Battle of the genocides: Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples Day

“Welcome to our home! Take the master bedroom! Marry our daughters! Blend us out of existence!”

In the long history of destructions of peoples by the arrival of other peoples, only the white race today, conditioned by anti-whites to accept its own genocide, has welcomed in hordes of invading foreigners.

The American Indians resisted our early settlers as best their nature allowed. Far-seeing chiefs like Crazy Horse and Tecumseh saw that they were in a fight to the death, but they couldn’t dissuade their warriors from just continuing to raid and count coups and take scalps.

As a BUGSer who’s found pro-Whites slow to saturate the white world with the Mantra and our Mantra memes, I feel some sympathy for Crazy Horse and Tecumseh’s frustration in attempting to redirect their warriors’ energies.

The fate of American Indians under the pressure of European settlers has now been reduced to just one more propaganda item in today’s program of removing whites from the face of the earth.

Today in cities across the U.S., statues of Columbus are being vandalized as part of the never-ending campaign to keep whites hating ourselves so we will not resist White Genocide!

But whites are beginning to wake up!

Readers, you can help hasten that!

Paste this meme everywhere:

White self-hatred is SICK!!!

And remember (and paste),

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide!


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