Anti-Whites pushing for open borders in Switzerland, despite majority opposition.


Back in February this year, the majority of Swiss voted to limit the number of immigrants allowed into the country.

Next month on November 30th, they will vote for the latest Ecopop initiative, called “Stop overpopulation – safeguard our natural resources“, proposes that the number of immigrants should be limited to 16,000 people a year to stop the country from being over-developed.

Simonetta Sommaruga, Socialist Federal Councillor, and Head of the Department of Justice and Police is trying to convince the Swiss to vote against this proposition.

We, despite strong immigration, have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. Our economy needs immigrants.” she told

In Berne, Sommaruga told journalists that “Our aging society needs people who want to come here and work. The upper limit that the initiative proposes for immigration is not only very low, it is very inflexible,

One commenter said “They want our country becomes like France or England, disown our elites…

Anti-Whites from outside and inside the country have been trying to convince the public to vote for more immigration, which would could mean it would have to bring in the illegal immigrants from Italy (originally from Africa and the Middle East) given its close proximity.

Anti-Whites won’t let a small White country like Switzerland to control its borders – if they had their way all White countries would have open borders, quite literally.

They don’t care if a small Black country in Africa, or even a big Black country like Zimbabwe for example, kicks out White people.

That’s because these anti-Whites basically believe that: Africa is for Black people. Asia is for Asians. But White countries must be for everyone.

As we say all too often, this is simply White genocide that they are pushing – they are singling out one group of people (White people) to be turned into the minority. That’s White genocide.


German children rebel against multiculturalism with “Heil Hitler” greetings.


An entire class of about 30 school children aged 14 to 15 in a German school near Leipzig are under investigation after they were suspected of using National Socialist slogans and phrases.

The students from class 9A at Landsberg Gymnasiums were also suspected of using “Heil Hitler” as a greeting.

One student sent a joke which said “Why did Hitler kill himself? [Because] The Jews sent him the gas bill.”

The photo above is a compilation of some of the images circulated by the German media.

The school principal, Lutz Feudel, took this news softly: “Breaking taboos is part of young adulthood. I don’t believe that they wanted to actively promote neo-Nazi ideology.” he said, according to the

Any public display of Nazi symbols, salutes or phrases is a strictly forbidden act in modern-day Germany, and a first offense can carry a penalty of up to six months in jail.

The school has arranged for a psychologist to meet with the children, their teachers, and their parents next week to understand their viewpoint.

I think I can understand their viewpoints. These children are not “Neo-Nazis” – they are just fed up with multiculturalism. They are fed up with immigrants pouring into their cities. They are fed up with “diversity”.

In short they are fed up with anti-Whites, and in their minds they probably thought that doing all of this was a way to rebel against the anti-White system in place.

There are lots of people like us who simply want an open debate about why it’s only White countries which should turn themselves minority White (White genocide), but most of these anti-Whites aren’t interested in debating – they’re interested in screaming names at us and stopping us from talking publicly.

Anti-Whites always position themselves as “anti-racist” or “anti-extremists” and use that as a way to attack White people and push for White genocide.

If they keep screaming names at their opposition, they may wake up one day and realize that they really are surrounded by “Nazis”, “racists”, “extremists”, and “bigots”.

If these kids are reading this, then we’ve got a better slogan for them: “Diversity is a code word for White genocide.


“Anti-racist is anti-White” billboard expired, replaced with MacDonald’s billboard.


The lease on the “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White” billboard sign which went up in Harrison, Arkansas last year has expired, and has now been replaced with a MacDonald’s billboard sign reading “There’s something for everyone to love at McDonald’s.

The anonymous person who paid for the “Anti-racist is a anti-White” billboard said “often white people are called racist for opposing the President’s policies. On the other hand a non-white person was never called racist for opposing President Bush’s policies.

There is a double-standard in this country regarding differences of opinion. Those differences of opinion do not make a person racist. The first amendment right to freedom of speech is for everyone. That is the point of the message.

Also, the other point in my opinion at least, is that “anti-racist” organizations mostly exist to attack White people and call for anti-White policies and White genocide.

The billboard did a good job while it was up, and hopefully others will come along. Fortunately, there is still one up in Alabama outside Leeds.


Swedes not encouraged to have babies – immigrants brought in instead.


The latest figures show that nearly all municipalities in Sweden, except for six of them, would have had no population growth without immigration.

Statistics from Statistics Sweden found that 84 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities had a declining population last year. Helsingborgs Dagblad crunched the numbers and found that without immigration 220 municipalities would have had a declining population.

Municipalities with a declining population had a “lower proportion of foreign-born” people living there, in other words areas that are majority White.

Helsingborgs Dagblad is clearly happy with the White Swedes being replaced by immigrants as the author says that With continued immigration throughout the country, Sweden will live in the future.

Going on to say that if immigrants “speak two languages” then “it enriches the Swedish society.

It would be a much better and simpler solution in the long to term to encourage Swedes to have children, like the Danish government is doing, but that’s not going to happen because the anti-Whites in Sweden want the Swedish to be a minority.

Anti-Whites in just about every White country want this to happen. They have decided that White countries are the only countries in the world should no longer be exclusively for one group of people, and they now must become “melting pots” of “diversity” where no race is the majority.

In reality, this is just a nicely worded program of genocide against White people. Genocide is not about how you do it, it’s about what is done.

Anti-Whites are very well aware that the non-White immigration they push for is turning us into a minority – they understand that, and that’s precisely what they want that to happen. According to the United Nations Genocide conventions, what they are doing is genocide.


Immigrants make Irish better looking says politician.


Olivia Mitchell, the Fine Gael deputy for Dublin South said that immigration should be increased because mixing the Irish with immigrants makes the children “better looking and taller”.

Although the debate was originally about requiring the father’s name to be on birth certificates, she trailed off into an anti-White argument calling for more immigration.

As a small island country we should be expanding our gene pool, not reducing it,” she said.

I think as an island country cut off from the rest of Europe, it’s a good thing that we have a certain amount of immigration. Mobility of races is a good thing,

You can even see the better-looking and taller children now as a result of the Celtic Tiger years [1995 - 2000 when immigration was increased considerably]. I think it’s a good thing to keep our IQs up there; it’s not just about appearance.

The Census from 2011, found that Ireland was 94.3% White. 6% non-White is not good enough for these anti-White politicians.

If White countries are turned into minority White countries, that’s probably when anti-Whites will say there is no need for more immigration.

Deliberately turning a population into the minority, through any methods – violent or non-violent – is genocide.

It just so happens that this White genocide taking place today is by flooding White countries with millions of non-White immigrants, and then chasing down the White areas which are “not diverse” and “too White”, forcing them to take in more non-White immigrants.

The anti-Whites in power hope that by moving non-Whites into all and only White areas we will eventually mix ourselves into a minority. It’s called “diversity” but it’s actually a code word for White genocide.


Illegal Muslim immigrants are heading to Germany – an “explosive mixture”.

Muslim invasion of West

Juergen Elsaesser, editor of Compact magazine recently did an interview with RT giving his views on the effects of mass illegal immigration (from Africa and the Middle east) on Germany and its people.

I think Chancellor Merkel makes a big mistake because she underestimates the burden of mass immigration on the German people.” Elsaesser told RT.

Now mass immigration comes mostly from Muslim countries with a totally different background and that brings big problems for the population, and for the German people, and for German cities.

…most of the refugees come to Germany, and countries like Italy transfer the arriving refugees over the Alps to Germany. So we have a concentration of these refugees on German soil and we have no [financial] support from the EU…

Elsaesser said that because of the massive influx of Muslim immigrants “A kind of slum is beginning to grow up in the big cities and we have confrontation between right-wing groups on the one side and Islamists on the other side.

We have a terrorist problem coming in with the refugees from let’s say Syria. And that is a very explosive mixture. I think our chancellor is underestimating this danger.

Many politicians these days get elected to take a hardline on immigration, but they never do because the elite class want to get rid of White people.

Anti-Whites elites are well aware that flooding a majority White country with non-White immigrants over the course of several decades will turn that country minority White.

That’s exactly what they want to happen. There are a variety of reasons for anti-White groups to want to do this, and all of their reasons are not really important.

What is important is that we try to alert everyone we can that this is under international law, a program of White genocide across many majority White countries.


White Genocide in America 1960 – 2060.


USAToday has put out a new article which maps the “Diversity Index” of the various States in America, from 1960 to 2010, with what they are predicted to become by 2060.

This is just the beginning. Barring catastrophe or a door-slam on immigration…” the USAToday reporter wrote, “For the first time, non-Hispanic White students are in the minority…

We should be really happy that we have this large minority growth in the United States,” said a demographer from the Brookings Institution.

William Frey, author of the unreleased book: “Diversity Explosion” said “This is everybody’s business to make sure we have a productive multi-ethnic population in the United States,

And we should be so thankful that they’re here, because if we didn’t have the immigration and the fertility of these groups in the last 20 years, we would be in the same situation as Japan or a lot of European countries, which are facing a declining labor force and an aging population.

The US had been a majority White nation for many decades, but that started to change around 1970 when the White population was gradually pushed out of certain areas with mass non-White immigration.

In 1950 the US was 90% White – today it is about 65%. The trend towards a White minority in America, and indeed many other majority White countries is not a coincidence – it’s a policy. It’s called “diversity” by the anti-Whites who push it.

“Diversity” is simply a codeword for White genocide, because that’s what this policy of “diversity” is. It’s about taking White countries and turning them minority White.

Asian and Black countries and areas are not required to have this kind of “diversity” where they get rid of their majority population. This “diversity” is reserved only for White countries and White areas.


Anti-White Italian Prime Minister ignores protests against immigration.


Last Saturday tens of thousands of Italian people took part in a protest against mass illegal immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has ignored the people’s wishes and proposed a new bill which would allow children of illegal immigrants born in Italy to be given Italian citizenship, on condition that they attend primary (elementary) or secondary (high) school.

Renzi told Canal 5 television the bill introduced (to be voted on) by the end of 2014, on Sunday, the day after the protests in Milan.

The people were protesting against illegal immigrants pouring into Italy and not being sent back immediately. Their government didn’t see that as the problem – they saw the “illegal” part as a problem.

PM Renzi is just one of those “enlightened” anti-Whites who knows what’s “best for you”.

White genocide was started by these “enlightened” anti-Whites who simply ignored what the majority of people wanted and did what they wanted to do.

While Italy is still about 95% European, it is yet another example of anti-Whites pushing their White genocide agenda to turn White countries into minority White countries.


US borders opened up to 100,000 Haitians


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has brought in a new “family reunification” program which means the 100,000 or so Haitians waiting to come to the U.S. won’t need visas.

The rebuilding and development of a safe and economically strong Haiti is a priority for the United States,said Alejandro Mayorkas, Deputy Secretary of the DHS.

The Haitian Family Reunification Parole program promotes a fundamental underlying goal of our immigration system – family reunification.

The DHS said in a releaseLegal authority for the HFRP [Haitian Family Reunification Parole] program is provided under the Immigration and Nationality Act which authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to parole into the United States certain individuals, on a case-by-case basis, for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit, [...] This is the same legal authority used to establish the Cuban Family Reunification Parole program in 2007.

Family reunification is one of those anti-White excuses to get as many immigrants into the country as possible.

The USA, which several decades ago was a 90% White country, has now been “re-defined” as a “nation of immigrants” by anti-Whites. The same is true of most White countries on this planet today.

Basically, what this means is that Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Muslim areas are fine, but White areas are “not diverse” and should be flooded with millions of non-White immigrants.

Once an area is minority White, it is “diverse” and thus the “problem” of “being too White” is solved.

No one is targeting Black countries for “diversity”. No one is targeting Asian countries for “diversity”.

White countries are the only ones that have an obligation to get rid of its majority population. This is White genocide and nothing more, .


Swedish Migration Board will break law to chase down White areas.


Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Board), which manages asylum and citizenship applications, say it has no problem against breaking the law when it comes to forcing White Swedish areas to take in more non-White immigrants.

Migrationsverket will avoid sending “refugees” to live in areas that take in lots of immigrants, so they can be sent to areas that have fewer immigrants.

Sverigeradio says by doing this they would break the law because the Swedish Public Procurement Act does not allow immigrants to be deliberately put into specific areas.

Migrationsverket is upset because some regions in Sweden have a lot of immigrants, but other regions don’t. They are hoping to change this by exempting high-immigrant areas from taking in “refugees”, and moving them into low-immigrant areas.

Fredrik Bengtsson, press officer for Migrationsverket told Sverigeradio “That [breaking the law] is always a risk that you have to weigh in the pluses and the minuses.

…as it looks now there is an extremely strained relationship between the Migration Board and some of the local councils. And we think that is a shame, because the councils are our best partners. We have to find ways for this to work as well as possible

Anti-Whites love to dress up non-Whites as victims and then dress themselves up as humanitarians, but why would it be so important for them to chase down all these White areas that don’t have “enough” immigrants?

This is just the same old “diversity” agenda that anti-Whites have been pushing for years now.

First they flood a country with millions of non-White immigrants, then they say that White flight is bad, and then they chase down any White areas that try to escape from “diversity”.

Anti-Whites are trying absolutely everything they can to get White people to mix with non-White people when many of us clearly don’t want to.

This is White genocide because these conditions that have been put in place are intended to get rid of us.