Merkel could win Nobel Peace Prize for tsunamigration


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is one of the 273 candidates who could win the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

Quite a few organizations in the mass media are saying that Merkel is going to win because of her tsunamigration of Africans and Muslims into Germany.

The winner will be announced on the 9th October, and we will have to see what happens.

If Merkel wins, it just goes to show that the Peace Prize is not about “peace” but about promoting a certain agenda.

She has ignored the German public repeatedly (2 out of 3 are against non-European immigration), and just carried on with her own White Genocide agenda.

So now there is a civil war brewing in Germany, with peaceful protests turning violent.

This is a crazy, crazy era that we are living in – it’s where someone is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for almost starting a civil war, and for committing White Genocide.


#killallwhitemen “diversity” officer charged by London police.


Bahar Mustafa, a Turkish woman who is the “welfare and diversity officer” for a student union in London’s Goldsmiths university, has been charged by the police for her anti-White rants on Twitter.

Two separate comments she made on November 2014 and on May 2015 are charged with conveying “a threatening message” and “sending a grossly offensive message via a public communication network.

She caused outrage when she asked White men not to attend an “anti-racist” meeting. She then used an official university Twitter account to call someone “White trash”.

Mustafa is also in trouble for hash-tagging several of her Twitter posts with “#killallwhitemen”.

She is scheduled in court on November 5th.

At the time of the scandal, Mustafa argued that people’s reaction to her comments were the result of “an outrageous distortion of fact“.

I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender and therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.

This is a ground breaking moment – the police have finally taken anti-White comments seriously.

Still though, we have a lot of work to do – the system is still manipulated by influential anti-White individuals and lobbies. They are committing White Genocide because they hope to make us a minority.

They call it “diversity”, but as you can see from Mustafa’s rants, we all know what they mean by this.


120,000 illegal immigrants to be moved to Estonia, Luxembourg, and Sweden in a few days.


120,000 African and Muslim illegal immigrants will be moved from Italy and Greece “within days”, according to Ansa, an Italian news organization.

The plan is to move them to Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden, and other EU countries, before the next EU summit on October 15th.

This decision was voted on last month by EU interior ministers and was passed, despite being opposed by a sizable number of interior ministers.

French President Francois Hollande has said countries which do not play ball, could face sanctions.

The sanctions exist. So these countries will be putting themselves in a situation where what they are receiving from Europe could be suspended” he said. “You cannot ask Europe for support and refuse when Europe asks for solidarity.

Anna Aloisi, the mayor of the Italian town of Mineo, which is close to an asylum center, spoke about how the tsunmigration has effected the town.

How do you control 4,000 migrants?” she said. “The centre becomes a town in itself, which doesn’t help integration.

Mineo is a town of 5,000 people, but many of them are elderly and there are few youngsters. So the arrival of coloured migrants, all of them young, who hang around doing nothing, often make the townsfolk afraid.

The citizens see the migrants are taken care of, have a hot meal, a roof over their heads, when they struggle to have a hot meal themselves, it sparks jealousies, anger,

The EU and the UN are making, altering, scraping, and ignoring laws in order to keep as many illegal immigrants inside of Europe – it is all part of their agenda to get rid of Europe’s White majority.

For example, last year the UN told Spain it was not allowed to instantly deport African illegal immigrants.

This anti-White agenda has many names, but the most accurate and deadly name for it is White Genocide, because “diversity” is all about getting rid of the White areas.


Germans could lose jobs and children for posting anti-mass immigration views on Facebook


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, to stop Germans from making comments against mass immigration on Facebook.

In Germany, Facebook is now being patrolled by the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers, a government affiliated group which seeks out people who express “radical” opinions.

Their definition of “radical” seems to mean anything they don’t agree with. It can range anywhere from making threats, to simply talking negatively about immigrants.

(Whoops, radical old me – I have used the “i” word. We’re supposed to call them “newcomers” now.)

Merkel is still not happy – she has asked Zuckerberg at a UN summit in New York to do more to filter comments she disagrees with, so people cannot read them.

Facebook has agreed to carry out this mass censorship, and in future will be working with the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers.

Censorship means one thing: they have lost the debate. Merkel HAS lost the debate so she simply tries to stop her opposition from talking.

At first she was screaming “racist” and “nazi” at them. For once, that didn’t work. Now she has moved on to legally censoring their opinions.

In case you didn’t know, Merkel wants Germany, and Europe as a whole to bring in as many non-White immigrants as possible in order to get rid of the White majority.

This is White Genocide because policies and laws have been put in place to make this happen. When there is a deliberate attempt to get rid of a group – no matter what the methods – it is always classed as genocide.

Recently, Merkel has said Europe should protect its borders. Do not be fooled – she still wants White Genocide, but she has been forced by a massive public backlash to bring an end to open borders.

And for Europe, this means we of course need to, above all, protect our external borders across Europe – and protect them together – so that immigration to Europe is orderly,she said.

But it also means we must take on more responsibility for countries where the causes for people to flee are, or where there are a lot of refugees, such as in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey,

From reading her comments, it becomes pretty clear where her priorities lie: immigration, immigration, and more immigration.


180,000 Alabamians will receive “Help Bob Whitaker fight White Genocide” robocalls this Saturday


The Bob Whitaker for President 2016 campaign of the American Freedom Party today issued this press release:


On Saturday, October 3rd, the American Freedom Party will continue its ongoing robocall campaign, this time targeting the state of Alabama. 
The text of the robocall, which approximately 180,000 Alabamians will receive, is as follows:

We robocall you at home because the media won’t carry our message. 
Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, but White countries for EVERYBODY?!
Flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with the third world overflow IS White Genocide.
Recently, Senator Jeff Sessions openly opposed flooding the U.S. with third world non-white refugees. 
Bob Whitaker, the American Freedom Party’s candidate for president, LAUDS Senator Sessions for his stance, and adds that “DIVERSITY” is chasing down the last White person.
If you support the present policy of flooding all White countries with third world non-whites, YOU are anti-WHITE.
Diversity equals White Genocide.
Join the American Freedom Party today and support Bob Whitaker for President. 
Please help get Bob Whitaker on the Alabama ballot.

isit; that’s Or phone 424 261 4790; that’s 424 261 4790.
Paid for by Bob Whitaker for President 2016.

The American Freedom Party is currently circulating petitions to put Presidential candidate Bob Whitaker and Vice Presidential candidate Tom Bowie on the Alabama ballot for 2016.

Whitaker/Bowie are already on the ballot in a number of other states.

The American Freedom Party will be using the robocalls this Saturday to drum up support for the Whitaker/Bowie campaign. 

Previous robocalls in Idaho and Mississippi brought the American Freedom Party’s message to hundreds of thousands of people in those states. “We use robocalls because the media blocks our message,” states Whitaker.

“What They Call ‘Diversity’ Has Nothing to do with Real Diversity,” he continues. “What our rulers call Diversity just means chasing down white people. Their slogan is, ‘Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, and white countries for everybody’. 

“Nobody says any Chinese city should not have huge areas that are all-Chinese. Only concentrations of white people in traditionally white countries are condemned. 

“What they call Diversity is just white genocide. Our country today is based on white self-hatred. A country based on self-hatred is sick.”

The American Freedom Party will continue to inform the people of the ongoing program of white genocide no matter how much the anti-white media slanders us with hate words like “racist” and “supremacist” while at the same time ignoring our actual MESSAGE.



The Lady Liberty makeover

Anyone spreading awareness of White genocide will eventually encounter the following argument: “America is for anyone and everyone because it says so on the Statue of Liberty.”

For many, a poem attached to Lady Libertas is more important that the actual Constitution. Anyone familiar with the Roman goddess the statue was designed after knows that it represents freedom.

Although the statue was dedicated over a hundred years after the nation officially came into existence, it came to define America. Despite the fact that the poem was attached to the statue nearly seventeen years after the statue was built, it eventually redefined both the statue and the nation.

The poem states that the goddess is not as she was for the noble Romans. She is now the “Mother of Exiles.” She does not want rich ancient traditions. She demands “wretched refuse,” the tired, the poor, and the homeless.
With ideals like this, it’s no surprise that America has been transformed from a land where freedom is earned, into a dumpster where the entire planet dumps their garbage.

Ask yourself if it’s a coincidence that all White countries have been redefined in the same way.
Ask yourself if it’s a coincidence that freedom has evaporated at the same rate that this idea has been accepted.
Is this all coincidence or is it genocide?

We want Lady Liberty redefined as a beacon of freedom from White genocide.
Since we can’t paste this message on Lady Liberty, we’ll settle for posting it on the White House website.

Promote the memes by initialing the message this month
Use this link to promote the message

Inscribe on the Statue of Liberty: “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY”

Are African countries being flooded with non-Africans, and Africans forced to assimilate with them and be blended out of existence, and any African who objects called a “racist”?
Are Asian countries being flooded with non-Asians, and Asians forced to assimilate with them and be blended out of existence, and any Asian who objects called a “racist”?
No. Only White countries are being flooded with non-Whites, and Whites forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.
Whites who object to massive immigration and forced assimilation are called “racists,” “haters,” “White supremacists.”
Those carrying out White Genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


The shortest seminar in history

If you’re going to be a genocidal maniac, do it right.

Big names need to know that “diversity” is a code word for White genocide.
With their busy schedules, they won’t have much time. That’s why the seminar is short and to the point, five points actually.

The seminar is less of a “how to” and more of a “how to do it properly.” Someone who is opposed to White genocide might learn from it also. To top it all off, it’s being taught by current presidential candidate Bob Whitaker.

Promote the memes by initialing the message this month
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Candidate Bob Whitaker invites the President and Mr. Trump to his seminar, “Diversity is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE”

Today, no president or candidate for president should be ignorant of the finer points of how to carry out White Genocide by massive third-world immigration and forced assimilation in all White countries. It’s 2015 for goodness sake!
1. Asia for the Asians, Africans for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY! (Teach that this is right and proper)
2. “Diversity” means chasing down Whites. (Criticize the result of that as “White flight”)
3. “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide (Don’t ever whisper a word of this!)
4. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. (Make believe the R-word is used against ALL races to carry out their genocide, not just the White race)
5. White self-hatred is SICK!!! (Teach Whites that it’s a VIRTUE to hate their own race!)


The White Genocide Hall of Infamy

Thanks again to National Youth Front, anti-White professors are facing resistance.
Professor Lee Bebout teaches a class called “the Problem with Whiteness.”

He may view himself as a hero like every villain does, but it’s time for that to end.
It’s time to make him an anti-hero by inducting him into the White Genocide Hall of Infamy.

If a class was being taught about the “problem” with any other race, the class and whoever created it would be seen as “the problem.”
Help create a future where students understand the problem with anti-White professors.

Promote the memes by initialing the message this month

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Attend Anti-White HateWatch’s induction of Prof. Lee Bebout into the “White Genocide Hall of Infamy”

Prof. Lee Bebout of Arizona State U. teaches a course, “The Problem of Whiteness” (, that indoctrinates young Whites to hate themselves and to accept White Genocide.
We invite President Obama to assist in the public shaming of Prof. Bebout by attending his induction into Anti-White HateWatch’s “White Genocide Hall of Infamy” (
Massive immigration and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done in White countries, by UN Convention:
“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”
Prof. Bebout says he’s anti-racist. What he is is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

White GeNOcide Project


Low-income Germans being evicted to make room for immigrants


A few weeks ago, there was outrage when the town of Mundenheim controversially decided to evict elderly German citizens from a permanent homeless shelter.

The town’s government evicted them so they could turn their homes into a “refugee shelter”.

The mayor of the town of Nieheim, Rainer Vidal, has decided to do something similar.

He has terminated the tenancy of Germans living in low-income housing, so that fake refugees can move in.

I know that this is an unconventional measure,said Vidal, “But we have an obligation to accommodate refugees.

This has caused quite a scandal in Nieheim because there are many empty houses available, but they are apparently not good enough for the immigrants, so Germans must be evicted from their own homes.

Bettina Halbey, is a 51 year old nurse and single parent, and has lived in her Nieheim apartment for 16 years.

Since being told that she would be evicted from her home on May 2016 to make room for immigrants, she has spoken to media telling them that there are plenty of empty houses in the town.

She said this eviction notice was “was like a kick.

Here in Nieheim there are many vacant houses. In other cities, homes are rented” she said.

When speaking about Halbey’s situation, Mayor Vidal said “I find it very unfortunate that the tenant has sought their way into the public eye. We have given a generous period of [eviction] notice until May next year. We are also willing to help her in finding accommodation.

This White Genocide agenda that anti-Whites keep pushing is the reason why some Germans are being evicted from their homes.

Under our politically correct, anti-White tyranny – White people are now “fair game”.

We can be blamed for things we never personally did; we can be called names; we can be denied a job, and we can be evicted from our homes – all because the anti-White rulers do not want White people around any more.

These are all important points, but the one thing we should be standing on is that it is genocide – this crime has been very clearly defined in court, and it’s quite clearly happening to us.