The “migration crisis” didn’t just happen – EU politicians were pushing for it in 2008


In a suspiciously short amount of time, mainstream politicians have gone from denouncing anti-mass immigration protesters as “right-wing extremists“, to completely agreeing with much of what they were saying.

If you think that immigrants all just started breaking into Europe in 2014, and that the combined powers of Europe were powerless to stop it, then they have truly deceived you.

From time immemorial, European countries have been able to protect their borders from all immigration they did not want. Laws were deliberately put in place, ignored, or undermined, so that border enforcement were overwhelmed.

Perhaps it might interest you to know that in 2008, EU politicians were secretly trying to arrangefree movement of people in Africa and the EU” so that they could flood Europe with 56 million Africans by 2050.

Free movement” – I just have to lol so hard at that.

The president of Zimbabwe has said many times that his country is not for White people, and the current Liberian constitution states that you can only be a citizen of the country if you are “a Negro or of Negro descent“.

Globalists, the “Free movement” people, and the so-called “anti-racists” don’t care at all about that.

You see, “free movement” means Africans get to keep their countries; Asians keep theirs, and Arabs keep theirs. It means that White majority countries specifically, must allow the third world to pour in.

And the EU rulers were at it again in November 2015 trying to get Africans to flood in, at a time when ordinary Europeans were growing increasingly worried about mass immigration.

They were going to replace the illegal African and Arab immigrants with legal ones – and they were going to pay African countries 1.4 billion Euros to do it, but in the end, the public found out about it.

Don’t trust what the anti-Whites say. Their agenda has not changed, and though they may pretend to speak for the public interest, their goal has always been White genocide. They want us to get rid of us with mass immigration and forced “diversity”.


US: Rich White areas are latest target of “diversity” forced on “White suburbs”


Since late 2014, a government agency has been mapping out the USA by race, so that as the New York Post explains, they could “bring more low-income minorities into white suburbs.

The Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) the authority to collect data on every US ZIP code, neighborhood, and block, and see which racial group was the majority of those areas.

The Obama administration has granted HUD new powers to withhold grant money or fine areas which do not pursue a “diversity” agenda by building section 8 housing in White neighborhoods.

HUD Spokespersons claim that this is to end “segregation” and promote “equal opportunity for all“.

But Congressman, Paul Gosar, said HUD “shouldn’t be holding hostage grant monies aimed at community improvement based on its unrealistic utopian ideas of what every community should resemble.

American citizens and communities should be free to choose where they would like to live and not be subject to federal neighborhood engineering at the behest of an overreaching federal government.

Typical Respectable Conservative; he forgets to mention that White communities are the targets of this “diversity” agenda. Even the New York Post admits it that anti-Whites want to destroy every White area, community, and neighborhood.

The anti-Whites are chasing down all the White areas and legally forcing them to “diversify”. That’s White genocide according to international law, because genocide is deliberately trying to get rid of a group – it doesn’t have to be violent or involve murder.

You will never see this happening under HUD’s “diversity” agenda – unless they decide to get rid of American Indians as well as Whites.


TWEET and RAPIDLY RETWEET: “#Trump’s ‘Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall'”

…until that phrase is in the mind and on the tongue of every White person in this country, and is part of this country’s national dialogue.

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TWEET NOW: #ILLEGALS are flooding north to build #Trump’s “Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”!

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Romanians will use violence to stop the very first immigrant camps being built


The county of Satu Mare, in Romania, has been picked as the site to set up the very first immigrant camps in the country. The immigrants are scheduled to arrive in February, and will be moved into camps around the city of Ardud.

When local people heard the news they were furious.

Mayor of Ardud, Ovidiu Duma told news: “I want to say very bluntly: the village of Mădăras and city of Ardud do not agree with carrying out this project.

Representatives from Ardud wrote on their website that “We do not agree under any circumstances that this is legal – it is not legal. And we are willing to resort to violence.

Let everyone know this thing: those in charge of the project, if it is implemented, it will lead there [to violence]. And we will tell you now: do not be surprised.

We do not want it to be like it is in foreign countries; to be afraid to let children go to school alone, or wives alone on the street.

And here is the problem with not defending the Romanian state or citizens: we will defend our families.

Local Romanians are particularly upset about the cloak-and-dagger methods used by Frères România, the Representative Association which is co-ordinating the project.

At first they said that the project was to provide homes for elderly Romanians, but in January, they suddenly revealed that they were hiring people to work in the newly-built immigrant camp.

The people behind the camps are 100% aware that the majority of Europeans are against immigrant camps and mass immigration, so why does it still go on if the countries in Europe are supposedly all democracies?

Mainstream politicians don’t want to do what people say, and this is why alternative parties are rising. Mainstream politicians, left or right, all believe that the West must “diversify”, and that being “too White” is a problem.

And the fact is people just don’t like mass immigration, and they also don’t like how majority White areas are chased down and forced to accept “diversity” policies.

It’s White genocide, and this reality is really starting to sink in. If you stand with us, help us get the word out by joining our world-wide March Against White Genocide – March 19th, 2016.


TWEET NOW: #ILLEGALS are flooding north to build #Trump’s “Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”!


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Media’s focus on Trump and his border wall will drive our own White GeNOcide meme more deeply into the mainstream.

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“Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”
#Trump’s “Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”
Will illegal Mexicans build #Trump’s “Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”?


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no child left white

White self-hatred is SICK!!!

“#Diverse” means FORMERLY white

“#Diversity” means chasing down Whites

Anti-racist is a code word for #AntiWhite

#Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide

“#Diversity” means chasing down the last White person

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?

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Mr. Trump, will illegal Mexicans build your “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall”?


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‘Hamilton’ portrays all American founding fathers as non-White, but not evil King George


‘Hamilton’, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers, is being performed on Broadway.

You know it’s going to have political undertones, when you read that the first act is titled: “Immigrants : We get the job done!

In addition to Alexander Hamilton, Miranda’s musical also casts Aaron Burr, George Washington, James Madison, John Laurens, Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, Angelica Schuyler, and Eliza Schuyler all as non-White.

In fact the only White leading actor is King George III, which American audiences identify as the bad guy.

When the musical was first performed in 2013, it even had a Black guy playing King George III as well, but I guess they had to cast the bad guy as a White man or else the musical would be deemed to be some kind of evil ‘hate musical’, and would never make it on Broadway.

Anti-Whites have re-written a lot of history, all to make White people look like some kind of super-evil Nazi race which caused all of the world’s problems.

If you have a kid in school and asked them what they learned in school today, they’d probably tell you exactly that.

So why are they re-writing history to make us hate or feel guilty about being White?

The simple answer is: because they want to get rid of us. The anti-Whites opened up America’s, Australia’s, Canada’s, and Europe’s borders to mass non-White immigration with their militant lobbying.

Now they are trying to make sure that every White area has a sufficient amount of “diversity”. In other words, trying to make sure that every White area begins the first steps to becoming minority White.

This agenda of theirs is not “diversity” as they claim; it is White genocide, because they are trying to get rid of us. They are trying to turn us into the minority. That is a crystal clear example of genocide, according to all legal definitions of genocide.

This musical is yet more proof that “diversity” is White genocide!


Formerly White communities are now genocidal assimilation chambers for White genocide

Genocide, as defined by international law, includes any policy that leads to the disappearance of an identifiable group. Whether it’s accomplished through murder or social engineering it is still genocide.

Global governmental policies make it difficult for Whites to leave and make it easy for everyone else to enter. What was once our habitat has now become a trap: a genocidal assimilation chamber. The paradox is that the same people who deny the existence of genocidal assimilation chambers also support White genocide.

Support candidates who have not denied White genocide and promise to take actions that will slow it down.

Help promote the message by adding initials:
Let Bob Whitaker build Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” NOW! | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Let Bob Whitaker build Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” NOW!

“Diversity” means chasing down the last White person.
Anti-Whites flood White communities with non-Whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-Whites so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.
Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” will slow the extinction of Whites in the genocidal assimilation chambers that formerly were White communities.
Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” says no to “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY.”
Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” shouts, “WHITE SELF-HATRED IS SICK!!!”
Those who welcome White Genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.


Mr. Trump, will illegal Mexicans build your “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall”?

Building a STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall at our southern border has been a job that Americans won’t do.

Or at least America’s anti-White leaders won’t do it.

Hopefully the Donald will get it done, maybe with a little help from his friends 😉 :

For easy copy and paste to build your own “Trump’s ‘Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall'” tweets, view this page:

Be a Rockin’ Robin for Trump’s “Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”!



Up to 4 million immigrants expected to storm Europe this spring – UN wants them all


Hristo Grigorov, the spokesman for the Bulgarian Red Cross said that a wave of 3 to 4 million so-called “refugees” will be storming Europe in Spring 2016 – 4 times as many who did in the whole of 2015.

He saidthose that started this game understood this was a very big mistake as the price is ultimately not paid by weapon sellers but by normal people and mothers with children…

He warned that “Europe will pay the highest price.

Analysts are predicting that in just Italy alone “at least 400 thousand immigrants” will land in the country “in the coming weeks.

Filippo Grandi, the new head of the UN’s refugee agency, has pretty much the same opinion as the guy before him did: Europe must take as many as it can, but let’s not outright demand the same thing of any non-White countries like Japan or South Korea.

Europe can absorb more genuine refugees if it would be better organised among the different member-statesGrandi said.

However, we understand the predicament. It is a social and political predicament which is very serious.

This “political predicament” that he speaks of means that many people are increasingly rejecting the idea of turning the West into a “diverse” and “international” “melting-pot”.

The elites have themselves admitted many times that they want mass immigration to turn White people into the minority – this has been the whole point of mass immigration into majority White countries, post-1960.

It’s White genocide because they are trying to get rid of us.