Anti-White double standards in New York as Black neighborhood is “de-concentrated”.

Anti-Whites have their underwear in a twist after Buffalo officials plan to “decrease concentration” of a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority officials have a new plan called the “Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan”, one sentence in particular is the subject of anti-Whites attention.

The plan’s “Goals, Outcomes and Metrics” section, says one objective is to “decrease concentration of minority (African-American) population in the Perry neighborhood.

Sam Smith, asked “Why would you say that? […] I don’t think they realize how offensive that statement is,”. Smith is the chairman of the Resident Council of Buffalo, which represents tenants of public housing across the city

Henry L. Taylor Jr., who is the project coordinator for the transformation plan, denied fears that the plan would displace Black residents.

The concept of the term ‘de-concentration’ is that as we redevelop the neighborhood into a mixed-income, cross-cultural community, the overall percentage of African-Americans who live in the community will fall,” Taylor said.

No one who currently lives in Commodore Perry will get displaced […] Anybody currently in Commodore Perry who lives there now and wants to return will be able to do that. […] It’s not like if we bring in 15,000 new residents that somebody has to leave,

Taylor was a main author of the planning document, which plans to move people in to the highest concentration of vacant land in the city.

After anti-White criticism Taylor said “I have spent my entire professional life fighting to improve and make the life chances of African-American people much better, […] I am never going to be part of any project that has as a prime objective displacing black people from their neighborhoods.

In retrospect, Taylor said “it would have been less confusing to have made the statement that we want to increase the number of higher income groups, including whites and other racial groups. There were less controversial ways we could have made the same point.

Modesto Candelario, deputy executive director of the BMHA, said he understood that some people may have been alarmed by the language, but said it was “to increase the diversity of the population, both in terms of income and ethnically and racially. […] If you increase the diversity, you wind up reducing the population of a specific demographic. That’s the logistics of the effort,

Notice that anti-Whites will cheer at the prospect of Marin county California being made non-White by the Obama government, but at the same time they will cry like a child if any one tries to do the same thing to non-Whites in their own communities?

This reason is quite simple really: diversity is a codeword for White genocide.

The primary purpose of “diversity” is to reduce White people in to a minority in their own home. The genocidal scheme of diversity has already done its job in Buffalo, NY, as according to the 2010 Census, White people are a minority in the city.


Buffalo, New York, City Hall. | Wikipedia – Buffalo New York


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  1. July 14, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    Black Panther Group.They are rising in the USA.Read some info on them.Mighty men.These lads stand up to be counted.We have a few groups like this in Ireland, but we generally don’t look for publicity,as membership is against the law.Where I live there are only Irish people living there.It is working class,with a soul,has a community spirit,and you only live there if you really want to.I wonder are they trying to suck the identity out of Buffalo.Or is it another blatant attempt to stir up a race war.They seem to be using the same tactics over and again.This is deliberate not an accident.It takes a long time to make peace but any asshole can start a war.God bless Ireland.

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  2. kenny
    January 28, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    There is only one solution and we all know what it is

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