America, Canada, South America


California NAACP head demands new National Anthem, “Oh say can you see, the racism in me”

This article's featured image on the home page is of ...
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Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov

Is New York City truck attack part of White Genocide?

Our anti-white universities love their terms “equity” and “inclusion.” Those ...
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Rochelle Gutierrez

“Mathematics operates as Whiteness,” whines Prof Rochelle Gutierrez of University of Illinois

Now even mathematics is being thrown to the floor and buggered by ...
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Come unto me all ye sinners, but not George Washington or Robert E. Lee

Our Most Holy Church of Political Correctness is today's true Church and our ...
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Sweden destroys culture screenshot

Sweden is destroying archaeological findings

The Swedish government is sending items from the iron age ...
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Newly British

Indian Couple Demands White British Child For Adoption

Reena and Sandeep Mander wanted to adopt in the UK, ...
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Laszlo Toroczkai

Hungarian Mayor says his village welcomes Western European refugees fleeing multiculturalism

"We primarily welcome people from Western Europe - people who ...
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Italy seeks prostitutes to “satisfy the sexual desires” of immigrants

An immigration center in the village of Vipiteno, Italy, has ...
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German refugees are loving their new lives in Hungary

Native Germans who no longer feel safe in their own ...
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Dead woman in red dress lying in the river.

EU officials’ daughter raped & drowned in river by Afghan immigrant

At his deceased 19 year-old daughters' eulogy, Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, ...
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Australia & New Zealand


New Zealanders are lazy drug addicts so we need immigrants, says Prime Minister

There are around 200,000 unemployed people in New Zealand, but ...
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New Zealand votes against “diversity” agenda, keeps the same flag

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, didn't like the current flag ...
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Australian politicians admit they wanted to turn the country “Eurasian”

Statistics from Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection show ...
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South Africa & Africa


Red Ice Radio: Suidlanders – Preparing for Disaster in South Africa

Henrik Palmgren Red Ice April 1, 2017 Simon Roche is Head of the ...
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Whites will be slaughtered unless they give up all land in South Africa, says leading politician

Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters ...
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White people must not be allowed to “escape” diversity says South African bishop

South African bishop, William Slattery, is blaming White people for ...
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