Make professor Kevin Allred as famous as Beyoncé

Thanks to the work of people like Angelo John Gage and National Youth Front, many already know who professor Kevin Allred is. In addition to teaching a college level course about Beyoncé, Allred spends his time advocating a world with “less bad White people.”

Now is the time to indulge this professor’s obsession with celebrity by making him famous.

With your help, colleges of the future will be studying people like Kevin Allred instead of employing them. Students will learn about White genocide instead of being told that the world needs “less bad White people” and “there are no good White people.”

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Proclaim Professor Kevin Allred of Rutgers University “Anti-White of the Month” for his anti-White tweets | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Proclaim Professor Kevin Allred of Rutgers University “Anti-White of the Month” for his anti-White tweets

Prof. Allred indoctrinates White youths to hate themselves and to accept White Genocide: “until the entire system changes – THERE ARE NO GOOD #WHITEPEOPLE. THERE ARE ONLY LESS BAD WHITE PEOPLE!!!”
White countries worldwide are being flooded with third world non-Whites with whom Whites are forced by law to integrate, so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.
Massive immigration and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done in White countries, by UN Convention:
“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”
Prof. Allred says he’s anti-racist. What he is is ANTI-WHITE!
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


Was Vester Flanagan impatient or uninformed about White genocide?

High level anti-Whites have patience. They’re willing to put policies in place and wait for White genocide. It is difficult to determine if the low level agents are impatient or simply uninformed about how White genocide is being carried out. A formal investigation should resolve the issue.

As much as Vester Flanagan wanted to get rid of Whites, White genocide does not require a race war. High level anti-Whites have figured out how to commit genocide with minimal violence.
Open borders, forced integration, and ‘assimilation’ leads to a world without Whites, but they have to wait for it.

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Investigate why Vester Flanagan wasn’t informed that White Genocide is supposed to be carried out non-violently | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Investigate why Vester Flanagan wasn’t informed that White Genocide is supposed to be carried out non-violently

When teaching hatred of Whites, teach that White Genocide is being carried out by massively flooding White countries with non-Whites, and forcing Whites to “assimilate” with them which will blend Whites out of existence.
Explain that chasing down Whites to commit violence against them is unnecessary, since Whites are being chased down and assimilated by “diversity,” which is a codeword for White Genocide.
Africans aren’t being chased down in African countries to be blended out of existence with non-Africans, and Africans who object called “racist.”
Asians aren’t being chased down in Asian countries to be blended out of existence with non-Asians, and Asians who object called “racist.”
This is only being done in White countries, which is why we say,
“Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White”


Will Trump come uncucked?

In the old days cuckservatives were called “respectable conservatives.” They were a group that tried to get the respect of liberals by accepting some of their views.

The question we ask is can cuckservatives change? Can cuckservatives be “uncucked” and is there an example of it? One example of a cuckservative who came uncucked is Patrick Buchanan. He went from arguing that the mechanisms of White genocide should merely be slowed down to writing “The Death of the West.”
Put out the message that 2016 will be the election year that Donald Trump came uncucked and fought White genocide.

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Ask Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, can you uncuck yourself enough to help us fight White Genocide?” | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Ask Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, can you uncuck yourself enough to help us fight White Genocide?”

Will Donald Trump denounce White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive immigration and forced assimilation in White countries worldwide?
Or will Mr. Trump be just another “cuckservative,” another political White cuckold who accepts White children becoming a vanishing minority through LEGAL, not illegal immigration?
President Obama and Mr. Trump, join together and fight the restriction that no school, no town, no club, no country may ever be WHITE!
Censure the refugee resettlers and other anti-Whites who chase down Whites with “diversity.”
Oppose those who say they’re anti-racist, since what they are is anti-White.
President Obama, may you and Donald Trump shake hands and say together,
“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”
“Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.”


Should charity destroy inheritance?

Organizations dedicated to pushing White genocide do so by using nice sounding words to describe it. They give away the future of White children and they call it “charity.”

Everyone on the planet has a right to inherit the world left to them by their ancestors unless they happen to be White. White accomplishments and ancestral homelands are the inheritance of humanity while no other group is expected to be “charitable.”

Charity starts at home and we should not be coerced into funding our own genocide.

Fight White genocide by adding your initials to this month’s meme messages.
Stop funding anti-White “charities” to chase down Whites! | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Stop funding anti-White “charities” to chase down Whites!

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?
“Diversity” means chasing down the last White person!
These groups chase down White communities and pour the third world into them:
Lutheran Immigrant Aid Society, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service, Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA.
They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.


White students in Australia rejecting “multicultural” agenda, this is a problem apparently


According to Dr Christina Ho from Sydney’s University of Technology, White Students have not obeyed the command to become “multicultural”.

White Students have very rarely mixed with non-White groups, and Dr Ho thinks that this is a problem which must be solved.

Schools are becoming more segregated in terms of both class and ethnicity,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “More and more students are going to schools that do not represent the range of people in their neighbourhood, but rather a select group.

You can walk between some of these schools in a few minutes and yet one is like a white bubble and the other is like a non-white bubble,” she said. “Its astounding that this can be happening in the same suburb like say, North Sydney.

The fact that there are so few students from language backgrounds other than English raises questions about the ethnic exclusivity of these networks, with ramifications for the composition of Australia’s future political, cultural and economic leaders,

In 2012, Dr Helen Proctor from the University of Sydney told the Sydney Morning Herald that ”Parents are broadly in favour of multiculturalism but alarmed about any concentrations of ethnicity, other than Anglo ethnicity, in a school,

The parents have been forced into paying lip-service to “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, but when they actually see first-hand what their children will have to go through, they don’t like it one bit.

The most basic point that we should think about here is, why exactly must White people – no matter where we are on the planet – be bullied and forced into this whole “diversity” agenda?

Is it such a hideous crime that some White kids in a school somewhere are left alone to study for their futures?

Yes it is, but only if you are an anti-White leader, or one of their bootlickers. Anti-Whites you see, want to turn us into a minority, from America, to Europe, to Australia – all in the name of “diversity”.

It is not “diversity” if it is a deliberate attempt to turn a group into the minority – it is genocide, and in this case, it is White genocide.


Syrian government wants Syrians to return home, calls for outside help


Ali Haidar, the Syrian national reconciliation minister, said the Syrian government needs help from others to encourage the ten million plus Syrian immigrants and refugees to come back home to Syria.

The Syrian government put in place a complete strategy to stop the refugee flow from Syria and needs help to put this plan into action,” said Haidar.

We have rebuilt all town infrastructure, and we are providing them with food, schooling and medical help.

Haidar said the Syrian government needs other countries to provide safe routes for Syrians to return home, as well as help to rebuild damaged villages and city districts.

Syria will have a hard time getting their own people back from Europe. In order to explain this, you will need to understand that a large chunk of Europe’s ruling class would love to see Europe turned minority White.

Whether refugee, legal immigrant, or illegal immigrant, these anti-Whites want them all to come into Europe and turn it into a “diverse” utopia, with no White majority – that’s why anti-Whites will fight to make sure Syrians stay.

A lot can be said about this agenda of theirs, but perhaps the most important point is that these conditions they have put in place violate the UN Genocide conventions; in short they are responsible for White Genocide.


Serbian government bans anti-mass immigration protests, and plans ahead for mass immigration


Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s Interior Minister said protesters who are concerned about “an EU plan” to settle thousands of illegal immigrants into the country, will not be allowed to voice their concerns in a protest march on Monday, 31st of August.

We will not allow the expression of intolerance and hatred to be something that is characteristic of Serbiasaid Stefanovic.

The Ministry of Interior will not allow any meetings against migrants and people passing through Serbia, who were forced to do so because of difficult conditions or war in their country.

Meanwhile, another Serbian government official has suggested that illegal immigrants be encouraged to stay in Serbia.

We should consider offering them [illegal immigrants] to stay in parts of Serbia that are empty“, Brankica Jankovic, Serbia’s Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, said on Serbian TV.

A selection should be made, a detailed security screening.

Jankovic also remarked on the protest being cancelled:

Intolerance, xenophobia and racism must be broadly condemned by all relevant factors in Serbia, not only by individuals,” she said.

What you will notice is that they never say WHY what you say is wrong; they just scream words at you and try to stop you from talking – just like Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently tried to do to protesters in Germany.

In Europe, there are a quite a few politicians who hate the native population (White people), and are very vocal in their demands to turn Europe into a mix of generic third-world countries.

These anti-Whites want as many immigrants as possible – legal and illegal, and to get the illegal immigrants they are just “repackaging” them as refugees who are fleeing a war.

But this is silly – people who pass through several safe countries so they can go to a rich country, are clearly not genuine refugees.

This agenda to make Europe more “diverse” (and also, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), is all about getting rid of White areas. According to international law, that is White Genocide.


Mass immigration: Merkel booed by Germans, praised by Obama


Decisions made by Angela Merkel’s government has caused outrage amongst many Germans, who have turned to rioting and burning down illegal immigrant housing, after the tens of thousands taking part in the PEGIDA protests were ignored.

Despite being recently booed by protesters in the town of Heidenau, near Dresden, President Obama praised Merkel in a phone conversation.

A White House statement said that Obama especially praised her decision to open Germany’s borders to all Syrians who claim to be refugees.

Merkel’s government has referred to the protesters as “neo-Nazis“, “xenophobes“, “racists“, “shameful and repulsive“, and “alcohol-fueled loudmouths” – just to name a few – but Markus Ulbig, the Interior Minister for Saxony, warned against screaming labels.

We cannot label 10,000 people as right-wing extremists. That creates more problems than it solves“ he said.

Meanwhile, the protesters had just one name for Merkel; they held up signs with “Traitor” written on them.

Merkel responded to these protesters saying “There is no tolerance for those people who question the dignity of others, no tolerance for those who are not willing to help where legal and human help is required.

In Germany we are starting to see the anti-White leaders turn away from the carrot method, and move on to the stick method.

These anti-Whites used to say how lovely it was to be a “diverse” society. Now they’re basically ordering us to do what they say.

Not a single vote to date has taken place which asked us average Joes if we wanted all this “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.

This agenda has been forced on us, and it is turning us into a minority in our own countries. It is nothing more than White genocide.


German government opens borders to all Syrians


The German government has flung open Germany’s borders to any and all Syrians, regardless of whether they claim to be asylum seekers.

A statement from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said thatGermany will become the member state responsible for processing their claims.

This new diktat means Syrians will no longer have their asylum cases reviewed to see if they are genuine refugees; they will be let in regardless.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President, François Hollande, have spoken in Berlin, and are speaking about again trying to force all EU countries to take in a quota of illegal immigrants.

Merkel’s spokesman said that “Germany is a compassionate country and will not allow refugees to be met here by hateful slogans or alcohol-fueled loudmouths,” and said they should be treated with “dignity and respect.

Germany predicts that it will be flooded with over 800,000 illegal immigrants this year

There are real Syrian refugees, and the crucial point here is that they all went to neighboring countries – Jordan, mostly. There are another kind of Syrian “refugees” who travel through many safe countries on their way to Germany, Sweden, or Britain. They are simply economic illegal immigrants, like all the others, because they pass through many safe countries.

EU leaders know this, but they still call them “refugees” because it makes the European majority less against them flooding into Europe.

Most – if not all – EU leaders are anti-White, and they want to make Europe more “diverse”, or in other words, less White.

These people are supposed to have intimate knowledge of the law, but they seem blissfully unaware that their agenda is legally – White genocide.