“OPEN OR DIE” banner sparked immigrant riot on Macedonian border

Macedonia-02Since the two weeks that Macedonia’s borders have been closed to immigrants, the African and Arabian immigrants have been using non-violent protest to try to manipulate Europe’s opinions.

It hasn’t worked, and now they are showing their true colors with threatening banners and violence.

This “OPEN OR DIE” banner was unfurled directly in front of border guards and media reporters. Then the immigrants tore down part of the barbed wire fence, and threw rocks and other objects at Macedonian police.

The police lined up shoulder to should and pushed the immigrants back across the border.

All of this is to blame on powerful and influetial anti-Whites like Angela Merkel and George Soros.

They are trying to destroy White countries with massive amounts of non-White immigration. It’s nothing more than a program of White genocide.



Irony! EU Diversity meeting axed because Belgium’s “diversity” is a threat


A major EU meeting in Brussels, Belgium, was supposed to promote “cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue“, but has been called off, as the city’s threat level is considered very high.

The event planners said:

This afternoon, the European Commission security services have announced that bigger events organized by the Commission taking place on external premises (not in Commission buildings) are to be cancelled until further notice, in line with the recommendations of the Belgian authorities

We are very sorry, as we know how much you were looking forward to attending this event, which we had been preparing for over a year. Our apologies as well to those of you who are already on their way to Brussels

The city is now on lock-down because of the threat level. Trains have been cancelled, and people have been warned to stay away from crowded areas.

The ironic part is that all this was because in 1992, Phillipe Moureaux became the mayor of Brussels, and quickly set about pushing his “diversity” agenda on the city.

According to government statistics, about 40% of the city has foreign origins today.

If these anti-Whites want to bring in non-Europeans and their culture, maybe they’ll enjoy an old Chinese proverb: Be careful what you wish for.

They are pushing for White genocide – to destroy us with “diversity” – but when it is THEY who start to experience what they pushed for, they get all upset about it?

It’s time we freed ourselves of these code words they keep using. “Diversity” is just a code word for White genocide.


Mayor Rawlings, a “Diversity Dictatorship” is exactly why White men go on shooting sprees


Mike Rawlings, the mayor of Dallas, Texas, says he’s more scared of White men with guns, than of Syrian immigrants. He is currently trying to persuade US governors to take in Syrians.

He fails to understand why some White men reach breaking point and go on a shooting spree. It’s because of the “diversity” dictators who simply refuse to leave us alone.

Why is it so important to these politicians that White areas must be “diversified”? We just want to be left alone but these anti-White “diversity” dictators keep forcing their agenda on us.

And when we all get tired of the “diversity”, we leave in a big White flight. But then they just chase us down and force it on us all over again.

If you keep poking a lion with a stick, sooner or later it will bite your hand off. The solution to this is NOT to poke it some more and say it’s all the lions fault – the solution is to just leave the lion alone.

This is true of any group; not just White people. If any group was singled out and forced to become a “melting pot” in their own countries, they would most certainly take up arms as well.

If American Indian reservations were opened up to mass immigration, and their concerns were censored – you would see a huge spike in shooting sprees committed by American Indian.


But it’s only White areas where this mixing the races/melting pot/nation of immigrants agenda is being forced, and where alternative opinion is marginalized; sometimes criminalized.

If these politicians really want to stop the shooting sprees they’re going to have to do something that’ll make them sweat like pigs – they’re going to have to stop with their White genocide agenda.

But that’s just it – the fools won’t stop . . .


Immigrants VS Swedes – Will the Swedish revolution start in Tärnsjö?


Police have been called in to protect immigrant children in the Swedish village of Tärnsjö, after angry Swedish teens formed a flash mob and threw stones at an immigrant center.

This flash mob was in retaliation to immigrant children throwing stones at villagers’ cars, which has been happening since September. Some cars have also been set on fire, and in one case, a Swedish man’s car was shot several times with an air gun.

Tobias Willhall, one of the villagers, said the immigrants are also responsible for theft and burglaries.

The immigrants have caused all kinds of trouble for us. I have friends whose storage spaces have been burgled by immigrants and bicycles have been stolen.” Willhall said.

Councillor of Tärnsjö, Michael Ohman, said this is happening because the villagers didn’t want immigrants to be moved in, but they were ignored.

Racial tension has divided the village into two groups – those who support the immigrants and those who want them gone.” Ohman said.

There has been fighting between immigrants and the people living here.

The village integration works badly because people don’t want immigrants in the village. This is no longer a happy community, it’s divided and is not a pleasant place to live.

Ohman also said villagers are upset they must pay a lot in taxes, while immigrants get free state benefits and housing.

We have the highest tax rate in the county because we are paying for so many immigrants.

Negazi, an Eritrean immigrant, said the problem was that the village is boring to live in.

Apart from it being boring and there being nothing to do, the only thing I complain about is how long it takes to claim asylum in Sweden,

The villagers are upset with the immigrants, and I think most of us would be in their situation – but we all must remember the blame goes to those who let them in, in the first place.

It was anti-Whites in our governments and other influential areas who forced this “diversity” agenda on us. Immigrants are just the pawns in their sick game called White genocide.


French PM’s friend killed in Paris, now says Europe should take no more refugees


In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said on Twitter “Our country has to continue to accept new French citizens,

He has since learned that the Paris attacks took place very close to his home, which he was in at the time, and that his close friend’s son had died in the attacks.

Speaking to an international group of journalists at a meeting focused on the Paris attacks, Valls said “We cannot receive more refugees in Europe,

I told Sigmar we cannot receive any more.” [Sigmar Gabriel, the vice-chancellor and chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.]

This doesn’t mean I’m criticizing Germany. Germany made a choice which is to her honor, but she has to assume her responsibilities. Do you think Belgium or France will receive more refugees today? No. No. No. For me, things are very clear. The solutions are over there [in the Middle East]

France will be taking 30,000 illegal immigrants from the end of 2015 through to 2016, but Prime Minister Valls is not so happy about Germany’s invitations: “France did not say ‘Come!’ That’s the difference,” he said.

So has he done a U-turn? It doesn’t look like it. Even though his close friend lost his son, and the attacks occurred very close to Valls’ private home, he is just acting tough in front of the journalists.

Otherwise, he would be DOING THINGS to stop the tsunamigration he allegedly now disagrees with.

For the anti-White politicians, the Paris attacks have not changed their opinions. For the everyday Europeans, it has.

More people are waking up and smelling this foul White genocide taking place. We are being demographically wiped out in our own countries deliberately, with mass immigration and “diversity”. This is exactly what the anti-Whites want to happen.


Politicians said winter will stop them, but 600,000 more immigrants going to Europe


Winter won’t stop them – politicians, that is – from making excuses as to why they refuse to do anything about the mass illegal immigration into Europe.

The German intelligence services have told the newspaper, the Welt am Sonntag, that Winter will not stop the African and Middle Eastern illegal immigrants from breaking into Europe, despite politicians promising that would be the case.

Frank Laczko, the head of the global data analysis center at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), said “The numbers will rise rather than fall further,”

The United Nations confirmed this opinion and said that during Winter, over 600,000 immigrants will try to enter the Balkans, despite that four Balkan countries have put in place border defense policies.

The UN, the IOM, and various EU rulers have all made it clear that they want to bring these immigrants in, despite the majority of Europe saying “no!”.

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, is about the only one presenting realistic and sustainable solutions – encourage Europeans to have more children.

But all the anti-White organizations and politicians would rather turn Europe from a White majority into a mishmash of random groups.

In other words, They would rather go ahead with their White genocide agenda.


BBC caught manipulating study results to claim London’s founders were “ethnically diverse”


At the Museum of London, there are 22,000 human remains, some of which date back to the founding of the city of London by the Roman empire, about 2,000 years ago.

Scientists from Durham University, England, and from McMaster University, Canada, have been examining the remains of four people from the collection, and they have been able to work out certain things about them.

Of these four people’s remains they examined, two “had origins from outside Europe”, while one was from Britain, and the other one was from Continental Europe.

And that’s why the BBC are screaming about how London was an “ethnically diverse” city from its very beginning.

Instead of carrying any quotes from the scientists who conducted these tests, the BBC thought they’d rather ask the Museum of London’s Curator, because it lets them push their agenda.

The thing to remember with the original Londoners is that they were not born here.” Caroline McDonald, the Museum’s Curator, told the BBC. “Every first-generation Londoner was from somewhere else – whether it was somewhere else in Britain, somewhere else on the continent, somewhere else in the Mediterranean, somewhere else from Africa,

So the stories we can tell about our ancient population are absolutely relevant to modern contemporary London because these are our stories – these are people just like us.

Even if we ignore the fact that this “ethnically diverse from the beginning” propaganda is only backed up by the DNA of four people, there is also another problem with it. These two people who “had origins from outside Europe” were very likely to have been White anyway.

The scientists say that the 14 year-old girl who supposedly “had origins from outside Europe”, grew up in North Africa, but her DNA is much more similar to Southern and Eastern Europeans – not North Africans. She also had blue eyes.

The other so-called non-European was a 45 year-old man with brown hair and brown eyes. His mitochondrial DNA line was from North Africa, but he suffered from a bone disease that almost exclusively afflicts White males, particularly Western Europeans.

It’s ridiculous how this study has been twisted to suit the anti-White agenda of the BBC. They are trying to justify Britain being flooded with third-world immigrants.

Getting millions of non-White third-world immigrants to flood into Europe (also America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) is all a part of their White genocide agenda.

No, I do not mean that they are rounding us up and killing us in a huge bloodbath. I mean that this agenda is genocide. In international law, it’s not the methods that defines genocide – it’s what you hope to achieve with them.

Genocide simply means that someone is trying to get rid of a group. You’d have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see that White countries are exclusively targeted for mass immigration and “diversity” – but no one cares that a Black country like Liberia will only allow Black people to be citizens.

Who could deny that this is White genocide?


Norwegian school brutally kicks out students, reopens as immigration center


A failing Norwegian school has brutally kicked out all of the students living there with just a few days notice to find somewhere else to live and study. It has now reopened as a reception center for immigrants.

The school, called Waldorf, is in the Røyken municipality of Buskerud County. It had been failing for sometime, and was officially declared bankrupt on October 15th.

The school and its property is owned by Thon Real Estate, which is a major Real Estate company in Norway. The company did not want to wait any longer to get rent money the school owed it, so without notifying the school, they contacted the Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

The UDI said it was willing to pay a lot of money to rent the school building and property to turn it into an immigrant reception center.

Per Morstad, a Councilman for Røyken municipality, said that now up to 200 immigrants and asylum seekers will be living in the building. They have been moved in on November 11th.

All students studying at the Waldorf school have now had to find a new school to study at, and 49 students who were living at the school had to find somewhere to live. They were only given a few days. Thon Real Estate also demands that the bankrupt school pay all the money it owes the company.

Thon Real Estate had actually contacted the UDI before the school was made bankrupt, and was making offers of taking asylum seekers.

As any detective will tell you: follow the money.

For a long time, “refugee resettlement” has been a big industry in America. Now that industry is building up in Europe as well.

But the thing is, this money doesn’t just appear out of thin air. This money is given to them by the government.

Why do the governments want to pay for their own countries flooded with different groups? Well there are lots of little reasons . . . but the main one is that they want White genocide.

They want to get rid of the White majority, and replace us with a “mixed race melting pot”. This is quite simply genocide because it is a deliberate attempt to “harm or destroy” a group of people.

When they scream “diversity”, what they really mean is “let’s make it minority White” – in politics, “diversity” just means White genocide.


Why are Swedish women emigrating in record-breaking amounts?


Sweden’s 2014 emigration statistics have been released last month, and they show that Swedish-born women are emigrating away from Sweden in record-breaking amounts.

In 2014, a total of 51,200 people emigrated, and 23,900 of those were women. This means that in all of Sweden’s history, 2014 was the year when the most women left the country, according to Statistiska centralbyrån.

The top 5 destinations for Swedish men and women alike are: Norway, Denmark, UK, USA, and Finland.

So why exactly is this happening? The country is having immigration and “diversity” forced on it with such severity that many Swedes are simply “White flighting” to another country entirely.

Sweden is dying fast. Men now outnumber women, it is taking 10,000 asylum seekers every week, and the government is spending the equivalent of $4 billion a year to move them in.

The majority (58%) of Swedes say that there are too many immigrants, but the government (as do most Western governments) simply refuses to listen, and insists that the Swedes are wrong.

Is it any wonder why Sweden’s Social Democratic Party wants to officially put the country in a “state of emergency“?

The elite have tried to engineer the demographics of Sweden through open door immigration policies. Their goal was to get rid of the White Swedish majority and turn the country into a random assortment of people.

This is White Genocide; genocide is defined by the goals you seek – not the methods you use. They seek to get rid of the White majority, therefore it is genocide.


Even Canada’s Syrian policy has brought shame to Europe


Canada’s new left-wing government is actually taking a slightly firmer stance on Syrian immigration than many of Europe’s “Conservative” governments.

The Canadian government will soon be changing Canada’s policy on asylum-seeking Syrians, so that single men will not be allowed into the country.

But hold your applause, because it has set a target of 25,000 Syrians by the end of this year, and it will spend $876.7 million to fly them over by December 31st.

Syrian women, children, and families will then be housed mostly in military bases, but also hotels and abandoned hospitals.

On social media some people have criticized this policy, saying that there are many homeless Canadians living on the streets in Winter who should be housed before Syrians, who are currently in much warmer countries like Turkey.

This view is fueled by the news that the Canadian government will not allow Syrians to be housed in tents, and must be housed in buildings. It certainly is unusual that the Canadian government cares more about non-Canadians than its own citizens.

This really is a bad deal because these policies will still make White Canadians a minority, but at least you can say it’s still one step above Europe.

In Europe, the elite are planning to pay African countries to take back their illegal immigrants, and then pay them again to send immigrants legally to Europe.

In Europe, as well as in Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand the governments all subscribe to this idea that White areas = bad, and minority White areas = good.

If you look at immigration globally, what you will notice is that around about the 1960’s for the first time ever, White countries were opened up to a massive scale of immigration from the third world.

Why? To get rid of us. It’s White genocide.