Hungary’s PM wants to end “liberal immigration policy” and boost European birth rates


In Ypres, France, the prime ministers of European Union countries gathered to discuss politics.

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said in a meeting that during his time in office “The goal is to cease immigration whatsoever,

I think the current liberal immigration policy, which is considered obvious and morally based, is hypocritical…

He said he wanted to EU leaders to acknowledge that immigration is wrong, and Europe’s aim should be to cease immigration.

There were two types of reactions: some envied me because they mustn’t say things like that although they’d very much like to. The others disagreed because they’ve failed to turn around demographic trends with family politics; have kept social tension at bay by subsidizing the jobless; and aren’t fazed if the ethnic basis of a nation state is broken,

PM Orban said it was extremely important for Hungary to remain European, ethnically and culturally, with Christianity as its cornerstone.

He suggested that instead of financing the current immigration policy, EU countries should use that money to make the immigrants’ home countries better to live, and additionally, to focus on increasing the birth rate in Europe.

The Hungarian government has been increasing the country’s birth rate by offering tax exemption to those who have three kids or more, and also introducing legislation so that mothers can stay home for three years after giving birth.

The Hungarian government also plans to boost birth-rates with a congratulatory card for newly wedded couples.

If your love for one another becomes the source of a new life, that’s the greatest gift to your family. A child is a blessing, and the pledge of survival of the family and our nation.” the congratulatory cards say.

Back in May 2014, PM Orban shed light on to why he is trying to increase the birth-rate of Europeans.

History has proven that civilizations that are not capable of biologically preserving themselves are destined to disappear, Our civilization, Europe is not capable of this today.

Anti-Whites are furious that a White country is trying to preserve itself.

The anti-White ideology says that all White countries and White areas must accept “diversity”, and only when White people are a minority everywhere; this “diversity problem” is solved.

Back on planet earth, if there was this “diversity problem” in ONLY Black countries, and this “problem” needed to be solved by flooding Black countries with millions of non-Blacks until Blacks became a minority – that would be called genocide.

But no one has a problem with areas that are 100% Black, or 100% Asian, because you see, “diversity” is just a code word for White genocide.


British Children’s books “Have Too Many White Faces” says Black woman.


Children’s Laureate, Malorie Blackman told Sky News that she believes “young adults” (non-White teenagers) would be more interested in reading books if the books were written about them.

That’s not to say that children and young adults only want to read about themselves,” she said.

Of course not – you want to escape into fiction as well and read about other people, other cultures, other lives, other planets and so on.

But I think there is a very significant message that goes out when you cannot see yourself at all in the books you are reading.

I think it is saying ‘well, you may be here, but do you really belong?’

I think what we need, especially in publishing, is more commissioning editors, and editors who are people of colour.

We need more people working in the publishing industry itself who are people of colour,

Another writer, Nikita Lalwani, agrees with Blackman.

Any anxieties publishers have about putting a child on the front cover of a book who isn’t white is very old fashioned,” said Lalwani.

The children reading the books are not going to be having that anxiety or thinking about being alienated.

I’m worried about the pattern that we are creating in this country, in terms of the kind of society we are showing in books.

If everyone is white or Caucasian, it is just not accurate and it’s a very odd thing to do when we live in a multi-cultural society.

Blackman has spoken about this issue last month, saying “I can reel off 10 or 15 black and minority ethnic authors in the UK, but I should be able to reel off a hell of a lot more,

“Diversity” is being pushed on White people by anti-Whites, and that’s why when non-White people complain that there are ‘too many White people’ in White countries, it gains media attention.

No one is going over to Black countries and saying there are “too many Black people” and Black countries need to become “diverse” or “multicultural”, because no one with power is trying to get rid of Black people.

This is not going on in any non-White countries in fact.

All the countries that have this “diversity” problem are White countries.

Why? Because diversity is a codeword for White genocide. When anti-Whites say “diversity” what they mean is anything other than a White majority.


White Genocide in New Zealand praised by media.


The New Zealand Herald published an article about how the suburban area around the city of Auckland, known as Mt Roskill, has become less White since the 1990′s.

The White working class area used to be known as the bible-belt of New Zealand, but changes to the immigration system in the 1990′s meant that Australian and British immigrants were put to the bottom of the list in favor of non-White immigrants, specifically Asians and Indians.

Today, the statistics show that nearly 60% of Mt Roskill’s residents are Asian, and about 15% are White.

In 1961, 92% of the country’s population described themselves as European. The last census from 2006 found that 67.6% described themselves as European, and keep in mind this census is from nearly 10 years ago.

This is pretty conclusive evidence that White genocide is going on in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald seems to support this genocide, as it proudly describes the area as “a melting pot of races from Africa, the Middle-East, India, China, Korea, the Philippines, Samoa, Tonga and beyond. More than 60 languages are spoken here.

if Mt Roskill today is the future face of New Zealand, it’s an optimistic one.” said the article.

People have come to accept the fact that we’ve all got to live together and that’s good.” Cecil Lochan, a Fijian-Indian immigrant, told NZ Herald.

Roskill has changed – I wouldn’t say for better or worse but it has become a different place. So has New Zealand.

Anywhere there are White people, there must be “diversity”. Anti-Whites simply will not leave White people alone.

Most White countries on the planet are forced by their governments to have open borders, and these open borders allow millions of non-White people to come in and turn White people into the minority.

But if it were just open borders, it would not be so much of a problem because just about White people would move out to rural areas, and non-Whites would move to the cities.

Anti-Whites don’t want that to happen – they insist that we mix, they insist that no area can be “too White”.

So, they use “diversity” as their excuse to flood White areas with non-Whites – to make sure no area can be “too White”.

This “diversity” agenda of theirs is by legal definitions, White genocide, because if they have their way, not only will we be a minority in our own countries, we will be a minority everywhere in our own countries.

They say “diversity”, but we say “diversity” is a code word for White genocide.


Study: African tuberculosis wiped out most American Indians before European contact


A new study conducted by professor Anne Stone, of Arizona State University, suggests to us that White people have no need to feel guilty about the alleged killing of the majority of American Indians with diseases.

Professor Stone studied the strains of tuberculosis found on the bones of seals and sea lions in Peru, and concluded that sea creatures traveling from Africa to South America carried the tuberculosis that wiped out many American Indians.

The theory is that animals in Africa, or most likely humans, passed tuberculosis on to sea lions and seals which then swam across to South America, infecting humans on the coast with the disease.

The researchers believe that once tuberculosis spread into South America, it was carried up into North America.

What we found was really surprising. The ancient strains are distinct from any known human-adapted tuberculosis strain,” said professor Stone.

We found that the tuberculosis strains were most closely related to strains in seals and sea lions.

Our results show unequivocal evidence of human infection caused by sea lions and seals in pre-Columbian South America.

Within the past 2,500 years, the marine animals likely contracted the disease from an African host species and carried it across the ocean to coastal people in South America.

The team looked at human skeletons from Peru, dated 750 AD to 1350 AD, and found that people back then already had tuberculosis.

Also, the team looked at the DNA strains of the disease. They confirmed that some American Indians died of European diseases, but that was nothing compared to tuberculosis which was already well established.

Anti-Whites love to guilt-trip White people for things like this, and as usual, science and history ends up disproving most of what they say.

They want us to hate ourselves so that White genocide can go full steam ahead. If we hate ourselves, it’s easier for them to flood us with millions of non-White immigrants, and force us to accept “diversity”, or in other words, make it illegal for a place to be “too White”.


Google News search: “Michael Brown” – 17,600,000; “Dillon Taylor” – 4,810

Michael Brown gunned down by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, has been broadcast 24/7 across the globe as a victim of racism. The 18 year old, 6’4″, 300 pound child is celebrated because the shooter was a White cop and the deceased is Black. This happens too frequently but not so rarely that it is unusual.

It is a media maxim that dog bites man is not a story but a man bites dog event is front page headline material. Given this rule of thumb a White youth shot to death by a Black policeman should receive universal coverage. It does not. The anti-White domination of newspapers, radio, television and the Internet suppresses the same scenario. It happened c. the same time in Salt Lake City and you have never heard of Dillon Taylor. He is nothing. He is White. Nonetheless a crack appeared today, 8/20/14, when a caller introduced Rush Limbaugh, who ran with it for a segment, to the story.

The killing has produced protest demonstrations that have garnered meager local coverage. Nothing national. Nothing international.

Other stories reveal that the officer is non-White. A caller to Limbaugh identified him as Black. There is a video of the encounter from a camera on the officer. No news industry lawyer has filed a FOIA. Who cares? The victim was White.

The utter callousness of the anti-White hostile elite should make any White person’s blood turn to ice. White life means nothing. Whites are to be blended out of existence. Dillon Taylor is a casualty in the War on Whites and you may be next. However, in case you find yourself embroiled with the justice system you might scour your genealogy for a smidgen of Cherokee blood as a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

Rush Limbaugh has rendered those opposing White Genocide an unintended service. He is not on board with us – yet.


Chinese government tells media to promote mixing in Tibet.


The Chinese government has taken the idea from the West that mixing the “problem” race with millions of people of different races gets rid of the “problem”.

In Tibet, the Tibetans are classed as the “problem” by the Chinese government, and they have tried many methods for the last 60 years to get rid of the Tibetans.

Chinese officials in charge of Tibet have ordered local newspapers in the region to promote Tibetan-Chinese mixed marriages, also reports that the Chinese government has given the Tibetan-Chinese couples legal benefits.

Chen Quanguo, the top government official in Tibet, recently took a photo of himself with 19 mixed families to promote mixing.

As the saying goes, ‘blood is thicker than water,’ we should make our ethnic relationship like that,” Quanguo said, going on to say that the government must “actively promote intermarriages.

If you read the article by, if you replaced the word “Tibetan” with the word “White” and the word “Chinese” with the word “non-White” anti-Whites would scream that it is a “hate” article.

But because this article is opposing the genocide of Tibetans, instead of the genocide of White people, that’s okay, according to anti-Whites.

White people are facing the exact same conditions the Tibetans are; first our borders were opened and mass non-White immigration started. Then our own governments, academia, and the media encouraged White people to mix with non-Whites, and still do today.

There are few differences between Tibetan genocide and White genocide.

For example, instead of the genocide being done to a minority in the case of Tibetans, it’s being done to the majority; White people in the case of White genocide.

Also, the Chinese government have not come up with nice sounding words to call for mixing. In White countries, we are expected to go along with White genocide in the name of “diversity” or “multiculturalism” or “tolerance” or “anti-racism”, etc.

All these words are codewords – “Diversity” is a code for White genocide; “multiculturalism” is too, and so is “tolerance”… and “anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-White, because when they say “racist” what they mean is “White”.


Muhammed is most popular boy’s name in Britain.


The name Muhammed and all it’s derivations, such as “Mohammed” or “Muhammad”, combined make it the most popular boy’s name in Britain.

The data used was from the 2013 census, and has just been released on the 15th of August by the Office of National Statistics.

If you look at the statistics released by ONS, the name is in the top 15 boy’s names, however if all the different ways the name is spelled is added up, it becomes the number #1 boy’s name for 2013.

“Muhammad” came 15th with 3,499 boy’s named that, “Mohammed” came 23rd with 2,887, and “Mohammad” came 57th with 1059 given the name.

When these names alone are combined, it means at least 7,445 boys born in 2013 had the name, making it the 2nd most popular name in Britain, and if you take in to account less popular spellings of the name, it places it at the top boy’s name of 2013.

But it’s not just the UK where we see this phenomenon; the name Muhammed and all it’s derivations is also the most popular boy’s name in Oslo, Norway, Norska Statistisk Sentralbyrå discovered back in January 2014.

The reason this is happening is because the ruling class in the UK, along with many other White countries, have targeted its White citizens for genocide.

This genocide is not done with bullets, or bombs, or mustard gas – it’s done with open borders, mass non-White immigration, and forced “diversity” for only White areas.

In fact, the UK’s labour government from the last decade readily admits it wanted mass immigration to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, and as a result, White Britons are now predicted to be a minority by 2066.

“Diversity” is nothing more than a codeword for White genocide.


More flyers against White genocide in Canada.


About a week ago, flyers were posted through people’s mailboxes in Brampton, Canada warning people that “massive third world” immigration into Canada is “reducing White Canadians to a minority in their own country!!!”; those flyers linked to the website Immigration Watch Canada.

Just recently at York University, similar flyers have been spread about with the same message.

The flyer is titled “The Changing Demography of York University,” and says that if “mass third world immigration continues, Canadians will be reduced to a persecuted minority, not only at York, but in their own country!! It doesn’t have to be this way!!” reports

Vice-president of York University’s student federation, Mithilen Mathipalan (the Black man in the photo), said “York is rich in diversity, and it celebrates that diversity, [...] No form of racism or oppression is welcome here.

These flyers again linked to Immigration Watch Canada, the group’s spokesman Dan Murray said his group did not authorize the use of that particular flyer at York.

It certainly seems like the Canadian government is trying it’s best to get rid of White Canadian; a whistle-blower reported that Canada’s border services agency is deliberately mismanaged to keep illegal immigrants inside the country for as long as possible.

Like many White countries, Canada is forced by it’s ruling class to have “diversity” and “multiculturalism” put on a pedestal, and worshiped like a god.

These ideologies of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are anti-White because they are used to turn White people in majority White countries – all over the world – into a minority.

This is as much genocide as round up White people and shooting us. Genocide is not “the means”, it is “the ends” – and the fact is, open borders, mass non-White immigration, and forced diversity are turning White people into a minority.


Study: Americans worry about Hispanic immigrants more than White immigrants.


Research from Nicholas Valentino, Ted Brader, and Elizabeth Suhay, at the University of Michigan has shown that White Americans worry about letting in Hispanic (mixed-race) immigrants more than other immigrants.

The study gave White Americans either a pro-immigration news article, or an anti-immigration news article. Both pro-immigrant and anti-immigrant articles were randomly focused on either “Jose Sanchez” from Mexico or “Nikolai Vandinsky” from Russia, who were made up characters in the fictitious articles.

After reading the articles, those who read negative stories showed less support for immigration, but those who read the negative story about the Mexican immigrant showed much less support for immigration than those who read the negative story about the Russian immigrant.

Basically, White people showed much more concern for the Mexican immigrant than the Russian immigrant.

The researchers received similar results in a different study when they asked people about their feelings to a Hispanic immigrant and to a Dutch immigrant.

Americans think of immigration in an ethnically specific way at this point,” said Valentino. “They think of immigrants as Latino. Latinos trigger an anxiety in some Americans that other ethnic groups simply do not trigger. It changes both attitudes and behaviors on immigration policy.

The White people that took part in the study know that if you import millions of non-White immigrants, White people will become a minority in that country, and most non-White countries are usually third-world countries.

Massive amounts of non-White immigrants are being deliberately brought in to the United States, and many other White countries for exactly that goal – to turn White people into a minority.

Opening the borders of White countries is just not enough to do that, because the non-White immigrants will stick to the cities, and the White people will all move out, meaning that many areas will still be majority White.

And that’s why anti-Whites demand “diversity” for any place that is “too White”. They say “diversity is our strength”, well we say “diversity” is their straw-man.

The fact is, anti-Whites won’t allow White areas to remain White. That is a perfect example of what White genocide is.


Ferguson Police Department, Missouri, “too White”.


In the 67% Black city of Ferguson, anti-White protestors gathered outside the city’s police department, demanding more Black people are hired simply because they are Black.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said “We hire everyone that we can get,

Mayor Knowles released statistics that 3 out of the 53 officers are Black.

There’s also the problem that a lot of young African American people don’t want to go into law enforcement.

They already have this disconnect with law enforcement, so if we find people who want to go into law enforcement who are African American we’re all over it because we want them to help us bridge the gap.

But these young people, they’re not interested in law enforcement. There’s already this frustration with law enforcement.

Reverend Derrick Robinson, one of the protestors, said “We want answers, we want justice in our community, we want diversity…

I think if it’s going to change and get better there has to be a diversity.

Not all Black people support this move, Terrance Dodd, a black resident of Ferguson said “It don’t make a difference what color they are, it’s not about race or none of that. We just need good police officers.

In this anti-White regime, any place that is “too White” must “diversify” at once or else it will be bombarded with anti-White protestors, boycotts, and trouble in general.

Many majority White countries are facing the same anti-White ideology, which is turning White people into a minority.

We are becoming a minority because open borders and forced “diversity” have been placed on White countries, and this is not an accident. It is not an accident because we are not allowed to get rid of these policies. This constitutes a program of White genocide, as defined by the United Nations genocide conventions.