Shelbyville, TN rally did NOT chant “Stop White Genocide”

But, there were no swastikas.

Hats off to those who get out there and do it and learn from the results. Hooray!

Somewhere along the learning curve lies the realization that

“Stop White Genocide!” 

is the sledgehammer chant that’s needed. “You will not replace us” may seem easier for the mass white mind to immediately understand, but to engage the mass white viscera, use White Genocide and be patient.

Many pro-whites believe the term “White Genocide” sounds absurd.  The term “racist” also initially sounded absurd, but relentless repetition normalized that term and made it an absurdly powerful weapon. With enough repetition the same will happen with White Genocide, since White Genocide is happening right in front of everyone’s face.

Most pro-whites don’t yet feel the full reality of White Genocide deep in their bones, so saying “Stop White Genocide” doesn’t feel to them like it comes from their hearts as much as “You will not replace us” does.

So place your bets, gents, and ladies: Among which group will the term “White Genocide” become normalized first, pro-whites, or the white masses?


[This article was originally written for fightwhitegenocide.comwhere your donations are requested to erect billboards, etc.]


4 comments for “Shelbyville, TN rally did NOT chant “Stop White Genocide”

  1. Bob540
    October 31, 2017 at 11:35 am

    I think part of the problem (in US anyway) is that whites have accepted the false narrative of “white privilege”, “microaggressions”, “cultural appropriation” . . That whites are the problem, not the solution. All of this has been repeatedly said to them many, many times (I’m tempted to say “millions of times”, which might not be far from the truth) and by other whites as well as minorities, that it has become deeply ingrained into whites’ psyche. White Genocide Project seeks to counter this by emphasizing the need to repeat our own memes over and over again, to try to dislodge the previous indoctrination. Of course, such efforts to undo the anti-white messages are meet with more claims of “prejudice” and “hatred”. It takes a lot of patience to overcome the resistance people have to hearing about whites suffering discrimination, let along anti-white hatred. So many people just blindly accept the designations of groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center, American Civil Liberties Union or Anti-Defamation League that place the label “hate group” upon anything or anyone they disagree with. And, being overt about one’s position in support of white culture and populations can leave one vulnerable to reprisals and vandalism. But, as Tom Petty once sang, “Everybody’s had to fight to be free.” So, we either fight for justice now or leave it to future generations to fight an even bigger problem in the future, and perhaps with fewer resources than we have today.

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  2. Alan J. Perrick
    October 30, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Really nice article, Mr Bearden. Thank you.


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  3. more of the same
    October 30, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    White Genocide is a horrific charge but the evidence abounds that it’s going on right under our noses. I respect and commend these pro-White activists but they’d be far more effective using the G word. They’re going to get called Nazis and White Supers anyway.

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  4. Logan
    October 30, 2017 at 4:22 pm


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