Formerly White communities are now genocidal assimilation chambers for White genocide

Genocide, as defined by international law, includes any policy that leads to the disappearance of an identifiable group. Whether it’s accomplished through murder or social engineering it is still genocide.

Global governmental policies make it difficult for Whites to leave and make it easy for everyone else to enter. What was once our habitat has now become a trap: a genocidal assimilation chamber. The paradox is that the same people who deny the existence of genocidal assimilation chambers also support White genocide.

Support candidates who have not denied White genocide and promise to take actions that will slow it down.

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Let Bob Whitaker build Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” NOW! | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Let Bob Whitaker build Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” NOW!

“Diversity” means chasing down the last White person.
Anti-Whites flood White communities with non-Whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-Whites so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.
Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” will slow the extinction of Whites in the genocidal assimilation chambers that formerly were White communities.
Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” says no to “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY.”
Donald Trump’s “Stop White Genocide Wall” shouts, “WHITE SELF-HATRED IS SICK!!!”
Those who welcome White Genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.


Mr. Trump, will illegal Mexicans build your “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall”?

Building a STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall at our southern border has been a job that Americans won’t do.

Or at least America’s anti-White leaders won’t do it.

Hopefully the Donald will get it done, maybe with a little help from his friends 😉 :

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Be a Rockin’ Robin for Trump’s “Stop #WhiteGenocide Wall”!



Up to 4 million immigrants expected to storm Europe this spring – UN wants them all


Hristo Grigorov, the spokesman for the Bulgarian Red Cross said that a wave of 3 to 4 million so-called “refugees” will be storming Europe in Spring 2016 – 4 times as many who did in the whole of 2015.

He saidthose that started this game understood this was a very big mistake as the price is ultimately not paid by weapon sellers but by normal people and mothers with children…

He warned that “Europe will pay the highest price.

Analysts are predicting that in just Italy alone “at least 400 thousand immigrants” will land in the country “in the coming weeks.

Filippo Grandi, the new head of the UN’s refugee agency, has pretty much the same opinion as the guy before him did: Europe must take as many as it can, but let’s not outright demand the same thing of any non-White countries like Japan or South Korea.

Europe can absorb more genuine refugees if it would be better organised among the different member-statesGrandi said.

However, we understand the predicament. It is a social and political predicament which is very serious.

This “political predicament” that he speaks of means that many people are increasingly rejecting the idea of turning the West into a “diverse” and “international” “melting-pot”.

The elites have themselves admitted many times that they want mass immigration to turn White people into the minority – this has been the whole point of mass immigration into majority White countries, post-1960.

It’s White genocide because they are trying to get rid of us.


German country-folk should be used as test subjects for the “integration laboratory”


Even before Angela Merkel flooded Germany with Arab immigrants, there were lots of Turks living in German cities who chose to live among other Turks and form Turkish areas.

Since taking in over 1.5 million Arabs from 2014, German citizens are starting to fear for the future of their country, as Muslim groups claim the banning of alcohol in Germany will stop sex attacks by foreigners.

Now that German cities have been colossally devastated, Karl-Friedrich Thoene, a member of Thuringia’s ministry of infrastructure and agriculture, says that German towns and villages should be turned into an “integration laboratory, where German people are the test subjects.

The rural regions are a laboratory of integration,” he said, “there can be no parallel societies in rural areas.

The village community is the ideal chance for integration.

Thoene said that “we need incentives to persuade the migrants to stay [in rural areas].

Gudrun Kirchhoff, from the German Institute of Urban Affairs, agreed with Thoene’s plan, saying that lower cost of living, cheaper rents and tight-knit communities are “factors of success“.

The anti-White elite say that we need immigration because we have a low birth rate and will not have enough workers. This is a lie.

Western countries do not need low-skilled labor, because by around 2030, an estimated 50% of all today’s workers will be replaced by robots; especially low-skilled jobs.

So why does Germany REALLY need to bring in millions of non-German Arabs and Africans, and then “integrate” them?

The elite is anti-White, and for some reason, they want to turn White areas into minority White areas.

They call it “diversity”, but they are only targeting White areas. “Diversity” is actually their code word for White genocide.

What they are doing is the crime of genocide. If Black areas were targeted for mass non-Black immigration, all because they were labelled “too Black” – that would also be genocide.

Well, this is White genocide – and it’s wrong.


Swedish media attack brave 15 year-old who was killed by “Arab” for stopping sex assault


In a Swedish school, Arminas Pileckas, a 15 year-old Lithuanian boy, was stabbed to death by a 14 year-old “Arab student after Arminas stopped him from sexually assaulting a Swedish girl in his class.

The “Arab” boy, who was reportedly from Syria, was sexually assaulting a Swedish girl when Arminas stepped in and stopped him.

In December, the “Arab” boy was suspended from school for the attack but was allowed back on January the 11th.

On the “Arab” boy’s first day back at school, he took a knife and stabbed Arminas in the back puncturing his heart.

This disgusting crime has received no media attention, internationally, and in Swedish media it is only being reported by a few journalists, who are blatantly taking the side of the “Arab” boy.

Arminas’ father has described it as a “cover-up” and said that when it was reported, journalists were all trying to get the “Arab” boy’s side of the story, and were not asking him for his side.

For example, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, tried to spin the story to suggest that Arminas was a bully and the “Arab” boy was just upset and in need of help.

Sweden and Germany have really put their White genocide agenda into high gear in the last year, and things are getting crazy.

Despite censorship, stories like this are making it into the mainstream and people are starting to see that the anti-Whites in power don’t care about us, but that they only care about forcing their failed “diversity” agenda on us.


Republican bigwigs challenging Trump on “White Genocide”?

Trump cheshire cat

Following Donald Trump’s retweet of a twitter username that had “White Genocide” in it, we’ve received a handful of emails from people who claim to be active in Republican Party circles, and who state that Donald Trump is being urged by Republican Party bigwigs to issue a statement that he does not accept in any way the fact of White Genocide or the views of the twitter user he retweeted.

We haven’t been able to confirm the bona fides of the correspondents or of their information, but here are portions of two of the emails with the names of their senders deleted:

…the talk is that Party leaders have been in full damage control with media and with Trump, urging him to repudiate completely that he supports in any way the views on “white genocide” expressed by WGP and other sites.

In our own group, this pressure [on Trump] has been described by one person who is known to have contacts with high-level Republicans…

If this is true, to be honest I’m a little surprised, since I’d think they’d all want to just keep White Genocide out of any further conversation.

And so far as “damage control with media” (does that mean not having media report it further?), I didn’t know they had any “damage control with media,” when it comes to Trump!

If Trump gets the nomination, he’s going to have to respond to questions about White Genocide sooner or later.

The sooner the better for the survival of the White race, so let’s all get on twitter and tell Trump to respond now!




Trump retweets “WhiteGenocide” and prepares the nation for his “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall”

Trump Wall 04

It’s amazing that a single tweet by Donald Trump may jump us many months ahead in making the term “White Genocide” the new lens through which Whites view the world, instead of continuing to view the world through the lens of the r-word (“racism”).

The whole country is suddenly talking about White Genocide after Trump retweeted a tweet by @WhiteGenocideTM (actually, Trump put @WhiteGenocideTM’s tweet in quotation marks and tweeted it himself).

White Genocide has two parts, the flooding of White countries world wide with non-Whites, and laws and “encouragements” that force Whites to integrate with the non-Whites so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Trump’s “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Wall” on the southern border may slow down anti-Whites considerably in carrying out the first part of White Genocide!




Swedish police told to cover-up race, ethnicity, and nationality of criminals


Swedish Newspaper, Svenska Dagbadet, has revealed that in the Swedish police force there is a letter circulating which instructs police not to report the race, ethnicity, and nationality of criminals.

The letter, which was written by Stockholm police press officers Wolf Gyllander and Carina Skagerlind, was published on September 15th, 2015.

Gyllander said that “We want to avoid pointing out ethnic groups as criminal” so basic information of suspected criminals will now be withheld from the public.

The letter says this cover-up policy is to be applied to “everything from lighter traffic accidents to serious crimes like muggings, beatings and murder.

Normal Swedish people are starting to become outraged by the horrific crimes that have been committed by non-White non-Swedish immigrants.

The Sweden Democrats, the only political party which will voice this opinion, has become the most popular political party in Swedish politics to date, with an estimated 25.2% of the vote.

Why are other political parties trying to stop this opinion from being voiced?

Mona Sahlin, Party Leader of the Social Democrats, made it clear why the elite will not allow this opinion.

She said thatthe White Majority is the Problem” and “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden, the old Sweden will not return.

So you see, according to the elite, the White majority must be “integrated” with millions of non-White immigrants.

This is White genocide, and their “diversity” agenda is nothing more than code for White genocide.