Many great tweets by Bob Whitaker

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Great collection of pithy tweets by Bob, compiled at

Stinging In The New Year: Bob Whitaker’s Tweets

A collection of short and succinct pro-White talking points from Bob Whitaker’s Twitter account.

Cuckservatives are indispensable to anti-Whites. They change the subject from one the enemy cannot deal with to one that it can deal with.

I used to write speeches that drove my opponents to shrieks of rage. And all I did was to repeat the nonsense they had said the year before.

Every authoritarian state always begins by silencing all criticism of its doctrine but it’s never just to be mean. It ALWAYS gives a Reason.

Political Correctness is a religion of “tolerance” in the same way that Islam is a religion of “peace.”

It is HILARIOUS to hear anti-Trump people bitch about people criticizing THEM.

The Plan to Make a Million is an obvious fraud. The Plan for Gaining Power is too. The Mantra is what needs doing now.

Not one member of the Greatest Generation ever had the guts to contradict someone who said “We fought WW2 for open borders.”

The only war crime is LOSING.

Taste is a matter of taste.

No war hero ever made the slightest difference in real human history. Those who used words have made real history.

A White gentile who attacks his own race is considered an Idealist. For some reason he is not considered a traitor.

Nothing I advocate is even vaguely radical. It is common sense for everybody except the eternally defeated conservative.

It never occurred to the Founding Fathers that they were writing a Constitution that told the rest of the world what it should do.

Social science is primitive. Applied primitive science is a disaster. The diversity and rehabilitation they preach is insane.

The one thing the Founding Fathers agreed on was blind loyalty to King and Country, to a flag, was treason. It still is.

At the time of the Constitution, “we the people” had a higher percentage of native-born Whites than we have ever had before or since.

Are we just here to provide “the other side” in the standard debate liberals set up? No. We want to replace them completely.

In 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed at. Push the anti-White system hard and it will fall to pieces.

The only leaders who won ANYTHING in World War II was Stalin.

Whites are soon going to have to take on spokesmen. Not spokesmen for protecting the border and a melting pot. Spokesmen for WHITES.

A revolutionary is exactly like a surfer waiting for his wave to ride. He can’t create the wave. But there will be a wave.

The whole point of free speech is to let people speak unpleasant truths. If you punish people for that, free speech is a joke.

Can anybody name a single label that the media doesn’t ENCOURAGE people to use against Whites?

Professors are nasty little tyrants who foist lies on young people under their charge because they’re accountable to no one but themselves.

Our job is not to show we are not “haters” or whatever other label the other side makes up. Our job is to make OUR points. Stay on message

America is the first country in world history to declare that our armed forces have no right to defend their country’s borders.

Loyalty to “We the people of the United States of America & OUR posterity” is the exact opposite of loyalty to made up “abstract principles”

Political Correctness DEMANDS total obedience from everyone. There is no middle ground. Everyone is either Politically Correct or a “hater.”

Both sides of my family got here in the 17th century. Not one was an immigrant. We did not request a visa. America was here and we took it.

When you accept the premises of Political Correctness by accepting their language and morality, you’ve already lost the battle.

Anyone who lets someone call the country he was born in “a nation of immigrants” has given away his birthright.

An undocumented worker is an undocumented citizen.

Proud when an idiot calls me a racist.

Mexico is poor because of Mexicans.

We will win because a few of us realize this is a war, not something some instant formula or exposure of an Evil Conspiracy will deal with.

What are the statistical odds that between 90 and 100% of the people who are qualified to be college professors are liberals?

Someone once asked Senator Fulbright what it took to be a great senator. Fulbright replied, “First, you have to be a senator.”

Repetition takes incredible discipline. A politician would rather show you how smart he is, but if he doesn’t repeat & repeat, he won’t win.

If you want to influence world affairs, you have to make your point. You have to use every possible opening to make your point.

Hispanics in the United States have left countries ruled by Latinos. Now they want the United States to be ruled by Latino voters.

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5 comments for “Many great tweets by Bob Whitaker

  1. Eloise
    January 2, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    I think if its very urgent to reverse this mainstream propaganda of our planned decline, then atleast everyone should do something for our innocent coming generations before it is too late.

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    January 2, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    This is literally a white genocide and people laugh this off…..this is so fucking wrong. The world is going completely anti-white. This is illegal….how the fuck is this happening?

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    • I Wish Germany Had Won WWII
      January 3, 2017 at 8:55 pm

      The last defense of White people lost in 1945 when (((they))) once again got us to kill our brothers for (((their))) banking cartel.

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  3. Bob Lovell
    January 2, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    The Democrat party believes in inclusiveness and multiculturalism as long as Whites are not included! They believe in multiculturalism as long as Anglo-European culture is denigrated! Rap has replaced Beethoven and America’s culture is now mainly Black culture! Islamic law is seen as equal to Western law! American History is now looked at as evil by Eastern main line Universities. Only a mew Civil War will settle this.

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  4. anarchyst
    January 2, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    It is those of “the greatest generation” who pushed the “civil-rights”, multiculturalism and diversity BS on us.
    To those of “the greatest generation”: Thanks for NOTHING…
    It turns out that General George S. Patton was right…about the “chosen”…

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