man was a genius, but he used something the left just couldn’t handle, It was something that is commonly called ‘the truth’!

      Furthermore, so as to prevent their own races from being ‘diluted’ or eradicated completely, Black and Brown people around the world are inclined to protect their own females with great fervor so as to prevent white men from mixing with them. They even threaten their women with death in many cases, under the guise of ‘honor killings’. Either that or the white guy gets a knife in his back!
      Blacks on the other hand generally tend to admonish and lambaste their ‘sistas’ if they see them with white guys, which is somewhat strange really seeing how they much prefer the ‘white wimmin’ to their own! Now if all that isn’t racist then I don’t know what is, but of course the left never mention that do they? It doesn’t fit their agenda.

      Of course we’re supposed to allow them full access to our women without any barriers whatsoever, as that would be deemed racist, and the results of that ‘full unhindered access’ is all around us for eveyone to see. We’re even bombarded on a daily basis on TV, magazines and other advertising media where black man/white woman pairings are very much the norm. This of course is where our girls are brain washed on a massive scale. They see it on TV so it must be right….right? Wrong! Well, what they’re trying to ‘push’ is wrong.
      The left wing media do it this way as they know that females are so easily led, which is why some guys can talk their way into a girls knickers with ease with their ‘silver tongue’.

      This feminine trait starts from an early age, when young teenage girls become besotted by boy bands and other guys that exist in the limelight (including those undesirables that we can’t mention). They go screaming in tears to their concerts. They are totally taken over by the ‘connection’ they have developed from all the hype that has been thrown at them by the media. But does this happen to young boys? Er no! It doesn’t. Funny that isn’t it?

      So as we guys (and to a lesser extent girls, due to the left wing medias mass brain washing exercise that is causing them to freely interbreed with the invading hordes) gaily stand aside and look at our race whittle away from the 13% world population we currently are, to the 8% that it is projected to be in the next couple of decades, we are expected to just accept all this lying down, while black and brown people, with their totally alien cultures, barbaric religious beliefs and violent dispositions, slowly swamp our lands, our cultures, our way of life, and in fact our very existence, and we aren’t to show any resistance nor complain whatsoever. Well that is the belief of ol’ Fuchs and all the other mentally retarded leftards that sing the same tune as him.

      There is a famous saying that goes ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, so my message to Fuch’s and his type is, “we will not be quietened, and we will not be victimised and targeted for eradication any longer. There is a growing resistance among the white population of the World that will continue to grow in strength. And eventually you and your treacherous lot will then become THE targeted….for complete eradication! That time WILL eventually come!

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  3. Laurence Almand
    October 20, 2017 at 11:48 am

    Fuchs is just another anti-White, effete intellectual Socialist. This anti-White, PC nonsense has gone much too far. The Socialists are taking over our educational system, teaching anti-White hatred, especially anti-White-male hatred.
    Every college student should spend a year in a Socialist state like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, just to see what it’s like. They would learn to appreciate the achievements of White males, who built the USA into the great country it is – or rather was.

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  4. Steve
    October 20, 2017 at 3:59 am

    The only ‘vile and despicable’ element in all of this is this self loathing, left wing, mind screwed idiot Kent Fuchs himself! How dare he insult white individuals who want to retain their racial and cultural identity.
    All over the World, the various races live in their own countries, with their own people, with their own cultural beliefs, and that’s how God intended it to be, or he wouldn’t have made us as variant as we all are.
    All these people are free to maintain their racial identity without criticism or pressures from outside their boundaries as they have done for thousands of years, of course with one exception….ALL white countries aren’t now free to do so!
    We are sytematically being invaded by hordes of mainly male third world black and brown people with completely incompatibale cultural and religious beliefs, who also have much higher tendencies towards violent and criminal behavioural patterns.
    The white people of these countries have had absolutely no say in any of this insidious white genocidal plan that the NWO is demanding. It is only the vile and despicable self loathing left wing traitors like Fuchs that have managed to infiltrate our educational institutions and political establishments to perpetrate their covert anti white plans.

    So how are they doing this? Well, I believe they are simply playing the ‘moral highground’ card by instilling a totally false belief that by agreeing to any form of white race protectionism and conservationism is ‘evil and despicable’. In other words they play on white people’s naturally empathetic tendencies. Virtues that are clearly seen and performed on a daily basis all around the world from the countless ‘white funded’ charities and foreign aid budgets that pour financial, medical, technical and food aid into black and brown person countries around the globe. Is this ever reciprocated when ‘white countries’ suffer major plight events, like the massive losses endured from fires and hurricanes in the US recently? Absolutely NOT!
    They also know that a large proportion of whites are now liberally minded, conciliatory and of a benevolent nature from years of left wing brain washing and so are easily ‘led’ by left wing mantra, especially those in power, with the exception of people likeTrump, (thank God).
    As a result, they know that their insidious evil intentions will be followed without much opposition by the various white governments around the world. Take Sweden as a very good example. A country that has literally allowed and encouraged the total mass rape and subversion of their indigenous people! It’s an unbelievable scenario that couldn’t have ever been imagined, even in the worst kind of nightmare, just a few decades ago.

    They also know that to keep any dissidents in line, all they need to do is brand them a ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ or throw some other derogatory word or phrase at them, and their careers will be ruined and they’re instantly removed from any position they held!
    Take Sarah Champion for example.UK MP for Bradford. Because she claimed that is was predominantly Pakistani men who were raping underage white girls all around the UK (one MP has claimed up to 1 million girls could have been affected by this evil, known about,but unchallenged scourge over the decades), which was a 100% proven fact, she was immediately vilified, condemned and castigated by her peers. As a result, she was literally forced to resign her position! This sadly is how bad it all now has become.

    Fortunately, the intelligent, unaffected by left wing indoctrination white majority of the world are now realising what is happening and are beginning to fight back.
    The election of Trump, Brexit, the electing of Sebastion Kurz as the new leader of Austria, and the weakening of Merkel due to her pro immigrant stance, are all signs of a growing trend of opposition against mass immigration and white genocide, and I say long may it continue!
    However I would like to make a suggestion so as to keep the ‘lefties’ happy. I suggest that we instead recruit tens of thousands of sex mad white guys from around the world and get them to invade and colonize black and brown countries en masse, so as to breed the ‘diversity’ that the ‘lefties’ so dearly want in their NWO? I’m pretty sure the ladies of those countries would just love a bit of ‘diversity’ put into them!!
    Now let’s see what the loony liberal brigade would say to that wonderfully proactive, diversity promoting suggestion, eh!?

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    • Gregory McMahon
      October 20, 2017 at 11:16 am

      Keep writing Brother, Loved every morsel of truth you so eloquently wrote, Thank you .

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    • Tonic
      October 20, 2017 at 11:29 am

      Brilliant response Steve every word absolutely true. Thank you.
      It is time we all stand together and say enough!!! We have a right to our own homeland.
      Sooner or later we may have to make one..

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    • bruce
      October 20, 2017 at 1:31 pm

      I’m with Steve

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  5. Albert Riester
    October 19, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    If they talk about love and tolerance, that should include all people, no matter of colour or religion or ethnicity.

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